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  1. I was gonna guess "lost again in the KOs" but Katie won hers, so that's out.
  2. Manifesting a Taryn/Sid post-playoffs team for Blake (which is a massive pipe dream since there's a better chance of my tone-deaf vocals making it all the way through to S21 blinds than this being his final two for the season).
  3. Finally watched - the middle one (Mia?) has the strongest voice and those harmonies are pretty good, but it was kinda messy at spots. Gwen's face when she realized there were three people on stage was the best part of the video for me.
  4. I expect them to be the leak, but we've had two country leaks already and Linda Ronstadt is country-rock on that particular song, while Julia is genre-wise different than the rest of the leaks and would add some variety.
  5. Me, attempting to bribe the producers to leak Julia's audition (2020, colorized)
  6. Favorite: Ian, he's the most interesting tonally so even though he's more at-risk being on a country-heavy team I'm hoping to see him do well. Least Favorite: Tanner, his voice is fine but boring - Jim's got a clarity/power behind it that I like and Ben's twang at least makes him more memorable. Longest Lasting: Jim, he's gotten decent reception on social media so far and has Blake's voting block to back him if he needs it. His biggest obstacle is the fact that a country-adjacent pastor that worked with Blake won last season.
  7. Nope, it's a presidential election year so that takes precedence.
  8. 1. John (still the strongest given Tamara/John/Cami/Sid from last week, and Rio this week was his strongest addition - however, adding Casme and Olivia narrows the gap between him and #2) 2. Kelly (she got better this week, as Kelsie/Desz/Tanner are all strong adds to her roster; additionally, Ryan G. seems to be Minivan's favorite overall favorite so far which is a boost to Kelly's credibility) 3. Blake (Ben and Sam were both decent additions to his team, but I'm skeptical on Payton and JusJon, so he drops below Kelly for the moment) 4. Gwen (Carter was her biggest win of the w
  9. They're both Team Kelly country artists from the Southwestern US (he's from Arizona and she's from New Mexico) so I can see why she relates to him. She's also commented about John H.'s performance, so it's anyone's guess who her favorite is officially this season. Although if she's on board with Tanner and that has the same pull as Thunderstorm maybe that means his ceiling is third place?...we'll see.
  10. She might not be up til the end of battles - they've been saving Blake's last/only steal for the battle round until the end of the battles since S15, so it could be a while, unfortunately (since Cami's battle partner got Blake's steal).
  11. Considering the low bar for male contestants on this show and how easily they can dominate a season (see: S16), forgive me if I'm worried about their impact on the artists I prefer.
  12. I could've watched paint dry and I'd have had an hour of my time feel less wasted. C'est la vie, I guess.
  13. My team is full - unless someone really blows me away next week, I should be good to go.
  14. I just wish we didn't have to rely on one or two artists carrying the show to make it worth watching.
  15. Desz' wrap up The rest. Larriah has potential, Tanner was tolerable if not interesting, and I liked Sam's song choice, but this episode was underwhelming.
  16. Score Card for tonight's episode 1 point for accurate episode guess on episode + lineup spot, 0.5 point for correct episode appearance. 1 point: nobody 0.5 points: nobody Tonight's total: 0/6 Previous total: 3/40 Running total: 3/40 Marisa, Ian, and Cami all going last week really screwed this up for me; additionally, for next week Tanner and Carter are already on the show so the most I could get would be five points.
  17. And Charlie needs his hearing checked - in what world does Peyton merit a B+?
  18. If Kelly wins with him when Desz and Cami are right there--
  19. Even worse when you consider the only requirements for male country artists is not being pitchy yet we've still had country guys with pitch problems make it to the finale (and almost win, thank you Maelyn for preventing that).
  20. Apparently they planned for the shorter format even before COVID, though, which may be a rumor but who knows. 77% for Tanner - and honestly, given tonight, he gets a B+ purely for the fact there's more than three notes in his range and the fact he's on pitch.
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