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  1. Savanna Woods - Zombie - 23 Zania Alake - Sweet Love - 172 Impeccable timing, y'all! And it seems like we'll still get a day off
  2. 1. Payge Turner 2. Todd Michael Hall 3. Christina Grimmie?
  3. Ugh this whole group is STACKED 1. DeSz 2. Thunderstorm Artis 3. Connor Christian
  4. I mean I don't recall his blind audition warranting a chair turn and I still don't think he deserved the finale at all... but damn if some of his performances weren't great. He was miles better than Gyth and I preferred him over Dexter as a whole. Season 16 was such a tragedy... Maelyn's victory was the only miracle that came out of that. Andrew is definitely technically underrated on IDF though. He had some solid nights!
  5. Had to do a deep dive through wiki again lol: 4-chair SandyRedd - River Maelyn Jarmon - Fields of Gold DeSz - Un-Break My Heart HM: Alisan Porter, Todd Tilghman 3-chair ~this was HARD to narrow down to 3~ Ellie Lawrence - We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off Domenic Haynes - River Lauren Duski - You Were Meant for Me HM (pretty much in order) : Dana Harper, Chloe Kohanski, Darius Scott, Angie Keilhauer, Amy Vachal, Kelsea Johnson 2-chair Will Breman - Say You'll Be There WILKES - One Headlight Karli Web
  6. I can agree. We know Rachel makes lives and this battle proved that her messy blind was due to nerves/excitement, not inability. This battle doesn't necessarily propel her towards the top of the list because we know she can still crash if she doesn't handle the nerves, but we'll have to wait for lives. I don't see her as having a shot for the PV yet, still a likely coach save or instant save contender.
  7. I mean the video's public now and no, it was never going to cause Zae any trouble just commenting The people commenting the full-on spoilers in the comment suck though so make sure y'all drown them out with downvotes or a fake spoiler or 2 lol.
  8. They both improved for sure! Not sure how I feel about THAT being the 4-chair standing O from all the battles, but it was definitely enjoyable and well done by both! I think I'd personally lean Bradley but bot of them did solid! I can definitely see me preferring Rachel after a few more listens.
  9. Look at that top 3! Truthfully I can't be mad at the elimination order now Corey Ward - Dancing on My Own - 32 Savanna Woods - Zombie - 67 Zania Alake - Sweet Love - 96
  10. Cam Anthony - Lay Me Down - 7 Corey Ward - Dancing on My Own - 36 Savanna Woods - Zombie - 63 Zania Alake - Sweet Love - 88
  11. Cam Anthony - Lay Me Down - 8 Corey Ward - Dancing on My Own - 39 Savanna Woods - Zombie - 63 Zania Alake - Sweet Love - 84
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