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  1. *Me adding @*Lily's gif to my write-up because I'm too lazy to google a photo of him and pretending like it was there the whole time*
  2. But then Shea would technically have the worst track record (even though track records rightfully don't mean sh*t anymore) and I don't want to deal with the fanbase suddenly thinking she isn't a deserving winner because of that reason only and for absolutely no other reason . /just got in my feelings
  3. CARL BODREAUX Do I have an irrational dislike for Carl just because he played the Idol nullifier (a horrible advantage btw) on Dan? No comment. Carl was from David vs. Goliath and that's about all there is interesting to say about his time on Survivor. He managed to make social bonds with enough people and he was never seen as a threat, so he was able to play a pretty solid UTR game if I remember correctly. David vs Goliath had so many big personalities and Nick that Carl kind of got lost in the mix, so I never really remembered he was there until the aforementioned episode. But hey at least he helped his alliance get further in the game. SAVE: Greg Buis
  4. 1. Shea Couleé - Queen sh*t. 2. Jujubee - Queen sh*t. 3. Miz Cracker - She’s alright. 4. Blair St. Clair - She’s alright.
  5. lol they should’ve kept India for another week so Roxxxy could’ve eliminated her
  6. Cracker won this challenge? Cracker?
  7. I don’t think anyone’s posts in here have come across badly. We’re allowed to grieve in whatever way we choose.
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