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  1. I do think Wendy has the studio that sounds the best this time around. Either way, I think GNT and Wendy will have my favorite performances of this round, even with completely opposite performances.
  2. That's my favorite Paris performance too. "Use Me" and his battle come next.
  3. All I know is Jershika won't get PV with that song, so I hope she slays her Instant Save again, even if she doesn't win it!
  4. I only voted GNT, Hailey, Wendy because they're the ones I'm most sure of.
  5. After hearing Joshua's as well, I think Wendy will close. Her song stands out more in a night of ballads and I can imagine it having the best production.
  6. Wendy's studio is the best thing I've heard from her in weeks. Powerhouse Wendy is back y'all!
  7. Just heard their studio! They sound wonderful, as expected. Bekah does a really high head voice note again in the second chorus!
  8. I'm always shocked watching Kelly Clarkson's performances from Idol, God damn she was good. Would probably be the best contestant in most seasons of The Voice.
  9. I wrongfully doubted Joshua before with the Queen song, so I'm giving him my full confidence this week. Get that pimp spot, Josh!
  10. I feel like You're All I Need To Get By is far more well-suited as a duet, why did they give it to Wendy as a solo song?
  11. Tbh, I would've preferred a less overdone song choice for her, but this will certainly do the job! A finalist, no doubt.
  12. no jokes I've been singing and playing "River" on repeat for the past couple weeks i'm absolutely deceased.
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