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  1. KJ and Samuel were great! I wish KJ would have gotten a steal though.
  2. Add me please! I really liked Paris' blind audition.
  3. For sure! I thought that the upbeat song choice made her blind audition super fun. I'm glad to see that there are some others that also liked it!
  4. Thanks and hi! I really liked Raquel's song choice for her blind audition! I'm excited to see what Raquel does in the battles!
  5. Katherine's voice is so nice to listen to!! Her blind was great, and I love how she added her little changes to it.
  6. Multiple contestants got it: Gihanna, Anna, Cam, and Rachel. I think that I tend to give slightly more lenient ratings as the season goes on.
  7. It took me until the Playoffs last season to give out a 10, but here we are... Girl Named Tom 9 Katie Rae 9 Peedy Chavis 9.25 Jonathan Mouton 8.5 Katherine Mohler 9.25 Jack Rogan 7 Kinsey Rose 8.5 Vaughn Mugol 7.5 Wendy Moten 10
  8. I believe in most previous seasons, the leak was found by it being embedded in articles about The Voice. I am fairly certain the unlisted videos website doesn't work, since I checked for the First Look video there after we had found it while it was still unlisted, and it wasn't there. Thus, it seems like our best bet is looking for posts/articles about The Voice that may include it.
  9. That's true, but as long as Ariana is depicted as fighting for them in the video, that could maybe be good enough? I guess we'll see in 1-2 days.
  10. Honestly, it could make sense if GNT ended up being the premiere leak. It would be a cool surprise, and I'm sure they did a good job, especially since they got a 4CT
  11. If they aren't in Episode 1, it might be good for them to be in Episode 3 instead. IIRC Tuesday episodes aren't as popular? So maybe if they're on Ep 1 or Ep 3 they'll gain more initial traction.
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