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  1. Yeah, at first glance I was not sure who would get an Ari PV besides Holly, but now I think Bella's a great option.
  2. Yeah, I can agree with this. It justifies Ariana being paid so highly, but that doesn't mean its going to be worth it.
  3. Katherine vs Vaughn is really the only battle that I disliked, plus Chavon's parts on the battle with David. Giving it an A!
  4. I mean, I'm open to it, because I liked some of Carson's pre-show covers despite actually disliking his audition edit: I just checked, I'm apparently part of his fan thread lol
  5. Holly vs Wyatt Jim & Sasha vs Sophia Gymani vs Aaron Paris vs Jonathan TCS vs Parker Shadale vs Janora Ryleigh vs KCK3 Carson vs Clint Berritt vs Kaitlyn Most interested in seeing the song choices for these ones, especially Holly vs Wyatt because I have no clue what genre Kelly made them sing.
  6. If tomorrow's video contains Monday and Tuesday battles like last time, we'll be finding out 9 song choice for the first time! Crazy.
  7. well... even if her net worth was that much higher, that wouldn't warrant paying her much more than the other coaches unless she brings significant ratings boosts, which she doesn't. exposure? sure. but aside from the social media numbers, the ratings aren't doing much talking.
  8. was about to post this one from Zan lol: I know this thread is about covers, but I really like some of her original songs from her album as well! "Lean In" and "Come Home" are the standouts imo.
  9. Personally, I believe social media followings mean zilch unless its huge amounts of followers gained during the show. I mean, even the reacts/views on the videos that the offical Voice account posts can be misleading.
  10. bumping this. I was looking for it and maybe some other people would be interested in seeing it.
  11. surprised Taylor Swift's "Safe & Sound" isn't on the song list yet.
  12. Adele. I assume she would be more consistently great, and her actual music already appeals to moms and grandmas all over the country.
  13. I honestly have no clue which ones of our "frontrunners" would actually be contenders for the win. It doesn't help that we haven't seen all of their battles, and none of their KO's. I prefer to wait a bit to make my prediction.
  14. Here's to her battle and KO getting shown in full (even though the odds are against it)
  15. Wendy just needs a ballad for the playoffs. She has a really lovely tone, like she displayed in the first part of her blind, but the songs she's gotten don't allow us to hear that side of her voice. This battle was great, don't get me wrong, but like some said, it's not going to move the needle for her. I doubt she's TCO anyway though, so its understandable. Edit: it's fine though, because battles don't really move the needle for almost everyone. Kyla Jade literally had "One Last Time".
  16. Holly, Wendy, and Jeremy would be my top candidates for that new Adele song.
  17. and they were the one complaining about TCS and Parker being above some people
  18. Updated the OP once again. - Katherine vs Vaughn is doing better than most of the battles from Monday. - The steep decline in stats from Blinds to Battles is very evident.
  19. I don't want her to do "I Have Nothing". It's way too overdone and the other Whitney songs have more moment potential.
  20. I'm betting on Joshua vs Keilah to be the leak. Carson vs Clint being featured on the preview and getting leaked is too predictable. Can't see Raquel vs Hailey either. I could actually see Wendy vs Manny.
  21. same. I enjoyed Katherine's tone in her pre-show covers but Idk what's up with her audio on the show that make her sound super plain.
  22. After rewatching Vaughn vs Katherine, I think I actually agree with the Arianators thinking Vaughn should have taken it.
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