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  1. Jozy Bernadette was Gwen's last artist on Season 12 who was paired to Troy Ramey in the battles. Davina Leone, on the other hand, was a montaged blind audition. Fortunately, the producers uploaded the full performances of the montaged artists.
  2. That instant save performance of Aaron was good and emotional, way better than his actual Top 10 performance. Miley was also crying when he sang that song.
  3. Payge has 24 fans, by the way. But I have to agree that I am happy Cami is doing well on IDF.
  4. I was shocked her last name is pronounced as "KLOONEE" instead of "KLOON" As to her perfomance, it was nice to hear the song "Skinny Love" again and I'm glad Cami was the one singing it. She really has a beautiful voice. I wonder what would it be like if Blake was not blocked and was chosen by Cami. I can see Blake-Chloe vibe in both of them.
  5. Georestrictions are now gradually removed in Youtube. Ian, Hailey and Lauren's performances are now accessible in my country.
  6. But Taryn knows she's gonna be up tonight even before they released the leaked video. We'll found out eventually though if Ryan is also up tonight or not.
  7. I'm curious as to what your mom's reaction about Taryn's performance.
  8. I think Ryan's not gonna be up tonight since Taryn posted he and the rest in the picture will be up for next week.
  9. And then there's a troll named Connor Maguire who commented some spoilers. Tsk tsk.
  10. She's doing great on Facebook with 140k plus views for just 2 hours. Almost surpassing all other contestants who performed last night.
  11. 64% is kinda low indeed but I think she will shock everyone as the show progresses. Plus she has a likeable personality and an excellent musicianship. She also has this incredible low note which distinguishes her from other female contestants of the season. Lastly, she really is a performer and I'm looking forward to seeing her be Gwen's potential finalist if there's team quota in the finale.
  12. And.. after a month of speculation, the Martina song she sang was "Anyway".
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