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  1. Actually, Toneisha picking Blake is no longer a shocker. Diva artists like her really thrived on Team Blake seeing Sisaundra Lewis, Keisha Renee, Kyla Jade, Aliyah Moulden, Spensha Baker guaranteed to have made it to at least the semi-finals, or even the finale with the last three (they were saved by public vote, by the way). Toneisha knows how to strategize because she knows that she will stand out on Blake's team composed of mostly country singers.
  2. Here's my ranking for Night 2 of the Blinds: 1.Toneisha Harris 2. Arei Moon 3. Zach Day 4. Levi Watkins 5. Chelle
  3. She said 8 years ago, not 8 seasons ago. So she probably auditioned during the seasons of Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery, Tessanne Chin or Josh Kaufman (Seasons 3,4,5,6)
  4. I think her battle partner is Allegra. Just a speculation tho. Allegra is closer to Joanna's genre.
  5. Favorite Audition: Joanna Serenko Potential to be in the Finale : Joanna Serenko Here's my ranking on the performances: 1. Joanna Serenko 2. Todd Tilghman 3. Todd Michael Hall 4. Tayler Green 5. Darious Lyles 6. Nelson Cade 7. Tate Brusa 8. Megan Danielle
  6. I, too, am happy to know she's closing the show tonight with 4 chair turns. I hope she nailed the "Angel From Montgomery" performance which made Blake steal her. If her AFM equates Chloe's Landslide performance, she will surely be Blake's front runner this season. For the past seasons, the Live Playoffs is my least favorite round, I hope she will really stand out on that night.
  7. I'm excited with her Blind Audition tomorrow. With the voice and personality that she has, I am confident she'll go far in the competition or might just win it all. Just like Chloe Kohanski, she really is destined to be on Team Blake. Nick and John will surely regret letting her go, tbh.
  8. I can imagine Rebekah Samarin and Katherine Ho's disgust when they were both montaged three times during their respective seasons.
  9. It must have been hard for those contestants who were told to have their blind auditions aired on a particular day but were unfortunately montaged.
  10. Who's that girl with a teal-colored hair on 2:24 ?
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