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  1. Tanner’s acting like he’s gonna get on his knees and propose to Kelly
  2. All the country acts split voted and Payge wins, let’s hope
  3. Unless it’s Bailey Rae, John’s WC singer deserves the win no matter what tbh
  4. This! I’m pleasantly surprised with Kelly’s coaching this season
  5. I can’t tell if Blake is trying to get the wildcard or if he’s actually ready to let WTW go
  6. Had to revive my account to say what on earth was Gwen thinking she always makes the WORST decisions, how could she let Paige go?? And people still try to say she’s a good coach
  7. Not that I dislike Gwen, but I wish they spiced it up and chose someone new (or at least JHud or Miley) Glad that Nicks gone tho, I don’t think he makes for a very good coach
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