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  1. [Image courtesy of CoffeeLover on Disqus and https://www.funimada.com/]
  2. I checked last week's publications and there was a great full page ad on both Mediabase and Billboard publications. It is on page 3 of Billboard Country Update and page 9 of Mediabase County Aircheck. http://www.countryaircheck.com/pdfs/current062220.pdf https://bulletins.billboard.com/country/country_update_0622.pdf *** In less than two weeks, the single will be released to country radio. I am glad that Danielle is doing radio tours now. I hope she gets most added (or near the top) for 7/13/20.
  3. Welcome back. Thanks for the reminder about the publications. Here are this week's issues -- Billboard Country Update https://bulletins.billboard.com/country/country_update_0629.pdf Danielle is mentioned in one article and the add date for NHIE is now listed. Mediabase Country Aircheck http://www.countryaircheck.com/pdfs/current062920.pdf Never Have I Ever add date is now listed --
  4. Danielle gained more Spotify listeners this month.
  5. I updated the data on the OP. Most artists gained listeners since last update. There are two additions to the list - one winner and one non-winner: Season 18 Winner Todd Tilghman has 93k monthly listeners, which places him in #6 among all winners. Season 13 contestant Ashland Craft is now signed to an independent country label, Big Loud Records. She has 99k monthly listeners, which could be the most listeners for a Top 13 contestant from that season. ******* WINNERS: Danielle Bradbery (Season 4) - 1.69m Cassadee Pope (Season 3) - 1.05m Jordan Smith (Season 9) - 446k Brynn Cartelli (Season 14) - 148k Sawyer Fredericks [Season 8] - 109k Todd Tilghman (Season 18)- 93k Javier Colon (Season 1) - 66k Alisan Porter (Season 10) - 54k Sundance Head (Season 11) - 45k Tessanne Chin (Season 5) - 40k Chevel Shepherd (Season 15) - 34k Jake Hoot (Season 17) - 27k Chloe Kohanski (Season 13) - 24k [chloe mk] Craig Wayne Boyd (Season 7) - 17k [Texas Hill] Maelyn Jarmon (Season 16) - 16k Chris Blue (Season 12) - 13k Jermaine Paul (Season 2) - 8k Josh Kaufman (Season 6) - 6k NON-WINNERS: Melanie Martinez (Season 3) - 17.34m Morgan Wallen (Season 6) - 9.55m Loren Allred (Season 3) - 2.21m Raelynn (Season 2) - 1.61m Kameron Marlowe (Season 15) - 1.13m Ashland Craft (Season 13) - 99k Lauren Duski (Season 12) - 39k
  6. Thanks for sharing this video. Her voice sounds really cool on this song.
  7. Ashland Craft (TV13) is signed with Big Loud Records and she released her song "Trainwreck" on 4/24/20. https://ashlandcraft.com/ https://ashlandcraft.lnk.to/Trainwreck
  8. More country-related news from The Voice and American Idol alumni -- Craig Wayne Voice (TV7 winner), Adam Wakefield (TV10 Runner-up) and Casey James (AI9, 3rd place) have formed a country trio called "Texas Hill". Their debut single, "Darkest Sky" was released last week. It sounds good. https://www.texashillofficial.com/
  9. I am happy that Danielle's label has been very supportive so far. Never Have I Ever will be Danielle's 6th radio single (she also has a few promo singles). I am also happy to read about Pryor and Caleb's new duo yesterday on Pulse Music, and that they are signed to one of the biggest independent labels in country music. I hope they all have success on country radio with their upcoming singles.
  10. Pryor Baird and Caleb Lee are now a country duo called "Pryor & Lee". They're signed to Black River Entertainment (Kelsea Ballerini's label). Anyway, their debut single will be released on 6/29/20. https://www.blackriverent.com/artists https://twitter.com/pryorandlee https://pulsemusic.proboards.com/thread/195893/pryor-lee-yallsome
  11. I have iTunes on my iPhone and I just looked at the charts and grabbed the screen yesterday. They're music video charts, not song charts. NHIE music video went down a bit since yesterday. It's now #2 country, #5 overall.
  12. Danielle was told NHIE is #1 country video on iTunes. I checked and NHIE is still #1 video on iTunes Country chart and #2 overall.
  13. 7 years since winning The Voice Season 4, Danielle Bradbery is still signed with her original label group (BMLG), and has a new radio single impacting country radio on 7/13/20. They released the official video today, 6/16/20.
  14. I'm glad that BMLG still supports Danielle. I wish Danielle the best of luck with this new single. I hope radio would give her a chance and NHIE would chart in the Top 40 at least, hopefully higher. NHIE is officially Danielle's 6th radio single. We lost all the single tracking data when the old site crashed last year but if I remember correctly, Goodbye Summer charted in the Top 40 with a peak of #39 on Mediabase. Here's hoping NHIE would top that and more.
  15. It's official! Never Have I Ever is the next single, impacting country radio on 7/13/20. EDIT: I added the impact date and the new video on the OP.
  16. ^ A video shoot for a new single?
  17. @Drew1903, tweets, IG and FB posts are automatically embedded on this new site. ***** Here is a preview of the NHIE video, to be released on 6/16/20. And Danielle's mom did a great job
  18. ^ Great news! Looking forward to NHIE video.
  19. Danielle Bradbery has a collaboration with Diplo and Zac Brown on Diplo's latest album [Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil ] released today, 5/29/20. Diplo Presents: Thomas Wesley - Hometown (ft. Zac Brown & Danielle Bradbery)
  20. I love this new song from Danielle. What a great blend of voices and talents. https://diplo.lnk.to/SnakeOil
  21. Nice promo from Amazon Music with Danielle on the playlist cover. And Danielle is in great company on the Women of iHeartCountry weekend show. I hope Bobby Bones interviews her.
  22. Congratulations to Toneisha for finishing THE runner-up.
  23. And it's confirmed. Toneisha is the runner-up and Team Blake is the Top 2.
  24. Thanks for posting this. What a treat! **** Added!
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