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  1. Very pleased with knockout results! Cam is still on Blake, and Dana on nick, both will probably run away with their public votes. So glad Anna Grace got stolen off of Kelly, if Kenzie is as good as you all stay anyone on her team is doomed, I would’ve rather her be on John bc she has a shot at PV but Blake is objectively the best coach so he may give her good song choices moving foward, plus I love how he did with Kat. I’m sad this is a short season bc I think my favs (Cam, Dana, Anna Grace) could have a long run! (one note though I HATE Anna Grace’s song choice and I really hope t
  2. Absolutely not, and it’s exactly why the voice will likely never produce any moderately successful artists, the voting population is just far too out of touch
  3. I agree, it’s similar to how everyone thought MaryBeth would deliver with Lose You To Love Me and she just didn’t. Recent songs are a no go tbh, like you said the people watching typically aren’t in touch with newer pop hits
  4. Cam is someone who screams more winner to me as well if any. He’s talented and he’s pop/r&b on a country coach so that’s double the fan base that could possible back him if he does well.
  5. I think y’all are way too ahead of yourselves saying Kenzie is gonna win, we’ve only had one performance and from his instagram he seems average at best. He could very well be gone by knockouts like Justin Kilgore (A country man on team Kelly who also got 4 chairs and a block). I’m not saying he can’t win but when have we ever been able to predict a winner by blind audition spoilers anyways? In recent trend the winner rarely is even a 4 chair turn (since season 11 it’s just Todd and Maelyn I think). Once again I’m not saying he can’t win but I’m definitely saying he’s not a lock to win
  6. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually really excited for this season, the talent is here so far!
  7. Ngl I’m still bitter that Gwen let go of Kyndal Inskeep in s17 to be happy with her winning
  8. This is a setup lol, Desz delivered but Chloe’s version is one of the best performances on this show period
  9. People are voting Desz because she’s the best artist this season. We could however talk about how many voters only vote for Ian and Jim bc they’re country men on team Blake. Or how minivan only votes for Carter because he’s a teen. Honestly IMO, Ian & Jim don’t compare to Sundance, Lauren Duski, Jake Hoot, Todd Tillman in the slightest. And Kennedy, Addison, Danielle, and Brynn are better than Carter to me as well, but that doesn’t make them completely undeserving to win. How come Desz, being an black female gets compared to other black women on this show, while carbon copies like Ian and
  10. No but I agree! Kelley started the trend of non-Blake coaches wanting a run with a country contestant, and now every single coach wants to drag along a mediocre country artist
  11. Gwen linked the vote about a minute before votes closed lol, still nothing from Kelly, so Ian probably has this one
  12. So far from what I’ve seen on Twitter, John and Blake provided vote links, Gwen just told people to vote, and nothing from Kelly.
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