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  1. Yeah. She was the DR King of Season 16 actually, in my opinion.
  2. Yeah. He's definitely a Minivan bait. Minivan was really pissed when he got eliminated. We don't know though if he performed poorly during the battles because he was montaged.
  3. Jackson Marlow (S16) of Team Kelly has a traditional country tone too yet he lost to a Miranda Lambert wannabe. We don't know yet if Kelly will pick him, though since anything can happen.
  4. I agree with this. I would love for a female to win this season. But if it's a male, I hope it's not a country artist again. I love country music but I also wanted a unique winner like Chloe, Maelyn, Tessanne or even an AA diva.
  5. Cam Spinks as the snowflake killer or perceived winner of Season 18. Hello Sunday's ceiling point will be the playoffs. Chris Kroeze as battle fodder
  6. Dime Store Cowgirl (Kacey Musgraves) for Chevel Shepherd. My Immortal (Evanescence) for Chloe Kohanski I Love You (Billie Eilish) for Cami Clune Fallingwater (Maggie Rogers) for Zan Fiskum Samson (Regina Spektor) for Addison Agen
  7. James Pyle with Gwen Mendeleyev with Blake Britton Buchanan with Adam Justin Kilgore with Blake Ali Caldwell with Alicia Marina Chello with Christina Brennan Lassiter with Blake Mikaela Astel with Blake Sarayah with JHud Julia Cooper with Kelly Cami Clune with Blake Domenic Haynes with John Caroline Pennel with Blake
  8. Or maybe recruit another Idol alum like Adam Lambert, who's also vocally superior.
  9. I'm okay with Gwen returning for Season 21. But please replace John Legend with someone like JHud, Alicia or any other coach occupying the R&B lane. I am already bored seeing John having his 5th season.
  10. I have to agree that she's the R&B version of Payge Turner and she also plays the guitar. If you want to be added to her fan thread, just post "Add Me".
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