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  1. Gihanna's now reached and surpassed 25K on ARUTW! She's at 26161 now, and 16686 on Reflection! I actually didn't really think before about the sheer number of streams that is! For reference: 26161 streams = 68454 minutes = 1140 hours = 47 straight days of streamsβ€”and that's just on ARUTW! Let's keep streaming and get these numbers even higher!
  2. Wow yeah @sydneysam you were right! Skinny Love is my favorite performance from s19 and from season 20... that's tougher, but ARUTW and Reflection are definitely main contenders. I also really liked Anna graces KO and T17! I'm also a huge fan of Brennley, Billy, Christina, and Christina as well!
  3. This art is so good!! And definitely, I know Holly's going to kill it, you're right that she's not a 4 chair turn + block for no reason! If you're reading this, best of luck in the battles!
  4. Thanks for correcting me! It's really great that both of them thanked Trelawney + the backstage crew live; I hadn't seen anyone do this before that (though I've only been watching live since s17).
  5. I believe that Jordan Matthew Young thanked Trelawney live at some point... maybe during the Semifinals Results Show? I remember thinking that was really great of him to do, considering that Trelawney and several of the behind-the-scenes people don't get as much (or really any) recognition.
  6. I suppose now's a good time to ask to join the fan thread!
  7. This was stunning! The Oprah gif is absolutely appropriate here
  8. Battles are quickly approaching! Coaches probably already know who they're picking as the winners, and the coaches may have also already discussed/planned who they're stealing/saving, so most contestants' fates are likely set.
  9. I actually wouldn't be surprised if he never read IDF.
  10. Hmm that could be a sign he's trying to not give out any extra info? If he posted consistently before that then it could be a good sign!
  11. That definitely makes sense & it's super great to see that you're staying in contact with some of your favorites through other means!
  12. Yeah, I think part of this is that not all the powerhouses go the powerhouse route post-show, so they lose some of their appeal to those who like them? Not sure though.
  13. Glad to be of service They did help, although Gihanna hasn't been on in a while, so a big part of it (for both of them) is just consistent uploads on social media, since then. I believe that Gihanna's added a bit more than 4-5 though I think? Some of the others barely add 1-2 pages if they just say hi and then leave.
  14. The thought of original music coming soon i'm excited! And finally, I went to post about Stay With Me on my instagram, but it didn't show up under the music section for me so I ended up not posting was anyone able to find it there?
  15. Yeah this happened with Damali vs. Brooke (angelic vs. mysterious or something like that, in her words)
  16. Gwen was supposed to have a steal for both Marina and Marisa. Who's next? Marita?
  17. I preferred both Zoe and Marina so that would've been nice But tbh Rose and Myracle wouldn't have tanked anyway knowing them, but yeah, that makes sense. I was a fan of Kiara so I was hoping she'd move on. Her blind was really great.
  18. Marina Chello would have had a better shot on any other team b/c the coaches would have recognized her iconic KO as one of the best.
  19. Fly Me To The Moon was (iirc by far) my favorite performance from John and I believe the only performance I liked.
  20. Yeah, this makes sense. And in general, inherently, battle saves are more of a passive "I'll keep you" while steals are an active "I'll push my button to take you" if that makes sense?
  21. Just listened for the first time & Stay With Me is really great! To be honest, it was a little odd listening to it since it's a longer cover so in my head I was expecting something because I've listened to the blind audition version for a while and something else happened, but I still really enjoyed it (and I'll probably end up liking it more than the blinds version as I continue relistening)! Definitely going to be playing this a lot & it's already on my playlists! I'll definitely also go back to the blind audition version a bit; I really love that one too. This was definitely a hit! Keep killing it Carolina! :)
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