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  1. Imo "The Joke" started good but went off the rails, "You Oughta Know" was pretty bad and just got worse as it went along, and Desz's PO was just decent. None of them deserve to be in that compilation especially in comparison to those contestants' other performances.
  2. Alex had the best KO of the three, but as a contestant I liked Will the most even if he was WILDLY inconsistent.
  3. That makes a lot of sense, it's probably not nerves or inability because her blind showed she was fully capable of delivering a great vocal with confidence. Even if the song choice didn't fit her, she could've at least sung on pitch. What happened is really unfortunate, she's the most interesting contestant this season
  4. So apparently all it took to get me excited for Carolina vs Rio was a muted snippet of them singing lmao. Here's my order of how excited I am to see these battles: 1. Pete vs Savanna 2. Carolina vs Rio 3. Victor vs Deion 4. Anna vs Ainae 5. Raine vs Andrew Raine vs Andrew is last because I'm not looking forward to seeing Raine flop
  5. Tbh even if Kenzie only had his blind shown in full pre-lives he would still probably be Kelly's PV lmao.
  6. Pete and Savanna's battle song. I could actually see how sources said Pete could be a Team Blake frontrunner based on his battle. I think the song would fit him like a glove.
  7. I think @Sachin Jain ran a fan-made The Voice season on Instagram where people can vote. These are the people that made the lives on a certain team.
  8. It's not really that he's going to lose votes because of the montage, but giving him a round off allows for other contestants to shine and build more momentum.
  9. but JD wasn't a disaster. I just think they wanted to even the playing field just a little bit by not showing Kenzie's battle
  10. They'll find a way to edit it to make it seem it didn't happen. It's a TV show, after all. I mean, they fixed Thunderstorm's mess-up.
  11. Rio looked FIERCE in that little snippet lol. They actually did it lmao. Kind of shocked but not really bothered.
  12. I thought Lindsay beat Zae by a landslide, but (unpop) I think the battle would've been better as a collective if she held back on the volume aspect. I'm not saying I agree with this person, because there is certainly a bias to their critique, but I'm just saying maybe it would have been more enjoyable for me if the volume was a little more even.
  13. https://www.mjsbigblog.com/headlines-berklee-chief-talks-american-idol-ashland-craft-heads-to-wrestlemania.htm This is a misleading headline. The article says Ashland will perform "America The Beautiful" at WrestleMania but I was here thinking she actually got into wrestling
  14. JD's voice is so odd. It sounds so... fragile? He definitely sounds like one of those singer-songwriters who puts a lot of vocal doubles as part of their style.
  15. I like both of them, but a Cam vs Kenzie showdown would be 10x more interesting. (Kenzie is much more likely to win but whatever)
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