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  1. Team Kelly Tayler Green - Focus (H.E.R.) Megan Danielle - More Hearts Than Mine (Ingrid Andress) CammWess - The Tracks of My Tears (Smokey Robinson) Samantha Howell - Strong Enough (Sheryl Crow) Anaya Cheyenne - If I Were A Boy (Beyonce) Mandi Thomas - Back to Black (Amy Winehouse) Micah Iverson - Falling Slowly (Glen Hansard) Team Nick Tate Brusa - Mailbu Nights (LANY) Arei Moon - Figures (Jessie Reyez) Allegra Miles - Always Remember Us This Way (Lady Gaga) Jacob Miller - Leaving On A Jet Plane (John Denver) Jon Mullins - 10,000 Hours (Dan + Shay) Roderick Chambers - I'm Not the Only One (Sam Smith) Michael Williams - She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5) Team John Nelson Cade III - If It Hadn't Been for Love (The SteelDrivers) Darious Lyles - Miss Independent (Ne-Yo) Joanna Serenko - Sunrise (Norah Jones) Thunderstorm Artis - No Surprises (Radiohead) Zan Fiskum - Little of Your Love (HAIM) Mike Jerel - Here and Now (Luther Vandross) Mandi Castillo - Best Part (Daniel Caesar) Team Blake Todd Tilghman - To Love Somebody (Bee Gees) Todd Michael Hall - You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC) Levi Watkins - Best Day of My Life (American Authors) Toneisha Harris - Golden (Jill Scott) Joei Fulco - Ball and Chain (Janis Joplin) Cam Spinks - Burn Out (Midland) Cedrice - Hometown Glory (Adele)
  2. Actually, CammWess is a double steal in KO's. I agree, on top of them being the only steal pairing to not involve a previous leak, the double steal will help them get leaked. I'd be shocked if it were anyone else. TEAM KELLY Megan Danielle (Piece by Piece - Kelly Clarkson) vs. Cammwess (Say Something - A Great Big World) - STOLEN BY JOHN (Nick tried stealing as well) -Cam got a standing ovation; both were very emotional
  3. Nothing's confirmed for that pairing yet. The pairings with unconfirmed results are: Mandi Thomas/Anaya Cheyenne (Kelly) Tate Brusa/Roderick Chambers (Nick) Arei Moon/Jon Mullins (Nick) Mike Jerel/Darious Lyles (John) Todd Tilghman/Cam Spinks was also technically unconfirmed, but a reliable source reached out and confirmed that Todd won.
  4. I was gonna share MJ's post from last week where they asked about artists performing songs a week after an artist died! If Joanna airs Monday, then I guess we'll add her to that list.
  5. 1. Team John - Personally think everyone on his team has earned their spot. Thunderstorm and Zan are his best contestants at the moment with potential to go far. He also picked up Joanna, which strengthens the team a bit more. 2. Team Blake - Also maintained a very strong team! There's still a few people who I think are dragging it down a bit, but Toneisha and Todd are obviously very strong frontrunners to have, but Joei could sneak up and surprise, too. 3. Team Kelly - Some of her contestants showed up to battles and proved they were deserving of their place (Anaya, Megan, Micah, for example), but I'm not sure yet if any of them will have a shot in the long run. Megan might be the one Kelly pushes furthest, but she's not strong enough to compete with frontrunners on other teams. 4. Team Nick - Still the weakest, but some of his contestants have finally risen to the top of the pack (Allegra, personally Arei proved herself worthy as well). Allegra could potentially be a contender if she continues impressing like she did in her battle.
  6. Here's Lauren's live performance btw: https://www.metatube.com/en/videos/347102/The-Voice-2017-Lauren-Duski-Semifinals-Ghost-in-This-House/ I often forget about Lauren because thinking back on Season 12, Hunter's one of my all time favorites and that's where my mind always goes to thinking of that season. Haven't heard Lauren's version in quite a while and I forgot how gorgeous it was. Very few times have I rooted for a country artist, but she definitely deserved to win over Chris. Todd/Jon did excellent, too, but Lauren's GITH was one of the best performances of Season 12 for sure.
  7. Good for Nick for being able to snatch Thunderstorm. He wouldn't have had a shot at the finale otherwise (I don't think Allegra will build up enough momentum to surpass other frontrunners... but I could be wrong) If I had to bet on any names for the finale, I'd only put down Thunderstorm - and Todd Tilghman as a likely (although not 100%) second name. As for other contestants, there's a lot of names that I could see making the finale if they remain consistently great (Toneisha, Joanna, Zan... potentially even Mike or Megan)
  8. Strong night! Haven't said that much this season. Can't really disagree with the coach decisions tonight - that's been said even less on my end lol. 1. Thunderstorm/Cedrice - Clearly the strongest battle of the night. Both did phenomenal! Glad we got to see them both through. Hoping they both give off stellar performances in knockouts... 2. Todd/Jon - Expected Todd to be as great as he was, but pleasantly surprised by John! These two guys just give off positive/chaos vibes and I love it! Todd bouncing and Jon crying after made it memorable. 3. Megan/Samantha - A fairly even battle. I initially liked Samantha's performance a bit more but listening back, Megan was actually a bit stronger throughout the whole thing. Glad to see both aren't done yet. 4. Zan/Brittney - Zan's one of my favorites of the season and she didn't let down, but John clearly had this picked before it began. Not the fairest song for Brittney, but she did really well with it. 5. Arei/Samuel - Bizarre song choice but both performed really well. Arei was much stronger while Samuel had a couple mistakes throughout. Satisfied with the result, although I would've liked to Samuel last for at least another round. 6. Mandi/Sara - Forgettable battle tbh. I just remember Mandi being the clear dominant vocalist. Sara wasn't very good.
  9. We'll probably get Toneisha's finale performance leaked, too.
  10. I really liked it! Jon was surprising and Todd was super strong too. I couldn't make the choice.
  11. I personally liked it. Megan started stronger than Samantha imo, but Samantha as a whole did better throughout the end. I'd lean Samantha, but Megan definitely did better here than her audition.
  12. After relistening to Megan's audition a couple of times, I realized that I do like her tone, but not on her audition song. Hoping she can flip my opinion of her tonight. Samantha's audition was good and I hope she can continue sounding that good tonight.
  13. Wasn't bad, but weird song choice. Certainly not one that I'd pick for these two. Arei was the superior one there though.
  14. These two had fantastic auditions imo. Hope they do well!
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