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  1. Zan Fiskum - Light On - 81 Kailey Abel - Forever Young - 14
  2. Yeah. Like it would pop up on Twitter from random stans who somehow get the info beforehand, way before we get the info from tapings anyway lol.
  3. Very surprised that we didn't get a coach announcement. If we hear nothing tomorrow then the lucky viewers on Sunday get to know who the panel is.
  4. Zan Fiskum - Light On - 76 Kailey Abel - Forever Young - 19
  5. Yeah, the audience is gonna quench their thirst by giving him the win in that 4-way KO pretty easily.
  6. I think DeSz will be her top priority so I don't think she's in any trouble. I think it's interesting that she never paired Madeline and Tanner together. We're assuming a lot about Tanner just because he beat two pop vocalists (Skylar and Marisa), but I don't think we can count Madeline out just yet? She beat two other pop vocalists (Eli and Kelsie) and apparently did well in both performances. We'll have to see which of the two is actually stronger. We know Madeline's audition song was a bit of a dud, but she's still got a shot.
  7. Thanks for that! I know it as a while back, but do you think that it was a step up from his audition (like more impressive) or about equally good?
  8. I'm siding with this (and not just because I found Carter's blind rather underwhelming and Payge to be much better). Both battles apparently received a ton of praise from the coaches, but Payge's was apparently spectacular and pointed out as the best of the taping by a few of the people from that taping. Carter's was well received but I wasn't given too much specific feedback from that battle besides the fact that both him and Larriah were strong. In KO's, the sources seemed more split between Carter and Chloe and mentioned John picking Chloe over Carter and Kelly real
  9. The sources said that the coaches went on and on praising her for nailing the song, so I'm gonna lean more towards "outstanding."
  10. Zan Fiskum - Light On - 72 Kailey Abel - Forever Young - 23
  11. Based on social media posts: Monday: Carter Rubin (ofc) JusJon Tuesday: Olivia Reyes Payton Lamar (POSSIBLY) Casme
  12. Zan Fiskum - Light On - 68 Kailey Abel - Forever Young - 27
  13. Yes, so what we're gathering from the contestants is they had to spend several days in quarantine in their hotel rooms, and we know the minors have to be accompanied by an adult throughout their time on the show. So all the under 18's will have a parent with them, and we have to presume they're supposed to be following the same guidelines as the contestant.
  14. Hmm. Personally wasn’t a huge fan of Carter’s audition. It was fine but it didn’t do anything for me. I’m sure he can prove me wrong in battles and KO though!
  15. Zan Fiskum - Light On - 62 Kailey Abel - Forever Young - 33 A battle elimination in second place is huge on its own. Zan was my favorite throughout the season so I'm throwing my support there. Kailey deserved so much better on the show though!
  16. Alternatively: Adam makes a surprise return for the show's 20th season Also, isn't it like next to 0% that Miley returns? Her new album's out next month.
  17. With S20 tapings just around the corner: Just a heads up that spoilers for S20 won't be dropping until the end of S19 (we're trying to control just one season at a time everyone...) That being said, if you do happen to be able to attend a taping, please feel free to send any info you'd like to share to me as a PM here on IDF, or as a message on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Someone648_ I'm more likely to respond quickly on Twitter. Please do not post any of the contestant names in any of the threads. Also, I'm not very confident that this season we'll
  18. I like Payge and Joana for different reasons, they're about even but for style purposes, I voted Payge. Joana definitely got an interesting pick for her voice and kept it pretty true to the original, the song was outside of what Payge usually seems to do and it kinda seems like it was forced onto her, but she made it her own. I forgot Kanard, and Franc's was good.
  19. 1. Sid Kingsley - Unexpectedly fantastic! Seeing the song choice had me interested because he seemed like he had a bigger voice and boy was I right. He excelled! 2. Gabriel Wolfchild - A sweet, vulnerable version that I enjoyed overall. I remember being disappointed he got montaged off. 3. Aaron Gibson - A different type of performance for Aaron that paid off for him since he got the save! I just barely found it again and I like it. A bit simple, but excusable since it was an Instant Save performance. 4. Owen Danoff - A good enough cover, but too sleepy. I never really understoo
  20. Thunderstorm Artis - Blackbird - 3 Zan Fiskum - Light On - 57 Kailey Abel - Forever Young - 35
  21. Thunderstorm Artis - Blackbird - 5 Zan Fiskum - Light On - 56 Kailey Abel - Forever Young - 34 + Kailey - Thunderstorm
  22. DeSz is my guess. I at least hope she is. Ryan Berg is the only block left.
  23. Thunderstorm Artis - Blackbird - 9 Zan Fiskum - Light On - 54 Kailey Abel - Forever Young - 32 +Kailey -TStorm
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