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  1. Thank God Jonathan is still on. But I fear he'll be a knockout fodder for Wendy.
  2. Alicia's team was stacked that season; hence, she needed to have someone like Dallas to become the knockout fodder for Britton.
  3. Voted. I voted for my two favorites. I gave 5 votes to the other one though because I know she'll get a lot more of votes from other IDF members.
  4. Added. Yes, I also think he's solid. He might be the front runner of his team as of the moment while we figure out the rest of the members of his team.
  5. This is my first time making a fan thread for a male artist. I like his tone and I hope he goes far in the competition. Just comment “Add Me” if you want to be added to his fan list.
  6. JONATHAN MOUTON FAN THREAD Facebook * Instagram * Youtube Music * Apple Music * Soundcloud *Album/EP - Jonathan *Official Music Videos from Jonathan EP *Notable Covers FAN LIST 1. Dalton Eduardo 2. David68 3. Misirlou 4. Jyn Mycle 5. VintageVoice 6. Persy 7. jamescasaki 8. Jordan Smith Fan 9. pauwis 10.You??
  7. I didn't know she had this rock side of hers (referring to the first track). This EP definitely good. I'm still mad of her being eliminated by singing Thinking Out Loud when she could have done the songs like on her album.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/NBCTheVoice/videos/807418356625062/ It's out but it's just a minute long.
  9. Add me please. She's definitely an artist to look forward to this season.
  10. Voted for 4 artists this time. I hope they all move on to the next round.
  11. Voted for 4 artists. I hope all of them make it through to the next round.
  12. Chloe's "Landslide" performance will always be the best and the most iconic knockout for me.
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