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  1. I thought about just turning it into my 5 least favourite winners but then I realized I also dislike more than 5 of the winners.
  2. omg did you ever see the interview Noah Mac did? Someone asked him about the panel his season and he was like "Miley was the only one who actually showed up every day to work with her team and support them." The host was like "But you were with Jennifer Hudson?" and he just went "Yeah, I know " THE SHADE
  3. I liked him from what little I saw, but I was personally Team Victor in that finale. I was so pressed that he placed 4th after covering Beyoncé's Freedom in the finale.
  4. Her placing 11th was such an injustice. I loved hearing about how close she and Queen Miley were, though.
  5. Me seeing people actually put their five least favourite contestants when my application just said "I actively dislike too many contestants to narrow it down to 5":
  6. COVID19 would never have happened if Koryn, India and Kimberly were the top three in S8.
  7. I have had several conversations with Chris about Syesha tyvm.
  8. I hated S7 but he was good. I was glad he won over Matt.
  9. Justice for SandyRedd and Janice Freeman (RIP) And Kimberly Nichole. Like I know she placed 6th but that was still far too early.
  10. Because she's young and skinny.
  11. I will never get over Ashlé single-handedly carrying all of that finale and then only getting ~9% of the vote.
  12. I didn't mind him in the early seasons, but he became such a pretentious d-bag in the later seasons that it was exhausting. He also somehow always made the worst decisions that even Kelly Rowland was shook.
  13. RT x1000. And also Bailey. I mean #lowstandards and all that, but at least it was Hannahlei and not Jensen.
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