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  1. Thank you for supporting me! I had a lot of fun with this. Thank you to all once again who supported in anyway you could. I appreciate you following this redux!
  2. These are the Grand Finale results. Julia and Kelsie were back and forth until Julia got at least one more person to support her for 3rd. Sid was winning against Cami in the beginning, but her supporters/casuals won it out in the end once the second day came in. It was close at one point though and in the Semis(I'll show later) Cami only had 5 votes on Sid. So she came in fighting in the Finale by getting 40 votes over him this time.
  3. Cami will also celebrate her win by singing her Blind Audition song, our last performance of the season! Cami Clune - "Skinny Love" Amazing job Cami! Well done as always!
  4. CAMI CLUNE, you have done it! Winning the whole competition and taking it all the way home! Well done to you sister and congrats on your amazing journey as well. You have future concerts to sell out soon girl(or Tik Tok at least lol) but congrats to our Runner-Up, Sid Kingsley as well. You have done amazing too my dude, your vocal talent is incredible as well. Congratulations to Cami Clune, taking a win with John Legend! Thank you to all the finalists and hopefully everyone will at least have enjoyed the results show. Celebrate however you like!
  5. That means we are down to Cami Clune and Sid Kingsley! These are your Top 2 IDF, you haven chosen them to try for that trophy. Now soon, right now, the winner will be revealed.... Well done to all the finalists and these amazing Top 2 artists..... but only one can win so let's finally get to it.
  6. Julia Cooper of Team Gwen. To you as well, you have done amazing this whole journey, you should be proud of yourself, we all are of you. Keep using that voice of yours to capture hearts! Gwen: You slay girl! You keep going with your voice!
  7. Down to Cami, Julia, and Sid now. The finalist finishing in 3rd place is.........
  8. Kelsie Watts of Team John. A fantastic journey you have been through Kelsie, you should be very proud of yourself. Great things are to come for you sis, keep slaying! John: Love you Kelsie! Its not the end for you, far from it!
  9. So to get an idea of how the votes went. Once again we got a little over 200 votes over the past few days and I will show the results after the reveal of the winner. Not to spoil too much before the big reveal, so everyone let's waste no more time. Please welcome, your Top 4 Grand Finalists! Kelsie Watts, Cami Clune, Julia Cooper, Sid Kingsley all walk out front and center stage. Carson: Seriously, well done to you all, you gave it everything you had and yall deserve to be here. However we got business to attend to. So first we will reveal the 4th place finisher, then the 3rd place finisher, and finally the Grand Winner of Season 19! Julia, Sid, Cami, Kelsie. One of you has won the voice, but we have to find out the other finishing places so here we go! The finalist finishing in 4th Place is...........
  10. First of all, once again I thank you all for supporting this redux and suggesting song choices for your favorite artists, I had a lot of fun with this and am glad my first redux was Season 19 with these vocalists who didn't really get to showcase their voice fully IRL cause of Covid ruining everything .(Same for S18 and S20, but our great friends SydneySam and Jarmon has already redone those seasons, so I didn't feel the need to redo those.) So first off, we will have our great coaches perform a country hit. Everyone please welcome: Blake Shelton, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson! Coaches - "Neon Moon"(Brooks & Dunn) Amazing job to you all, lovely voices as always!
  11. Alright IDF, voting is closed and your Grand Winner has been decided, along with the Results show! Tagging all: @Bk1234 @sydneysam @taylorkat @Angeles @QueenCami @jarmon @AliXRose @KimberlyxKyla @Hamza Tufail @Archanium @Teraginn @FloorWax @Daillon @David68 @DorisAnn @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY@Dalton Eduardo @VintageVoice @British Man @Harmat @Gustavo527 @Feder @randomgirl @americanvoice38 @Cookie73 @B-B @Leekleekington @VoiceFan1 @QueenKalie @rp3598
  12. Also to let everyone know, you still have about two hours to vote and the Grand Finale results show, plus your WINNER, will be revealed tonight!
