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  1. They did announce that Gwen was replacing Nick a bit ago if you didn't know.
  2. Ignatious should've won over Eric in S13 battles. Also 97% of the Instant Saves
  3. Griffin SandyRedd Austin Jenckes Brooke Simpson
  4. Amy Winehouse - Love is a Losing Game (Cover by Ricky Duran)
  5. sorry. Anyways this is the @indii waiting room, So take a seat
  6. Here's a very easy one while @indii takes a couple of months to respond.
  7. @indii Well the first person to audition in their episode had three people to turn, the one not turning being adam. Am i near anything right?
  8. Wiki says Travis was the eighth person to perform in episode 3. Kameron was supposedly 7th in episode 1. Whitney was eighth in episode 5. Caroline was second to go in the premiere so *shrug
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