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  1. Ali should have been a finalist* Billy and Sundance had better runs going for them objectively.
  2. I wonder if people here actually hold someone's chair turns against them. A 4 chair turn means nothing except that all 4 of the judges happened to like them, lmao.
  3. Basically if they have a few good performances or studios I'll go with them lol. I'll give most black females a piqued interest tho. Ali Caldwell Stephanie Rice, Vanessa Ferguson Addison Agen (Only for her studios. Her performances were not good.) Britton Buchanan, Spensha Baker Reagan Strange (lol) Zero investment into anyone from the past 2 seasons. Maelyn was good but at this point I feel nothing from someone with outstanding vocals. I'll give them multiple listens just bc they've got prowess but I don't feel anything otherwise. Same with Rose this season. In general I feel nothing from these artists anymore lol.
  4. 1. Rose/Jake 3. Kat 4. Ricky 5. Hello Sunday 6. Katie (ACTUALLY boring) 7. Marybeth 8. Will
  5. I never bothered to keep track of Rose's numbers, but I believe they seemed high at times (not on the levels of Katie, obviously) relative to the others. Despite the fact that they're pushing Katie down for Rose this week, I think Katie's numbers are still good enough for her to compete for 2nd at least. Also, I don't think people should be very worried for Rose. Her only obstacle is if both she and one of Ricky, Katie, and Jake don't get the PV. And that's super unlikely; everyone else's odds of snatching that PV are nonexistent.
  6. Are Katie's Facebook numbers telling? Quick skims have always yielded fairly high numbers at face value compared to other contestants.
  7. More than likely that Rose will close I guess.
  8. people struggling to suck it up and admit when Kat had a good performance. literally listen to any of her live performances; this is a major step above them
  9. Kat has been utterly horrible up until now and she chose now to actually do good lmao
  10. Rose is distinctly different. Compare her performances to the other divas and you can easily hear that she does not default to excessive runs and/or adlibs nearly as much as the others. Even with this, she picks a moment in the song to show that she does have vocal chops.
  11. This is a stealthy bus imo. Bad sound mixing, obscure song choice for the audience and a poor arrangement; the show's clearly getting ready to drop her for Katie.
  12. open: Rose close: Hello Sunday streamed: Jake
  13. hello sunday’s studio is actually kinda nice :ph34r:
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