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  1. Knockouts 1: Jonathan Mouton - I Can See Clearly Now - 8.85 Wendy Moten - Ain't No Way - 10 Katie Rae - Hold On To Me - 8.25 Raquel Trinidad - Valerie - 7 Gymani - Pillowtalk - 8.45 Kinsey Rose - Strawberry Wine - 7.75 Joshua Vacanti - Falling - 9.25 Sabrina Dias - Photograph - 8.95 Hailey Green - God's Country - 9.5 LiBianca - everything i wanted - 9.85 Holly Forbes - Superstar - 9.6 Girl Named Tom - Wichita Lineman - 9.95
  2. Kurt Hugo Schneider has again collaborated with Lauren Duski for the song, "Paradise" - Alan Walker (PUBG Mobile Song!). This so good! I always love that tone!
  3. Jonathan still gave a very good performance despite going against Wendy. Hoping for his success outside the show.
  4. Congrats to LiBianca for winning her knockout. Now, I'm excited on what she will do during the live shows.
  5. I'm so happy for LiBianca, though Hailey definitely deserves a steal for that performance.
  6. Wow! I did not see it coming. Seems like Katie Rae is involved in both spoiler mistakes. lol
  7. This song was a breakout moment for LiBianca while a bus song to the other two. I still love Pia Renee after that instant performance though.
  8. I'm torn between Wendy and LiBianca. I like both of them.
  9. I love how Gwen promotes Carter's music even after the show. He's her "Baby" after all.
  10. I mean, who would want to follow that performance of Hailey which is also really good? But she did what she had to do and just captured the hearts of everybody in the room. She is definitely telling a story here, and I found myself relistening that.
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