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  1. Have you gone to your signature? If you can you should be able to remove it from there. But sorry if that doesn't help I'm not familiar with that.
  2. Like a true stan. We all repeat her performances tbh, or else we would be flops But its only fitting to repeat her performances AT LEAST one time or it just wouldn't feel right.
  3. Happy to support you! Excited for Season 13, oh my idk what's gonna happen! Excited for it though!
  4. Season 13 is gonna SLAY! So many worthy winners, but yall know who I'm going for don't @me lmao.
  5. Lmao, she better. No one could compete with her that season... or any season regardless.... Jordan/Alisan/Tessanne would be the closest, but fail lol.
  6. awwww, well done to Rose though. but wow Marybeth dominated 2 rounds? shook tbh, I thought she wasn't that well received here tbh, glad she made it to the finale though. Something John couldn't do
  7. haha, I realized that a bit too! twinzies tbh.
  9. The suspense I- yeah I think Rose and Marybeth is the Top 2, but idk who will win it tbh.
  10. Its all good yeah take your time with it! OH, I'M SHAKING LOL. Who will follow Queen Zan into the winner's circle?
  11. Christina Grimmie - "Can't Help Falling In Love" THE performance of the season.
  12. The songs I love them and Marybeth's set I- You did so good this season and well done A-kid! Excited for the winner as really all are worthy tbh, and the future redux's as well.
  13. Yeah on Twitter they confirmed both placements. TStorm got 3rd.
  14. Its tough, but I went with who I felt was right!
  15. Voted! The songs are killer too, nice job friend!
  16. Can I just go off here?! Literally the best song of 2019 tbh, and going into 2020. I'm hoping we all have the courage in these times to push through the hardships and overcome it.... stronger and with more positive energy continuing on in the future! This is the anthem right here for overcoming all obstacles no matter how difficult, and to become a better version of each one's self for a better life. This song has many meanings because it can apply to everyone, we hear Celine's story through her vocals, but it applies to each one of our stories. Weather its the situation we as humans are in now(Coronavirus) relationships, loss of loved ones, mental hardships, physical hardships, etc. We are all in it together and can come out stronger, we just have to commit cause the obstacles for sure are committed to stopping us at all costs. Let's not let them stop us and get through this stronger! Sorry I just had to go off a minute lol.
  17. Rip Injoy. At least she made it to the Top 10 unlike her flop coach ditching her in the NBC season
  18. I made the choice I had to made, but loved the songs for all of them tbh(and thanks for taking my Gracee suggestion!)
  19. SLAY HUN! I feel like I'm running out of things to say for our Queen tbh, but I'll repeat a million times more because that's the praise she deserves!
  20. I agree, I thought she did PHENOMENAL! The runs, the piercing notes in her higher register. And it honestly felt like Joanna's best performance because she gave a final cry for that finale I feel.
  21. YES! And I'm sad as well.... I like to think I'm good at searching for Indie artists out there, but I never really found her until the spoilers came up back when S16 was going to begin its audition process. And I was busier back between 2016 - 2019 the most, but was able to make time for The Queen. And the first comments made on the spoiler page were great too! "Snowflake alert" "Wow she's good" things like that, I couldn't believe my ears(and even eyes lmao she's a goddess) while I was intrigued I had false hope she would actually get far because of her genre and style which I felt Minivan would dump her before even the Top 13 lol. Thank the divines I was wrong, and of course we all had our doubts that she could even win before the show even began or even make the Top 8. "There are so many ways the show could screw up Maelyn within her genre, style, wheelhouse" Was a comment also made if anyone remembers that, and its just a freaking miracle that Queen Maelyn was the intelligent Queen that she is and knew which songs to make her sound like herself but with also appealing to enough of Minivan to ensure the win. I think we all still remember how freaked out we all were when her Semifinals song was being speculated too.... lmao we all thought John came up with the worst song choice and thought it was going to be the end of The Queen's journey. Okay maybe not that far, but if it was a terrible song, Maelyn would have had a hard time recovering into the finale.
  22. Voted as well! Surprised at the breakouts this round tbh.
  23. Kyndal - Midnight Train To Georgia(Gladys Knight) Marybeth - The Prayer(Celine Dion) Gracee - You Give Good Love(Whitney Houston) Rose - Hurt(Christina Aguilera) Injoy - Since You Been Gone(Kelly Clarkson) Some suggestions from me! Excited for tomorrow!
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