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  1. Here's another one. Jordan might be the best contestant that has ever been on this show. You may call it a stretch but that's what it is. Don't try to tell me otherwise.
  2. That's why I used the word FOR ME it was mess.
  3. Here's another one. Thunderboy was the only STANDOUT ARTIST of S18. And he saved that ear-bleeding season for me. Overall S18 was a mess for me. I hated almost everyone in the top 9. I hate Meagan's tone Not a fan of Zan's style Not a fan of Camm's style and his choices Can't bear Allegra's poor enunciation Don't get Joanna's appeal Micah's tone was cool especially when he sang Someone You Loved but his latter performances were awful Todd has a distinctive voice. He's actually tolerable. Anymore and Long Way Home were good but o
  4. I don't get the use of confused emojis on someone else's personal opinions imao. Everyone has their own personal opinions. Would you like if I use confusion faces on your personal opinions???
  5. Adam's Wakefield's entire run and Craig's I walk the line + Can't you see + The old rugged cross. I also liked Lauren's Ghoost in this house + Deja Vu as well as Jake Hoot's Cover me up.
  6. Jordan's Crystal Clear version of Chandelier >>>>>>>>> Allegra's messy and breathy and terribly executed(in terms of technique + Enunciation) version.
  7. All except Kyla Chris and Chevel So hard to choose one between Gyth and Dexter
  8. All of the finalists of S11 were equally bad Jesse and Aliyah Red(Addison is a close second though)
  9. Both Will and Jaquie were bad but maybe Jaquie because I can't bear her screamy style. Jake by far(Christina should've been in the top 2 Damien
  10. Joshua(Sawyer is a close second) Emily and Barrett(Two of the worst contestants ever) Laith and Hannah were equally bad for me
  11. We can just agree to disagree then. I still stand to it that neither carter nor Sawyer deserved to win(both deserved to be in the finale though). I think this should've been the order of S8 and S19 Kimberly > Koryn > Meghan > Sawyer for S8 Desz > John > Jim = Carter > Ian for S19.
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