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  1. She reached out to me to talk about that thread lol. I don't even remember what was said and I don't even remember who made that post, but she was respectful and rightfully annoyed. She did have a couple of lives in which she ranted. She also complained because some users were shipping contestants with each other and making threads, which is obviously really cringe.
  2. 1. Zan Fiskum (Stellar beginning to end. I mean if we don't count that C*mila bus) 2. Ryleigh Modig (didn't care for her blind but everything else was fantastic) 3. Cami Clune (the highs were high but the lows were very low) 4. Joanna Serenko (consistent run, but nothing that really stood out) 5. Anna Grace (suffered from song choice, but ended run on a high note) 6. Julia Cooper (tbh I didn't really like her) Also interesting note, 5/6 of these girls got billie at some point, 3 of which were "when the party's over"
  3. Jej. I never got into Christiana's blind although I do like her. Amy > Christiana btw:
  4. I’m working on the info and I didn’t even realize it was 9 days away
  5. I stan Will Breman so my vote goes to "inconsistent"
  6. Chris wasn't bad, just a snowflake killer. Went way too far that season, but then again he deserved to go further than all of the other men in his genre.
  7. 1. Noah Mac 2. Ricky Duran 3. Sid Kingsley 4. Cam Anthony 5. Matthew Schuler 6. Thunderstorm Artis 7. Jeffery Austin 8. Chris Blue 9. Jordan Smith 10. Owen Danoff 11. Matt McAndrew 12. Sawyer Fredericks 13. Josh Kaufman 14.
  8. Last season was the first time we were able to do the math exactly (unless there was a missing name at taping 6, which I doubt since it had the most chair turners present). So 54 people total auditioned (14 no chairs, of which 3 were not televised). But there were upwards of 16 other names that were still in LA. There was probably somebody else up after Ainae, plus a whole extra taping planned out afterwards. In past seasons, I know one contestant said initially about 120 were flown out to LA, which was then cut down to about 90 lined up to perform in front of the coaches.
  9. The Voice Australia had double blocks twice last season, but the rules are so different there (each coach got 2 blocks, and they could choose to hit the block button after they already turned the chair) (just the first performance of course)
  10. I'll allow it. Very few could've done even a 1/10th as well as she did with Un-Break My Heart, Can We Talk, If You Don't Know Me By Now, AND Don't Let Go (Love).
  11. The only correct answer: 1. Savanna Woods Strong: [Ryan Gallagher] Not perfect but overall acceptable: 2. Carolina Rial 3. Larriah Jackson 4. Samantha Howell Nah: 5. Julia Cooper 6. Emma Caroline 7. Nelson Cade III The disrespect... 8. Todd Michael Hall
  12. I still follow her to this day. I was so bummed she lost her battle. One of the most interesting from that season...
  13. Same though! And each of them were so wronged in the song choice department at the end so good luck to this season's Seattle girl
  14. Still disappointed in the channel shift and losing Delta, but if the talent level stays consistent, they don't limit the song choices, and they don't turn the format into something absolutely awful, then it can stay in my book. I've heard exactly one Jessica Mauboy song in my life and that was maybe 10 years ago? Hopefully she's good. Rita was iffy on TVUK but not dreadful. Guy was... Guy. Keith seemed okay enough.
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