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  1. 1. Zan (I thought she was fantastic every round excluding the Semis) 2. Cami (Same as Zan, but I don't like her tone as much) 3. Joanna (The most original of the bunch, but I prefer the two above her) 4. Anna (She's only here for her KO/PO) 5. Ryleigh (Liked her, but none of her performances are personal favs for me) 6. Julia (Spectacular audition, never reached that level again for me) Overall, I like all of them to an extent.
  2. doing S17 in full because no one has yet: Part 1 Cali Wilson "I Who Have Nothing" vs Marina Chello "Wicked Game" - I think Marina would win this one because I'm not sure if Cali can handle that song. Melinda Rodriguez "Cover Me Up" vs Jake Hoot "Always Be My Baby" - Both performances would probably be bad, unless the arrangements are drastically changed. JMY made "Stay" into a country song so what's stopping Hoot from countrifying Mariah Carey? Katie Kadan "When The Party's Over" vs Max Boyle "Piece Of My Heart" - Max's performance would be really bizarre so I think Katie will take this, despite her song choice also being slightly unfitting. Khalea Lynee "Stay" vs James Violet "Because You Loved Me" - I sense a trainwreck from James so I think Khalea will win this. Kyndal Inskeep "Dancing With A Stranger" vs Jessie Lawrence "Elastic Heart" - If Kyndal creates a stripped-down version of her song, she would win. Ricky Duran "California Dreamin" vs Joana Martinez "She Talks To Angels" - Both will still be decent, but much worse off than if they had their OG sings. I think it's a toss-up. Rose Short "Tell Me You Love Me" vs Destiny Rayne "Big White Room" - Rose would slay and still eat her alive. Shane Q "The Bones" vs Kiara Brown "In Case You Didn't Know" - I could see Kiara doing a really pretty, subtle version of this song. "The Bones" just doesn't go anywhere so I think Kiara wins this time around.
  3. My hopes for the frontrunners of each team Blake: N/A right now, unless he has a good steal in KO's. John: Cami Gwen: Payge/Taryn Kelly: Desz, and get Sid out of this bloodbath lol (preferrably Team Blake )
  4. Now that I've heard them both do the songs, I actually think it was better the way it was, because it required both of them to add their own flair to the song instead of singing something just inside their comfort zone.
  5. I think it's between Anna and Carolina. The clue doesn't really fit Gihanna or Rachel and I don't think Cam would be this low. Anna - Her more simplistic performances (KO, PO) were much better-received than her other ones Carolina - She got some criticism for oversinging from IDF. I'm leaning towards Anna, just because I think Bk would have Carolina higher, but I think it's a toss-up.
  6. I remember liking his audition, wonder how far he would've gotten on a different season.
  7. Both are really good imo, I was going to cast my vote to whoever's losing, but it's a tie so I'll just cast mine later.
  8. Easily the most consistently excellent contestant that season. She was the last powerhouse (was she one though?) I could say that I loved.
  9. the poll isn't for your Jordan, it's for Jorden Smith
  10. Not me counting the IDF favs this season to see if there's room for him Cami, Desz, Taryn, and Payge will be there, Julia and Carter to a lesser extent. Yeah, I'm just going to be manifest and say there will be room for Sid
  11. It's not uncommon for me to be drawn to contestants within genres I don't usually listen to, so I'm picking the second option.
  12. especially since no one would ever make a "favorite white winner" thread
  13. I swear y'all not better rob Sid when voting comes, he deserves Semifinals AT THE VERY LEAST
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