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  1. let's get those four of those double chairs in foreign versions of TV. Gwen can go join Blake, Chrissy can join John, Priyanka can join Nick, and Brandon can join Kelly
  2. i honestly don't think Thunderstorm and CammWess being in the finale made it harder for Toneisha. there isn't really an "African-American" vote the same way there's a country vote.
  3. And even with all that you mentioned, Micah still came in 5th.
  4. it's something you gotta go see for yourself
  5. I don't listen to most of them and for some I only listen to select tracks. Adam - "Songs About Jane" is a great album, the newer stuff? Blergh... John - I only listen to "Ordinary People" Kelly - I love her earlier work, but her new stuff doesn't do it for me. Blake - I love "God's Country" and "God Gave Me You" is a guilty pleasure. Miley - "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" is amazing but I don't listen to much else of her work. Pharell - Whenever he produces for artists I listen to, it's usually a mixed bag, I'm not a big fan of his solo stuff or his work with N.E.R.D. don't listen to the rest
  6. i've been rewatching all of his performances lately. i forgot how much i liked his tone! please add me!
  7. so basically all of my early favorites are either no chairs or people who flopped at some point. (except Zan) edit: well to be fair that was only from the first 40-50 names
  8. Let's make The Voice as loud as possible. JHud Miley Kelly Gwen Not what I really want but it would be fun with all of them talking over each other in blinds.
  9. I'm surprised no one said Say Something by CammWess yet. 1. Say Something - CammWess 2. Blackbird - Thunderstorm Artis 3. Blowin' In The Wind - Zan Fiskum 4. Summertime - Thunderstorm Artis 5. Ghost In This House - Todd Tilghman vs Jon Mullins 6. Diamonds - Toneisha Harris 7. The Story - Zan Fiskum 8. Piece By Piece - Megan Danielle 9. Long Way Home - Todd Tilghman 10. New York State Of Mind - Allegra Miles
  10. 1. Addison Agen 2. Ricky Duran 3. Britton Buchanan 4. Toneisha Harris 5. Chris Kroeze 6. Gyth Rigdon Edit: Toneisha was confirmed runner-up.
  11. realistically though he probably goes by PJ Artis
  12. Isn't Thunderstorm part of a very musical family? Can we get one of his siblings to avenge him next season lmao
  13. Toneisha Harris is either tied with Kyla for the farthest any AA female has made on the show or THE farthest period. (We won't ever know if she's 2nd or 3rd)
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