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Who have your favs been over the season?


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Idk it just came to mind today how everyone up here generally has a type of artist they stan in a season, also it would be interesting to look back on all your favs throughout the year and see if there’s a trend.


I find the trend of favs so intriguing that I put mine in my sig but I want to see everyone else’s too!


I’m going to go a step further and rank my favs


1. Addison Agen

2. Kat Hammock

3. Darby Walker

4. Madi Davis

5. Stephanie Rice

6. Hannah Huston

7. Maelyn Jarmon

8. Brynn Cartelli

9. Abby Cates


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From each season:

1 - Dia Frampton

2 - Juliet Simms

3 - Cassadee Pope/Amanda Brown/Melanie Martinez

4 - Amber Carrington

5 - Tessanne Chin

6 - Christina Grimmie

7 - Matt McAndrews

8 - Sawyer Fredericks/Koryn Hawthorne

9 - Jordan Smith/Madi Davis/Jeffery Austin

10 - Alisan Porter/Hannah Huston

11 - Ali Caldwell

12 - Lauren Duski

13 - Addison Agen

14 - Kyla Jade/Spensha Baker

15 - Makenzie Thomas

16 - Queen Maelyn Jarmon

17 - Marybeth Byrd

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Oh this is hard, i have quite a few favs every season, some don't even make playoffs, but if i have to choose ill focus on season 9 and above, cause those are when i started toi watch live, but willo add favs from 7 and 8 later



S9: this was a stacked season in the top 48, but my favs were Queen Lyndsey Elm, Mark Hood, Siahna I'm, Jubal and Amanda, Amy Vachal, Evan MKeel, and obviously Jeffery Austin, Emily Ann, Madi Davis and Korin Bukowski


S10: Basically the only season so far that i enjoyed all four people in the finale relatively equally. I also liked Shaylah, and proboaly a few others



S11: I enjoyed Sundance Head, Chriastian Cuevas, and some others that were robbed in battles and KO, as well as a few top 12'ers i cant remember ooff the toip of my head



S12: KING CHRIS BLUE, Aliyah Moulden, Brennley Brown, BA Hunter Plake,Ashlley Levin




s13: Chole, Addison, Brooke, Red. Another season i enjoyed l four artists, but unlike season 10, i was a big stan of one over the other three. KING RED


s14: Spensha



S15: Chris Weaver was on this season right? Also patrique i think.


s16: Matthew, and a few others




S17: Will, Kat, Rose, Dane and Stephanie, Jake HaldenVang, Pre-top 13 Jake Hoot, sometimes katie, Ricky Duran, Melinda Rodriguez, Kiara Brown, Royce Lovett, Zoe Upkins, Josie Jones, Myracle Holloway, Ricky Braddy

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Ooo getting a #1 from each season will be tough for me. Some of these might have 2, but I will try and stick with one. Let's see.


Season 1 - N/A (Didn't watch/haven't watched really any season 1 performance besides Javier's blind)

Season 2 - Juliet Simms

Season 3 - Amanda Brown

Season 4 - Amber Carrington

Season 5 - Tessane Chin + Matthew Schuler

Season 6 - Christina Grimmie + Sisaundra Lewis

Season 7 - Matt McAndrew

Season 8 - Kimberly Nichole

Season 9 - Amy Vachal + Jeffrey Austin

Season 10 - Alisan Porter + Hannah Huston

Season 11 - Ali Caldwell

Season 12 - Hannah Eyre + Lauren Duski

Season 13 (Literally can't choose 2 so uh) - Janice Freeman + Brooke Simpson + Noah Mac + Addison Agen + Chloe Kohanski

Season 14 - Britton Buchanan + Kyla Jade

Season 15 - SandyRedd + MaKenzie Thomas

Season 16 - Maelyn Jarmon + Kendra Checketts

Season 17 - Rose Short


Ain't even gonna try and order this rn :haha:

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S5: Jacquie Lee, Will Champlin, Matthew Schuler

S6: Christina Grimmie

S7: DaNica Shirey, Anita Antoinette

S8: Kimberly Nichole

S9: Ellie Lawrence, Madi Davis, Zach Seabaugh

S10: Alisan Porter, Owen Danoff, Shalyah Fearing (basically the entire t12 (maybe even t20) except Daniel and Laith even though Laith was pretty good)

