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  1. Tamara Jade is just a lesser powerhouse vocalist who isn't that impressive. DeSz isn't really interesting either.
  2. For Minivan, they would just disregard Kelly's comment because they don't need much range to give out their vote.
  3. Excellent song choice as well, the appeal would be amazing. As we know, these powerhouse country females are hard to pull off. But Taryn can and has definitely done it. If Taryn also wanted to slow it down a bit and show a more emotional side of her, maybe this Chris Stapleton song will pull at a few heartstrings of Team Minivan's? Or as I proposed before, "Burning House" by Cam would be amazing I'd say. We know Taryn can sing, but the audience would also love to see her emotion pour out.
  4. Btw, I think this would be another incredible choice for Taryn if she advances: I think it can rally the crowd up and has good points to showcase her vocal power. Just like with Martina's and Faith's songs.
  5. The slayage was too much to handle and had to be rebooted. Okay idk, but at least its back up!
  6. hi again Taryn's fan thread!
  7. Taryn Papa seems the most likely, but if its that BS format again, then prob Cami. Although I have faith Taryn can win all the IS's.
  8. Edit: I gave Maelyn my vote, but congrats to Amber! A great fun that this was and making us want to die!
  9. Finally tbh, waiting for her to be ridden of that abomination of a contract. Now hopefully a better journey direction for her begins!
  10. Keisha is great no denying that. But I think Taryn has more support in her higher register and has a fantastic lower register too. I'll take a relisten, but I think mainly Keisha stuck in her higher register, even when she sang "It Matters To Me" which is Faith, who is known to have a killer lower register deep-rich tone. I don't want to compare and seem like "Taryn is easily better" but that's my take on it, Taryn has more power and is more versatile, although Keisha obviously is not a vocalist you want to take lightly if you were in a battle against her. Poor Noah lol, JHud gave him mercy.
  11. lol, Idk how to copy and paste IG stories, but Taryn's recent one is asking: "Which is your favorite country song on the radio now?" She has a variety of responders, even responding with her own "Persuaded" haha. But someone also responded with "Cry" and she has above it "I LOVE THIS" Lmao, not only is that from 2002, but if this isn't major hints idk what is. I'm just excited to hear her slay already, ugh if only we didn't have to wait 3 weeks for the start of the season. She's gonna destroy everyone this season, weather she wins or not.
  12. Smh, Roberta and Cristina got robbed! whatever, onto next season then. Queens don't need to win this show tbh. They will slay without that win and tragic contract.
  13. I just don't see Minivan taking to Ryan with that Andrea song. Larriah is the only other one who could win, but what can you do with "One and Only"? I'm just seeing how they could appeal with it to Team Minivan. Taryn is the only one who can win the vote as of now, if yall don't agree, plz tell me why. I just see the Faith song doing the most damage here.
  14. if somehow Taryn doesn't win that KO, I think Ryan/Larriah/Julia would be done in the POs. the 3rd artist would probably be Cami if she's in the Wildcard vote.
  15. I was thinking that as well, she could outsing everyone and make it through on all instant saves. then her Finale set would determine her position, getting 3rd or 2nd I predict under Jim and maybe John Holiday(if they pimp him) but I could see her still making far unless they buss her.
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