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  1. Realistically, S17 seems like the best bet to ask for. Ideally, this is what I'd want: 12 acts per team in the blinds Two battle steals (8 per team remaining) One KO steal (5 per team remaining) Top 20 in the playoffs Top 20 cut to the top 12 with 2 PVs and the coach save Top 12 -> Top 10 -> Top 8 -> Top 6 (semifinals) -> Top 4 (finale) Top 6 and Top 4 get two solos and the top 4 get the coach duet as well (the top 4 can have the original song as a solo, since that gives a clearer idea for most of their ideal post-TV musical direction) No Instant Save/Wildcard BS given the bias against contestants from Mountain Time and Pacific Time (and to a lesser extent towards whatever artist goes last) No comeback artists Get rid of the semifinals duets because while they can produce some gems (like Chloe & Noah, Maelyn & Rod, or Katie & Rose) there's the risk for a hot mess express (Kat & HS and Kennedy & Reagan being two of those), not to mention someone gets paired with the most popular artist and someone has to go with the least popular Bring back the finalists + 1-2 fan favorites from the previous season throughout the live shows to promote their music after the show instead of plugging artists who don't need that platform to be a household/mainstream name
  2. You'd think for a guy whose competitive streak focused on one-upping Blake he'd maybe give more thought towards making that happen with the artist he'd stolen from Blake, but this thread isn't about trying to understand how Adam Levine's brain works.
  3. The only person in his final three of S13 that he cared about getting to the finale was Addison, which (while Adam's taste there was on point) wasn't fair to either of the other two.
  4. When even the guy who beats you in the Instant Save looks shocked by that news, you know your elimination was a surprise.
  5. John's teams are always stacked but he's not always the best at managing it (see: losing all his four-chairs by the end of the playoffs this season); that said, the EGOT thing is definitely a big draw so I get how his teams end up with really good artists. His zen is a good balance for the more extroverted folks on the panel. Kelly's a hoot and she's been relatively successful as a coach (winning 3/5 of the seasons she's been a full-time coach for) and her fanbase is a boost for her artists, plus she does have a leg up having navigated a similar competition as a contestant even if it's now been nearly two decades. Blake's hella loyal fanbase and dedication to his artists post-show are both big selling points, and he can be entertaining to watch. Even if a lot of times his artists end up not being my taste, if I were a contestant I'd most likely pick him given the track record. I'm excited Gwen's back because her seasons have drawn a more eclectic pool of artists, and most of her seasons have ended up giving me someone to listen to if they're not on her team (Will Breman being the most recent example). Gwen's also really good at connecting with the artists on a human level and seems to be very nurturing for those on her team who need it.
  6. That would be my guess, if we assume it normally takes 4-5 days of filming to do blinds, a week of prep for battles + 2 days to film them, then similar for the KOs (though maybe it's 2 weeks of KO prep, I forget where I read that but I know it's 1-2 weeks). So before we even get to editing the pre-taped rounds that's at least three weeks of work for the artists even without any other logistical dealings pre-blinds.
  7. I remember the AGT video that featured a snippet of Nolan Neal (as seen on S10/S11 of The Voice) getting posted here, and this popped up in my recommendations on YouTube earlier today.
  8. I mean I'm no @QueenMae16 but Maelyn's pretty dang incredible so it's hard to not stan.
  9. When all those celebs did their covers of Imagine at the beginning of quarantine, this is what they wished they sounded like.
  10. Yeah but in their episodes, only one other person before them had picked the same coach (Kat Robichaud in Season 5, Kimberly Nichole in Season 8, Brandon Brown in Season 13, and Mercedes Ferreira-Dias in Season 15).
  11. Were they all the second person in their audition episodes to pick their respective teams? (Caroline and CeeLo, Kameron and Blake, Travis and Pharrell, Whitney and Adam) @indii
  12. Let's say they have ten per team for a top 40 which nets ~6 BA episodes, then 20 battles with two episodes that have 7 and one that has 6 gets three battle episodes (assume a steal and a save again like the last two seasons), 14 KOs with 7 on night one and 6 + the 4-way KO for the saves on night two, and that amounts to a total of 11 pre--lives episodes with time for a recap on the Tuesday night following the battles. So six weeks pre-lives assuming we start on Sept. 28, which matches previous patterns of the show starting on the fourth Monday in September, nets us the lives starting on November 9 with a top 17 again. November 9: Top 17 --> Top 13 November 16: Top 13 --> Top 11 November 23: Top 11 --> Top 10 November 30: Top 10 --> Top 8/Semifinals December 7: Semifinals --> Top 4/Finale December 14: Finale --> Victor crowned on Dec. 15. The furthest they could push it and keep a similar cut list to last fall while still finishing before Christmas would be Oct. 5, but if they cut from 11 to 8 they could wait until Oct. 12 to start and they'd be done on Dec. 22 while still having five weeks of live shows.
  13. Caroline's KO partner, George, only got one chair; Anthony was also a one chair - so that's not it. Kameron's battle partner got one chair. Whitney's KO partner got four chairs. Travis's battle partner got four chairs. So it doesn't have anything to do with their partner pairings.
  14. It's 2020 and I'll still fight Usher over his comments here (granted, I'd lose because he's in way better shape than my doughy ass but that isn't the point)
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j64CZIWKdn4 Speaking of Season 5 Team Xtina, friendly reminder Jacquie was 16 when she made it on - and this level of a performance was the only way to guarantee whoever followed Matthew in the play-offs was going to be memorable and make it through based on the public vote.
  16. One of the most over-done singing show songs of all time? Absolutely. Did Matthew's version deserve to reach #1 on iTunes and remain in the top 200 for the rest of the season? See for yourself.
  17. If this had been the only song Amber had done that week, she 100% could've beat out the Swon Bros. for the finale slot. Unfortunately for her, she had the Firework fiasco the same week. Also, friendly reminder she turned just Adam's chair in the blinds and beat out two four-chair turns to make it to the live shows.
  18. Friendly reminder Kat crowd-surfed and STILL ended up in the bottom three that week. To be fair, it happened the same week as Matthew Schuler's peak a few performance slots later, but still.
  19. The reason Sasha closed the top 6 - nobody was going to be able to follow this and top it. The sass, the vocal power, and the iconic dress rip-off.
  20. Sarah's blind audition still gives me chills - I was between this and Wild Horses but this one makes me feel all of the emotions, so here it goes.
  21. Alisan's consistency throughout the season was impressive, but this is my personal favorite of everything she did (though Stone Cold is right on its heels).
  22. Considering Matt McAndrew had covered the song the previous season, a rehash so soon was risky - but y'all. Koryn freaking Hawthorne. I rest my case.
  23. Jordan could've sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the finale after this and he still would've won based just on this - for reference, I have a partner who's super picky about his musical taste and even he was impressed by Jordan's cover.
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