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  1. If he’s with Hailey, I’d favor Xavier; if he’s with Jeremy, I’d bet on Kelly picking Jeremy since Jeremy can do a lot of genres fairly well (much like she herself can).
  2. Idk if that’s better or worse than them pretending none of their winners exist
  3. Haven’t been rooting too hard for the trio, but all three of them are solid vocalists in their own right so with the right song choices in the KOs and beyond, they could do surprisingly well.
  4. Me, looking at the names for Team Legend trying to guess who Sam might get thrown against next:
  5. I’m hoping she makes the lives, but it’s really going to depend when her KO tapes and who her opponent is - for example, if it’s Holly/Gymani, she’s probably screwed, but if it’s Hailey Mia or the duo, she might have a shot based on age/experience. I have this gut feeling saying it’s Jeremy though (he went country in the blinds and Kinsey’s definitely country; GNT was her battle partner so it’s not going to be them and they’re the only other ones that don’t seem too out there of a pair). Then again, Kelly’s not the most predictable with her pair ups so we’ll see.
  6. Shawn Domenic Jej Easy answers this time (though wouldn’t have minded Trey being stolen alongside Matthew and Beth of this batch).
  7. Happy to have Holly going to the KOs, wonder what musical direction she’s heading there…
  8. As long as he’s not pitted against either of Blake’s four chair turns…
  9. At least it’s not likely to be more awkward than S18 Señorita though
  10. We had seven: Wendy Girl Named Tom Carson Holly Gymani Brittany Aaron (the only eliminated one at the moment)
  11. By team: Kelly: Holly Forbes Gymani Kinsey Rose Jeremy Rosado (haven’t checked him out in depth but I am keeping an eye on him) John: Samuel Harness Jershika Maple (not super invested yet but she could be interesting) Ariana: David Vogel Manny Keith (liked what I heard but I expected him to be fodder, so…oops?) Blake: Wendy Moten Hailey Green Jonathan Mouton
  12. Hailey in the KOs??? Thank goodness. Hoping she gets a decent song this next round, but we’ll see.
  13. Wendy past the battles? Give her something like Tennessee Whiskey - it seems like she’s not going to go country on the show, but it’s a mix of country and soul and a song that pretty much everyone I know likes (even those who don’t normally like country) + it’d show off what her voice can do effectively.
  14. S18: Camm, easily - Kelly’s decently liked with the audience and I’m guessing that KO was a large factor in him making the finale despite being a re-steal. S19: Sid, easily - again with the Kelly factor + it being the strongest vocal of the four. S20: I voted for Avery because country is the safe bet with the audience, but I think Andrew would give him a run for his money and I wouldn’t be shocked to see Andrew win in this hypothetical scenario.
  15. Prefer option A by a wide margin, with option B’s preference of a steal being Kelly since she doesn’t have anyone even remotely similar there right now (like Ari does) and she’s a tad more unpredictable with her coach saves than Blake.
  16. A David/Katherine KO pairing would be the sh** of my nightmares, tbh. I could see the duo or Manny as plausible KO partners, but as long as it isn’t one of the trio of known pop gals I’ll be fine. Crossing my fingers his KO song is decent and he goes early enough that both he and his partner can advance.
  17. Also all my faves made it through (granted, one did need a steal, but I’ll take it lmao) Now to watch me lose at least one of them - and likely more - in the KOs…
  18. Lexi’s brunette and could fit for Team Blake’s unknown brunette girl, so… (yeah I’m desperate don’t come for me)
  19. Jonathan with Blake and Manny with Ari…interesting (and really hoping Jonathan isn’t KO fodder for Wendy since I like both of them).
  20. Tbf it’s like 5 AM or so out in his time zone (I think he’s west coast based, but I’m not 100% on that) so it’s still early. Happy spoiler day, y’all. (And RIP the servers if an IDF fave doesn’t make it through)
  21. Also re-reading this thread from the beginning and I called him getting the Wildcard from the day his audition aired Maybe I really am psychic then…
  22. *Andrew Marshall has entered the chat* It also helps that David is Team Ari + will tackle at least one of her songs on the show - both are bound to get him social media brownie points and his audition shown in full, so the song choice is an excellent strategic move on his part (I’m assuming he had a say in it, since I don’t think TPTB would expect a guy to make an Ariana song work for them).
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