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  1. Elliott

    Survivor 41

    Me writing an angry letter to the Canadian broadcaster:
  2. Elliott

    Survivor 41

    No “next week on Survivor”?
  3. I’ll send you rankings once you post the Gaga results.
  4. Elliott

    Survivor 41

    Hoping the green tribal gives us something after the previous one.
  5. Elliott

    Survivor 41

    okay I lowkey am here for all of these twists so far. What is happening??????
  6. Elliott

    Survivor 41

    Yeah, if you get the safety paper, then you reveal it before the votes are read and the tribe has to revote.
  7. Elliott

    Survivor 41

    Didn’t JD risk his vote, too? I thought they were implying he did the opposite of what he told his tribe.
  8. Elliott

    Survivor 41

    I mean I know this season is accelerated because it’s only 26 days but omg
  9. Elliott

    Survivor 41

    JD wanting to be like two castaways who didn’t win.
  10. Elliott

    Survivor 41

    The editors are doing THE MOST rn
  11. Elliott

    Survivor 41

    This green tribe lowkey slaps. They’re the only ones who seem like they know what they’re doing so far.
  12. Elliott

    Survivor 41

    There’s only 18 people this season…
  13. Elliott

    Survivor 41

    why have like half of these backstories so far involved deceased parents
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