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  1. Clearly an Arianator, didn't even mention Kelly's name anywhere lol
  2. I can't tell what words he was singing, but as for his song choice, do we still think he could be the guy singing "Anyone"?
  3. Only liked Katie and Victor. I knew Katie would win by a landslide so I just gave my vote to Victor.
  4. by Sara Bareilles??? Jeez that's a deep cut. Props to them for picking relatively unknown songs though, always appreciate fresh song choices.
  5. Kind of weird seeing him without his guitar, always imagined him as having it on stage. Hope he brings it for his KO.
  6. Chair turns don't matter, the audience would drop a 4-chair for a 1-chair as long as they like them better. I feel like Sam isn't a one-chair though.
  7. honestly, I kind of like the idea of not having an amazing leak because that leaves better auditions for the premiere. I thought Vaughn's song choice was weird. He clearly sings an RnB but he picked an Ed Sheeran song.
  8. Just a couple more days before the premiere. Might as well put my final predictions out. A: Bella DeNapoli K: Girl Named Tom J: Samuel Harness A: Katherine Anne Mohler B: LiBianca B: Hailey Green J: Samara Brown A: David Vogel K: Holly Forbes
  9. I think her voice suits this sort of style actually. The flips of head voice sound very much at home in country/folk. It's as if Fiona Apple tried to go Americana.
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