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  1. Hey everyone, so a while back (before reveal day, etc.), I spoke with a source and they gave me a list of the 10 people who ended up on John's team. They asked me not to make the list public, but now with Nelson's audition just being released, I asked them again if it would be fine to share the list and they said it would be. Obviously with such a strong claim, I wasn't immediately sure to trust it or not, but this person was the source that gave me Brittney Allen and Mike Jerel - both of whom ended up revealing soon after - so I decided to trust it. Anyways, these are the 10 names that, according to the source, - make up John's post-blinds team: Brittney Allen Cam Wesley Cedrice Webber (1 chair - final chair turn of season) Darious Lyles Mandi Castillo (4 chair) Mike Jerel Nelson Cade III (4 chair) Thunderstorm Artis (4 chair) Zach Day Zan Fiskum
  2. Also, I liked Nelson overall, but I've heard stronger versions of Pride & Joy. I even like Chr*s Kr*eze's version a little more. I do think he's got a good chance of going far, but I don't think that was the best song for his audition, at least in my mind. Maybe it'll grow a bit more on me.
  3. Thunderstorm Artis was a four chair as well, so we have 6. I don't recall whether Toneisha was confirmed a 4-chair? I know in the promo she had Nick and John and ended up with Blake, but not sure if Kelly did (although I would assume yes...)
  4. Last 2 spring seasons, the first leaked blinds (Britton and Kim) were leaked/found the Thursday night before the premiere and made public on Youtube Friday morning. We should hopefully expect something later tonight based off of that.
  5. Not all 4 chairs are properly deserved and they sometimes just flop in battles (although the source said it was pretty even). For all we know, Arei could've been a 4 chair as well. Also there were no steals by the time his battle came around so somebody had to go home regardless.
  6. I looked around for her and it appears to be Cassidy Lee, who I had highlighted as out. I’ve unhighlighted her and she’s now a potential candidate as well.
  7. Definitely sounds like Samuel Wilco. Looks like he dropped a 4-chair in battles then (against the artist he may have used his block for)
  8. Also realized I forgot about luv, jdm and he finally added his full name so I could find him on stuff lol Jacob Daniel Murphy Instagram | Youtube
  9. Also seems to confirm there's a mega mentor for KO's again like Taylor last season. Maybe recent follows from the KO contestants will hint at who it was.
  10. Mandi really is gonna be hittin us with Juan Gabriel this season, huh? Looking forward to her audition!
  11. Ricky's seasons were so great. Then somehow we lost him and gained G*vin for one very confusing season and the show went to crap.
  12. Reminder of what we know (I'm assuming a top 10 for each team instead of 12...) TEAM KELLY (6) JULES Mandi Thomas Megan Danielle Micah Iverson (Kelly's "only guy remaining" post-KO) Sara Collins Tayler Green TEAM NICK (5) Arei Moon Jacob Miller Joanna Serenko (stolen by John in battles, later stolen by Blake in KO's) Kevin Farris Samuel Wilco TEAM LEGEND (4) Cam Wesley (stolen by Kelly in battles, later stolen by John in KO's) Cedrice Webber (stolen by Blake in battles) Thunderstorm Artis Zan Fiskum TEAM BLAKE (6) Cam Spinks Jamal Corrie Joei Fulco Kailey Abel Levi Watkins Toneisha Harris Unplaced Presumed/Confirmed Chair Turners (10) Allegra Miles (on Team Nick for KO's, but Nick's battle steal isn't confirmed yet - appears to turn 4 chairs, however) Gigi Hess (likely eliminated in battles) Jon Mullins (TEAM DENNY'S) Michael Williams (social media) Nelson Cade (turned at least John, according to promo) Samantha Howell (speculated Team Kelly) Tate Brusa (likely Team Nick - turned Nick and Blake in blinds) Todd Michael Hall (TEAM DENNY'S) Todd Tilghman (TEAM DENNY'S) Zach Day (social media) Assuming this is all correct, we have 31/40 names
  13. His first song was good but did have me a bit on the fence, but the second performance was definitely phenomenal! I'm a fan, add me please!
  14. Me when someone actually sings "Swing Swing" on a singing competition even though it was pretty dreadful
  15. Genuinely wanna sit down with people who enthusiastically watch that Ellen garbage. Just wanna talk...
  16. And he talked about it on the show... wow. Absolutely nothing that he says to defend himself sounds even remotely sane. I got creeper vibes from him from the beginning but I guess now we know why.
