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  1. Adding on, I think she's a great vocalist and that tone. Her control is overlooked for more popular contestants. Her and Hailey should be in Kelly's Top 3(Top 4 with possible WC) at least.
  2. Seems like trolling is the theme this season lol. Perhaps a friend of Samuel was the source and took a page out of his book
  3. Knockouts Episode 1 Jonathan Mouton - I Can See Clearly Now - 6 Wendy Moten - Ain't No Way - 10 Katie Rae - Hold On To Me - 8.5 Raquel Trinidad - Valerie - 6.5 Gymani - Pillowtalk - 5.5 Kinsey Rose - Strawberry Wine - 6.5 Joshua Vacanti - Falling - 7 Sabrina Dias - Photograph - 8 Hailey Green - God's Country - 8 LiBianca - everything i wanted - 8.5 Holly Forbes - Superstar - 10 Girl Named Tom - Wichita Lineman - 8 Great night, no one truly bad.
  4. Holly coming in and slaying already. She should win this.
  5. Green did well, but LiBianca is about to slay too. Might be pretty even.
  6. I think she's stronger than Brittney, but still on a stacked team. WC Is her best shot I'd say.
  7. Really just Katie spoilers were the buffers, everything else should be fine lol. Except Brittney rip.
  8. I thought she was fine, but either way it wasn't a clear win. Not amazing from both.
  9. The plot twists makes the spoilers entertaining, but the flop information is to be noted.
  10. I think that could have been better, Gymani is a cool vocalist though.
  11. Katie is underrated and I enjoyed her whole run so far, even if she's DOA in Kelly's team, I'm glad she sings again.
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