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  1. Never forgetting Lauren Hall, the robbed KO artist who should have won against Kat on Blake's team. I'll die on that hill. Kiara had potential too, but was up against Kelly bait with Shane Q. James too against John bait in Khalea. Destiny was up against Rose so RIP lmao.
  2. I want #SongChoices4All Bernie promises he'll get any song the artists' want..... but in reality, he won't be able to do so.
  3. Don't give up @americanvoice38you still got a chance like you said! But ready for this Wildcard round! Its far from over, good luck to all and hoping the audience has a fantastic time as well!
  4. Guessing it was a private producer audition or something like it. Maybe when she got the call that she would head to LA.
  5. This was a pretty killer performance, and everyone did a fine job. Also it helped ease the pain of Noah Mac's elimination to come in 30 minutes or so.
  6. Ugh, we need Taryn to post more covers or something! She can kill anything!
  7. Kelsie legit could have made 3rd at least, Minivan loved her(at least her BA stats on FB) And people kept saying she's a mini-Kelly, With Ryan's DQ and if Kelsie got better song choices, she could have beat Desz easily as Kelly's finalist. She could have very well beat Ian too, even hook a God song on her and you have a rare non-Blake Top 2, which would be possible with Kelsie and Carter in a showdown.
  8. And potentially a set-up for a S21 coaching spot.(I think she will rotate cause Blake says so to keep him happy) Also yes, its convenient for him and TPTB.
  9. If Anna Grace vs Gean happens, I'm going with a TPTB dream scenario and will say Blake steals Anna-Grace. He gets rid of Avery and Cam for her to be his frontrunner and she takes at least 2nd in the Finale. Yes unrealistic for Blake to rid of his male frontrunners(as we are speculating) but once again.... producing false hope for IDF cause we got nothing else at the moment.
  10. I could understand potentially Brennley making the Finale from her KO - Top 10 Performances(poor her in the Semis). But not Hunter. Yes he had good Itunes stats, but we know that means only a portion of the actual votes, especially compared to FB stats and trends. Even Aliyah had better numbers than him, she gained good momentum in the Top 10 with "Jealous" and pulled out the God card at the right moment for when Brennley got the worst song choice in the Semis. Edit: Also, IDF predicting the Top 3 would be Lauren/Brennley/Hunter from S12, Aliyah and Chris Blue be damned
  11. I just noticed this omg! So far tho I will say.... the IDF appealing artists seem to be here, besides Mandi Castillo tbh(I thought she was disliked or polarized at least) Anyways, rooting for....won't say for now. But in this Top 10..... Arei, Cedrice, Castillo, Cammwess slaying the game! Joanna going with that risky song choice... at least its not "Rich Girl" but we'll see how the votes go!
  12. Or maybe this is just the norm for The Voice now. Why not have the fewest Live Shows and profit off of it, with also bussing and pimping contestants more easily because of how forgettable they will be(Because of the shortened season) Not to call it too early, but it could be this way folks! 3 weeks of Lives with 3 rounds of pre-lives from now on until like.... Season 24 where they change the format again.
  13. I loved Fallingwater too! it showed her Indie side and she still worked very well even with messed up in-ears(TPTB flop) The only off performance from her, was when she wasn't singing- I needed my ears blessed during that terrible season, and when she wasn't on the screen, I went insane- If people thought her PO was anywhere near an "off" performance or "flop" then they need THEIR ears checked.
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