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  2. Cade Latiolais Instagram | YouTube New name (from James Tucker’s story)
  3. GNT, Wendy and Hailey are probably locks, with the 4th PV being between Paris and J&S. As for the IS, the only thing I’m certain is that if Paris actually ends up there he will win it.
  4. I just hope Wendy performs in the 2nd hour. She has been performing in the first 30 minutes the last few weeks!
  5. WENDY. You better frckn SANGG. that’s the Wendy I fell in love with!! She better sing it EXACTLY like that. No holding back. WOW overly excited to hear live. Wheew
  6. I haven’t listened to the studios yet but the song choices are pretty solid for the most part.
  7. Only the comeback was a Twitter save.
  8. Today
  9. Does anybody have studio versions where they arent geo restricted.
  10. I get what you're saying but not doing TW for his KO might've altered his journey, a lot. That was his breakout moment. Not saying he 100% wouldn't be in the semis but it would be possible.
  11. This was just, just….so perfect. For them and for us. I’m presently on my 14th listen. I figure the more I/we listen to this studio version, the more we can manifest pitch perfection and calm nerves.
  12. Since everyone is taking names so here's my list; @istersay @season1 @echoap @Spurrious @antikid @Bk1234 @sydneysam HMs to everyone else remaining!
  13. Round 4: Earned It by Clark Beckham Round 2: It's A Man's Man's Man's World by Clark Beckham Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Joey Cook Hey Ya! by Qaasim Middleton Are You Gonna Be My Girl by JAX You Are So Beautiful by Rayvon Owen
  14. I do think Wendy has the studio that sounds the best this time around. Either way, I think GNT and Wendy will have my favorite performances of this round, even with completely opposite performances.
  15. Wow. That was so, so sweet. All of them were just wonderful!
  16. Wendy's studio is fantastic. I am a GNT fan, but I believe she had the best studios of the eight Semi-finalists. And for minivan who will say she's screaming, get some wax and put it in your ears. You won't hear her scream.
  17. Man oh man Joshua and Wendy sound so goooooddddd. Also, nice to see Ashes covered on this show. It's absolutely one of my favorite songs written by Jordan.
  18. B-B(for having an impeccable taste), KimberlyKyla(For always making me laugh), and Hamza Tufail(For the same reason as FloorWax mentioned).
  19. GNT - Wichita Lineman Jeremy - Here Comes Goodbye Gymani - pov Hailey Mia - Elastic Heart Jershika - Inseparable Joshua - If I Ain't Got you Shadale - Impossible Jim & Sasha Allen - Home Holly Forbes - Rocketman Ryleigh Plank - Anyone Wendy Moten - Ain't no way Paris Winningham - Wish it would rain Lana Scott - Wildest Dreams
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