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  1. I wanna go back to 2005 when I thought Bo was just a chill hippie.
  2. *me watching 2000 episodes of BB in a year to help Alex on his mission next rankdown*
  3. “All You Need Is Love” “Piano Man” “You’re My Best Friend” “Not While I’m Around”
  4. Ru's reaction on Rosé compared to with Kandy, Symone and Gottmik was very Tayce vs Bimini/Ellie/Lawrence in the UK finale. But yeah, I think it'll be Gottmik now. I was thinking it would be Symone vs Rosé for a while, but the edit last night seemed to lean VERY heavily into Mik.
  5. I don't mind that there's no elimination at the Final 4 episode, but I wish they would just start editing it as a "victory lap" type of episode for the finalists rather than make us think there's an elimination. There's been a F4 (or intended to be one) every season since S9. It's not a gag at this point that no one's going home.
  6. I can assure you it wasn’t any funny business (I was clearly only concerned about tanking Diana and Jasmine). 6-15 were really tough to rank, and I never really connected with LaToya’s Somewhere compared to the other performances so it ended up at the bottom of my top 15. Doing this season has given me a newfound appreciation for LaToya, though That I will inevitably forget about in two weeks
  7. I could be wrong on this... but is Don’t Rain on My Parade the first performance so far in this game to be in everyone’s top 10?
  8. What about the people purposefully tanking Vonzell?
  9. Someone tell me what to advance so Amanda doesn’t scold me.
  10. And probably win because Erin and Nicole have haters.
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