  17. Short answer, no. Long answer: He had a few performances during lives that I think were among the best of the night, but no way in hell should he have won that season overall. It would've been better off in the long run without him.
  18. Season 17 steals would probably be the right answer, but I think the steals were each deserved in their cases. In terms of people who shouldn't have been stolen at all based on the battle: S16: Celia Babini (KO - awful), Betsy Ade (KO - loved her overall but that was a mess and she only got stolen because it was the first result) S15: Anthony Arya (a montaged battle steal. It wasn't very great), Colton Smith (KO - battle steal was worthy, but that KO was a legitimate trainwreck) S14: Jordyn Simone, Kaleb Lee, Dallas Caroline (battles - Jordyn and Kaleb were okay but not worth stealing imo, I remember thinking Dallas sounded pretty bad) S13: Stephan Marcellus (battle - Not very good overall) S12: Quizz Swanigan, Aaliyah Rose (KO - both didn't deserve to move on to the next round) S11: Jason Warrior (KO - yikes) S10: Brian Nhira (battle - nope.), Lacy Mandigo (KO - her Zombie was not very good at all) S9: Can't complain. S8: Jacob Rummell (battle - this was bad lol), Brian Johnson (KO - he was flat out unnecessary in this competition)
  19. Thank you! I completely overlooked her because I thought she was like 15 and the woman in the video clearly wasn't lol. Guess I was completely off.
  20. I hadn't paid attention to him before but: -A (brief) "Trees" cover? I might have to stan. That song's in my top 5 all time favorites lol. -He sounds great in that Stevie Wonder duet! Looking forward to hearing more.
  21. "You can have my jacket" had me cackling That definitely looks like Allegra. Also Cedrice - turned John but we already know she's the last chair turner so it adds up. -Nelson Cade at 1:55 - he turned at least John's chair. -Toneisha Harris singing I Want to Know What Love Is -Tate Brusa singing Perfect with Nick on guitar. He turned at least Nick but not John. -Arei Moon singing at 0:29/1:32. She'd turned at least Nick at that point - we know Kelly was blocked and couldn't get Arei and Arei ended up with Nick.
  22. Probably not til next week - usually it's the week before that we start getting it. Maybe we'll get some better promos sometime this week though.
  23. Also, these are the people from the OP who, as of 2/11, have not posted a reveal photo to announce their audition. Alex Vincent Amaya Murillo Amber Sweeney Anjelica Rios Ariana Tibi Aryk Crowder Ashley Coureas Brandin Jay Brandon Nelson Bryan Titus Bryton Stoll Caleb Kopta Caiden Brewer Chan Fuze Charly Reynolds Chloe Furlong Chloe Schoemann Clark Walker Cody Lohden Connor Zwetsch Coty Bouchard Danelis Giselle Daniela Silva David Grace Drew Regan Elijah Watene Erick Baker Ethan Stedman Garrett Collins Haley Gosserand Harrison Steele Harry Jay Hawk McIntyre Hunter Douglas Jackson Roltgen Jared Harper Jennie Hayes Kurtz Jenny Voss Jeremy Green Jesse Dean Jojo Scott Kallista Rowan Karina Rae Kat Zel Katie & Kelly Kenedi Anderson Kirby Ai Krystalanne (DID post that she has big news "coming up soon" last week, but she hasn't posted since) La'Mon Junior Liam St. John (Account set to private now - not sure what to make of that) Lucy Clearwater Maggie James Maia Rhiannon Marlon Solomon Matt Davis Matt Farris Matt Garon McKayla Marie Melanie Mitchell Melissa Bret Mikey Reyes Paris Simone Rio Lana Samantha Leigh Semi Average Joe Shelby Raye Shelby Winfrey Simone Curry Slater Johnson Tamika J Tavia Taylor Bushard Trevor Martin Tyler Jarvis Will Trotman Wyatt Michael Z Lynn Harris
  24. Updated the OP. These are the links added since reveal day (in case y'all missed anything) Anaya Cheyenne Instagram | Youtube Anders Drerup Instagram | Youtube Ashley Plath Instagram | Youtube Brittney Allen Instagram | Youtube Chelle Sue Instagram | Youtube Chrissy Joly Instagram | SoundCloud Levi Watkins Instagram | Youtube Not Found (Instagram link updated) Mike Jerel Instagram | Youtube Roderick Chambers Instagram | YoutubeTyrone Mr. Superfantastic Instagram | Youtube
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