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  1. Not that I dislike Gwen, but I wish they spiced it up and chose someone new (or at least JHud or Miley) Glad that Nicks gone tho, I don’t think he makes for a very good coach
  2. Despite this being a show with a lot of conservative fans, it’s inspiring that most of the contestants are speaking out, and even more so that their conservatives fans listen and sometimes speak out too! I have hope that this movement could spark a true change partially thanks to those speaking out
  3. So very proud and happy to have Addison be my #1 snowflake
  4. I’m glad this is being brought up because this concerns me too. It hurts seeing people you support not even have the dignity to stand up for human rights that effects many of their fans. It makes me scared to even get invested in another snowflake in fear of being let down this much.
  5. I know the feeling, someone I really supported from this show has been posting frequently but did not post a single thing about what’s going on rn. I decided to stop supporting them, I honestly just feel like a fool for ever putting that much energy into them.
  6. So happy to see her and many of my other favorite alums using their platforms to support this movement. It truly does hurt seeing people you used to support not even take a small amount of initiative to speak out on this, so Maelyn doing this really is touching.
  7. I’m kinda scared Adam will come back... the more that his seat is a revolving door the more they may look to a permanent fixture
  8. Nick released a song under The Voice called “until we meet again”
  9. Toneisha definitely was runner up bc no way they would not take the chance to distinguish Nick. TBH Toneisha was probably second in votes all season
  10. Nick broke the trend of new coaches winning after Kelly & Johns successful runs as new coaches
  11. Worth noting; MJs has has 100% accuracy in all rounds while TVLine put Megan over Micah in the Semis
  12. MJs Big Blog Who WILL Win The Voice? Thank you for voting! Todd Tilghman - Team Blake Shelton 61.87% Thunderstorm Artis - Team Nick Jonas 21.93% Toneisha Harris - Team Blake Shelton 8.35% Micah Iverson - Team Kelly Clarkson 6.38% CammWess - Team John Legend 1.47% Similar results as TVLine except one huge difference, Todd is way ahead of Thunderstorm in MJs
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