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    Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Miranda Lambert Gavin Rossdale
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    IDF when the men are doing better than the women in the vote: RIGGED. THIS SHOW IS A FLOP. ETC. IDF when the women are doing better than the men in the vote: *crickets*
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    Ah yes, my favorite Voice coach, Jake Hoot.
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    And even with all that you mentioned, Micah still came in 5th.
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    America and PraiseJesus Artis would be perfect. They already had the perfect names to attract the votes.
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    If Ceelo comes back I will be very sad, because I will seriously have to consider not watching. Not here for his treatment of women
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    I've gotta disagree here. What's pandery with the song he chose? A beloved song that many people connect to isn't necessarily pandering unless the song is overwhelmingly pandering to something (as is God Bless the USA)
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    as much as I agree with some of the comments, I hope that anonymous kid doesn't change his/her results because of them. its your redux, let it be the way it was intended to be! if it went the way we wanted, then what's the point? we already know what's going to happen and it won't be exciting.
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    I mean..at this point they should just air his no-chair audition.
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    let's get those four of those double chairs in foreign versions of TV. Gwen can go join Blake, Chrissy can join John, Priyanka can join Nick, and Brandon can join Kelly
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    Maelyn's MasterCard commercial, Kelly Clarkson's "I Dare You"
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    Either way, she is the first AA female to actually be onscreen when Carson announced the winner.
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    There's your winner...whether he actually wins or not, he's the winner this season.
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    toneisha COOK these sausages up, queen!!
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    I absolutely loved JHud. I think in S15 she finally toned it down to the appropriate level where she was still loud and extra but it didn't come off as obnoxious (didn't stop the hate that she received but oh well). I genuinely want JHud to come back at some point. I joke about the shoe throwing a lot but I do love it lol. The fact that people still comment "JHud would've thrown her shoe" to this day shows her impact on the show.
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    Vote-splitting used to be an IDF myth until it got debunked in season 15. Season 15 results: Winner: Chevel Shepherd (country) Runner-up: Chris Kroeze (country-blues) 3rd place: Kirk Jay (country) 4th place: Kennedy Holmes (pop) Kennedy not even getting 3rd place is very telling. If such thing as country vote-splitting exists, then a rock solid, unified country vote should exist as well, which clearly isn't the case, because Red Marlow (4th) and Spensha Baker (also 4th) exist. Team Minivan describes a significant group of voters, but that doesn't necessarily mean hardcore country voters.
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    Kane Brown next. NOW it's time for bathroom break.
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    1. Micah Iverson 2. Joanna Serenko
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    James Arthur??? You mean James Taylor right?
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    We celebrate this win with smiles and loud cheers! Bowing to The Queen's vocals and rightfully taking her throne after gracing us with her magic. Iconic divine Goddess, we(saying for the 1000th time) are never gonna be worthy, but we still cherish The Queen.
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    Todd is the very first winner of The Voice who also auditioned the FIRST in a season.
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    this song is bad...he needs to visit songland
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    two of the top 5 most popular searches for Micah (including the #1 search) ask if Micah's gay
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    Yes this song sounds like all the other crap on the radio today. Not a fan.
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    So you mean to tell me my favorite finally won American Idol and all it took was for me not to watch that much and show disinterest in this season. I finally found the recipe. It took 18 seasons but my favorite FINALLY won. Thank you, COVID-19. #JustSam2020Winner
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    At least they showed Maelyn on Tuesday to make us forget who the S17 winner was! TPTB: Should we just have Maelyn do the Mastercard instead of our last season's winner? other person: I think we should bring on Jake tbh, its only fair that ALL winners come back. TPTB:
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    Oh I see how it is... Me: you turn for mediocrity, but not my angelic(awful tbh) voice?! I'M GONNA WRITE YOU ALL AN EMAIL! *Proceeds to be taken out by security*
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    Let them do their thing for now. Team Sausage may have won this time, but God knows this is not the last time we'll face them in unequal combat. Better days will come for Team Waffle and the sun will rise again over us! PeriodT.
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    Todd has overwhelmingly reached 1 million views on facebook followed by a distant 700k views from Toneisha. Quite impressive. I hope that will translate to more votes for him in the finale.
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    Allegra is like Jej. Great blinds and battles, but a slow downhill from there
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    that moment when both contestants John dropped for Mandi Castillo made the finale
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    Thunderstorm is the best this season...period!
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    Todd is singing time for a bathroom break.
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    instead of just singing another cover, they have to sing with their coach from across their screens? ugh. Let's just add a 6th finalist cause that will make 12 performances! they can do that for sure! and how about we just bring back the eliminated Top 17 artists for the 6th finale wildcard spot! Let's also just invite Kane Brown to perform and you can vote for him too! He'll be Team Country, cause Minivan will like that and TPTB can have all their views! What's next? How about everyone just gets to perform on results night for a 7th PLACEMENT! Cause that'll be fun, 5 minute instant save from all our Top 40! congrats yall got 30 seconds to sing a song! TPTB: handing out stuff
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    Levi getting no turns when actual no chair turners make it Excited to see how this redux plays out!
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