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  1. Terry McDermott (The Voice Season 3 Runner-up). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENfBWFzRQu0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-Vo28XWAsQ
  2. I kinda miss the Blake-Adam show. The Blake-Kelly rivalry is just not the same IMO. But it is what it is. S20 would probably be it for this show.
  3. Nick telling Kelly he sent her some songs and she rejected them. Kelly not realizing she was blocked until the end of the performance. The "creepy uncle" segment. Fool's gold was funny too. There are more comments that I found funny. I guess I am easily amused.
  4. 8 years ago is 2012. Seasons 2 and 3. Both won by Team Blake (Jermaine and Cassadee). Toneisha may have had a chance against Jermaine (though different format back then) but I doubt she'll go farther than Blake's top 2 in S3 - the only season that Team Blake got the win and runner-up.
  5. Neutral Not as excited as pre-season S17 though. I mean I have not made a single fan thread yet
  6. At least we still have live rounds, with some voting, and not a whole season of taped competition. Although if there's a lot of ratings drop-off from blinds to lives, I wouldn't be surprised if they cut down the lives to just semis and finals.
  7. Thanks for the info. Here are Danielle's announcements on IG --
  8. So what can we call S18 the Mystery Season?
  9. Awesome news! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Nice article about Danielle from "The Boot" country site. https://theboot.com/danielle-bradbery-country-ambassador-other-genres/ Danielle Bradbery Loves ‘Being a Representation of Country’ for Other Genres
  11. Thanks y'all for the Pryor and Kaleb info. I didn't pay much attention to S14 that's why I forgot about their battle and duet.
  12. Nice! I hope their coaches would help promote them when their music is out. Were they on the same season?
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