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  1. Only males left with chair turns are James, John S, and Lain. If it were a chair turner, I'd guess James because I believe he sang Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles.
  2. I think your reasoning for them quitting is much unlikelier than what @Minhtam suggested. I don't think anybody would quit The Voice because they wanted a different coach. They worked so hard to get to that opportunity that they wouldn't let go of it so easily because things didn't go their way.
  3. I thought WTW's audition was decent, but I don't think the song choice really allowed it to go anywhere. And as said above, the harmonies weren't really as tight as they should be. However, I've listened to plenty of their IG videos, and they harmonize BEAUTIFULLY over there, so I still have hope for them to improve as they get comfortable with the stage and receive proper coaching. Looking at how the sources described their KO, I'm really excited to see it.
  4. Sid is my favorite belter lmao.
  5. Perhaps it also has something to do with the scores Charlie gives. He gave Desz a B-
  6. I think all of Kelly's winners became clear TCO's in the KO rounds.... so let's see.
  7. I swear if people still demand spoilers after this post.... It's all there! I really appreciate you for patiently explaining all of this. Imagine doing so much work along with other real-life duties, taking your time to create the best collection of information you can, and strangers on the internet just continue to demand. I would just like to give you a big thanks for continuing to do this season after season. You deserve more kudos than you actually get.
  8. I didn't attend any of the tapings, but Desz's battle partner is Joseph Soul so.... We can assume she beat THAT GUY.
  9. Jim's audition > Ian's audition, but I'm more intrigued to see more performances from Ian, so I voted for him. Jim's the best vocalist for sure though. Ben's twang slightly irritates me but at least his voice is big enough to make an impression. Tanner is the most forgettable out of all of them. I find his voice thin and even when he hits a high note (and on pitch), it feels short of impact for me. This is only based from his audition, but I don't find him to be compelling at all. Especially when he sang the line, "her kiss is my Salvation", which demands lots of ear
  10. lmao and Casme had the biggest following before the show.
  11. Damn Casme's average is low. She deserved 50% at the VERY LEAST.
  12. lmao that's a fourth-degree burn right there. you just described precisely how i felt about Tanner's performance.
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