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  1. Fixed the title! I didn't know you all would make this a big issue. I don't know what was wrong with the previous one. But anyways I changed it so now just chill.
  2. My list, 1. Cam - Probably the only one who gave Jordan a great competition for the top spot. It would've been even more closer if he had more performances. 2. Tessanne - The best female vocalist to ever be on this show. She not only has the range but she also was so Versatile and most importantly CONSISTENT from start to finish. 4. Chris B - You can't convince me that he didn't deserve to win after Superstition and Love on the brain. 4. Javier Colon - Didn't watch his season live but man what a beautiful tone he has. 5. Jermaine - No comments.
  3. I didn't use the word "AA" because Tess is not.
  4. Lindsay is out. Hmmm....this means Cam actually has a chance at the top 3. P.S. one more disagreement here. Corey would be in my top 3.
  5. That's why I created this poll. I wanted to who has the most STANS. I wish there were 70+ who had voted for this poll(Just like during the season). The things would've been clear if that was the case.
  6. To each it's own. I like Gihanna too but Corey outsang her in the PO and in the IS. The only time when she was better than Corey was the SF night.
  7. This is not an unpopular opinion. IDF always preferred Joanna. Here's my unpop opinion tho. Zan's PO performance was much much better than Camm's. Camm did nothing special for me on that round.
  8. I added all of s20's favs to get more accurate results.
  9. 1. Amber and Tessanne are my favs from this batch. Went with Tess tho. 2. This one is extremely hard for me. I Love Chloe, Kyla, and Maelyn. I also like Gihanna, Lauren, DeSz, and Makenzie. Anyways I'm going with Chloe because she has my all-time favorite Tone.
  10. My top choice would be excellent and consistent but since it's not here so I chose "Excellent and inconsistent"
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