S11: Ali Caldwell

S12: Lauren Duski, Chris Blue, Stephanie Rice

S13: Addison Agen, Brooke Simpson, Noah Mac

S14: Brynn Cartelli, Jackie Foster (honestly I liked everyone in the t12 this season except Rayshun)

S15: Kymberli Joye, Chevel Shepherd

S16: Maelyn Jarmon, Kendra Checketts, Rod Stokes (and after the finale Andrew Sevener :ph34r: )

S17: Max Boyle, Rose Short, Marybeth Byrd, Kyndal Inskeep, Will Breman (and plenty more. I had so many favs this season)


My top overall favorites:

1. Addison Agen

2. Christina Grimmie

3. Alisan Porter

4. Max Boyle

5. Lauren Duski

6. Owen Danoff

7. Brooke Simpson

8. Jackie Foster

9. Maelyn Jarmon (will probably move up when she releases new music)

10. Zach Seabaugh

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S1: Vicci Martinez

S2: Chris Mann

S3: Amanda Brown

S4: Judith Hill

S5: Tessanne Chin

S6: Christina Grimmie

S7: Bryana Salaz

S8: Brooke Adee

S9: Jeffery Austin

S10: Alisan Porter

S11: Dana Harper

S12: Lauren Duski

S13: Moriah Formica

S14: Tish Haynes Keys

S15: Kymberli Joye

S16: Maelyn Jarmon

S17: Rose Short

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I dunno if I have a certain type/style as favorite. But many of my favorites are unpopular on IDF. :haha: Here's a list of my top 3 (at most) per season.


S1: Dia Frampton

S2: Jermaine Paul

S3: Cassadee Pope / Terry McDermott

S4: Danielle Bradbery / The Swon Brothers / Holly Tucker (post-show)

S5: Matthew Schuler / Jacquie Lee

S6: Jake Worthington / Sisaundra Lewis

S7: Craig Wayne Boyd / Taylor Brashears / Bryana Salaz

S8: Corey Kent White / Sawyer Fredricks


S12: Aliyah Moulden

S13: Addison Agen

S14: Britton Buchanan / Jackie Verna / Spensha Baker

S15: Reagan Strange / Chevel Shepherd

S16: Karly Moreno / Gyth Rigdon

S17: Kat Hammock / Ricky Duran / Marybeth Byrd

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I dont think i have a type :lol: I fall in love w/ one person every season but they're all diff styles so theres really no rhyme or reason....loved Cassadee, Danielle, Jordan, Lauren Duski, Chloe, Brynn (im sure that's obvi lol), Kymberli, Maelynn, Rose...


I guess i lean towards the females but im pretty much open to different genres and voice types.

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I wanted Dia Frampton to win S1 and Cassadee Pope to win S3 (and I knew Emily Ann Roberts wouldn't beat Jordan for S9 but leapfrogging both members of Team Blake who go the playoff votes and finishing 2nd was surprising).



But I don't think I have a type.

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I'm going to try and make this bearable to read lol (not in order)


Janice Freeman

Kymberli Joye

Kyla Jade


Shalyah Fearing

Tamar Davis

Vanessa Ferguson

Regina Love

Keisha Renee


Rose Short


Well you can guess it by now lol

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4 - Amber Carrington

5 - James Wolpert

6 - Josh Kaufman

7 - Matt McAndrews/Chris Jamison

8 - Sawyer Fredericks

9 - Zach Seabaugh

11 - Billy Gilman/Brendan Fletcher

12 - Hunter Plake

13 - Noah Mac

14 - Britton Buchanan

17 - Ricky Duran


lol @ Amber being my solo female favorite

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season 1: didn’t watch, but dia frampton interested me watching some of her performances back

season 2: lindsey pavao

season 3: amanda brown

season 4: sarah simmons, HM: luke edgemon until he got robbed

season 5: will champlin

season 6: christina grimmie, HM: bria kelly before she flopped

season 7: luke wade, HM: matt mcandrew

season 8: india carney

season 9: madi davis

season 10: hannah huston, HM: alisan porter

season 11: ali caldwell, HM: billy gilman

season 12: vanessa ferguson, HM: chris blue

season 13: keisha renee, HM: addison, janice, chloe, noah :dead:

season 14: kyla, HM: britton, spensha

season 15: makenzie thomas, HM: sandyredd

season 16: maelyn jarmon

season 17: rose short, HM: ricky braddy

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The lies tho :haha:


