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    TPTB don’t care because Gwen doesn’t care. She’s not naturally competitive like Adam or Kelly, she’s not trying to leave the show without the humiliation of never winning like Xtina. She’s perfectly happy to wear quirky outfits and get paid to hang out with “Blakey”.
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    Payge isn’t even remotely a diva. Just because she’s Black, that doesn’t make her a diva. Her style is very different then Tamara or Desz
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    Also, just a reminder of the teams going into KO's: KELLY: DeSz Kelsie Watts Madeline Consoer Marisa Corvo Tanner Gomes Sid Kingsley (Steal) Ryan Gallagher (Saved) GWEN: Carter Rubin Chloe Hogan Payge Turner Ryan Berg Van Andrew Joseph Soul (Steal) Larriah Jackson (Saved) JOHN: Bailey Rae Cami Clune Casme John Holiday Tamara Jade Lauren Frihauf (Steal) Julia Cooper (Saved) BLAKE: Ben Allen Ian Flanigan Jim Ranger JusJon Worth the Wait James Pyle (Steal) Taryn Papa (Saved)
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    Updated teams. We know Carter, Emmalee, and Worth the Wait are the final contestants for Gwen, Kelly, and Blake, respectively. The source for taping 8 believed that the male/possibly James was the final one for John but they didn't 100% recall. With this info, we can conclude that taping 6 consisted of 1 contestant for Kelly, Gwen, and John each. TEAM KELLY (9/10) Marisa Corvo Skylar Mayton DeSz Eli Zamora Madeline Consoer Kelsie Watts TBA (male, sang opera) Tanner Gomes Emmalee TEAM GWEN (9/10) Liam St. John Lauren Frihauf Payge Turner Tori Miller Chloe Hogan Van Andrew Ryan Berg Lain Roy Carter Rubin TEAM JOHN (9/10) Sid Kingsley Tamara Jade Rio Souma John Holiday Cami Clune Julia Cooper Casme TBA (female country singer) TBA (male from CA, possibly James Pyle) TEAM BLAKE (10/10) Taryn Papa Ben Allen Sam Stacy Ian Flanigan John Sullivan Joseph Soul Payton Lamar JusJon Jim Ranger Worth the Wait
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    You definitely are alone on this, sorry not sorry
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    So here's some feedback I compiled from the battles (in order): A lot of sources for taping 1, very few for 2 & 3 - each line refers to one source's opinion/feedback or at least some combo of multiple with the same feedback. Taping One: Bailey Rae vs. Sid Kingsley -Sid was more interesting, but the source preferred BAiley -surprised Bailey won -Sid was more solid -Bailey started pitchy, Sid "tried too hard" DeSz vs. Joseph Soul -Desz "destroyed" Joseph -DeSz > Joseph, Joseph had nerves -All the coaches picked DeSz Worth the Wait vs. Taryn Papa -Taryn > WTW; Mia (youngest) "carried WTW" -"Very Good" with Blake comparing Mia to Danielle and Taryn to Cassadee -Kelly and Blake apparently thought Taryn didn't show off her voice as much as she could have -Kelly and Gwen chose Worth the Wait, John chose Taryn Payge Turner vs. Lauren Frihauf -Payge was "elegant, perfect" and Lauren was "at her level" -"favorite battle by far" -"both were emotional; Payge connected more" -"really pretty" -Kelly and Blake picked Payge, John said he couldn't pick between the two Tamara Jade vs. Olivia Reyes -"Tamara was pitchy but had potential, Olivia was more controlled" -"equal, but Tamara was the obvious choice" -Kelly and Blake picked Tamara Marisa Corvo vs. Ryan Gallagher -"Marisa ate him all the way up and left no crumbs" -"Ryan was controlled, but Marisa was powerful and emotional and turned him into a background singer" -"Marisa KILLED IT!" -Coaches unanimously picked Marisa, but Kelly apparently still had a hard time choosing. What else is new? Ian Flanigan vs. Aaron Scott -"Pretty boring" -coaches couldn't hear Aaron's identity, while Ian's was clear -unanimously picked Ian Taping Two: Carter Rubin vs. Larriah Jackson -"Even battle" -Blake and John picked Larriah, but apparently said it was super close -"Very strong by both" John Holiday vs. Julia Cooper - SONG WAS SUMMER SOFT BY STEVIE WONDER -John edged out Julia, but Julia did great -Gwen and Blake picked John, Kelly picked Julia. John didn't hesitate at all to pick John. Jim Ranger vs. John Sullivan - SONG WAS GOOD AS YOU BY KANE BROWN -John did well and had nice moments, but Jim "won that hands down" -Coaches unanimously picked Jim Chloe Hogan vs. Lain Roy - SONG WAS ADORE YOU BY HARRY STYLES -Blake and John pointed out several issues with Lain -Gwen was torn; Chloe was better but not perfect -"Lain was a mess... strained... weak for a lot... pitch was off..." -song was pitched down 1-2 semi-tones, which was still too high for Lain but solid enough for Chloe" -Blake said Lain "didn't meet expectations" -John said Lain was "less under control, while Chloe exceeded expectations" -Gwen pretty much admitted Lain was her #1 and Chloe was middle tier for her, but Chloe rose up to the occasion -Song choice smh Tanner Gomes vs. Skylar Mayton -John loved it -one