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  1. 1. Maelyn 2. Cedrice vs Thunderstorm - tied w/ 3 3. India vs Clinton - tied w/2 Haven't really watched the older seasons except for select performances. But you guys seem to think Amber is good.
  2. Thunderstorm vs Cedrice just got leaked! Cedrice did great but Thunderstorm's tone... It's just something special.
  3. I think Tate will be this season's Tyke James
  4. I could definitely see Kelly picking Anaya over Mandi but as a classically trained singer I don't think she's gonna mess up anytime soon.
  5. Using the same logic Someone648 used, recent spring seasons have the third battle leak end in a steal. So I can see them leaking Megan vs Samantha to keep the audience waiting for Thunderstorm.
  6. I actually think Tayler and Jules would be the more likely montage, because Mandi's going outside of opera and I think they'd want to show that side of her. On the other hand, Tayler and Jules' voices just sound like they're going to clash.
  7. Just realized something. Anyone remember Kameron Marlowe vs Kailey Hill in S15? Blake just let go another Kailey for another Cam.
  8. I'd usually do a write-up but tonight was too meh to care. 1. Darious Lyles [A] vs Nelson Cade III [A-] 2. Micah Iverson [A-] vs Gigi Hess [B-] 3. Jacob Daniel Murphy vs Toneisha Harris [B+] 4. CammWess vs Mandi Castillo [C+] 5. Kailey Abel [B-] vs Cam Spinks [B-] 6. Tate Brusa vs Anders Drerup [D+]
  9. Welp... At least we're getting Zan and Thunderstorm next week. Darious and Nelson best of the night imo, but Micah was a shocker with how good he was.
  10. I feel like out of all of them, Michael has the biggest chance at messing up. Todd might have the best shot with Samantha and Nelson also in the running if they give fantastic performances.
  11. Umm... The stream isn't working in my country Edit: Well, I'm fine missing this battle tbh
  12. The thing is, how many contestants would actually be willing to audition in these times.
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