Alright, alright, I'll be honest for a minute :haha:


I have a very eclectic taste but Naira's taste works great for me as well:

I'm a sucker for raspy voices, male and female (Xenia) and also females with deep, rich tone (like Addison) :wub:

Genres: alt/indie/folk/americana/rock


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I am definitely one of the resident #TeamSausage members here. I'm always preferred male voices to female, and I tend to go for the more soulful voices, but no particular genre inclination. There's an inherent quality to all of my favorites that I still can't quite put into words to this day. It's a "you know it when you see it" kind of thing.


Starting from the season that I became a fan of the show (bolded names are my "Golden" snowflakes, who I am extremely invested in to this day):


Season 5: Will Champlin

Season 6: Josh Kaufman

Season 7: Luke Wade, Matt McAndrew, Taylor Phelan, Troy Ritchie

Season 8: Joshua Davis

Season 9: Barrett Baber, Jeffery Austin

Season 10: Ryan Quinn

Season 11: Michael Sanchez

Season 12: Hunter Plake

Season 13: Noah Mac, Mitchell Lee

Season 14: Dylan Hartigan, Reid Umstattd

Season 15: Kameron Marlowe

Season 16: Jej Vinson

Season 17: Will Breman (I know it's a little early for this... But it's been a while since I got attached to a snowflake and went through the whole live show process with them, and I kinda missed that, so I'm grateful for Will for giving me a reason to get excited about The Voice again. :wub: )

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My favorites are in my signature, with my "snowflakes" in red.


It's interesting because outside of The Voice, my favorite type of music tends to be rock, especially hard rock, blues, and punk rock. But on the show, I almost always go for R&B singers with great technical ability, and powerful soul singers, with a few exceptions. I actually don't listen to much R&B outside of The Voice.


Since signatures only allow a limited space and I've definitely had more favorites outside of those, I'll just expound on what I have there already. My "snowflakes" will still be in red, and I follow all of the ones in red outside of the show on social media and support their musical projects. I'll have them listed in order of favoritism.

  1. Javier Colon
  2. Juliet Simms, Lindsey Pavao, Katrina Parker
  3. Trevin Hunte, Amanda Brown
  4. Judith Hill, Michelle Chamuel, Sarah Simmons, Sasha Allen
  5. Matthew Schuler, Will Champlin, James Wolpert, Tessanne Chin
  6. Delvin Choice, Josh Kaufman, Sisaundra Lewis, Bria Kelly
  7. Chris Jamison, Damien
  8. Kimberly Nichole, Koryn Hawthorne, Anthony Riley, India Carney, Meghan Linsey
  9. Madi Davis, Darius Scott, Jeffrey Austin
  10. Bryan Bautista, Laith Al-Saadi, Hannah Huston
  11. Ali Caldwell, Christian Cuevas, Dana Harper
  12. Vanessa Ferguson, Chris Blue, Stephanie Rice, Lauren Duski, Lilli Passero (y'all, I was SO spoiled this season)
  13. Janice Freeman, Keisha Renee, Addison Agen, Davon Fleming, Moriah Formica
  14. Kyla Jade, Spensha Baker, Christiana Danielle
  15. DeAndre Nico, Kennedy Holmes, Kirk Jay, Kymberli Joye, Makenzie Thomas
  16. Shawn Sounds, Maelyn Jarmon, Mari, Beth Griffith-Manley
  17. Rose Short, Max Boyle, Myracle Holloway, Will Breman, Khalea Lynee

If I had to pick 10 all-time favorite singers, I'd have trouble ranking them because I love my favorites SO much… but here's a rough estimate:

  1. Vanessa Ferguson
  2. Chris Blue
  3. Kyla Jade
  4. Kimberly Nichole
  5. Delvin Choice
  6. Rose Short
  7. Trevin Hunte (honestly the only reason why I started getting really into this show)
  8. Janice Freeman
  9. Shawn Sounds
  10. Stephanie Rice

I know Stephanie Rice looks like an outlier there, but my God, I love her music so much. Her band Colonial Blue is probably my favorite project outside of the show; their album is phenomenal, and they need to release more. Plus, she has such an inspiring story, and I'm just stoked to see her doing so well in spite of everything she's been through.

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