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  1. I guess Jej's group and Chris got cut before the lives since they didn't even get a montage(RIP) I hope at least Brooke made lives though, she has the comeback story and NBC would love to see her succeed once again.(At least make Finale) Also Gabriella was so good. She obviously is a pro, but I'm glad they got her to come on at least for auditions(she better advance to Semis at least)
  2. All I know is, Minivan would scream and pout that their beloved coach got "eliminated". Also that John got two finalists LOL.
  3. Well there you have it IDF, your finalists have all been revealed and the big Grand Finale will take place probably by this weekend. Earliest maybe Thursday. But I will craft the best I can for each artist. I will still use some of your suggestions like in this round so that you still have influence in your Finale! Feel free to express your opinions on the results. But I hope you enjoyed it overall! Team Standings/Finalists: Team Blake(Eliminated) --------------------------- Team John Cami Clune(Top 3 Public Vote) Kelsie Watts(Instantly Saved) ----------------------------- Team Gwen -------------------------- Julia Cooper(Top 3 Public Vote) --------------------------- Team Kelly ---------------------------- Sid Kingsley(Top 3 Public Vote)
  4. KELSIE WATTS, you have done it through the intense Instant Save! You will head into the Finale as the 4th artist getting to sing again! Representing Team John Legend, well done girl! That means, sorry to Payge Turner and Desz, but your time here is over, however thank you for giving it your all every week. You are amazing talents as well! (Is everyone shook? I know I am tbh, but congrats to your finalists IDF)
  5. I will say the artist that you Instantly Saved, DID get the 4th overall votes from the Semifinals performances. So you decided to stick with this artist to head into the Finale. The three artists got a good amount of votes each like last week, but there could only be one to advance. Winning artist votes - 95 5th Place - 68 6th Place - 44 I will show the forms right after, but to get an idea of how close it was, here you go for now. Anyways, now to reveal your 4th Finalist! IDF you have advanced, lastly into the Finale...................
  6. Thank you all for voting, at least over 170 votes have come in for this Instant Save, I really do appreciate everyone supporting this game. But onto business. Please welcome your Instant Save contenders! Kelsie Watts, Payge Turner, and Desz all walk out front and center stage.
  7. Well IDF, the time has come and your 4th finalist will be revealed! Voting has now closed. Tagging all: @Bk1234 @sydneysam @taylorkat @Angeles @QueenCami @jarmon @AliXRose @KimberlyxKyla @Hamza Tufail @Archanium @Teraginn @FloorWax @Daillon @David68 @DorisAnn @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY@Dalton Eduardo @VintageVoice @British Man @Harmat @Gustavo527 @Feder @randomgirl @americanvoice38 @Cookie73 @B-B @Leekleekington @VoiceFan1 @QueenKalie @rp3598
  8. There are your Instant Save contenders, all trying for a spot in the Finale IDF! Now its time to vote and advance one of them. Tagging all once again: @Bk1234 @sydneysam @taylorkat @Angeles @QueenCami @jarmon @AliXRose @KimberlyxKyla @Hamza Tufail @Archanium @Teraginn @FloorWax @Daillon @David68 @DorisAnn @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY@Dalton Eduardo @VintageVoice @British Man @Harmat @Gustavo527 @Feder @randomgirl @americanvoice38 @Cookie73 @B-B @Leekleekington @VoiceFan1 @QueenKalie @rp3598 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJm6-azce5Eh0s3yg7DnGPRhogvhXtMgKdp9wBCIvHK4QcCA/viewform?usp=sf_link - VOTING FORMS You will have until 9:30 PM CDT(10:30 PM EST) to vote for your 4th finalist, you can vote up to 10 TIMES PER IDF User. Only one can advance, but feel free to vote for however you like. Remember to tell me if anything with the forms is wrong or just broken/not working for whatever reason. I will fix it ASAP for yall. Anyways, happy voting IDF! And hope you enjoyed the results show so far! See you all shortly for your 4th Grand Finalist reveal!
  9. Our last performance and then the voting will commence. Here is Team Kelly's versatile powerhouse. Giving it her all with Fleetwood Mac. Please welcome: Desz! Desz - "Landslide"(Fleetwood Mac) Kelly: Yes Desz! Girl you just give it everything you have and this vocal was so restrained that it made me feel so many emotions, I truly think you deserve this so much. Not a knock on the other artists, but you are just a whole package. IDF PLEASE vote for Desz or I'll cry, I still believe in you so much so please keep slaying Desz! Love you so much girl!
  10. Now for Team Gwen's Indie-Rocker. Taking on a favorite of hers', please welcome: Payge Turner! Payge Turner - "Breath Of Heaven"(Amy Grant) https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJRjinnJCnZ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link - Instagram (If link doesn't work, use performance below) Gwen: Payge yes! Girl you are so unique and I know this competition is hard, but I'm always so excited to work with you because I feel like we are alike in many ways. But IDF you gotta vote for Payge after that like come on now. PLEASE vote for her! But anyways I love you girl and this song of course! Well done!
  11. So IDF, first the contenders will sing and like always, you'll vote within a few hours to advance whoever you think should advance into the next round, in this case, the Grand Finale. Starting things off, is Team John's Rock-Pop singer. She will take on a Celine Dion ballad, just released pretty recently. Please welcome: Kelsie Watts! Kelsie Watts - "Courage"(Celine Dion) John: Kelsie you are such a powerful vocalist, but can connect to the song so well and I'm so glad you have reached this far at least. This vocal was everything and more, I'm begging IDF to send you to the Finale because you are so angelic and full of purity! Come on IDF, PLEASE vote for Kelsie!
  12. Payge Turner, you will also sing for a chance into the Finale. Go get ready to slay sister! That means Taryn Papa and Madeline Consoer, I'm sorry but your time ends here. But thank you ladies for giving it your all every round and slaying it! Team Blake Shelton is now eliminated.
  13. IDF your last Instant Save contender and who you'll give another chance to is.............
  14. Kelsie Watts, you will also have a chance to sing and advance, go prepare sister and give it your all.
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