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  1. Danielle's has over 1.4 million Spotify monthly listeners now.
  2. Am I the only one here who likes Danielle's part in this song?
  3. "Space" fits Kat's voice. I love the song. And this is funny And don't forget Kat's IG concert tonight, 4/6/20 at 8 pm PST / 11 pm EST.
  4. Thanks, Archanium, for posting this new cover. I just love his voice. He's easily my #1 favorite male vocalist from The Voice.
  5. Added! Looking forward to her battle.
  6. Because John does not like any contestant who covers his song. Especially if that contestant sounds better than him on his own song.
  7. If she sang Landslide as her audition song, I bet you would have made her fan thread back then. *** Added! Welcome to #teamJoei (Better late than never ) *** I am looking forward to her KO performance too. She improved a lot from Blinds to Battles, I bet she will gain more fans after KO. *** I thought about that but anyone with an EGA avi has extra points in my book, so ATX gets a pass (this time). *** Thanks! The interviewer talks a lot. But Joei sounded good.
  8. After seeing their battles (for most of them), I think Allegra will make Finale.
  9. Danielle Bradbery will be having an Instagram Live event on Sunday, 3/29/20, 8pm EST/ 7pm CST.
  10. I am a day late in posting this (I just saw it) but Ricky had a live stream show on Friday night. If you missed the online concert like me, or even if you saw Friday's "concert", here's a recent cover. Enjoy!
  11. Thanks for the heads up. If she sings a couple of new songs, I hope someone has a video later (hint hint).
  12. Added! You can say that you're sorta kinda friends with him (by extension). Added! He sounded good during that battle. I think he improved a lot since auditions.
  13. Michael Williams Fan Thread Instagram | Twitter | YouTube Fan List: 1. season1 2. jamescasaki 3. Elliott COVERS ----- [H/T Dany for Trivia images]
  14. That's nice of them. This Team Blake seems to be close. I wonder who put together the video?
  15. ^ Here's a new soothing cover of "Vincent" from Kat
  16. ^ I didn't see this post about Team Blake. I posted the same video (from Joei's IG) on the Spoilers/News/etc thread.
  17. I understand what you're saying. Some of us don't need the reminder but some others have to be constantly reminded. I think they're trying to be helpful and maybe one way to help is to spread the message of "stay safe, stay home."
  18. The ratings increase is due to a lot of people staying at home (and eating at home) and watching more TV. Almost all TV shows experienced ratings increase, not just The Voice.
  19. Added. She improved a lot from blinds to audition. I found this original song from 3 years ago --
  20. Added everyone above. Thanks for posting the videos and pictures, istersay. I will add some of them to the OP tomorrow. PS I love her rich tone. She was on my "maybe" list after her audition.
  21. Her bio on The Voice app also said she grew up in a Filipino family. https://i.imgur.com/XjCzvAV.jpg
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