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  1. Discuss. In recent memory, I can recall Anthony Arya from S15 and Jacob from S16
  2. Yesss Nelson! All of my pre-show faves have officially made it through. (Except Isabel)
  3. I think I saw Tate Brusa, Toneisha Harris, Cedrice Webber, and maybe Zan Fiskum?
  4. Oh, are you a fellow Pinoy? Yeah, I'm sick of Sarah G winning... But, even if the contestant chooses another team, that only means whoever DOES get on Team Sarah will be the one to win.
  5. My country's (Philippines) version of the Voice just implemented the Block. Why...
  6. Zan was my pre-show favorite so I'm ecstatic to hear this! However, Joanna was my second favorite, so I don't really know how to feel about her....
  7. My two pre-show favorites making it to Knockouts? I'm here for it!
  8. The video TeamAudra shared surely made me want to stan. I don't know why she flew under my radar when I was checking out the list of names. Add me please! <3 BTW here's a nice video of her singing an original
  9. That's great! I really like both of them :D
  10. She and Charly Reynolds are my favorite country singers so far. I hope they do well!
  11. It's my first time going through one of these lists pre-season. I can just imagine the satisfaction of an early favorite making it far! I've only gotten through about 40-50 names but here are some of the standouts so far. Micah Read Zach Day Mandi Castillo Mandi Thomas Nelson Cade Samantha Howell Isabel Dumas Tamika J Melanie Mitchell Shelby Raye Samuel Wilco Zan Fiskum Right now my favorite male is Nelson, and my favorite female is Zan.
  12. Just throwing this out there, the studio version of Oliv Blu's The Girl From Ipanema is soooo good. She sounds great in the studio after all the post-production.
  13. Hoping for Calista Garcia... :teehee: Maybe they didn't let her join the Comeback Stage because they wanted her to audition again. :D
  14. Not sure if these are unpopular... But they're definitely opinions. (From recent seasons) Andrew Sevener was the male country singer of season 16. His performance of "Simple Man" was great. Jake Wells' knockout was a flop, but it was 10x better than whatever Colton did to get Jennifer's steal. Sarah Grace deserved to make finale over Chevel Celia Babini was never all that good to begin with. How she got four chairs and Cecily Hennigan only got one, baffles me. Hello Sunday is way too overhated. Chelsea's tone is superb.
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