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  1. That clip of Despina hugging Kelly makes me think that it's Despina/Alex. I have a feeling it could Mark/Bo'Ness, but I think Elishia is the most likely contestant on her team to flop. Maybe she gets paired with whoever she brings back.
  2. Looks like they're keeping themes... Singles for tonight: Johnny Manuel - Forever Young (Alphaville) Wolf Winters - Dance Monkey (Tones & I) Graeme Isaako - I'm Kissing You Clarissa Spata - O Verona / O Fortuna Masha Mnjoyan - I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston) Elyse Sene-Lefao - I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston) Adam Ludewig - Call Out My Name (The Weeknd) Josh Pywell - Blinding Lights (The Weeknd) Siala - Fame '90 (David Bowie) Nathan Isaac -Let's Dance (David Bowie) Despina Savva - Bette Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes) Alex Weybury - Issues (Julia Michaels) Confirms pairings as: Guy: Johnny Manuel vs. Wolf Winters (Theme ????) Adam Ludewig vs. Josh Pywell (The Weeknd) Delta: Graeme Isaako vs. Clarissa Spata (Romeo & Juliet theme I believe?) George: Masha Mnjoyan vs. Elyse Sene-Lefao (Whitney Houston/I Have Nothing?) Siala vs. Nathan Isaac (David Bowie theme) Kelly: Despina Savva vs. Alex Weybury (Theme ????)
  3. Not really a fan of either performances based off of those clips... but it does prove that Delta did both Janie and Matt wrong by making them a duo. If she wastes a save here instead of during Jesse/Stellar I'll be livid.
  4. Man they really wanted to ensure that Wolf couldn't go far at all. Only explanation for these song choices for him smh. Johnny's take on the song sounds really nice from that brief clip!
  5. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ALS21hTUc8jX2LU&id=A5E6C42E330252BB!56065&cid=A5E6C42E330252BB
  6. Ah, sounds fair. Does anybody have access to that promo by any chance? Even a low quality version recorded on their phone?
  7. I looked back at the promo to double check and I don't see Stellar's partner anywhere? Pairings I observed: 0:48 - Nathan Isaac vs. Siala Robson 0:51 - Clarissa Spata vs. (male - likely Graeme Isaako) 1:14 - Chris Sebastian (confirmed at 1:32) vs. a female 1:25 Clarissa Spata vs. (male - likely Graeme Isaako) again 1:38 Johnny Manuel vs. (male) 1:46 Masha Mnjoyan vs. Roxane LeBrasse
  8. Last night of battles alriiiighty: Adam Ludewig (8) vs. Elyse Sene-Lefao (8) - I'm a fan of both and the battle was nice overall, however I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like neither really brought their A-game with that performance. I wanted to see both go through but at least Elyse is the only person I lost in my top 12 throughout the entire battle round. I preferred Adam just slightly over Elyse here. Ella Monnery (7.5) vs. Masha Mnjoyan (8) - Exactly zero people expected Kelly to pick Ella and you can't convince me otherwise lol. Decent battle between two big vocalists. Ella stepped up from blinds, but it all sounded so forced from her and it wasn't as pleasant as Masha. I understand Kelly picking Ella to ensure that both of them go through, but like... Ella's not worth it, honestly. One of the only battles this season with which I disagree with the coach's choice, and probably the only one where I don't think that the winner was really even worthy of a steal. Nathan Isaac (8) vs. Sebastian Coe (7.5) - I can't rank Nathan or Sebastian to the same standard as Ella and Masha because they're simply not really "vocalists." I enjoyed both of them, however. Sebastian did much better than his blind, and while I preferred Nathan's blind, he still stood out as more professional and controlled, so I think Nathan was the rightful winner here. 10/10 song choice from George. He did right by both of them I think. Mark Furze (8) vs. Emma Mylott (7) - They both sounded fine I suppose, but no contestant sounded more forced than Emma tonight. Kelly made the correct decision here. I liked Mark a little better here than in his blind, but as someone who loves rockers, I just don't know what it is about him that I'm not getting this season. Timothy James Bowen (7) vs. Luke Biscan (6.5) - Wow that performance did nothing for me... It was embarrassing to see how Guy got so deep into that performance. Neither of them did anything impressive and it just felt bland