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  1. I already hate this season, but will watch regardless.
  2. Craig Wayne Boyd being stolen twice in S7.
  3. Now I expect an 20/16 - 8 - 4 elimination. Tragic show, but at least the audience can vote in the playoffs.
  4. Recent IG post. Also if it already hasn't been posted: Beauty at its finest.
  5. Yeah, I liked Brittney. I noticed the talent within her.
  6. And this season just got worse with a 16/20 - 8 - 4 elimination. Lmao
  7. I know it may seem like she is injured going into the playoffs/live shows, but steals have come far and even won since season 6. If Blake keeps her on a semi-country route(looking at AFM) she can get the votes and at least make the finale tbh. I wouldn't worry about Joanna as long as she keeps up her strong vocals.
  8. The Queen will always prevail over that terrible label. I have faith we will get an album this year, even she said it herself.
  9. This looks so weird, But we'll adapt.
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