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  1. Keeping in mind they had a steal AND save in S16: (And not basing on how they performed that night bc it was god awful) Team Adam: Domenic Haynes vs. Kalvin Jarvis - STOLEN by John Rod Stokes vs. Andrew Jannakos - Celia Babini vs. Kendra Checketts - STOLEN by Blake Mari vs. LB Crew (SAVED) Team John: Maelyn Jarmon vs. Jacob Maxwell - STOLEN by Adam Lisa Ramey vs. Jimmy Mowery Julian King vs. Kayslin Victoria Shawn Sounds vs. Beth Griffith-Manley (SAVED) Team Kelly: Rebecca Howell vs. Abby Kasch The Bundys vs. Betsy Ade Presley Tennant vs. Karen Galera (SAVED) Jej Vinson vs. Matthew Johnson Team Blake: Gyth Rigdon vs. Carter Lloyd Horne (SAVED) Dexter Roberts vs. Andrew Sevener - STOLEN by Kelly Kim Cherry vs. Oliv Blu Selkii vs. Karly Moreno Team Adam: Domenic Haynes Rod Stokes Celia Babini Mari LB Crew (Save) Jacob Maxwell (Steal) Predicted top 3: Rod Stokes, Domenic Haynes, Mari (Save) Team John: Maelyn Jarmon Lisa Ramey Julian King Shawn Sounds Beth Griffith-Manley (Save) Kalvin Jarvis (Steal) Predicted top 3: Maelyn Jarmon, Shawn Sounds, Beth Griffith-Manley (Save) Team Kelly: Rebecca Howell The Bundys Presley Tennant Jej Vinson Karen Galera (Save) Andrew Sevener (Steal) Predicted top 3: Jej Vinson, Rebecca Howell, The Bundys Team Blake: Gyth Rigdon Dexter Roberts Kim Cherry Selkii Carter Lloyd Horne (Save) Kendra Checketts (Steal) Predicted top 3: Gyth Rigdon, Dexter Roberts, Kim Cherry Top 12: Rod Stokes Domenic Haynes Mari Maelyn Jarmon Shawn Sounds Beth Griffith-Manley Jej Vinson Rebecca Howell The Bundys Gyth Rigdon Dexter Roberts Kim Cherry We were doomed for a country season from the start
  2. Has anyone that won the instant save closed the following week? Asking for no reason in particular
  3. GNT of course killing it. Hoping to hear Bekah nail that note live.
  4. Yikes @ the 0 for Jershika so far. I think if we picked who we think deserved top 4, that'd be much higher In terms of likelihood... Girl Named Tom (duh - they sound PHENOMENAL) Wendy Moten (mostly duh, but this is lining up to be her best performance so far imo) Lana Scott (good song choice that I anticipate she'll do well enough on, and her incorporating more Amazing Grace without it being overwhelming was a genius touch imo) Jim & Sasha Allen (I do think Ari stans will perk up a bit here, but the regular audience is gonna love this one as well.) -Just as a prediction, the J&S and Lana support will bump off Hailey. She has I think the best shot of PV as the remaining 4, but the song choice isn't something that I think will propel her to the top of the voting. -Paris got a weird pick but I have a feeling it'll be too divisive. He COULD kill it, but this should've been a song saved for a couple weeks back. Use Me would've been the way to go for Semifinals. -Joshua could potentially have a great moment, but I don't see it giving him enough support for the top. -Now I'd LOVE to have Jershika at the top and I think song choice was the only reason she landed at the bottom last week (vocally she sure as hell didn't deserve the bottom), but she's going into a tough field. If there's anyone I CAN trust to kill their song tomorrow, however, it's her. PLEASE VOTE.
  5. Should Jershika's last night be Tuesday... that's THE studio you want to go out on. Fantastic. Could easily be my favorite live performance from her. PLEASE VOTE FOR HER OR SAVE HER IF SHE NEEDS IT.
  6. I was anticipating something Paul Simon from them awhile back but completely forgot about it. Glad we were able to get it on the show!
  7. Jim & Sasha's my favorite studio so far lol (saving GNT and Jershika for last) Welcome to the finale. I live for the chaos
  8. Hailey’s was just okay for the first half, got better as she got bigger, but plateaued again at the end. I don’t particularly feel that this will be the lock that a lot of people think it is unless she does it a bit different tomorrow.
  9. Paris was fine but it’s one of my least favorite studios of his. Didn’t pack quite a punch like Use Me or Amazed.
  10. I forgot there’s a real video that isn’t the Degrassi cast loooool Still one of the best pop tracks of the century so far
  11. Ooooh actually I just finished hearing it and yeah, she actually did switch it up! Interesting. Wasn’t expecting the full thing. and she sounds great the whole way through! Close enough to the original but still sounds Lana enough.
  12. Joshua’s was pretty solid. I’ve only heard the original like twice and I envisioned his being a bit “bigger” but I can’t complain much.
  13. Ooooh ok. 100% Wendy’s best studio by far. Based on the way she’s performing, it’s removed any doubt in my mind about her getting PV.
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