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  1. Here's a video of the Shield's Brothers commentating on their performance. Seems like they didn't like her too lmao.
  2. Hello Sunday and Kat Hammock's We Belong was definitely.... something
  3. KOs: S18: Camm vs Megan S17: Cali vs Marina S14: Jackie V vs Drew Battles: S17: Khalea vs Zoe S16: Shawn vs Matthew S14: DR vs Jackie F S13: Addison ve Karli
  4. IDK if this is an unpopular opinion on IDF, but Desperado was actually a pretty good performance from Jake. I remember not being mad that he got into the finale after that ~even if he deserved 4th~
  5. If there's only one steal per coach, I doubt a 4-way KO is happening. 40 -> 24 so each coach will have 3 KO pairs. If a 4-way KO is happening, that means there will be 5 per team doing regular knockouts which is an odd number.
  6. I would turn but I wouldn't place my bets on her going very far. I love this kind of jazzy neo-soul sound but I don't know if her voice itself is that distinguishable. I would want to hear her on a different track before I fully make up my mind. If she gets on the show, I'm predicting anywhere from 2 chairs to none.
  7. I thought it would be interesting to do this for Battles song choices, since those are harder to get right. My criteria will be how well the song allowed the two artists to showcase their individual styles. Karli Webster vs Addison Agen - Girls Just Want To Have Fun Janice Freeman vs Katrina Rose - W.O.M.A.N. Terrence Cunningham vs Livia Faith - Stars Cody Ray Raymond vs SandyRedd - Cry To Me Domenic Haynes vs Trey Rose - I Need A Dollar Kim Cherry vs Kendra Checketts - Here
  8. I'm only going to be counting the people we heard perform live. S13: Chloe/Addison/Janice/Brooke S14: Kyla/Jackie F/Kelsea/Britton S15: MaKenzie/Kennedy/Sarah/DeAndre S16: Maelyn/Rod/Domenic/Presley S17: I'm actually happy with the finale we got here. I thought Jake was deserving of the finale. (Not the win though) S18: Thunderstorm/Zan/Joanna/CammWess (Using old finale format)
  9. I genuinely can't see this guy in the finale. I think he'll be Team Blake playoff fodder at best. And Michael Lee was much better.
  10. S18: Mandi Thomas, Kailey Abel S16: Cecily Hennigan S15: Jake Wells, MaKenzie Thomas S14: Shana Halligan I can't believe Cecily, Jake, and MaKenzie only got 1 chair each. All three's auditions are one of my favorites in that respective season. Edit: I forgot Kailey!
  11. Zan took over @shopangelsbotique on IG. She's recording an album and it will be released this fall.
  12. I very much agree. The camera quality is so bad and definitely takes away from the viewing experience. In terms of talent, it's not like this season is dry, but the battles have been so underwhelming compared to previous seasons. Wrong song choices all around. We have an obsession with versatility, therefore we let contestants step incredibly far outside their comfort zones.
  13. i have one: Mandi Thomas Kymberli Joye Justin Kilgore Jackie Foster
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