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  1. people are gonna be real upset soon... all of the comments on Joannas YT video is about how Nick just got him a ticket to the finale... yikes
  2. Unrelated but since when did Melissa McCarthy host little big shots
  3. On further observation, I think that girls nose is too small to be Allegra
  4. It’s an add so it won’t appear on their page but I’ll provide a screenshot
  5. There’s a TikTok on The Voices page of a girl (it looks like Allegra) hugging Nick which 99% sure indicates her joining his team
  6. Allison Grace had a show January 23rd does that mean she’s out? (Sorry if this has been already discussed and I missed it I’m having trouble keeping up this preseason)
  7. Social Media layouts for The Voice have been changed to a Turquoise & Black (w/ Purple) color scheme
  8. Just noticed that we have a built in GIFy in the update!
  9. I can’t believe Blake let go of Kailey Abel what a fool
  10. The contestants are soooo good I fear it’s too good to be true, watch none of my favs be chair turners I LOVE Kailey she my favorite out of them all, Allison and Allegra are also people I see myself rooting for if they turn chairs. I also have my eyes on Isabel, Charly, & Melanie.
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