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  1. Latest Rasmussen poll reports that 31% of Black voters intend to vote for President Trump. He only had 8% of the Black vote in 2016. Lil Wayne decided to work with President Trump. Kanye and Ice Cube are also working with the President for the black community.
  2. Haha I don't know when Danielle auditioned but I guess I described Danielle as the contestant, though not on purpose (she was a pop-country singer back then).
  3. LOL. We can have pretend fan threads too -- Contestant 4-4 Fan Thread
  4. How about no name spoilers? Just blind items -- like that one poster mentioned a country guy getting the 1st 4 chair. Maybe assign numbers based on taping and order. For example: Contestant 4-4 [4th taping, 4th audition] is 3-chair turn for a 16 year old female blonde singer/songwriter.
  5. ^ Speaking of reminder, don't forget to vote for NHIE video on CMT 12-Pack Countdown, #teamDanielle. http://www.cmt.com/shows/cmt-music-12-pack-countdown/vote
  6. Danielle's performances with Big Machine Happy Hour over the weekend https://youtu.be/dxexMpl2VzQ
  7. Any guesses for the preview on Friday? I think (hope) it's WTW.
  8. SORTED BY APP PERCENTAGES: AFTER EPISODE 4 Red=no turn Ben Allen - 89% Cami Clune - 87% Desz - 87% Sid Kingsley - 87% Taryn Papa - 84% Jim Ranger - 83% Kelsie Watts - 83% Rio Souma - 78% Tamara Jade - 78% Tanner Gomes - 77% Ian Flannigan - 73% Joseph Soul - 73% Ryan Gallagher - 73% John Holliday - 72% Aaron Scott - 70% Marisa Corvo - 69% Carter Rubin - 67% Olivia Reyes - 65% Payge Turner - 64% Sam Stacy - 62% Madeline Consoer - 61% Faye Moffet - 60% Ryan Berg - 60% Ch
  9. It will be interesting to know next week how many non-Republicans vote for President Trump. The rally signup stats as posted by the GOP chairperson show at least 30% of signups are not republicans and at least 20% didn't vote last time. Here are the signups from today's rallies:
  10. I guess we'll see in one week which group has more votes - anti-Trump or pro-Trump. I always vote for something or someone, and I put more weight on one's record of accomplishments rather than personality. President Trump has delivered on important issues I care about. He nominated 3 constitutionalists to the Supreme Court, the only President in my lifetime who has not started any new wars, and he negotiated 4 peace deals [3 in Middle East] plus Armenian ceasefire so far (and more to come), so he earned my vote.
  11. I think his cognitive decline is accelerating. Meanwhile, President Trump is holding 3 rallies a day. Speaking of rallies, if there's one near you, if you can, try to attend. It's the biggest outdoor party these days, lots of fun and and you'll meet so many good-natured people. Or watch one on YT (the one in Omaha NE right now has over 100k viewers on RSBN channel). EDIT: A tale of two campaigns --
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