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  1. I guess I'm the only one here who likes Nick on The Voice. Especially since he made decisions that I like. I also like Shakira on The Voice and I wish she'd be back in some capacity, as mentor or coach.
  2. I don't think it's just corporate democrats. I think the democrat vs republican dichotomy is another way to divide Americans and does not quite explain the true division in the country. But wait, I shouldn't be thinking like this. According to my overlords at the New York Times, critical thinking is bad for me. I guess I should only read and believe whatever the mainstream media is "reporting" lest I could be misinformed and possibly question some of the stuff going on.
  3. Let's see how I flopped in my predictions -- Team Blake: I got one match-up right (Jordan vs Ethan) but missed the winner. I correctly predicted that Nick would steal Andrew. Team John: I correctly predicted that there's no steal from his team. Team Kelly: I correctly predicted that Blake would steal Anna. I correctly predicted that John would steal one Team Kelly girl. I correctly predicted that two girls from Team Kelly would be stolen, by John and Blake. Team Nick: I correctly predicted that Rachel will win h
  4. Blake saved/picked steals in the playoffs before so I wouldn't say that Anna has no chance. Blake steals that he picked to advance are Jessie Pitts (S7 battle steal), Hannah Kirby (S8 KO Steal), Chloe Kohanski in Season 13 (taped playoffs), Oliv Blu (S16 battle steal). However, since S18 when they turned the seasons into bloodbath live rounds, Blake has yet to pick a steal to advance to semis. *** I think Nick just "parked" Andrew on Team Blake and he planned to "steal" him back in KOs. I predicted on the KO thread that Andrew will be Nick's steal.
  5. Will someone like this comment so I can get over the triple 6 reputation? Thanks in advance.
  6. Someone just made a new fan thread. I guess A won... for one of my favorites but for four.
  7. Thanks to @disney1024 and @Bk1234 for contributing over 40 pages each.
  8. I guess Coca Cola thinks being white is bad; it "trains" its employees to be "less white." I wonder if they would now stop selling Vanilla Coke?
  9. I don't know if this is the right thread (or it belongs in the "share the funny" thread). It's political but it's also funny. Sounds on -- https://twitter.com/stclairashley/status/1363224533759574016
  10. I've been going through my bookmarks, verifying URLs and removing duplicates using an extension, and I came across some early Danielle videos. Among them is this gem - Daughter of a Workin' Man. Enjoy! Brad Bery's YT channel has many Danielle videos, especially the early ones.
  11. Counting only solo releases, Cassadee has one platinum record (Wasting all these Tears). Danielle has two gold records (The Heart of Dixie and Sway). Danielle is still signed by Big Machine and currently working on Album #3. Cassadee was dropped by Big Machine/Republic Nashville a few years ago. I think both have similar level of success post show even though Cassadee had the advantage after The Voice because of her Hey Monday fans while Danielle was a true amateur.
  12. I think this is a similar/duplicate thread of -- cc @istersay ?
  13. I was hoping she posted a video of that cover on YT but no luck. I did see this video from December 2020. Reagan did a virtual concert to benefit a children's hospital. Enjoy! Love is Christmas - A Virtual Concert benefitting LeBonheur Childrens Hospital
  14. I agree. I predict that Ryleigh and Anna will be singing against each other in the KO and Blake would steal one of them.
  15. On the KO prediction thread, I predicted John to steal Gihanna Zoe after she loses to Kenzie. I think Gihanna has the best chance to advance to the live rounds if she's in John's team in the Playoffs. She could even get the public vote in that team.
  16. TEAM BLAKE Cam Anthony vs Pete Mroz Connor Christian vs Andrew Marshall [Nick steal] Ethan Lively vs Jordan Matthew Young TEAM JOHN Ciana Pelekai vs Zania Alake Pia Renee vs Victor Solomon Rio Lana vs Gean Garcia TEAM KELLY Avery Roberson vs Corey Ward Kenzie Wheeler vs Gihanna Zoe [John steal] Ryleigh Modig vs Anna Grace Felten [This could go either way; Blake would likely steal the non-winner.] TEAM NICK Dana Monique vs Jose Figueroa Jr Rachel Mac vs Keegan Farrel [Kelly steal] Zae Romeo vs Raine Stern Four-way
  17. Yay all my favorites are still in the competition. 3 winners, 1 save and 1 steal.
  18. The girls are working on their upcoming album! https://www.facebook.com/worththewaitmusic/posts/487982699260474
  19. More videos for y'all, thanks to Brian D'Angelo on YT. The most fun and best sounding live version of NHIE. Maybe the whiskey has something to do with it. How about some swaying music? Unrehearsed Duet ("Shallow") with Jimmie Allen. I think their voices sound great together. Maybe a collaboration or two between them in the future?
  20. Ethan Lively Fan Thread Instagram | YouTube [bio] Studio Versions [video/image] Performances [video] Fans: 1. season1 2. jamescasaki
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