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  1. If not for the team quota, she could have easily snatched the PV and went into the finale. I'm excited for her musical career outside the show, though.
  2. I wonder if they (Todd and his family and relatives) are reading comments here on IDF.
  3. The Live Playoffs was the only round he performed last. If there's someone who was pimped real hard this season, that is Thunderstorm. From the pre-taped rounds, he usually performed on pimped spots. Todd was never pimped except during the playoffs and he ended first during the finals. I think we should stop thinking that he is pimped so much by TPTB because Thunderstorm was the clear TCO from the very beginning yet he failed to win (he even closed the finale night). Todd was never leaked while Thunderstorm was leaked at least twice.
  4. Josh was a four-chair turner originally from Team Adam. He lost his Round 2 Battle against Delvin Choice and was stolen by Usher. From that moment, he became a frontrunner on Team Usher and eventually won Season 6.
  5. I guess he was not able to watch the earlier seasons of The Voice.
  6. AA - African American AI - American Idol
  7. He is indeed special. His energy during his Blind Audition was highly infectious. You can see he was excited the moment the coaches turned for him.
  8. Todd and Toneisha are my Top 2 all season. Still, congratulations to Toneisha for being the runner-up.
  9. We are also happy for you for all the efforts you have exerted to support Todd all the way throughout the season. This indeed calls for a celebration.
  10. I'm so happy for Todd and his family. He has set at least two records today. 1. First winner to ever audition first in a season. 2. First winner of a season with a Remote Live Shows Setup.
  11. Todd is the very first winner of The Voice who also auditioned the FIRST in a season.
  12. My thoughts exactly, Toneisha followed Todd's numbers on social media. I guess this is another Season 3 having both the Top 2 are from Team Blake.
  13. Kyla Jade and Sisaundra Lewis for sure.
  14. Todd is already dominating the iTunes chart by reaching the #1 spot.
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