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  1. To give to the recent tragedies: Tayler Green Vs Micah Iverson - KO, S18. I'm still facepalmed by Kelly's decision, but really that's all of her decisions since S16. Lol and the most obvious with S13: Chloe Kohanski Vs Ashland Craft, she got stolen still but like wow, if steals didn't exist, Chloe was gone right then and there(Even if it meant Addison would have won, it would still be unfair to Chloe)
  2. Missed this somehow, a few days ago Queen shows her beauty once again and why its literally impossible to not be allured by her magic.
  3. Weather my choice here is for The Queen or Queen Amber, I can't say really and I have not cast my vote yet. Voting for Maelyn: + Maelyn is Maelyn + Angelic and flawless vocal control + Stellar rendition of "Hallelujah" + Easily the best winner of all seasons and showed that country trio of Blake's on why they should have stayed in their hillbilly towns cause they never had a chance against her.(I know this isn't about the performance, but its just a fun fact I love to give) - Voting against Amber who is also Amber - Objectively this isn't her best live show performance tbh(We still stan tho) - Its "Hallelujah" and the number of renditions/covers done sometimes makes me pull my hair out cause its just too overdone(although Maelyn shoved the other flop covers to their graves) - Amber doesn't get to advance Voting for Amber: + Amber is Amber + Powerful projection in her voice and knows how to clearly emote in this performance. + Outsold Adam Levine, her own coach, on his own song + Showed that you can give the best performance of the night but still go home to Snoozebros and Barbie girl just because they are Team Blake and more "marketable"(Even though Amber is the true marketable queen and has the cross-over potential shown as opposed to the other 2 flops on Blake's team) - Voting against Maelyn in which the crime should be greater than any federal offense ever given in the history of anything on this planet/universe. - Maelyn doesn't get to advance So as you can see I'm trying to give the most objective and unbias view to clearly make sure my vote isn't tragic. But its going to be tragic because these 2 deserve to win but only one can win and I might have to cry for about 30 minutes before even thinking on who to vote for. Literally kill me now.
  4. Still think Todd would have won, especially with "I Can Only Imagine" His stats were OP.
  5. lol no. The slayage of Sharane Callister should be the only worthy rendition of it. S14, Live Playoffs Round 1.
  6. Amber's Sad! slay, okay I'm faced with an impossible decision though.... Of course Queen is Queen, but Amber's Sad was everything I- I may have to cancel myself after the next vote cause voting against either one would be tragic.
  7. There's just something about Sawyer's tone and vocal control that leaves me shook. He also knows when to let go at the right moments to show his raw power. Slayage performances too.
  8. Hoping Taryn has a good song if someone can watch the taping! If not then rip this season for me lol. Although I think I'll find more progressive talents as we go on like Megan last season.
  9. 4th - Britton 3rd - Brynn Winner - Kyla(even if she did flop come finale night) Runner-Up - Spensha
  10. I just want Celine Dion to mentor or something, she SLAYED in S12. If she was a coach, she'd give Blake a run for his money, Team Minivan would love her.
  11. so true lmao. And if we are on originals for that night, Spensha outsold everyone. I'm glad she ended on a high note with a #4 Itunes charter tbh, even if she deserved at least 2nd that finale night.
  12. Great show tonight! The young girls really brought it tonight! Hoping Kenadi has a spot in the Finale!
  13. but they did before I thought, in S13 and S14 Blake was told to announce that Jhud and Kelly would be new coaches, am I correct?
  14. Based on her progression and the flopping of the other queens that season, I agree tbh. Tstorm also did the best that finale night, so depending on how Megan would have done, I wouldn't have minded a win from either of them. I actually expected Megan to win the whole show after her KO performance.
  15. QueenMae16

    4 KOs

    Samantha was fantastic in her 4-way KO and outsold everyone. Her BA showed her potential, and her Battle emphasized her power, she stepped up in the KO too. She went big when needed, and held back to tell the story. How she didn't get the save is beyond me, but minivan loves when boys show emotion, so congrats to Michael's basic rendition lol.
  16. I still remember on the facts trivia for the app. Queen's go to karaoke song was "Glitter In The Air" yall probably remember that too, would have loved for a Maelynized version of that.
  17. If we are going Lady Gaga, then maybe "Edge Of Glory" and "Bad Romance" tbh. ROCK THAT STAGE QUEEN!
  18. How the f*** did "The Scientist" lose? Like I love you Tessanne my girl, but that performance was emotionally crippling and made me cry like wtf? Fine its okay, I'm okay, everything is okay. Anyways, voted for Amber and Maelyn here, sorry Tessanne. But Maelyn and Amber are..... you know.
  19. QueenMae16

    4 KOs

    "Over You" would be the ultimate country-ballad I'd say, but its Miranda, and Blake won't stan. Although if we go in the country-pop kind of side, I would like the vocalist to try "Burning House" we had plenty of battles of it, but I would like a solo vocal performance in the KO or live shows again. This vocalist can outperform Emily Ann and Chris Kroeze easily, so it would be perfect for an artist like them.
  20. I would say so too, lmao. I remember barely any standouts, while it came after the iconic Season 13, I jokingly repeated "They couldn't have run out of all the talent, could they?" Cause it was just so underwhelming with maybe 3 or 4 artists at best capturing unique or powerful talent. It improved as time went on: Kyla, Sharane, Jackie Verna, etc. So that was good at least. Now so far its just Taryn for me, I will notice the talent grow as Battles and KO's appear, but right now its torture. If anyone else likes the indie or powerhouse talent so far, then good for them, at least some people are enjoying it. Me searching for the talent:
  21. So its confirmed the live show format will be the same as S18 right? Top 17 - Top 9(1 PV, 1 Coach Save per team + Wildcard) - Top 5(1 PV per team + 1 Instant Save) Or will it be Top 4 Finale, 3 PV, 1 Instant Save?
  22. Marybeth Byrd and Joei Fulco's performances were pretty great. Also liked Max's, Kyndal's, Rizzi's, and Samantha's. Disliked/untalented flops - Gyth, Britton, Nelson Meh: Kymberli, Radha, Katie. Those powerhouse voices that pretty much you can hear at a vocal showcase you know. underrated in my eyes tbh: Domenic, Hannah, Zaxai Also: Maelyn, because she was totally worthy to have a coach block for her. lmao, I'm surprised no one did tbh.
  23. QueenMae16

    4 KOs

    I would totally go for some Faith Hill for Team Blake's vocalist. I still would like them to try "Cry", but if they want something different, go for "There You'll Be" they have the range and power to pull it off. I wouldn't go outside of the country lane, I know they can slay outside of country, but for the votes they better stick to country.
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