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  1. Probably out of the topic, but I really hope this season gets better. There's really no one I'm excited for yet. Whose audition are you guys excited to see?
  2. 1. Toneisha Harris - Not my favorite diva I've seen on the show, but I think she's bound to have better performances as the season progresses. It's getting quite predictable now, honestly. A- 2. Zach Day - Cool tone and I adore the song choice. He's got personality too. I hope my prediction that he'll become the Jake Wells/Royce Lovett of the season won't come true. B+ 3. Arei Moon - Pretty good. Not much else I can say. B 4. Chelle - I think once she gets over her nerves, she can be phenomenal. Right now, she's pretty underwhelming but I like her tone. B- 5. Levi Watkins - Didn't like him at all. Happy to see he's living his dream but he's not ready for this. D+
  3. Just caught up and.... I'm geniunely surprised at how underwhelming this season has been. This is just embarassing.
  4. Is it just me or do I find her less interesting than the past few divas we've had? (Kyla, Kymberli, Rose etc.) Then again, Kyla started out as a middle packer so maybe I'd like her better with a song that wasn't done so recently.
  5. Don't know about that. S14 had Britton, Brynn, Kyla, Drew, and Justin as solid auditions. S15 premiere auditons were all solid to good other than Tyke. That said, I was very disappointed with this season's premiere. I've only watched since S13 but this has to be by far the worst premiere.
  6. I thought it was the weakest premiere in recent memory... Hope the coming weeks will be better. 1. Tayler Green - Fresh take on the song, I LOVED some of the melodic changes. Great tone too. A- 2. Joanna Serenko - She's obviously a great vocalist, and I love all her subtle runs but I think I expected a little more? A- 3. Todd Michael Hall - Not at all perfect, but it was a blast! I don't think I've ever seen another rocker on here with as much energy as him. And he's 50! B+ 4. Megan Danielle - Don't get the hate, this wasn't bad at all. Kelly seems to really like her so she'll probably go far. B+ 5. Todd Tilghman - A good audition with a good song choice and good energy, but I just can't shake the feeling he'll be a snowflake killer later on. B 6. Nelson Cade - I don't think this is the right song for him nor do I think he'll stick with this style for the rest of the show. I liked his pre-show stuff so I hope he does better next round. B- 7. Darious Lyles - Not at all an original singer but it was an OK vocal. B- 8. Tate Brusa - Lots of rough patches, and I dislike his breathy tone. However, I see some potential for improvement. C
  7. I didn't think I'd ever hear "Love Yourself" and "range" in the same sentence
  8. Your upper range is the higher side of the notes within your reach. You don't need to hit insanely high notes for you to have one. Everyone has an upper range.
  9. Very undercooked but tons of potential, especially when he went into his upper range.
  10. Which link is everyone using? The first one seems to be blocked and the second one just sends me on a string of ads and tells me to allow notifications on these websites P.S. If anyone else watching rn doesn't live in the US
  11. Discuss. In recent memory, I can recall Anthony Arya from S15 and Jacob from S16
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