of the sources didn't like this lol -Not much feedback was provided for this one, other than Kelly took a long time as usual Cami Clune vs. James Pyle -Sources generally thought this was a good, even battle -Kelly and Gwen said that they would've fought to steal James if they still had their steals. Taping Three: JusJon vs. Payton Lamar -The coaches all agreed that JusJon was the winner Van Andrew vs. Tori Miller -The coaches all agreed that Van was the winner Madeline Consoer vs. Eli Zamora -A bizarre pairing with a bizarre song choice, but they did pretty well -Coaches were split -some of the song was sung in Spanish Casme vs. Rio Souma -"AMAZING" -Kelly said Casme had the "full package" and was a "star" -Apparently the coaches said it was their favorite battle Ben Allen vs. Sam Stacy -"Decent" -That's it that's the feedback lol Kelsie Watts vs. Emmalee -"Kelsie KILLED it" -Emmalee was good, but Kelsie was better -John and Blake picked Emmalee Ryan Berg vs. Liam St. John -Good battle -Liam had some killer notes but all the coaches chose Ryan (all expressed that they liked Liam!)
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    For some reason from the promo, this season looks more modern and updated lol. I lowkey prefer this studio.
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    I can answer that in one word: misogyny mi·sog·y·ny /məˈsäjənē/ noun: 1. dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. -------------------------------------------------- It's just a reflection of the mainstream country genre. Country radio in particular. I could make a argument that format essentially hates women. This is the current top 20 on Country radio. 2 females, 18 males. To be clear, this is typical of the gender mix on country radio.
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    Or I'm going to just throw this one out there: it's a spoilers thread. If you don't want to know.....don't look
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    IDF’s preseason predictions are notoriously bad, so that means the sausage party is over. A female will win S19.
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    Me logging into IDF after a long day at work to 17 notifications:
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    Julia is toast. Taryn should easily win this unless she gets to sing One Republic's "Somebody To Love". If you know what I mean
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    Casme, Chloe, and Larriah exist, too I feel like we might be sleeping on Casme in particular. From what little info we had on her blind and battle (literally 1 source each) - there was literally only praise. The coaches even said her battle was their favorite overall with only a few left to go. 6 AA women this season and we're stuck talking about just DeSz and Tamara simply bc they're 4-chairs... I mean props to them because obviously they're phenomenal but if we're hyping up the love to female AA contestants, you have Payge, Casme, Chloe, and Larriah to talk about as well!
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    Guys I just read a comment on Ytube(Every Country Performance from s18) Trust me you'll enjoy it alot: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Cam Spinks and Gyth Rigdon are the most robbed country singers in voice history" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Meh, I'm not impressed with his beard, Kaleb Lee at best.
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    Yeah, she gave up her teen girl for Tanner. It’s only one report, but it was mentioned that Skylar was decent. Kelly’s pecking order is... 1. Male country singer 2. Teen girl 3. AA Diva 4. Non-country male . . . . 100. White adult female, regardless of genre
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    It's hard to say whether or not Gwen made good decisions unless you actually saw the battles. I'm just reporting what I was told - and what I was told was that in pretty much each case, the judges all chose the person that Gwen eventually selected in pretty much every case, so her decisions should probably be the least controversial? I get that a lot of fan favorites from Team Gwen were eliminated (Liam was my #1 this season, sadly - but Kelly, John, and Blake apparently all chose Ryan over him, Lain got criticism from the coaches, and Payge and Lauren definitely had breakout moments with their battle and Gwen picked Payge) but that doesn't mean her team's trash now. Y'all just haven't identified an early favorite on her team and that's fine. I prefer her current KO lineup over Blake's easily, but that's just me lol. I can't say for certain whether my preference will hold up until next month when the show airs. I'll compile everything and make a separate post hopefully tomorrow with specific feedback to give y'all some more insight. Taping 1 has A LOT of feedback/opinions to sort through (Thankfully! Shoutout to all the sources!) and just a couple for tapings 2 and 3.
