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  1. 4 1. Ricky Duran - River 2. Kennedy Holmes - Turning Tables 3. Keisha Renee - I Can't Stop Loving You 3 1. Chloe Kohanski - The Chain 2. Lauren Duski - You Were Meant For Me 3. Cam Anthony - Lay Me Down 2 1. Kyla Jade - See Saw 2. Addison Agen - Jolene 3. Payge Turner - Call Out My Name 1 1. Kendra Checketts - Sober 2. Michael Sanchez - Use Me 3. Halley Greg - I'm Like a Bird
  2. Thank you for doing this. I'm sure Pia loves this also.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNV31OlMznf/?igshid=3vivcdkt5i9e Poor Halley, she admitted that "Thinking Out Loud" is not the song she would have chosen for herself. Had Kelly gave them an ethereal song such as "Samson", they would have slayed their performance.
  4. I just noticed I'm not yet on Gihanna's fan list. Kindly add me.
  5. I'm disappointed with Kelly for picking that song, if she indeed picked it herself for Gihanna and Halley.
  6. Thinking out Loud, for sure. Halley and Gihanna did not deserve that song, tbh.
  7. MTE Blake should have stolen either Lindsay or Halley. These two girls may have thrived well on Team Blake.
  8. That is a well-deserved save from Kelly/Kelsea and America kinda agrees with that.
  9. Hey Halley! If you're reading this, I hope you continue making music. So sorry for your early elimination. You did great in this battle!
  10. That, we don't know. But Kelly will surely turn for him, though.
  11. Corey would have freaked out if he is on Season 21. Ariana Grande is his celeb crush.
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