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  1. That's awesome. Really great attitude about the whole thing. Having financial success at one's career and having your heart be truly full doing what you do don't always coincide. It's good to know she's happy. She's quite attractive too...I wonder what effect that will have on Minivan.
  2. Well at least we know she has flawless taste.
  3. Wow you ain't lyin. She hits some serious notes here, higher than the studio I think. Also...I have legitimate fellings for her.
  4. ATX29

    Voice Madness

    Pleasantly surprised to see Addison beat Chloe here. Both were undeniably great performances. And on the very same night originally, iirc. What a season that was. Nothing else surprises me here.
  5. Just watched the video for this song. 1. Thank you 2. Can totally see Julia doing this. Maybe just a touch slower tho.
  6. Clearly Blake and Kelly do not need pimping so that leaves John and Gwen. My best guess is Gwen gets it because imo she has the weaker team.
  7. Well now that is some high praise. Got anything particular in mind?
  8. I think a lot will depend on if TPTB let her go in the direction of most of her covers, or if they will force her into the pop lane. I don't think pop works for her on the show.
  9. Never thought id hear a version of this song that I didn't detest...but here we are. Please tho...none of this on the show.
  10. Smart enough to win 3 out of the 5 seasons she's been a coach?
  11. Absolutely stunning vocals here. Serious Maelyn vibes. Would be a good song to sing on the show.
  12. Only been with the show since S10, but based on how far they went I'd say it is a tie between Dylan Hartigan and Tyke James.
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