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  1. I can’t even imagine what the heck a Joshua take on a country song would be like, so I sincerely hope TPTB aren’t trying anything too stupid this season. That said, if it’s under the guise of “keeping threats away from Ariana’s team” then I think it says a lot about Joshua’s charisma and vocals so far that someone that wouldn’t normally be a threat on paper (quirky theatrical guy under the guidance of an unpopular coach) is considered a potential threat.
  2. Agreed, but whether TPTB actually care about how that looks is another matter.
  3. I hope so, because if she doesn’t, then a “sudden rule change” allowing for Twitter in the Instant Save becomes a lot more likely.
  4. *flashbacks to me not getting on the Corey train until he was confirmed to make the lives and him subsequently becoming one of my favorites of the season* As for the original question, Cam and Maelyn are the two winners who come to mind from previous seasons. Non-winners who fit the bill would be Thunderstorm…and that’s about it I can think of for sure. This season, I’d say the two overall least polarizing members of the top 10 would be Paris and Jershika, with Hailey as a third less polarizing contestant - the former two IDF and Minivan both seem to respect even if they don’t always end up in the top half of the stats/get the most buzz, and the latter has gotten good support but has more vocal detractors on here than the other two. GNT isn’t terribly polarizing vocally, but IDF and other non-Facebook sites are more divided on them than the three I named ahead of them.
  5. Honestly half the time his Twitter makes me laugh and the other half it activates “Older Sister Mode” and makes me want to protect him from the a**holes who are just straight up rude…hopefully, someone’s helping keep an eye on his (and the other contestants, too) mental health.
  6. The only reason I could see a teenager making one is because a lot of times universities in the States have groups for incoming new students to find roommates/meet people ahead of time, but I don’t even know if that’s a common thing anymore. Otherwise, most of the teenagers I know stick to TikTok.
  7. I mean, “Stayin’ Alive” after we talk about her potentially needing the Instant Save to make the finale would be a little too on the nose even for TPTB, but…
  8. I’m not about to sit here and pretend Ariana has been a flawless coach, but I do admire how much she seems to genuinely care for her team and wants to see them succeed - it’s refreshing, especially from someone who is such a big deal in the modern music industry. It definitely helps that she’s the youngest on the panel and doesn’t have kids of her own (which allows her more free time than the other three coaches to hang out with and get to know her artists on a more personal level), but I think regardless of that she’d be invested emotionally into her team.
  9. As a Todd fan, I’ll say it: the minute TPTB got their hands on footage of his kids napping while he was singing in the semifinals, it was game over for everyone else, regardless of whether or not they were technically stronger as vocalists. Toneisha is a contestant who would’ve thrived in the live shows (same with Todd, for different reasons), but her coming in second with Thunderstorm being a heavy favorite online is still impressive.
  10. Especially considering he was only 20 at the time
  11. Between Rose absolutely crushing an unexpected song, Ricky’s guitar skills coming out in full force, and Will‘s closing act, it would’ve been a very fun night to be in the audience (granted, that was also “Caribbean Queen” night, but otherwise a decent day for the s17 cast for the most part).
  12. Will didn’t go from lying down to literally jumping off the stage (and almost seriously injuring his knee in the process) to not be the show’s closing act that week.
  13. “Jim and Sasha Allen Get ‘So Creative’ with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’ - The Voice 2021 Top 10”
  14. https://instagram.com/stories/samuel_harness/2714882542626706199?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=copy_link Samuel’s working on a music video and studio recording for “Bruises” and the current expected timeline for the release is December 12. Guess I know what I’ll be listening to on loop that day.
  15. You won’t see character development and self reflection this high quality anywhere else, folks.
  16. She tripped over the wires behind one of the speakers right after the performance. Luckily, she’s fine (Paris and someone else who I couldn’t ID helped her up), just a little bit bruised.
  17. Holly already did “Rocket Man” in the blinds, but Elton could work depending on the song.
  18. Imagine being so pathetic you can’t show legitimate concern for someone who got hurt on live f*cking television. Shame on them.
  19. Wendy Moten GNT Paris Winningham Jershika Maple Hailey Mia Joshua Vacanti Holly Forbes Jeremy Rosado Lana Scott Jim & Sasha Allen
  20. Ryleigh as the playoffs save was the most controversial, and letting Hailey go in the battles was the most questionable (though I’d argue Hailey is thriving with Kelly in a way she wouldn’t have with Ariana).
  21. Relieved Wendy seems to be okay after scaring the bajeebus out of everyone tonight, just hope she gets a chance to rest before jumping right back into the swing of things. Anyway, time to go spam the app with “How Do I Live” and “Go Rest High On That Mountain” for her.
  22. So GNT is getting a normal song, at least two of Hailey/Holly/Wendy/Paris are probably fine…and J&S are getting acoustic WAP. Got it.
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