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Who have your favs been over the season?

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Basically if they have a few good performances or studios I'll go with them lol. I'll give most black females a piqued interest tho.

Ali Caldwell

Stephanie Rice, Vanessa Ferguson

Addison Agen (Only for her studios. Her performances were not good.)

Britton Buchanan, Spensha Baker

Reagan Strange (lol)


Zero investment into anyone from the past 2 seasons. Maelyn was good but at this point I feel nothing from someone with outstanding vocals. I'll give them multiple listens just bc they've got prowess but I don't feel anything otherwise. Same with Rose this season. In general I feel nothing from these artists anymore lol.

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My faves (people I have actually voted for) after starting to watch in season 3:


James Wolpert (S5)

Taylor John Williams (S7)

Jeffery Austin (S9)

Brendan Fletcher (S11)

Will Breman (S17)


That's it - that's the list. No spring season contestant has ever held my attention and I was not into S13 or S15.


Looking forward to seeing my next fave be instantly eliminated in the bloodbath next fall! :haha:

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1 - Javier/Vicci

2 - Juliet

3 - Amanda

4 - Sarah/Amber

5 - Tessanne

6 - Christina

7 - Reagan/DaNica/Chris (none were my favorites for more than a few weeks in a row, tragic boot order tbh)

8 - Meghan/Koryn

9 - Jordan/Ellie

10 - Alisan/Hannah

11 - Ali/Wé

12 - Chris

13 - Noah/Chloe

14 - Jackie/Kyla

15 - Kennedy/Kymberli

16 - Maelyn

17 - Rose/Katie

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Season 1 - Javier Colon

Season 2 - Tony Lucca

Season 3 - Terry McDermott

Season 4 - Judith Hill

Season 5 - Tessane Chin

Season 6 - Christina Grimmie (Josh Kaufman was my second favorite)

Season 7 - Matt McAndrew (Chris Jamison was my second favorite)

Season 8 - No favorites this season

Season 9 - Jordan Smith

Season 10 - Alisan Porter (not my favorite, but she was the best of the season)

Season 11 - Billy Gilman

Season 12 - No favorites this season

Season 13 - Addison Agen

Season 14 - Britton Buchanan

Season 15 - Trash season

Season 16 - Maelyn Jarmon (but all-around trash season)

Season 17 - Ricky Duran (Katie Kadan close second)

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Season 1 - Casey Weston was my favorite followed by Javier.

Season 2 - I didn't really have a favorite.

Season 3 - Cassadee Pope was my favorite

Season 4- Caroline Glaser & Danielle Bradbery were my favorites

Season 5 - Jacquie Lee was my favorite followed by Will Champion

Season 6 - Tess Boyer was my favorite

Season 7 - Matt McAndrew was my favorite while watching the show but Montage Queen Rebeckah Samarin became my favorite after the show.

Season 8 - Caitlin Caporale & DeAnna Johnson were my favorites.

Season 9 - Emily Ann Roberts was my favorite

Season 10 - Mary Sarah was my favorite.

Season 11 - I didn't have a favorite

Season 12 - Lauren Duski was my favorite

Season 13 - Chloe was my favorite

Season 14 - Jackie Foster was my favorite followed by Brynn

Season 15 - Abby Cates was my favorite followed by Reagan Strange & Katrina Cain.

Season 16 - Karly Moreno was my favorite followed by Maelyn & Presley Tennant.

Season 17 - Kinda a 3 way tie between Gracee, Kyndal & Marybeth.

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I've watched since season 1 but didn't start thoroughly watching/stanning until S3, started looking through IDF in S7, and didn't join until S9.


Bolded are people in my all-time faves.

(And in general, these names are just the people I looked forward to the most each week they were on/were very disappointed when they left.)


S1: Casey Weston, Vicci Martinez (didn't really stan either, but they were my clear favorites)

S2: Jamar Rogers, Charlotte Sometimes

S3: Amanda Brown, Cassadee Pope

S4: Sarah Simmons, Sasha Allen, Michelle Chamuel, Caroline Glaser

S5: Kat Robichaud, Jonny Gray, Matthew Schuler, Preston Pohl

S6: Clarissa Serna, Kat Perkins

S7: Troy Ritchie, Taylor Phelan

S8: Kimberly Nichole, Mia Z, Hannah Kirby, Meghan Linsey

S9: Amy Vachal, Ellie Lawrence, Madi Davis

S10: Laith Al-Saadi, Hannah Huston

S11: Dana Harper (but really bad season overall)

S12: Hunter Plake, Vanessa Ferguson, Lauren Duski, Lilli Passero, Stephanie Rice

S13: Noah Mac, Karli Webster, Chloe Kohanski, Janice Freeman, Addison Agen, Moriah Formica

S14: WILKES, Kyla Jade, Johnny Bliss, Reid Umstattd, Kelsea Johnson

S15: Makenzie Thomas, SandyRedd, Kennedy Holmes

S16: Maelyn Jarmon, Domenic Haynes, Kendra Checketts

S17: Will Breman, Ricky Duran, Katie Kadan, Rose Short, Myracle Holloway (any of these can earn the bolded status easily, really. Best season overall in the past few years.)

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My Top 10


1. Danielle Bradbery [s4]

2. Kat Hammock [s17]

3. Reagan Strange [s15]

4. Ricky Duran [s17]

5. Cassadee Pope [s3]


6. Addison Agen [s13]

7. Aliyah Moulden [s12]

8. Corey Kent White [s8]

9. Matthew Schuler [s5]

10. The Swon Brothers [s4]



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  1. Dia Frampton
  2. Juliet Simms
  3. Cassadee Pope
  4. Sarah Simmons
  5. Brandon Chase
  6. Kat Perkins
  7. Luke Wade
  8. Kimberly Nichole
  9. Barrett Baber (Zach Seabaugh was a very close second, though)
  10. Hannah Huston
  11. Billy Gilman
  12. Stephanie Rice
  13. Chloe Kohanski
  14. Dylan Hartigan
  15. Gyth Rigdon
  16. Corey Jackson

Weirdly enough, my favourites have been trending into country/folk lately, which is kind of funny considering I'm usually hot or cold on country music. But I suppose that's the result of the show trending more and more country with each season.

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SS3 - Amanda Brown

SS4 - Amber Carrington

SS5 - Jacquie Lee

SS6 - Christina Grimmie

SS7 - Chris Jamison

SS8 - Kimberly Nichole

SS9 - Jeffery Austin

SS10 - Alisan Porter

SS11 - Ali Caldwell

SS12 - Brennley Brown / Hunter Plake

SS13 - Noah Mac / Addison Agen / Chole Kohanski

SS14 - Britton Buchanan / Brynn Catelli

SS15 - Kennedy Holmes / MaKenzie Thomas

SS16 - Maelyn Jarmon

SS17 - Max Boyle / Rose Short / Ricky Duran

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Season 1 - Dia Frampton

Season 2 - Juliet Simms

Season 3 - Cassadee Pope

Season 4 - Danielle Bradbery

Season 5 - Ray Boudreaux

Season 6 - Sisaundra Lewis

Season 7 - Matt McAndrew

Season 8 - Meghan Linsey

Season 9 - Emily Ann Roberts

Season 10 - Ryan Quinn

Season 11 - Sundance Head

Season 12 - Lauren Duski

Season 13 - Chloe Kohanski

Season 14 - Kyla Jade

Season 15 - Kirk Jay

Season 16 - Gyth Rigdon

Season 17 - Ricky Duran

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