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  1. Funny that Devan is second to last place even though he won the 4WKO. I'm tempted to watch Emma's performance 14 times now LOL
  2. I was about to say that the best part is that it's pretty realistic, then I realized Kenzie wasn't there
  3. I think she goes by Gihanna Zoë now, but please correct me / let me know if she prefers to still go by the name you indicated.
  4. If someone had told me yesterday that Ryleigh would be the favorite to get the PV and that Devan had won the 4WKO, I would have laughed. I was discussing this with a friend today; I find it interesting that she's getting such support on FB for multiple reasons.
  5. Before I begin, this isn't to argue with you at all or anything, just to share my thoughts on this; it's all good that we have different feelings/opinions on this! I am fine with them doing it if keeping the original lyric makes them feel uncomfortable. In addition, perhaps changing the pronoun may be conducive to a more authentic performance in which they can think of someone in particular who fits the song's meaning for them? It does sound a little odd to me, but there are lots of things that sound odd to me. If someone cuts out some of the lyrics of a song I'm well-a
  6. Loved reading through this, it was entertaining, informative, and generally made a lot of sense. Though my rankings differed from yours, your rationale very clearly explained why you rated people how you rated them. The writing style has a touch that is very Charlie Mason (in a good way!), but unlike Charlie Mason, your rankings actually make sense Thank you for posting! I look forward to seeing what you post for the IS / next week!
  7. Both of these queens would have slayed with these songs. Emma's tone on this would be suuuuper pretty, and Carolina would have given an amazing vocal. It's okay though because I'm sure they'll go on to do great things post-show. I would love to see them each cover these, though.
  8. I'm so curious what process leads y'all to getting those super specific decimals and also whether it's a pain for Daillon to calculate using those
  9. I voted for: Team Blake - Cam Anthony and Anna Grace. My reasoning is that they aren't in direct competition with each other, as Anna isn't going to get the PV, and Cam isn't going to be in the wildcard, so I want to ensure that Cam gets the PV and Anna gets into the WC. Team Kelly - Gihanna Zoë. She's my Team Kelly favorite, and probably my all-around favorite, along with Rachel, now that Carolina's eliminated. Team John - Pia Renee and Ryleigh Modig. They both gave A- performances today for me, and I'm not super attached to either. I'd be happy if one got PV and
  10. Essentially just the title. There are only spaces for 15 people, and honestly, I don't see Jose and Devan getting picked much here - not because they're bad, but because in general IDF doesn't talk about them much. Feel free to discuss your strategy for why you voted for who you voted for.
  11. Dana's performance tonight was by far her best, to me (and I preferred it to her studio). Rachel's performance here was great, but slightly shakier than her studio. I'm not confirmed on my rankings cause I like to relisten, but I think because Dana was vocally spot on the whole time, she'll likely remain on top for me. That being said, I voted for Rachel - I prefer her as an artist, though Dana's a vocal beast!
  12. I did something similar here (three most recent posts): Facebook indicates Ryleigh/Dana/Cam/Kenzie PVs, which isn't entirely surprising to me, other than Ryleigh. Some performances have been up for wildly different amounts of time, though. Checking tomorrow morning may yield more accurate results, but I suspect Kenzie/Cam/Dana will stay comfortably in the lead. I believe Victor was put up only recently.
  13. Facebook data organized by likes/views*100% Views Likes Likes/Views Cam Anthony 46100 2600 5.639913232 Pete Mroz 20000 1100 5.5 Kenzie Wheeler 81400 4400 5.405405405 Anna Grace 22300 1200 5.381165919 Jordan M. Young 26300 1300 4.942965779 Corey Ward 67800 2800 4.12979351
  14. Facebook data organized by # of likes: Views Likes Likes/Views Kenzie Wheeler 81400 4400 5.405405405 Corey Ward 67800 2800 4.12979351 Cam Anthony 46100 2600 5.639913232 Ryleigh Modig 36500 1500 4.109589041 Jordan M. Young 26300 1300 4.942965779 Dana Monique 30800 1200 3.8
  15. Facebook Data as of 12:49 EST Views Likes Likes/Views Team Kelly 50925 2273.75 4.11991084 Kenzie Wheeler 81400 4400 5.405405405 Corey Ward 67800 2800 4.12979351 Gihanna Zoë 27500 1100 4 Zae Romeo 27000 795 2.944444444 Team Legend 28025
  16. I just realized, all those times that Rachel was saying she wanted to bring light to people with her song, it wasn't just metaphorical. It was literal too, because Rainbows are just the refraction of light! Quite the sly hint, if that was purposeful. She really is such a light! She clearly understands the song and emoted it well, and she just seems like such a good human being, too.
  17. And it can disincentivize people from sharing their opinions if they differ from others'. (kind of funny we're discussing this cause I was just reading about group polarization and social psych lmao)
  18. I could say the same thing to you about Victor or Dana. But I don't! Because I know that we all have different tastes and that is okay
  19. I was thinking the same thing before. I feel like Rachel's uniqueness and artistry is showing more, especially in the past few rounds, so I'm confident she can do well even with an Addison song. That being said, River would be excellent for her!! MTE! Anna and Jordan are both excellent choices for coach save - I would be happy if either got it (though I prefer Anna overall)
  20. the way he spoke to her it might be possible, i hope so!
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