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  1. Idk if this is unpop or not but the best battle for me was Cam's battle.
  2. 4 Chair-Turn: 1. Alisan Porter - "Blue Bayou" 2. Maelyn Jarmon - "Fields Of Gold" 3. Jordan Smith - "Chandelier" HM: Sandy Redd - "River', Christina Grimmie - "Wrecking Ball", Thunderboy - "Blackbird", 3 Chair-Turn: 1. Cam Anthony - "Lay Me Down" 2. Julia Cooper - "Alaska" 3. Matt McAndrew - "A Thousand Years" HM: Domenic Haynes - "River', Chloe Kohanski - "The Chain", Michael Lee - "The Thrill Is Gone" 2 Chair-Turn: 1. Adam Wakefield - "Tennessee Whiskey" 2. Kyla Jade - "See Saw"
  3. Episode 1: K: Ryleigh (B) vs Gean (B-) B: Connor (C) vs Aaron (C-) N: Dana (B) vs Devan (C+) J: Pia (D) vs Christine (F) N: Jose (B) vs Awari (B) B: Ethan (B+) vs Avery (B+) Episode 2: B: Cam (A) vs Emma (B-) K: Gihanna (B-) vs Halley (D) J: Zania (B) vs Durrell (C+) B: Jordan (B-) vs Keegan (C+) N: Zae (B) vs Lindsay (B-) K: Corey (A) vs Savanna (B+)
  4. Have you stanned any male contestant in the past???
  5. Forgot about her. She is also a female powerhouse. She would definitely top my list as well.
  6. The King is at the top. Maelyn, Tessanne, Chloe, and Alisan are next in line. Then comes Matt, Thunderboy, Adam W, Craig, Amber, Josh K, Chris B, Kyla, and Amanda. Jeffery Austin, Juliet, Kimberly, Christina Grimmie, Lauren, Jake Haldenvang, and Julia Cooper are great as well.
  7. Episode 2 Cam & Emma - 10,000 Hours 9.7 Gihanna & Halley - Thinking Out Loud 6 Zania & Durell - Emotions 7 Jordan & Keegan - Calling All Angels 6.5 Zae & Lindsay - Rewrite the Stars 6 Corey & Savanna - Dreams 9.5
  8. Also I forgot but there was another user on the live discussion thread who said, "Maelyn bores me to tears".
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