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  1. Please ignore the second fanlist in the YouTube covers spoiler tag. Somehow I can't remove it. The actual fanlist as of right now is the on e below his socials links.
  2. Welcome to the Chavon Rodgers Fan Thread! *Will work on OP more Instagram Youtube Twitter FANLIST: 1. David68 2. jamescasaki 3. Teraginn 4. AliXRose 5. Misirlou 6. You? Instagram Covers: Youtube Covers (will finish soon)
  3. Since everyone is talking about John Holiday, I guess I'll rank his performances not including his trio or duet with John: 1. Misty 2. All By Myself 3. Fix You 4. Fly Me To The Moon 5. Summer Soft 6. Halo 7. And finally, that original.
  4. congrats on being the longest S21 fan thread as of right now
  5. If we switch to yearly with a S18-20 format, there is no avoiding the grave. It is VITAL that there be generously more than three weeks of live shows in this season.
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