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  1. Agreed. Didn't sound great to my ear. Glad people like it tho.
  2. Just paste the link directly in your post and in will embed automatically.
  3. LPS could be a showstopper I think. Helps that she lists it as her favorite song too.
  4. Totally forgot about WC. Likely the best shot for Cami. Although if Ryan wins the 4-way even that gets dicey for her. Oh well...it's added intrigue I guess.
  5. Regrettably, I have to agree here. This has been my thought all along. Cami is fantastic but anytime you have to get past male country AND a diva, your odds are long.
  6. John has the strongest team, clear as day. With the exception of Payge, Gwen's team is a mess as usual.
  7. 1. Cami - Best audition since Maelyn imo. 2. Taryn 3. Ryan 4. Sid The rest.
  8. Best audition so far. Her voice is absolutely beautiful.
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