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  1. I don't recall seeing the age on TV, but if Jim from Jim & Sasha is really 57, I believe he's the oldest chair turner in all 21 seasons. In terms of solo act, Wendy Moten actually tied Dan Shafer at 56 years old for oldest solo act.
  2. Episode 2 Lana Scott - hole in the bottle - 8 Samuel Harness - Here Without You - 9 Carolina Alonso - El Triste - 8 Chavon Rodgers - drivers' license - 6.5 Joshua Vacanti - Into the Unknown - 7.5 Hailey Green - Home - 8.5 Jim and Sasha - Leaving On A Jet Plane - 9 Paris Winningham - Superstition - 7.5 Gymani - pov - 9
  3. Really strong night! YES MA'AM 1. Samuel Harness (9/10) -Absolutely my favorite of the season! Everything about this was wonderful! 2. Jim & Sasha Allen (9/10) - Yessss! This was fantastic. Can't wait to hear them in the next rounds. Hope minivan throws them some support. 3. Gymani (9/10) - Yes! Love how she made it her own. Absolutely deserved every chair. Surprised Me! 4. Hailey Green (8.5/10) - I kind of thought I'd know what to expect, but she still shocked me. THAT'S a good year of growth! 5. Carolina Alonso (8/10) - Took a minute to become impressive there, but an absolutely awesome take on a classic! Loved the ending note! Happened to be watching with my family and my parents tried being louder than her 6. Lana Scott (8/10) - I actually really liked her tone! Took a minute to get going but very happy with her getting a chair turn! Solid, but not sure where I stand 7. Paris Winningham (7.5/10) - He's got solid chops, but this pretty much felt like he was just reinventing the wheel. Hope to hear him go OFF in the next round and impress! 8. Joshua Vacanti (7.5/10) - Someone in the comments said he looks like Robbie Shapiro and I can't unsee it. Anyways, I think he's swell. Not awful, but not interested 9. Chavon Rodgers (6.5/10) - I have this visual in my head of a bunch of songs being listed on the wall and having everyone running up to them to pick their blind song before someone else grabs it, kinda like we've seen on Idol in the past. Now I have an image of Chavon shoving past the dozens of girls in the 13-24 age range that we have this season to get this song. He was okay but nothing special, but the song choice gave me a good laugh.
  4. Just watched live. His son and parents watched from home. He’s adopted, talked about that trauma, etc.
  5. Haven't seen the blinds yet (it doesn't air for another 20 minutes here) but LOVE that they did end up spreading the live contestants evenly instead of frontloading. Just wish their organization of the two nights had been a bit shuffled
  6. So we have Bella, Raquel, and Ryleigh and they chose none of them for premiere week?
  7. I love this. Definitely seems like she's going above and beyond compared to all the other coaches. Would love to see the support last way past the season...
  8. I definitely wanted more backstory, too. Glad they're sticking around long enough for us to see them get more They get to avoid montages.
  9. The Bones - Kiara Brown,Katie Rae Heartbreak Hotel - Griffin Tucker, Carter Lloyd Horne, Peedy Chavis Leave The Door Open - Dana Monique, Jonathan Mouton Bailamos - Diego Val, Michael Lynch, Marco Salvador We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off - Ellie Lawrence, Raycee Jones, Katherine Ann Mohler House of the Rising Sun - Pip,Amy Whitcomb,Jacquie Lee vs Briana Cuocco,Kimberly Nichole,Hannah Huston,Kylie Rothfield vs Josh Halverson,Ava August, Jack Rogan Cowboy Take Me Away - Destinee Quinn, Emily Ann Roberts, Kinsey Rose The A-Team - Caroline Glaser,Gabi Ramirez,Vaughn Mogel We Can Work It Out- Lelia Broussard,Jonny Gray,Koryn Hawthorne with Pharrell Williams, Wendy Moten
  10. Looks like Gymani's surpassed every blind audition from last night in views (372k) except Vaughn (1.3M, of course) and GNT (442k)
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