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  1. I agree with this. I can't tell you why, but for some reason the Kelly/Blake thing doesn't work as well as Adam/Blake did. MO of course. In fact, I know its early but this may be the worst coaching panel we've had in a while imo. Kelly is just so extra 100% of the time. John is boring. Nick may mean well, but he's cringey AF. Blake just looks tired.
  2. I like Rose's version the best. Then: Hunter Chloe Toneisha All are good performances and yes, it's def time to retire the song.
  3. 1. Chelle 2. Toneisha 3. Zach 4. Arei 5. Levi
  4. You wouldn't happen to know a guy named tidetoit, would you?
  5. I feel like she might be the 2nd best singer ive seen so far...but to each his own.
  6. Blake is good at picking up people that wont get in the way of his front runners.
  7. Between the reception Joanna is receiving, and the phoney as hell "hold the phone I'm gonna fight for you" speech Nick muddled himself through, I expect him to take quite a beating in about a month.
  8. Worst one I can recall for sure. Other than Joanna, didn't see anything to get excited about.
  9. Indeed. There is so much going on with her voice...so many subtleties, that it's easy to miss some. She's really, really good.
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