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  1. 1. Jordan Smith 2. Tessanne Chin 3. Maelyn Jarmon 4. Javier Colon 5. Josh Kaufman 6. Alisan Porter 7. Chris Blue 8. Todd Tilghman 9. Chloe Kohanski 10. Cassadee Pope 11. Danielle Bradbury 12. Brynn Cartelli 13. Sawyer Fredericks 14. Sundance Head 15. Chevel Sheperd 16. CWB 17. Jake Hoot 18. Jermaine Paul
  2. Blake needs to go... he has overstayed his welcome. It would be a nice change to see a Blake-free finale, and have the actual best artist of the season win (Might have to get rid of Kelly too.)
  3. The younger voters want nothing to do with this show, they know there is nothing here for them. This show has had disastrous finale results for too many seasons, and for that reason alone there is little chance of getting back the lost viewers, or gaining a new batch.
  4. Don't forget Team Blake...country male that sings gospel, cries, and is Team Blake.
  5. This show is a joke...Blake deserved to win last season with Ricky, not this season.
  6. Me either, but I would like to see Thunderstorm win, as he deserves it.
  7. I don't think anyone is too shocked with the first two results...
  8. Maybe the label took back the contract as they did with CWB.
  9. Ugh...Jake Hoot was bad last season, and he was even worse in this group performance.
  10. Please just stop that silliness...Adam is way better than Pharrell. Enough about Adam, enjoy the finale.
  11. No great loss...Kelly is another coach with three undeserved wins.
  12. You're right about their fear of losing viewers, but the show needs a fresh take, and Blake's departure is what is needed. If the show suffers as a result of him leaving, then so be it.
  13. If that happens it will be further proof that either the show needs to end, or Blake needs to go. The show has had way too many artists winning who were not the best of the season, and most happen to be Blake wins. Todd was not the usual Blake trash, but he was not amazing either...We'll see in a few hours.
  14. There's your winner...whether he actually wins or not, he's the winner this season.
  15. He's Blake's country-ish guy, so him leading in the votes is a give-in.
  16. Sadly, this is another song that will not move the needle for Toneisha...she has a great voice though.
  17. Spot on...but switch Todd and Toneisha and you'll have the actual outcome.
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