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  2. Me when someone asks me what happens nowadays on TV:
  3. I didn't bother putting her as a choice cause I figured someone else was going to choose her
  4. It will be interesting to see how/if that changes when the clue is released .
  5. Yeah I did put her second and Usher third.
  6. She was probably a lot of people’s second options but we all got our first.
  7. I'm surprised no one picked Kelly.
  8. Meet your Judges: Adam Levine (QK) Christina Aguilera (Chris) Jennifer Hudson (Lily) Miley Cyrus (Elliott) Nick Jonas (Andrew) Usher (MJ) @QueenKalie @*Chris @*Lily @Elliott @sublymonal @Teraginn
  9. I didn't watch S1 live (I started with S2), but when I did go back to watch it, I thought she was like miles ahead of everyone else in the competition from the beginning that when I looked up the results, I thought I read them backwards. Nick was fine, though. I was obviously rooting for him over the inventor of HMV.
  10. The fact their only successful* winner is the one who came into her season with a pre-exisiting fanbase and most of her post-show success has been since she's been away from TV's label says it all. *obviously multiple winners are successful in their own way, but in this instance, she's the only winner who I've named to non-viewers and they actually know who she is **throwback to when I saw her perform at CMAFest and half of her audience were former emo teens who were just there to hear her do some Hey Monday songs and dipped as soon as she finished and the country started back up again
  11. omg I get it I used the term "stan" too liberally! In this instance, it's S7, so I equate "being a fan of X contestant" as "being a stan of X contestant".
  12. At this point I´m thinking: 1. Gihanna 2. Cam 3. Carolina 4. Rachel
  13. Silly Elliott. Oooh. Awww if only you were apart of this season's game. Your help would have been welcome and very much needed!
  14. he was one of my favorites till the end his last couple of performances were not good lol.
  15. Wait. a . minute When was Sid on here?
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