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  1. Yeah definitely. I was willing to doubt but since we were able to find out a ton of info, I’m overruling the source’s judgment on that. Way too many coincidences. The hard part was finding Jim anywhere.
  2. One of the recent TikToks is based on a sound that wasn’t created until adter the contestants all left blinds, so he’s 100% in.
  3. After learning more info (not spoilers, just research), I think that even though the source rejected Sasha Allen as part of the duo, it’s safe to conclude that Sasha Allen IS in the father/son duo.
  4. Also the way I SCREAMED when I saw we finally get a Kali song on The Voice. It’s what she deserves
  5. My source said her blind audition was a flipped version so not particularly. She flipped Lovefool and Rich Girl on Idol so really it's hard to pinpoint her exact genre.
  6. Or he could pull a classic Blake and pair his steal and save (our TBA woman named Samara or something like that). Paris is also a possibility.
  7. For Kelly's battles the only thing that I can think of was the sources saying Jershika was the clear winner of her battle (not to say Jeremy was bad or underwhelming though)
  8. We believe he may be the rocker, but we have no info on his battle or his partner. The source was just able to gather that his name sounded like "Barrett" and we haven't found anyone that this could be.
  9. Yeah I view GNT and Holly as her locks at the moment. Gymani and Jeremy could either both go through or she could sacrifice one of them, but I don't sense either of them getting PV in playoffs.
  10. Yeah, 39 confirmed, 2 unplaced but we at least have high hopes unless they're professors at the school of trolling (Kaitlyn and Sasha)
  11. Also, just some speculation we had: -I personally believe the "Kayla" girl who lost the good 4 u battle is Keilah Grace, as the source said she was 15 (as is Keilah) and she and the dad recently followed Camila/Shawn (which kinda fuels that speculation too), but she is also a strong candidate to be Ariana's save, as the source remembered the save being a "K" name. Which could mean Keilah Grace, Kaitlyn Velez, or Katie Mortimer. The source remembered Ari's save having shorter hair, so Kaitlyn and Katie fit that better than Keilah.
  12. I believe they began their message with "TWO WORDS. RYLEIGH. PLANK."
  13. There is minimal/almost no feedback from the sources. -Advisors weren't confirmed but John mentioned something about Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes for something. Just speculation, not a confirmation on them being his advisors or anything. -Ariana is a crier... and cried pretty much after every decision she had to make. Also she stans Bella and her battle partner and Ryleigh Plank apparently. I believe the source said something like "you're my girls" after Bella and TBA's battle and "it's you and me to the end" after Ryleigh's - which the source said she was INSANE.
  14. Oh wow! Posting with no formatting errors? The website woke up on the right side of the bed for once.
  15. TEAM SPOILERS Team Kelly (12/12):Girl Named TomAaron Hines Wyatt Michael Carolina Alonso Kinsey RoseJeremy Rosado Xavier Cornell Holly ForbesGymani Jershika Maple The Cunningham SistersParker McKayTeam John (12/12; TBA 4): Jonathan Mouton Brittany BreeJack Rogan Samuel Harness KJ Jennings TBA (Samara?) TBA (Joshua) TBA (Kayla? Possibly Keilah Grace) Sabrina Dias Paris Winningham Shadale Johnson TBA (female, "D" name) *TBA (taping 7 female; could be Samara or TBA "D" name)Team Ariana (12/12; TBA 2):David Vogel Bella DeNapoli Raquel Trinidad Hailey Mia Ryleigh Plank KCK3 Vaughn Mugol Sophia Bromberg Chavon Rodgers Katherine Ann Mohler TBA (Jim & Sasha/father son duo vs. Sophia) TBA (female; possibly a "K" name vs. Bella) Team Blake (12/12; TBA 3): Hailey Green Clint Sherman Manny Keith LiBianca Wendy Moten The Joy Reunion Carson Peters Peedy Chavis Tommy Edwards TBA (brunette girl, saved in battle vs. Hailey Green) TBA (female, white) TBA (male rocker)Unplaced: Kaitlyn Velez Sasha Allen
  16. BATTLE SPOILERS -Each coach has ONE SAVE and ONE STEAL -As of right now, there has been no mention of a 4-way Knockout between the saves -Battles are not listed in order of their specific taping Taping One: K: Holly Forbes vs. Wyatt Michael K: Girl Named Tom vs. Kinsey Rose - Kinsey SAVED. J: Brittany Bree vs. TBA (Samara?) - Samara (?) SAVED. A: Bella DeNapoli vs. TBA (Female) - TBA SAVED. B: Hailey Green vs. TBA (brunette girl) - TBA SAVED. B: Peedy Chavis vs. The Joy Reunion Taping Two: K: Jeremy Rosado vs. Jershika Maple - Jershika stolen by John and Ariana. She picked JOHN. J: Samuel Harness vs. KJ Jennings J: TBA (Joshua) vs. TBA (Kayla?) - Good 4 U (Olivia Rodrigo) A: Raquel Trinidad vs. Hailey Mia - Car Wash (Rose Royce) - Hailey stolen by KELLY. A: TBA (Father & Son Duo/Jim & Sasha) vs. Sophia Bromberg B: LiBianca vs. Tommy Edwards - Save Your Tears (The Weeknd ft. Ariana Grande) Taping Three: K: Xavier Cornell vs. Carolina Alonso - Telepatia (Kali Uchis) K: Gymani vs. Aaron Hines J: Sabrina Dias vs. Jack Rogan - Cardigan (Taylor Swift) J: Paris Winningham vs. Jonathan Mouton - Jonathan stolen by BLAKE. A: David Vogel vs. Chavon Rodgers - TBA (Fall Out Boy) B: Wendy Moten vs. Manny Keith - Manny stolen by ARIANA. Taping Four: K: The Cunningham Sisters vs. Parker McKay J: Shadale Johnson vs. TBA (female, name with "D") A: Ryleigh Plank vs. KCK3 A: Katherine Ann Mohler vs. Vaughn Mugol B: Carson Peters vs. Clint Sherman B: TBA (Barrett?) vs. TBA (female, white)
  17. JUST A NOTE: -WE HAVE NINE UNCONFIRMED/UNIDENTIFIED NAMES (4 John, 3 Ariana, 2 Blake) This includes John, Ari, and Blake's battle saves. -We sent the available names to the sources and they had some speculations but couldn't identify the 9 TBA's with 100% certainty. So just to hold off on any "could [artist] be Team Blake's [TBA female]" and whatnot - we tried, we don't know for sure, maybe we'll know in the coming weeks. Regarding specific contestants: -Someone mentioned it the other day but we removed Tony Aaron from "confirmed" because speaking with the sources, Tony doesn't fit the description of any of the remaining Team Legend spots. -This father/son duo report is baffling us because they heard "Jim and Sasha" but no, it wasn't Sasha Allen. So we dunno. We've been struggling all week with this one
  18. I mean it's a preference thing but it doesn't have to be top of the page Don't spam just to get to the next page though.
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