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  1. Yeah. We all thought he was going to pick Alicia, and shocked us all by picking Gwen.
  2. Sisaundra picking Blake Toneisha picking Blake JChosen picking Gwen
  3. I'm excited to see her on the show. The last time I rooted for a female country singer was when Lauren Duski was there. Taryn reminds me a lot about Lauren. She has this voice that I would like to listen to the radio.
  4. She also collaborated with Josh Gallagher, who also covered Stay a Little Longer in the show.
  5. My early favorites so far are Taryn Papa and Liam St. John. I hope both of them go far in the competition or reach the finale.
  6. Add me please. She's giving me a Lauren Duski vibe. I think it's time for a female country singer to win The Voice again.
  7. I like his tone. He made this Norah Jones song his own. He reminds me of Michael Lee and he might be on either Blake or Gwen's team.
  8. Kyla Jade annihilated Jaclyn Lovey during the knockouts. That was not an even pairing actually. As much as I love Jaclyn's voice, Kyla did deliver the performance of her life. By the way, Kyla also annihilated JessLee during the Battles.
  9. 1. Kyla Jade - I really think she should have won Season 14. 2. Sisaundra Lewis - She was one of the best AA powerhouse vocalists on the earlier seasons 3. Amanda Brown - Her "Dream On" performance will always be epic. 4. Rose Short - I just love her voice and her "Big White Room" performance got me. 5. Toneisha Harris - Proud of her for ending 2nd Place, a first time for an AA woman contestant
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