  13. Singing some Celine and the audience loving it, as they should
  14. There you have it IDF, your Grand Finalists have sang for a few final times for your votes. And now its up to you to decide the Grand Winner! Tagging all once again: @Bk1234 @sydneysam @taylorkat @Angeles @QueenCami @jarmon @AliXRose @KimberlyxKyla @Hamza Tufail @Archanium @Teraginn @FloorWax @Daillon @David68 @DorisAnn @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY@Dalton Eduardo @VintageVoice @British Man @Harmat @Gustavo527 @Feder @randomgirl @americanvoice38 @Cookie73 @B-B @Leekleekington @VoiceFan1 @QueenKalie @rp3598 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe-Xt72OOor5Iq2eaKxsXUlKahlmtgPeIX7Fxz_QxxYNF6qfg/viewform?usp=sf_link - VOTING FORMS Alright IDF, you will have until 8/3(Next Tuesday) 7:00 PM EST(8:00 PM CDT) to vote! You can vote Up to 10 TIMES Per IDF User. Your Grand Winner will be decided by you. But of course, you can split your votes however you like. Pour all your votes into one artist or split between a few. 4th, 3rd, 2nd placements will also be revealed as well. ONLY ONE can win though, so choose accordingly on who you really want to see win. But just my suggestions, vote for whoever you like. I hope you enjoyed the show IDF and of course, the excited results will be revealed soon after the voting window has closed! If anything is wrong with the voting forms, please tell me and I'll fix it ASAP. I want everyone who can, to vote and to choose who they want to see win! Happy voting, and see you all soon IDF!
  15. Closing off our Artist round and the Grand Finale of the night. Here is Team John's Indie-Alt artist with a Billie Eilish song, giving it everything she's got. Everyone please welcome back: Cami Clune! Cami Clune - "When The Party's Over"(Billie Eilish) John: Cami like I said before, you are one to watch out for and this song really did represent who you are as a human being. You are emotional and powerful at the same time. Your tone is too good to not listen to and you have this dark light that let's us feels comfort in your voice. That sounds weird yes, but I don't know how to describe it. But, IDF please vote for Cami cause you deserve the win and I'm just so excited to see you in a recording studio and of course some concerts! Well done Cami, I love you so much!
  16. With everything on the line, this artist will be giving another Bob Dylan piece that he feels very connected to and has showed his power in the past with a couple of his other tunes. Everyone please welcome back Team Kelly's Blues artist: Sid Kingsley! Sid Kingsley - "Boots Of Spanish Leather"(Bob Dylan) Kelly: Sid, I loved loved and LOVED this song for you. I think it was the perfect way to close out your journey on the voice. It was magical, it was powerful and it represented you completely as an artist. My dude, even if you just need someone to talk to, I'm here if you need me, unless if you become too famous of course haha. Anyways, thank you Sid for blessing us every round, I love you and IDF please vote for Sid cause he totally deserves it! Great job Sid!
  17. Giving it all she has in this Sia song. Team John's Rock-Pop vocalist is finishing strong with a song that she feels close and can relate to. Everyone please welcome back: Kelsie Watts! Kelsie Watts - "Chandelier"(Sia) John: Get it Kelsie! Darn girl, if that wasn't such a memorizing vocal then I don't know what is. Kelsie you have always came and showed your power, this build-up for this song was amazing. I'm only hoping IDF sees the power in your voice and rewards you the win because you deserve it Kelsie! Well done girl and I can only hope for the best for you, you should be proud of your journey here! Love you Kelsie!
  18. Now for our final round of the Grand Finale, then IDF, you will vote for your winner. The artist round. Showing who the artists want to be and what song could represent that. Opening up the round will be Team Gwen's Indie vocalist. Taking on an original she created. Everyone please welcome back: Julia Cooper! Julia Cooper - "Something In My Head"(Original/Julia Cooper) Gwen: Julia, I couldn't be more proud of how far you come on this show. Not only as a vocalist, but as a person and artist. This song defined who you are and how you wanted your voice to be. I'm begging IDF to vote for you because you deserve to take home the win after this. Love you Julia and I only wish for the best for you. You know I'm always here for you if needed! Well done girl!
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