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  2. Once this is confirmed I will offer you all favors for saving my faves!
  3. Since we have reached the end of the blind spoilers, Someone648 has decided that we will be revealing the names of the 11 artists we've leaked so far, since the spoiler list isn't quite ready yet. Stay tuned tomorrow.
  4. Oh, I think he'll debate for sure. I think that's just been something put out there. What I'm saying is, he's a little rusty to say the least. If people honestly don't see it, I'm not sure what to say. I hope in the coming ...I was going to say months, but the first debate is at the end of September, so really not that much time left. He needs to prepare. Trump has these moments as well, but they're less frequent. Trump might also have the occasional disaster of an interview, but at least he does them. The accusations on either side I'm going to put to one side. I just find it so uninteresting. Yes, I believe both of these guys have things in their past that are unfortunate with respect to women. But, as I've said before ....a powerful man taking advantage of someone isn't actually breaking news. It's not right, but yes we know. I also agree with you that we need to hold our fire before we start making accusations. When I asked the question, I was referring to him being clearly very rusty in these exchanges. Obviously, the clip that's making the rounds was part of a larger conversation, but this isn't the first time he's had an issue. Cocaine, lions and elephants, "very forward-looking," it was just a crazy response all around. I hope he picks a decent VP nominee and as you said, if he wins, I hope he does genuinely bring in the next generation of leaders into the fold. Fortunately for him, I don't think he's ever believed he's the smartest person in the room. Maybe he'll bring some of those folks in. The debates will be extremely interesting, as there won't be an audience to play off, just these two men, the moderator, and the camera crew.
  5. Denise nominated all my faves the last round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. they should teach him how to self-evict instead
  7. She’s a good actress at what she does. She’s just HIGH KEY problematic in so many ways!
  8. Lena Waithe’s Master of None episode with Angela Bassett is incredible tho.
  9. I just googled them quickly and found part of the rumours
  10. Lol. There was a twitter account back at the Golden Globes? I think that obsessively tweeted about it. I will try and find it again because it’s so funny. But it was right around the time Lena Waithe and her wife separated because Lena Waithe cheated!!!
  11. I'm going to assume I'm still allowed to play and start picking songs.
  12. Not David asking Dani and Cody how veto picks work.
  13. No one can remember Tyler’s name.
  14. This is from last night but Janelle talking about the way Frank stunk again.
  15. Unfortunately. And it’s always the ones we don’t like who benefit from the pre-gaming.
  16. Look at the vote totals once you finish the series. They’re interesting.
  17. You can expect it in a returnee season
  18. Tyler playing instead of Kaysar apparently.
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