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  1. I remember what your talking about, before the battles premiere a video of the all battle advisors preparing the artists was put on a website (ET maybe?) and it showed Brooke and Damali rehearsing which is how we knew they were singing Set Fire To The Rain
  2. Another song I feel like is new yet already done way too much, but unlike Nick, Blake and the artists took a different approach and it was really good, good for them I really enjoyed that!
  3. I’m glad she’s releasing music I miss the queen definitely one of my all time favorites
  4. Allegra and Michael stole the show tonight, I really liked Anaya v Chelle too
  5. Best news of the season so far... it seems like the YouTube team has gone back to normal video titles!
  6. Byeeee Nick byee omg what on earth is Allegra’s song choice ok hopefully they are doing the Sam Smith version which is an okay choice actually
  7. I didn’t like that battle. That song is way overdone even though it’s a fairly new song so that’s probably why, but out of all the Billie covers done on this show I’d rank that as one of the worst. Joanna being a 4 chair turn definitely worked against her bc her performance in this battle while it was better than Roderick was not 4 chair good. I can see why Nick picked Roderick.
  8. Hunter alone did it the best because of the raw emotion in his voice. I hated Raegans rendition and would rate her the worst out of this bunch bc she was completely monotonistic and lacked any emotion while singing except smiling
  9. They just need to stop doing Billie on the show they just keep getting it all wrong
  10. I honestly can’t even fathom how Kailey was eliminated in the battles without being stolen or saved I am just disappointed
  11. I don’t really care for much of the auditions tonight but Queen Kailey killed it like I knew she would and I really liked Cedrice as well
  12. The Main issue is the travel of those not in LA having to fly out to LA and once someone is eliminated they would have to fly back home. I guess maybe in that instance they’d have private jets fly them or something idk
  13. I’d expect them to do private prerecorded tapings and still allow live voting and have private prerecorded live shows as well both with no audiences likely
  14. I mean Nick has Thunderstorm and Allegra that’s not too bad
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