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  1. Neutral Not as excited as pre-season S17 though. I mean I have not made a single fan thread yet
  2. At least we still have live rounds, with some voting, and not a whole season of taped competition. Although if there's a lot of ratings drop-off from blinds to lives, I wouldn't be surprised if they cut down the lives to just semis and finals.
  3. Thanks for the info. Here are Danielle's announcements on IG --
  4. So what can we call S18 the Mystery Season?
  5. Awesome news! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Nice article about Danielle from "The Boot" country site. https://theboot.com/danielle-bradbery-country-ambassador-other-genres/ Danielle Bradbery Loves ‘Being a Representation of Country’ for Other Genres
  7. Thanks y'all for the Pryor and Kaleb info. I didn't pay much attention to S14 that's why I forgot about their battle and duet.
  8. Nice! I hope their coaches would help promote them when their music is out. Were they on the same season?
  9. Thanks for posting all the new shows. Love the guitar solo. He's so good.
  10. New coach this season with Blake as runner-up. Then probably Kelly again next season. Blake will get his 7th trophy in the final season of The Voice (probably S20).
  11. Thanks for posting this short clip. Looking forward to more new songs from Danielle, including some that will make the album. Didn't she sing MWAL, RFT and SOW a lot before IDBWM was released? Singing a (new-ish) song often does not necessarily mean it will likely be included in the new album. It would be great if this is one the album songs. We don't know what other songs she already wrote or will write (or songs she picks from other writers) that could make the cut of album 3 (and other future album hopefully). But I will surely enjoy every song that Danielle sings, whether album material or not.
  12. We were almost sure years ago that many early songs (RFT, MWAL, SOW among others) would make album #2, but they didn't I will be excited to hear new songs from Danielle but I won't be assuming they'll make album #3.
  13. Ricky's Sam Cooke cover - Bring It On Home To Me. Enjoy! https://www.instagram.com/p/B7rV-VGHuJf/
  14. "Mad World" cover by Kat https://www.instagram.com/p/B7mdR74jaox/
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