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  1. Nice promo from Amazon Music with Danielle on the playlist cover. And Danielle is in great company on the Women of iHeartCountry weekend show. I hope Bobby Bones interviews her.
  2. Congratulations to Toneisha for finishing THE runner-up.
  3. And it's confirmed. Toneisha is the runner-up and Team Blake is the Top 2.
  4. Thanks for posting this. What a treat! **** Added!
  5. Megan performed in the opening number on Tuesday night's Finale. And towards the end, she stuck her tongue out before shutting down the camera. istersay captured it here (bonus avi gif too ) Here's the video --
  6. Danielle added more than 200K new listeners this month! It was 1.44 million monthly listeners in April and now 1.65 million.
  7. Ricky performed briefly in tonight's The Voice finale. Here's the video (Ricky's part starts at around 1:26)
  8. I think so too. Maybe it will happen that way.
  9. I forgot the /s tag. That was just my flop prediction.
  10. Season 19 will be the reverse format of season 18. Pre-lives would be at-home performances and live playoffs would be in studio with live audience (with precautions and screening of course). EDIT: Just my prediction (or more like what I hope would happen).
  11. I missed that. I guess I can replay on DVR later. It's good to see Ricky and Britton perform towards the end.
  12. The worst prediction ever! I got every placement wrong!
  13. Congratulations to Toneisha for finishing as runner-up!
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