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  1. hi flavorfulFIFI!

  2. I’d like the Idol Games forum back too
  3. She couldn’t have even wiped the floor with Hello Sunday
  4. It was hard to add variety from Rose/Katie, but they slayed everyone the whole season 1. Gods Country - Rose 2. Without You - Katie 3. I Want to Know What Love Is - Rose 4. Border Song - Rose 5. Always Remember You - Katie 6. Big White Room - Rose 7. Because You Loved Me - Khalea 8. Natural Woman - Rose 9. California Dreamin - Joana 10. when the party’s over - Max
  5. Hopefully Kelly’s need to win with a country girl and guy is fulfilled, and she can go back to more pop/soul contestants
  6. 1. Alisan 2. Tessanne 3. Maelyn 4. Jordan 5. Chloe 6. Chris 7. Cassadee 8. Sawyer 9. Danielle 10. Brynn 11. Javier 12. Josh 13. Sundance 14. Craig 15. Jermaine 16. Jake 17. Chevel
  7. Hopefully he’s more interesting :w00t:
  8. Chevel and Hoot join the bottom ranks of winners, Kelly’s power
  9. Didn’t they hide Chevel until near the end last year?
  10. What about Kennedy? She had the teen appeal + sang a mix of older/current songs, and was up against one of the weaker Top 3’s the show has had, and still couldn’t get out of 4th
  11. This duet is so awkward. Kelly was good and looked experienced (obviously), but Jake seems so stiff and flat
  12. It’s Cher’s. Adam released his version like a week ago. Believe and It’s a Man’s World were the 2 songs I wanted Katie to sing, so it’s a great suprise Really like her original too. It sounds really current production wise. It fits the Femme Fatale playlist on Spotify :teehee: . I’m sure she’ll do great with IDWMAT too
  13. I know IDWMAT is the “astroid song”, but I think it’ll be fine for Katie tbh. The production in the preview screams closer too
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