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  1. The voice of reason strikes again.
  2. Rose and Hunter would be at the top of my list. Chloe third. The rest are interchangeable.
  3. It's been pretty mild in my neck of the woods. I wonder if that's because it's a well know fact that the number of civilian arms greatly out way that law enforcement here?
  4. Any other President in my lifetime would have been all over the airwaves from jump street trying to diffuse this situation....but where has Trump been? Well it took about a minute into his address today to realize what we all probably knew already...we would have been better off if he had just kept his mouth shut. The man simply has no interest in uniting the people of this country...something that is paramount to office of the Presidency. He thrives on divisiveness and conflict, and that is bound to trickle down from the top. As a result, we could very possibly be descending into Civil War ll.
  5. I suspect you are right about all of that. The height of hipocracy! Speaking of which...I wonder who the "all cops are bad" folks would call if the looting showed up at their front door?
  6. You don't give a freak for those who want to have a friendly debate ON. A. MESSAGE. BOARD? Tells me all I need to know. Have fun with your ANTIFA leftist
  7. I'm sorry but this is ridiculous logic. The cop in Minnesota is a cold blooded killer. I don't see how anyone who watched that video could come to any other conclusion. But I'm supposed to hold the honest, hard working, civil servants of my local PD accountable for the actions of a man 2000 miles away whom they've never met? You can't be serious. Is it ok for me to hold you personally responsible for the protesters (whose camp you are obviously in) who are rioting, looting, dragging innocent people out of their cars, and beating shop owners to near death simply because you are not out there actively trying to stop them? Or have I misunderstood and you don't think any of those things are wrong? Not all black people are criminals. Not all white people are racists. Not all all cops are bad. Ignorance comes in all colors and forms.
  8. Everything you just said applies to the looters and rioters as well. It's like Christmas morning for them too.
  9. Every news outlet I turn on is quick to tell me that I shouldn't assume that all protesters are violent just because a few of them are...that the vast majority of them are protesting peacefully. I agree with this statement by the way. But what about the police? Should they all be judged as corrupt, racists just because a few are?
  10. You're absolutely right and I'm completely onboard with that dream team. I didn't watch during Usher's seasons but I hear nothing but good things about him.
  11. #coachspurrious4S19 She sounds amazing here. It's weird...we know she has a lot of power in her voive and every trick in the book, but she doesn't need them. That tone speaks for itself.
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