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  1. They really making us wait until the last battles
  2. The first singer (Todd), and the leak (Nelson) always win their battles or make lives, at least in recent seasons.
  3. I can't be the only who's excited for this one
  4. Probably Allegra Miles Toneisha Harris Todd Tilghman (insert unworthy Team Kelly member) With Zan, Thunderstorm, Joei, and Joanna all getting robbed.
  5. I have a feeling Tayler/Jules and Jacob/Kevin will be the montages honestly. Water Under The Bridge and Lights Up feel like montage songs.
  6. They really making us wait on Zan and Thunderstorm
  7. Overall I feel like it's a decent battle but I'm not sure it's what I'm looking for on a show like this. Toneisha reminds me of Kymberli Joye. I think pop/rnb is a much better fit for her. Her audition song didn't do her any favors imo
  8. Nick's is the only steal we aren't sure of yet and it is heavily speculated that Jon Mullins is his battle steal due to being part of Team Denny's
  9. I don't think anybody expected they'd leak Toneisha again. When was the last time they leaked someone twice in a row?
  10. Looking at the possibilities, I think Cam vs Kailey is the most likely. I could see these also being leaked but I'm not as confident about them. Mandi vs Sara Tayler vs Jules Zan vs Brittney I didn't include battles we know result in steals nor did I include battles that featured a contestant with a leaked blind.
  11. The quality of the performances will play a part but here are my power rankings based on a gut feeling. 1. Samantha 2. Todd 3. Nelson (if him) 4. Michael 5. Brittney/Darious (they don't have a chance)
  12. Accidentally selected Mike vs Zach as worst instead of Jamal vs Levi lol. 1. Allegra Miles (A) vs Michael Williams (A-) - I was very sceptical of this pairing when it was first revealed. It surprised me! Michael sounded a bit too much like Nick but he sounded good. Allegra on the other hand, her natural voice suited the song so well. She's one to watch out for, that's for sure. 2. Joanna Serenko (A-) vs Roderick Chambers (A-) - Both had their moments and while Roderick's performance was cleaner, Joanna just radiates "artist". Nick made a mistake letting her go. 3. Todd Michael Hall (B) vs Joei Fulco (A-) - Joei just continues to surprise me with her vocal ability. That tone is amazing as well. TMH here was a little less impressive than his blind. I thought this would be a little more even. 4. Chelle (C) vs Anaya Cheyenne (B+) - Hmm... Anaya reminds me of a slightly weaker Kennedy Holmes, which is crazy because she's two years older than Kennedy. She did great here, with some impressive runs. Chelle.... the song didn't help her one bit. 5. Mike Jerel (B) vs Zach Day (C) - Both of their performances paled in comparison to their blinds. This battle was 6. Jamal Corrie (D) vs Levi Watkins (C+) - Nobody needed to hear that. This should've been montaged or short clipped at the very least. Individually: 1. Allegra 2. Joanna 3. Joei 4. Michael 5. Roderick 6. Anaya 7. Todd Hall 8. Mike 9. Levi 10. Chelle 11. Zach 12. Jamal
  13. So he graded Roderick higher than Joanna but said he would've given Joanna the win? What?
  14. add me please! it's hard finding favorites this season and she did a great job tonight!
  15. Oh wait, there wasn't one before today? I adoreee her voice. Add me please!
  16. That's what I noticed as soon as he started singing.
  17. That would be even more awful for the artist than the block. Imagine if you had all this planned out and suddenly you had to do the rest of it with someone else.
  18. This battle's save/steal better be well-deserved. Surprise me like Jackie Foster and D.R. King did
  19. Probably the same people who didn't want to steal Joanna
  20. As a fellow 14 year old who's performed at various occasions, I completely agree.
  21. So Micah vs Gigi singing Lewis Capaldi right?
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