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    I would think these personality changes with iHeart will decrease their audience even more. Mobile, WKSJ-FM, has lost a 20+ year DJ, one who the community has identified with as the voice of 95KSJ.
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    OK, starting my series of posts highlighting the Strictly contestants brought into this so people can educate themselves. Starting with Season 5 winner, Alesha Dixon
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    somehow rei and i overlapped with only one gif. also dee's shortest write-up because rei and i put in work. lol.
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    Ben talking down to these LEGENDS saying they don't know what's going on someone collect this man.
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    Must be nice to do the bare minimum for a write-up with the majority of it not being about the show... And that woman's voice annoying? It's her trademark. And you will never reach her level of iconic
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    Tiffany “New York” Pollard is iconique on every single reality show she’s in. She could appear for five seconds and make it noteworthy.
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    A Ben first boot would be an actual dream come true.
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    There is a difference between a show so terrible it's cut after only 6 episodes and a mini series that was designed to be 6 episodes. Lots of shows would benefit from having a concrete plan on where to go.
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    Lol. This is a spoiler thread. Determining someone's location when they post something goes a long way in proving whether they are in or out...which is exactly the point here. You're reaching.
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    If it is not him, I will have my own identity crisis.
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    both were amazing!!
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    No surprise that Rankdowns is the subforum with the most posts.
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    For those who are desperate for spoilers I will let someone648 post the rest TEAM BLAKE Cedrice Webber (Love on the brain by Rihanna) vs Toneisha Harris (Diamonds by Rihanna) TEAM KELLY Cam Wesley (Say Something by A Great Big World ) vs Megan Danielle (Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson) TEAM NICK Allegra Miles (Chandelier by Sia) vs Jacob TBA TEAM JOHN Thunderstorm Artis (Preach by John) vs Mandi Castillo (Stand by Me Ben E. King) TEAM JOHN Joanna Serenko (Angel From Montgomery by Bonnie Raitt) vs Zan Fiskum (The story by Brandi Carlile) TEAM BLAKE Joei Fulco (TBA) vs Levi Watkins (TBA) TEAM KELLY Micah Iverson (Graveyard by Halsey vs Taylor Green (Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper)
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    She's such a sweetheart and a very genuine person! I wish her more success on her next album!
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    wow exposing everybody's votes. love it.
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    Asylum should be the last AHS standing fyi
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    It's currently set to 2 images per signature but we can always look into increasing that. The more we put in a signature, the higher the possibility of display issues. It's more so an issue now because we're actually responsive in design (where as we only had the desktop version available before the upgrade). I'll be turning on mobile signatures soon and I want to ensure everything still looks right across all display types.
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    Lowkey bored so I threw the Oscar noms into a brantsteele survivor season and lol........
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    If only Hits Daily Double (HDD) were in charge of Mediabase:
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    Tim & Marie are great! But icons? Oswald & Danny and Frank & Margarita are literally right there...
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    @*Wallace (I have yet to watch the show, but I did see on Twitter that Olivia Newton-John was in the audience and there was a really sweet moment between her & Chloe after Chloe danced. )
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    I mean Trinity can leave since she's transphobic as hell and her S6 run was kind of rough, but I liked her lip syncs, at least. AS2 wins for me for having Alaska, Katya, Detox, Alyssa and Tatianna.
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    That was obvious when Jensen and Mariah got immunity.
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    https://twitter.com/taylorswift13/status/1225543939530395650 The Man lyric video coming tomorrow
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    Ad for ACM considerations in today's Country Aircheck email. This is from the label.
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    @QueenKalie #TeamPlayer
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    Yeah I wouldn't join a movies rankdown but I would love watching that drama unfold.
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    I love Fine Line
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    My favourite thing about Jasmine is her being fed up that the Christmas special was taking too long to film and just leaving mid-shooting.
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    Mike McCreery @MikeMGarner Going to be a good day. Finishing up work week in Nashville and then heading up I-65 to Indy to see @ScottyMcCreery tonight at @8secsaloon
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    Well it is apparently the last day ever taping at stage 12 (note no this doesn't mean the show has been cancelled, just that we get a new location for lives)
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    - Oooh yay I am glad to hear that you Please Me from what you heard of this. - Awww at getting tired of "Boyfriend" really fast. That's a bummer. - Lmaooo yess "Old Town Road" is probably gonna be known as THE defining song of 2019 for sure. It was everywhere and you couldn't get away from it at all. Aww loving your love for this. - Awww at the Post Malone comments here but I see. - *adds to your list of songs you got to listen to* - Yayyy for liking ME! which I knew and figured that you would have. Oooh lmaoo yess all of this that you mentioned was all so funny.
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    I mean I don't think she was really a good winner but I also wouldn't say she's the worst considering Tyra* and Violet also won. *And before someone tells me Tyra had a better track record than Raven, I will just remind y'all Tyra had immunity for the challenges that she otherwise would've been in the B2 for.
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    lol me too, i hope it's not a boring show
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    Save The Handmaid's Tale Cut The Crazy Ones
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    I stan someone whose sole strategy to get votes was appeal to the gays.
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    ONS JABEUR! Thank you for taking out Caroline Wozniacki!
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