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    • I have said this.   I have either thought the 3 3 ways with 1 winner each and 1 steal or 2 winners each 3 way and no steal but I think it’s the first one 3 winners 1 steal
    • Once again, congratulations to Lea Thompson on pulling off the win! And thanks to everyone who participated in this game @Zoey @*Wallace @FrogLenzen @Elliott @taylorkat @Steven_ @*Chris @*Amanda @*Lily @Solaris @*Diana @jarmon @totes4totes I apologize if I'm forgetting anyone that just means you haven't made a cut in the last 10 pages. It was certainly unexpected and chaotic, but I think it was a fun new format I'm glad we tried out and maybe we can do it again.
    • This has been discussed but wouldn’t that mean only 12 KO total? I’d assume there were more than 6 per taping. 
    • Lea Thompson   I feel like at this point y'all know my taste pretty well. Lea is everything I love in a DWTS contestant. Lea is a fun underdog with a big personality who was a shockingly good dancer and lasted longer than anyone expected her to. Lea was on S19 of DWTS, best known for her role in the Back to the Future film series. I love Back to the Future so I was very excited to see her on the show. She was partnered with Artem on his very first season. She was also one of the older celebrities of the seasons. All those factors together absolutely made her an underdog going into the show and I immediately got invested. She wasn't one of the "older" contestants who would get dragged across the floor though. Lea could move! She was far from a perfect dancer, but I mean she's not a professional dancer like half the "stars" cast on this show lol. Not to be a casual with my anti-ringer sentiment, but there is something refreshing about someone with little dance experience learning how to dance on the show. She did some ballet when she was younger, but I would hardly call that dance experience compared to SYTYCD Vegas Round contestant Heather Morris or star of Dirty Dancing Jennifer Grey. Lea came out of the gate with a strong Foxtrot. I figured she'd be good at the Ballroom dances and maybe struggle with the Latin. However, the following week she produced a really strong Jive and got the highest score of the night, proving she could be a contender. While Lea was never quite at the top of the leaderboard again, she was always consistent, never at the bottom. Her near perfect Contemporary is probably her most famous dance, but I'm partial to her sexy trio Paso Doble with a topless Artem & Henry. Was I jealous of Lea in that moment? Duh. And of course Lea embraced it . She was shamelessly a cougar throughout the entire season and I loved it  . Unfortunately we lost Lea in sixth place because America needed to see more of Sadie and Bethany bore us on the dance floor. I suppose Tommy robbed her too, but I didn't really care there lol, I was just mad at Sadie and Bethany. Once we got down to the iconic final four here, Lea was actually my last guess to win, so I suppose it's fitting she pulled it off! Like I said, I'm so glad she did. She's a got a good personality, she's a good dancer, she's rootable, she's not an obvious winner at all, and she's someone who does not get their due enough. She's one of my favorite contestants and the perfect winner to represent this chaotic game.
    • That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s something some people here have guessed and it’s plausible, not sure how it would work in terms of steals and saves.
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