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  1. Yes, well, will have to just wait a while & see what develops. It sucks, but, as soon as it goes next door to Canada, it's "International Shipping" and they slap on Maybe $30 more. Same when I ordered Danielle Bradbery And The Warning. BTW, Y'all should do yourselves a favour & a treat and check out The Warning. Mind-blowing, mind-boggling, spectacular, World-class band with incredible playing, sound, stage presence & writing! One cannot help but be super-impressed. ENJOY Hear The Warning⚠ They have a thread here and > YT, The Warning. 3rd album this year & international touring. They, now, have an EP & 2 albums, ALL original material. Chevel, Danielle & The Warning... it doesn't get any better
  2. So, it WILL ship to Canada or it won't? Can't quite grasp which you are saying. To me, the website blur says NOT shipping outside the US. Which is VERY disappointing. & unexpected.
  3. The news doesn't come much bigger than this...
  4. You should have received an E-mail from the band with the new schedule. There are some changes. For example, Vancouver is, still, on the list, but, at a different venue. Let me know if you don't have it. Or tell me which city is your concern. We were asked not to share it, but, as a Patreon, you should have it. It arrived in my Inbox yesterday.
  5. I don't find it there, but, probably sold long ago. But, that is very cool & interesting. Don't think I knew about it, already.
  6. Oh that was such fun. Chevel is wonderful ear-candy. What a pleasure listening to her voice is.
  7. The UK is staying as planned, as scheduled in September. The Warning North American Tour is, now, rescheduled and going Oct/Nov. YAY
  8. HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY to XXI Century Blood Released March, 27, 2017
  9. These are acoustics. Yes, they sound good. But, the power & energy is, still, SO strong & Ale works wonders with an acoustic bass. 1 is @ 1:07 the other is @ 8:31
  10. It's Christmas in March And Taj does a Happy Dance What IT can do... no big deal what TAJ can do Yes, it's ALL the "very nice, wicked" guitar that's making that SO nice sound... Taj isn't even involved, he's not, even, there, BUT... he sure showed us what the guitar can do. Lucky man. Put good tools in the hands of a Master & oh what a result
  11. Click on the image below to listen to this very comprehensive interview from March, 25th
  12. 5+K live streaming & 25+K live... every night, every city, every country. The Warning are writing & performing #1 smash hits. It is SO wrong that they are not, already, receiving radio spins in major markets. The wide-spread appeal of this band, the wide-ranging demographics they touch, the marketability is monstrous... especially when their personalities are added to the musical equation. What these women compose, BOTH the lyrics AND the music, is so stunning, such extremely high caliber & quality. What they bring to the table will endure forever. (And win awards). The Warning are extraordinary
  13. Here's a little something for Throwback Thursday Not often we have Danielle with a guitar in hand... Actually, there a few of these in YT from the same source. They are all (very) short covers w/ guitar.
  14. 26/3 19:15 MT Paulina's cover of Creep is at 48+k This is on track for 50k in 5 days. Plus, now, 6K Likes & 1000 Comments. It's so wonderful to see Pau & The Warning being enjoyed by so many. Regarding the Quarantine Concert, the same can be said, because, in addition to the 5+K who listened live... It has 40K Views (in 1 (ONE) day, 6.1K Likes and 450 Comments It's so wonderful to see The Warning being enjoyed AND discovered, by so many.
  15. Yes, tremendous turnout. Yes, between the 2 there were 5k or more; I heard up to 7k. Plus all the Folks catching it later... Yes, there was no way I could read them, ether, way to fast. Although, once they started playing I wasn't doing anything but focused on them... Had YouTube on the television through the living room stereo; wasn't at a computer during it. It was so wonderful. Now, they are going to the UK (as planned) & then, the North America Tour.
  16. Although, putting in a picture doesn't put you on the list.
  17. Wow, the concert from their studio, WOW, so much fun, wonderful to have such an opportunity WOW, how, fortunate to be able to experience the afternoon (or whatever time of the day or night) with The Warning as they welcomed Folks into their home. So much fun, just SO wonderful. THANK YOU Daniela, Paaulina & Ale, muchisimas gracias I knew it was Shattered Heart that was coming, btw . SO glad for it and When I'm Alone. Thanks for heaps of smiles, joy, luscious ear-candy and a glorious, happy afternoon. You are the best Oh yes AND ... The NA Tour is rescheduled & going in the Fall, October/November YAY
  18. ςђɭ๏є ๓к @chloemk new song 'cosmic' out march 27th YAY
  19. 4 will, always, be special, for me, too.
  20. Daniela has 2 Rick Toone Spearfish guitars and Spector is custom making a 5-string bass for Ale, as we speak. Just watch those fingers fly fabulous five https://www.facebook.com/TheWarningOfficialFanPage/videos/271873256678641/
  21. Oh, geeez, I thought Alanis WRONG No wonder seemed bizarre.
  22. Don't miss this The Warning is streaming a live concert March, 25th @ 15:00 Monterrey time which, is the same as Mountain... BUT, check for your local time. Also, via Facebook
  23. I thought Levi, Anaya, Joei & Joanna were the right choices. The last pairing, certainly, very capable, though, didn't excite me much. One pairing I have to admit, I can't say anything; I skipped over them.
  24. Hate to admit it, but, it's really fun when the one you think a coach should pick is the one they DO pick . Blake made the right choice, in my view. This kid sounds good and he's very competent, indeed. I'm keen to see how he does.
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