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  1. That’s what I was thinking.
  2. Denise being the cynical queen
  3. Social threat Sarah the criminal strikes again
  4. Bookmarking this for the future
  5. They’re really getting use out of this song, huh?
  6. Parvati on her way to winning
  7. Me at the beginning of the season: ugh I hate edge why do we have to have it again Me now: Ugh thank God for edge so I can see Parvati again
  8. @*Lily I like the new method of voting for the challenge + runway separately because there’s some weeks where I feel it makes a difference. Pre-emptively here for S11 when Brooke is last in the Snatch Game vote and 1st in the runway vote
  9. You can see in the thread if she’s read it.
  10. The amount of Aubry love, I just—
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