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  1. If we are getting 2 steals per KO episode. The previews showed at least Megan, so Cammwess vs Megan would be 1 of the 2 steals next Monday. I'm not sure TPTB would have the same contestant be stolen twice in back to back episodes(Cederice) So I think Cederice Vs Toneisha will come in the 2nd part of KOs. I feel like they may want to pimp Thunderstorm as the "last" steal, so they may have his KO against Mandi C. in the 2nd part as well. So I think Zan vs Joanna will come next Monday along with Megan Vs Cammwess as the steals for the week. Just for analyzing which "steal" matchups will come in each of the episodes.
  2. Only the ones they want to win/be in the finale.
  3. Idk if it was already posted, but this rendition is gorgeous. I may or may not have cried heavily during this.
  4. The Queens of the season will win, don't underestimate them.
  5. Zan slayed! I can see her as a finalist if she keeps progressing like this! Now onto the Knockouts!
  6. Best: Zan/Brittney Cederice close 2nd! SLAY SIS! Worst: Jon/Todd LMAO, please leave!
  7. 24 performances, also including the 4-way KO they will do eventually.
  8. Wait, only 2 KNOCKOUTS PARTS?! The montages are gonna go berserk ugh, they really be rushing this season.
  9. John has always been a bad coach, Maelyn only chose him because she said he was "the type of artist/musician" she wanted to be herself. Like sis I love you but you are WAY better, then all of a sudden in s17 and 18, everyone wanted John, ugh!
  10. Queen Maelyn ISN'T shook, but Cedrice is interesting!
  11. Queen Addison's birthday! Happy 19th year! Keep slaying with your vocals sis!
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