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  1. So the format just like last season? or will they make it Overall Top 4 THEN Instant Save? I think it'll be 1 per coach still, but if they will try an Overall vote, I wouldn't be surprised.
  2. Semis still remain a mystery tho.... 4 artists safe? I think it'll be a 5-person finale, with the IS like last season.
  3. Told yall about the Wildcard update, Top 8 seemed iffy to me back then. They wouldn't change it since it actually proved to be suspenseful, and giving more performances as well.
  4. I could care less if fans are toxic towards everyone else because of their "idol's" looks. I do care if they are a typical and generic singer who I can look up better YT covers for, instead of watching a competition show, that's for stay-at-home moms. Ryan is someone who sounds like any other of his peers in his lane. I'm not gonna blame Kelly for it though, she likes who she likes and if Ryan somehow wins this whole show, it is what it is. But I don't think he'll win anyways, Carter or Jim has this on lockdown.
  5. I can't vote because I'm not convinced on Holiday or Ryan yet. Carter and Jim will prob be the Top 2. Anyone after that is making 3rd or below. if Its last season's format, a female will likely make the finale and it will be Desz I'd say.
  6. Can we call a Carter or Jim win now? I think a scenario of Gwen Vs Blake and Gwen winning with the teen boy is a good story. And Gwen gets her win, so TPTB is prob going this route, they will bus Kelly's stealth assassin to make sure.
  7. Legend is tricky, but I think it could go: PV: Holiday Save: Bailey Wildcard: Tamara, I don't think Tamara has a chance, she's just too underwhelming for Minivan.
  8. Maybe more obvious than Blake's, but: PV: Carter Save: Payge Wildcard: Ben, I don't think he could win it, Blake and Kelly have stronger competitors.
  9. Most obvious here. PV: Jim Save: WTW Wildcard: Taryn/Sid, they could win it, but Kelly has tough competition to fight.
  10. PV: Desz Save: This one is tricky, but I think she'll save Madeline. If assuming the Wildcard is still a thing, Ryan/Cami will get the chance to fight for it, and they may be the winner of it too.
  11. I think Carter/Jim will win. Kelly's stealth assassin Desz or Ryan could pull it off, but as of now I don't see it.
  12. Just another Opera singer. He's probably gonna win this 4-way though cause tragic audience.
  13. Still doesn't make sense that John ditches his Indie girl he already has Tamara so idk what's his strategy.
  14. I don't even need to hear anyone, to know that Taryn destroyed them all.
  15. I don't think Cami has a chance anymore, especially if Ryan wins the KO. I thought maybe she could pull a Maelyn-voting route, but the KO just didn't do it for her. She needs a miracle to stay in. I think PV goes to Ryan/Desz/Tanner Kelly's Save will go to Desz if not through PV, or Madeline if Tanner doesn't receive the PV. But as of now, I think: PV: Desz Kelly Saves: Madeline(she's giving me Megan vibes for the Save) I think Tanner is done. Cami is nearly done.
  16. Taryn coming in like: This woman is COMING to rip your wigs off and take your boots.
  17. Taryn's recent IG live showed how much she wants this. She cried a little and kept asking for our votes. Let's not disappoint her.
  18. Wait Taryn's closing? I thought that was just a random order in the video? But if its true, then I'm not complaining lmao, save the best for last TPTB.
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