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  1. Well that's an old post. Pardon April 2020 me's reading comprehension, I guess?
  2. I feel like that could change when the show airs, but this is something I subconsciously noticed in his covers. It's only now that you point it out that I realize I do feel that way. I listened to two different live performances of his blinds song, and while they were vocally on-point, I didn't feel anything from them. I would say that could be a detriment to his voting potential, but Chris Kroeze made Top 2.
  3. Or maybe teams were really filling up by the time she auditioned?
  4. Still better than assuming anyone who makes friends will have to battle it out. For example, Zan, Thunderstorm, and Zach were good friends on S18. They were in three completely different pairings.
  5. I thought Oliv Blu was the most interesting in Season 16's top 13, but everything after her CB was pretty messy. If she had been more consistent with her performances, my pick to win would be.... still Maelyn lol. (Also, using this to once again bring up robbed queen Cecily Hennigan)
  6. Yeah I agree. I think predicting pairings based on their actual genres and their audition songs is the most reliable. Unlike someone who ended up with Cam vs Pete.
  7. No one was doubting Nick's abilities as a coach. All people were saying is that it would take more than a pimped contestant for Nick to win, using Thunderstorm as an example. Tstorm was heavily pimped yet couldn't even get past either of Blake's team members (and that's not on Nick!). @echoap is saying that even with a heavily pimped contestant, the audience didn't give Nick the win. if your point surrounds Nick's coaching abilities, then you're missing their point.
  8. Micah Iverson and Kelly Clarkson - I Run to You - 5 Thunderstorm Artis - What a Wonderful World - 42 CammWess and John Legend - Rocket Man - 8 Toneisha Harris - Faithfully - 59 Toneisha Harris - My Superhero - 10 Toneisha Harris and Blake Shelton - Don't Stop - 6 Todd Tilghman - I Can Only Imagine - 17 Todd Tilghman - Long Way Home - 2
  9. Madeline Consoer - What If I Never Get Over You - 8 Cami Clune - Never Tear Us Apart - 47 DeSz - What's Love Got To Do With It - 10 Joseph Soul - How Deep Is Your Love - 10 Payge Turner - It's Gonna Be Me - 12 Ben Allen - There Goes My Life - 11 Carter Rubin - Hero - 8 Chloe Hogan - My Future - 13 Tamara Jade - Crazy - 10 John Holiday - Fly Me To The Moon - 5 Sid Kingsley - Beyond - 17 Taryn Papa - I Hope You're Happy Now - 21 + Chloe - Taryn
  10. Same! The difference between her PO and her other performances is honestly pretty striking. Edit: I always wanted to mention Presley's name when people would say Maelyn's PO was still the best of the night, just didn't want to because it's IDF
  11. Probably TPTB chose this. They didn't want her to go through. (Not like she had much of a chance)
  12. I think Kenzie's great at what he does, but this style of singing just does nothing for me. What can I say? I'm not a country fan.
  13. that makes more sense. thanks for the clarification!
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