throughout. Was hoping Timothy would step up from his blind, but he didn't. He did sound better than Luke, however. I don't need Timothy to go to lives at all. Emmagen Rain (5) vs. Callum Gleeson (4) - Hey, THE IMPORTANT THING is that they all had fun, right? /comment 1. Jesse Teinaki (Delta) 2. Caleb Jago-Ward (George) 3. Clarissa Spata (George Delta) 4. Chris Sebastian (Kelly) 5. Sapphire Tamalemai (Kelly; George) 6. Stellar Perry (Delta) 7. Wolf Winters (Guy) 8. Janie Gordon & Matt Evans (Delta) 9. Steve Clisby (Delta) 10. Adam Ludewig (Guy) 11. Matt Gresham (Delta Guy) 12. Johnny Manuel (Guy - NEW TO TOP 12) Standby: 13. Siala Robson (George) 14. Despina Savva (George Kelly) 15. Roxane LeBrasse (George) 16. Angela Fabian (George) 17. Lyric McFarland (Kelly) 18. Soma Sutton (Kelly Guy) 19. Josh Pywell (Guy) 20. Bo'Ness (Kelly) 21. Graeme Isaako (Delta) 22. Nathan Isaac (George; up 3 from 26) 23. Virginia Lillye (George) 24. Masha Mnoyan (Kelly; NEWLY ADDED) 25. Alex Weybury (Kelly ) 26. Stephanie Cole (Guy) Removed: 11. Elyse Sene-Lefao (Guy) So I finished battles only removing 1 member from my top 12 (Elyse) and 2 from my standby (Mason and Xy) so I'm satisfied overall. I'm gonna be shuffling my results in a day or two once I take some time to relisten and reevaluate my list/how I feel about everyone. I'm definitely gonna cut my standby list down to maybe 4-6 contestants as well.
  9. I imagine Stellar and Jesse are Delta's top 2 priorities this season - not sure who #3 is but I'd hope for Clarissa or ~by some miracle~ Matt & Janie. I don't think she'll put them together but I could totally see why? I'd say Clarissa/Claudia would be a logical pairing but someone above mentioned Clarissa/Graeme, so Claudia seems like a worthy opponent for Stellar instead? I could then see Jesse/Janie & Matt and Steve/Emmagen (oldest vs. youngest) as the final 2 pairings for her?
  10. Sidenote, can we talk about how Guy failed to get a single one of his contestants stolen this season? His team's truly meh overall this season. Johnny and Adam are the only ones with a shot at going far (even though Wolf is a sentimental favorite of mine). He had to send 7 people home instead of 6 and none got a save. RIP. Kelly's team feels pretty weak overall, too. Just Chris and a bunch of other middle-tier contestants in my opinion. Meanwhile Delta and George are STACKED.
  11. Also that promo was stressful as hell lol. What was with (Soma's?) comment about "is your advice genuine?" or whatever lol
  12. I mean... The following day, Erica says, a co-worker took her to a local hospital to have a rape kit completed. "The following week is a blur," she recounts, but writes about a "controlled call" between herself and Wakefield, during which police listened and recorded the conversation. "He repeatedly said, 'I'm sorry I f--ked up,' while I cried and asked why he raped me," Erica says. "The following day the police went to his apartment and he told them he thought I was awake." The day after police visited Wakefield's apartment, Erica says, the assistant district attorney threw out her case. "My rape kit showed trauma, they had recordings of him saying he 'f--ked up,' but it wasn't enough since he 'thought I was awake,'" she writes via Twitter. Following the alleged assault, Erica says she sought therapy via the Nashville's Sexual Assault Center. She says she's stayed quiet about the incident "because I'm terrified of him, the power he has and the repercussions of speaking out." In a statement provided to Taste of Country, Wakefield says that Erica's accusation "was in connection with a relationship that took place three years ago." At the time, he says, he "gave a statement to detectives and fully cooperated with the investigating authorities." Assuming that all of this is true, then yeah... that's rape. Adam's statement doesn't deny any of this happening, so I see no reason why we shouldn't believe her. I understand the hesitancy to simply accept every accusation of sexual assault/misconduct/etc, but I find it important that each victim's voice is heard and acknowledged. If it didn't actually happen the way Erica said, then Adam's done an awful job defending himself and it seems that Erica's taken every proper route to address the situation and seek justice.
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