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    • There´s a high chance I´m gonna be wrong, but here we go:   I think Jim can win, a lot of people are saying he won´t because we´ve had two country leaning singers win back to back, but the possibility still remains. He is a great vocalist, and apparently his performances so far have been really good. Not to mention he does have kind of a rock vibe, which he could use to his advantage since Minivan enjoys rock too. Not to mention, it will be difficult to bus him, if they try to do so, he´s strong.   What Desz has in her favor is the fact that she´s like a Toneisha in the sense that she doesn´t always go for powerful notes to the point of screaming, she has a lot of control and knows how to unleash her power when its neccesary based of what i´ve seen in her IG. I think she´s better than Toneisha, and people liked her a lot last season, so it could work for her. I think she´ll definitely be in the finale, wheather she wins is another case.   I´m starting to think that John H. might actually become John´s frontrunner throughout the season, just because I have a hunch that people are gonna prefer Desz to Tamara, because, unlike country artists, they´re not gonna vote for two divas at the same time. Not to mention John has an incredible range and is clearly a fantastic vocalist who could easily win over a lot of the public.   Payge is an interesting contestant but her biggest threat on her own team is Carter, who apparently is very solid and Minivan will be behind him I presume. He might actually be Gwen´s weapon this season.   I really hope they don´t do the one finalist per coach thing again, it really is unfair.
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