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  1. Oof Brittany. Imma need more liquor to get through tonight. Samuel absolutely nailed his performance though! He keeps proving why he’s one of my top 4. (Just gotta find a new 4th now that Britt’s gone )
  2. Right? Last season's KOs were insanely strong but GNT blew all of them out of the water. GNT and DeSz have the two strongest KO's in recent memory (imo)
  3. What a strong night! No bad ones, just some stronger than others. STUNNING. 1. Girl Named Tom (10) - CHILLS. Easily one of the best KO's of all time and if you don't agree, I'm sorry. You're wrong. That ending in particular was absolutely magical and while we can use all of these fun, dramatic words to describe really great performances, rarely have I actually physically stood up, gasped, and almost actually cried 2. Wendy Moten (9.5) - Kicking butt on Ain't No Way earns a minimum of a 9 for me. Wendy is just absolutely stunning and it's embarrassing that she was supposed to be receiving feedback from Blake Shelton and Ed Sheeran... I have people on this show that I enjoy more than her, but damn if this woman wins I will be over the moon. She's overdue for big success. 3. Libianca (9) - What a lovely take on the song by someone who's flown almost completely under the radar! Glad this performance has given her the attention that she's needed so far. Would absolutely love to see Blake take her far! 4. Gymani (9) - Gymani finally got me on her side! An unusual pick for her voice but her rasp and enthusiasm carried it beyond what I could've wanted! Fantastic Growth! 5. Hailey Green (8.5) - Insane to see she's 15. Favorite performance of hers for sure! You can see the few weak moments in her vocals but as a whole, she's insane and certainly deserved a steal. 6. Joshua Vacanti (8.5) - What a pleasant surprise! He got one of the tougher picks of the night and did rather well with it! It's at least the best version I've heard on the show so far. He seems to be slowly climbing up my ranking on John's team now... 7. Raquel Trinidad (8.5) - Finally got to see her more in her element and she did excellent! Each performance has been better than the last and I'd love to see her snag a PV from Ari now! 8. Holly Forbes (8.5) - She's got a hell of a voice for sure! Not a fan of the song choice but she delivered. Ari stealing her definitely shakes up that whole team! Good, but could've been better. 9. Sabrina Dias (8) - Putting my Ed Sheeran slander to the side for this one. I actually enjoyed her version for the most part! You could tell which parts of the performance needed some work, but as a whole it flowed and packed just enough emotion and performance quality to warrant a steal/save in my eyes. 10. Kinsey Rose (8) - Kinsey's probably my favorite female country singer of the last 5 seasons and I enjoyed her take here. I do actually really love this song but I found it just a tad bit weaker than the previous versions on this show by Summer and Jackie. With a stronger performance, she would've been a serious contender. But oh well, I did enjoy her run on the show. Average 11. Jonathan Mouton (7.5) - Never liked this song, it's too cheesy. I do enjoy Jonathan's take on it overall. Not perfect and obviously he had the misfortune of going up against Ms. Moten, but he did an overall decent job. 12. Katie Rae (7.5) - Each time I say her name I feel like I gotta apologize now because we on the spoiler crew did her WRONG lol. But anyways, her KO was pretty average. Nothing bad, but very bland for what this round needs. I don't think she was really a wise steal choice for Kelly - she was one of the weakest of the night.
  4. Ain't No Way: Sasha Allen,Sisaundra Lewis,Hannah Huston,TSoul,Davon Fleming,Wendy Moten I Can See Clearly Now: Anita Antoinette vs Mayra Alvarez, Jonathan Mouton Valerie: Dylan Chambers,Amanda Brown,Selina Carrera,Michael Sanchez vs Dave Moisan,Ricky Duran vs Marina Chello,Raquel Trinidad Pillowtalk: Bryan Bautista,Mark Isaiah vs Gaby Borromeo,Mia Boostrom,Tyshawn Colquitt,Denisha Dalton,Gymani Strawberry Wine: Summer Schappell,Jackie Verna, Kinsey Rose Falling: Olivia Reyes,Zae Romeo,Joshua Vacanti Photograph: Sydney Rhame,Moushumi vs Jonathan Hutchinson,Reagan Strange vs Emily Hough, Sabrina Dias God's Country: Rose Short,Hailey Green Everything I Wanted: Cedrice,Pia Renee,LiBianca Superstar: Jeremy Gaynor,Christian Cuevas,Vanessa Ferguson,Esera Tuaolo, Holly Forbes
  5. What the hell man. That was flawless. We overuse that word a lot but dammit GNT was absolutely flawless.
  6. Hot take bc I love Luther but I absolutely hate Superstar bc it's so damn boring
  7. We've now reached "Here's How Bernie Can Still Win" territory.
  8. This season, a majority of the sources were Ari stans. So keep that in mind. We did have regular fans as well, though!
  9. At this point in the evening, I recall nothing and nothing else I say for the evening counts
  10. Ok so now I'm home and barely started watching. Just to clarify: -We can be confident about the taping 2 results, those were confirmed identically by 2 different sources -By default, RIP loser of Samuel vs. BrittanyBree -I definitely gotta add more blatant "THIS IS ALL SPECULATION" banner warnings to the OP, we just reported what we were told -I'll be storming Universal to get justice for Samuel/Brittany's elimination. Who's joining and do y'all want pizza? I'm buying.
  11. lol apologies to Katie Rae, who got the shortest end of the stick for spoilers on EVERY round
  12. Multiple people confirmed David and Paris The mistake is Holly or Brittany
  13. I still refuse to accept this tidbit from the one source so it's TBA still.
  14. I know it was Anita’s montaged battle in season 7 but I don’t believe it was covered by anyone else
  15. Throwback to Reid Umstattd’s montaged KO literally outselling everyone else that night
  16. Absolutely ready to never hear You Say on this show again (I can dream at least)
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