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    No, but here are a few spoilers that will drive people crazy: The chairs are still red. The battle lights are still blue. Gwen is still a blonde. And Blake is still a sasquatch.
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    Gwen indicated Julia Michaels was her mentor and John said Miguel was his.
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    LOL On first read I thought that was creepy. Then I realized you got auto corrected forward = for wood.
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    Simple, the people who are disappointed are the loudest.
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    Don't hold your breath! I think they are going for the trilogy!
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    Funny story actually, so I was watching the knockouts part 2 of season 18 yesterday and my brother was watching it with me and he watching Tayler and Micah... he actually stood up after Taylers performance and said wow she’s gonna win. Then after Kelly picked Micah he was in shock and got so mad that’s no one stole Tayler. Let’s hope Kelly does not make a bad decision this season.
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    I personally enjoyed the dynamic between Kelly and Adam/Blake during the three seasons it happened, it seemed like two older brothers fighting with their little sister
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    I think the male BORING version of Alicia LMFAOO, Alicia is not boring she knows what to do with her team. JHUD does as well, JHUDS team carried season 15, sorry not sorry.
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    Yeah, Loring peaked in her blind, went downhill after that. Rumor has it her fan thread was very entertaining though
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    I didn't know that being a "pastor" is a genre!
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    I haven't laugh so hard in a while. Poor dude.
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    We wouldn’t have to make a thread for season 21
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    Gotta agree with that radio person. You can pre order or you can have a copy of the final version sent to you Or you can do both as I did. Rolling the windows down in the car and cranking it up...wow. Very excited for this one.
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    Kelly making a questionable decision in battles? Impossible...
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    Hi everyone, I just created an account here, but I have been watching this forum and the show since season 8, exactly when xtina was training Kimberly Nichole on the HOTRS song, since then I have been obsessed with the show until today, and thanks to those who collect and provide us with valuable information about spoilers Ps: I'm from Peru and team Gwen forever, even if a win from her is unlikely
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    Have these contestants not suffered enough?
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    It seems like Team Blake will be a battle between Jim and Taryn for all we know. Watch them both get eliminated before lives do to IDF´s predicition skills
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    Quick summary of this round: 1. There are no wrong votes. 2. Every single vote is wrong.
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    I scrolled down without reading a word and my first thought was "why are they posting videos of Gyth Rigdon" looool
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    Her most recent follow on IG is Trisha Yearwood, FWIW. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s singing one of her songs.
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    Now for a more serious analysis: Last season we all unanimously thought that Michael Williams was toast but, shockingly enough, he was given the better song choice and won the 4-way KO quite handily. So I guess this time isn't going to be that much different. That said here's my power ranking:
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    Here's a crackpot theory: It's no secret that the show has been trying to get a female AA singer to win for a long time. In the current climate America is in right now, TPTB is now more determined than ever to make that happen. After seeing the AIS18 winner Just Sam clinching the title last year, TPTB took cues from them and started looking for a similar artist to cast for the season. Enter Payge Turner. Unfortunately, she made the mistake of choosing Gwen as her coach, so it's up to TPTB to not drop the ball on Payge, and if they play their cards right, they can kill two birds with one stone and finally get Gwen her first win. And if that doesn't work out, they have two spare AA divas to push for.
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    They're split into two - the top is just the pairings without a spoiler (as somebody previously requested) and below is the pairing/spoilers/song choices/taping order/everything BATTLE PAIRINGS (results not listed) BATTLE ROUND RESULTS
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    True, but it’s way more interesting than ranking KO performances of 3rd place finishers, and similar. It’s a slow time of the year.
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    Battle rounds are up, taping September 8th (2 sessions)
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    Christiana definitely thought singing on key was optional
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