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  1. Lmao, Deion. Flop and gtfo, he was trash anyways and his 3-chair turn was a joke. Its hilarious to see a few of these artists think highly of themselves though. Thanks for the laugh if you are reading this flopsters!
  2. Lol, even if Marisa is a shady queen. I'm still choosing mf talent over pitchy and boring. Also if I could get rid of that cringy moment of having to watch that Tanner/Kelly interaction, I would 100% in a flash.
  3. Yall think I wouldn't vote for Queen Maelyn? Matt takes the male poll, he's hella good and had iconic performances like "The Blower's Daughter" "Wasted Love" "A Thousand Years" Glad to see the recognition of him.
  4. 100% agree, I would have preferred him advancing over a few of the ones who did make the live shows that season. Specifically Will and Alex as he was artistically similar in their lanes the most.
  5. This is considering that everything is played out the same besides Adam's "Robegate" call. Reagan still sings "Cry" and struggles. Her B3 position is still existent. Also to note, does Reagan actually sing in the IS? Scenarios: 1. She does: "Warrior" which would have been her song(see her fanbase thread or something) Considering she fell off in her T8 IS, I'm not sure she could bypass those nerves with a bigger song like "Warrior". Adam then calls in an equal pitch for DeAndre and Reagan, because of Reagan's poor excuse of a performance, she actually loses to DeAnd
  6. Kenzie is very well still in the race to win though, however Avery was a complete shocker. I thought he'd be the next Gyth or TStorm at least. Placing Top 3 on like John or Nick's team after Blake got rid of him. However now its Pete/Cam Vs Kenzie for the time being. Anna Vs Kenzie tbh, TPTB come through plz
  7. If he actually performed those songs, I'd give him votes for shiz(may I say?) and giggles.
  8. Not a bad vocalist to crush on tbh. Plus she is gorgeous.
  9. Maren Morris is still Jenzie's crush. He'll sing "My Church" In the POs(won't be much of a bus tbh, he could work with it)
  10. K: Ryleigh(A+) Vs Gean(B+) B: Connor(C) Vs Aaron(C) N: Dana(B+) Vs Devan(B-) J: Pia(B+) Vs Christine(C-) N: Jose(B) Vs Awari(A-) B: Ethan(B-) Vs Avery(A) B: Cam(B) Vs Emma(B) K: Gihanna(A) Vs Halley(A+) J: Zania(A) Vs Durrell(A-) B: Jordan(C-) Vs Keegan(D-) N: Zae(C) Vs Lindsay(A) K: Corey(B+) Vs Savanna(A) Grading to scaling of A - C mainly. If D or F, you must have did REALLY bad, like pitch wise being awful.
  11. I'm hoping she can sing it! That would be a moment and no one has done it on this show before, surprisingly.
  12. "I Was Here" should be a priority for Gihanna if she wants a moment, and it seems she wants to sing it too.
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