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  1. KAMERON BINK Kameron Bink is a contemporary / hip-hop "dancer" from the third season of So You Think You Can Dance, where he was Lacey Schwimmer's "dance" "partner". He and Lacey danced several routines "together," and managed to avoid the bottom three their entire run. We all know it was solely because of her, let's be honest. At the top 10, he was partnered with Sabra Johnson for a contemporary routine to Amazing Grace, and performed his version of the Wade Robson peace solo. (Still don't know why they thought that was a good idea for the performance show and not the results show, but oh well). He ended up being eliminated over Dominic Sandoval. Honestly, looking at the entire bottom four that week, we should've just had a double elimination. SAVE: Nick Young
  2. Do I look like somebody who knows what's an official source of BB spoilers and what isn't
  3. New York, NeNe Leaks AND Shangela????? @*Lily @*Wallace WHERE YOU AT EDIT: and 1/2 the PenaVegas for @Alex95
  4. Or we do an episodes rankdown where the finale is the first ever automatic winner (but yes, me)
  5. The “acting” in the first ~10 seconds this video? academy award!
  6. Or one of you is battling a deadly virus while another was on a vacation
  7. Or all the times you shaded me for being a Sonique stan.
  8. Gonna quote all the times @#jeah and I were shaded for being Ra’jah truthers in the previous rankdown tbh
  9. Me: I relate to Max Steven: *shades Max repeatedly* Also me: 👁👁
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