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  1. I think having two male members works in their favor. Joseph and Caleb give the harmony so much depth and Bekah's tone just cuts through like a knife. I've never been this excited for a group on this show!
  2. We already discussed this in his fan thread, we believe he is STILL having fun trolling us.
  3. I really hope she's in! I need an indie girl to stan this season and she's the best one imo.
  4. YT titles be like: "Cam Anthony and Pete Mroz Are A Perfect Match on 10,000 Hours"
  5. which reminds me of the time he tried to predict Cam vs Pete
  6. Halley was probably the 2nd best option for a Gihanna pairing anyway. However, I like my scenario better: Halley is paired with any of Ryleigh, Gean, and Anna Grace on an emotional indie song. The two she doesn't get paired with get to battle each other. This leaves Gihanna and Ainae, preferably on a pop/RnB tune.
  7. honestly even though Halley and Gihanna wasn't the best pairing Kelly could have made, it could have worked with the right song choices. "Thinking Out Loud" was just
  8. There's quite a bit of diversity this season, but as always, the rock lane is like a ghost town. That's kind of expected when the new coach is Ariana Grande though.
  9. I was more impressed with the guitar playing than the singing He's good, I'm just not a fan of guys with higher pitched tones.
  10. In fairness, only a select minority of users vote in these games, so it's possible a majority of their devout fans aren't present to vote for them. I voted for Desz in the IS, and I kinda expected her to win it.
  11. Its really touching how attached you get to the artists you support. Your messages are very sweet! Hope the artists get to read them, it would probably make their days.
  12. Scenario when that happens: Jshika/Gymani gets paired with Brittany Bree for the KO's and loses. She then get stolen by Blake who has Wendy, Carson, and bearded country guy on his playoffs team.
  13. I looked all over the contestant list for Trelawny, then I realized she's the head vocal coach
  14. I think a thing with some of the powerhouse (not all) is that they tend to be live performers more than anything. For example: Kyla, Rose, Desz, and Dana all have less than 5 original songs each on their spotify pages. Also, since people love them for their larger-than-life voices, they usually sound better singing live on stages than in the studio. Compare that to some of the other contestants. Chevel, Sid, Zan, Taryn, Danielle, Addison, and Brynn all have a bunch of singles and albums/EPs out. Not saying that this is the sole reason, because there are plenty other popular contestants who are also sparse in their music releases and have long fan threads. Just giving a piece of my insight.
  15. Especially because everyone here seems to list Leon Bridges (along with Kane Brown) first when talking about advisors they don't want
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