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  1. 1. Jacquie (No words except DAMN) 2. Chris (I loved Chris his whole run and on such a dramatic song, big and showy is the way I prefer to hear it and Chris served a kickbutt vocal with a heaping plate of DRAMA) 3. Beth (Beth just has one of those magical tones for me, I was so sad when she was eliminated when she gave my fave performance of the Cross Battles aside from Maelyn) 4. Joe (Anger and passion Joe had in spades, but if I'm being honest it's his duet with Xtina for me. Hot damn that was legendary to watch and the fact he held his own with her, I have to give credit to)
  2. That one is banned in the US, but this version is the live audio, though no actual video footage
  3. Ashland Craft sang this too in S13, but that was painful much like Barrett's version so....... WTW it is then
  4. I actually love every cover of this song, but if I HAD to rank them 1. Laith Al-Saadi 2. Koryn Hawthorne 3. Jeffery Austin 4. Sharane Callister 5. Sid Kingsley 6. Matt McAndrew Timmy Hood, a no chair in S17 also sang it but he was far inferior to anyone on this list
  5. Blake 1. Worth the Wait "Travelin Soldier" The Chicks 2. Jim Ranger "With A Little Help From My Friends" Joe Cocker Version 3. Ian Flannigan "If I Told You" Darius Rucker 4. Sid Kingsley "Georgia On My Mind" Ray Charles 5. Taryn Papa "Stay" Sugarland John 1. Tamara Jade "Love On Top" Beyonce 2. Bailey Rae "Victim of the Game" Trisha Yearwood 3. John Holiday "Through the Fire" Chaka Kahn 4. Chloe Hogan "My Funny Valentine" Ella Fitzgerald 5. Julia Cooper "My Mind" Yebba Gwen 1. Payge Turner "This Feeling" Alabama Sh
  6. I totally agree with all of this, but at least he was able to critique people. Slezak, while not always giving grades I agreed with, had an important understanding of scaling, something that Mason has never gotten right. Not everything is an A+ and Mason gives them out like candy. *also hey fellow Jordan stan, what's good*
  7. 1. Taryn Papa vs Worth the Wait 2. Payge Turner vs Lauren Frihauf 3. Sid Kingsley vs Bailey Rae 4. Tamara Jade vs Olivia Reyes 5. Madeline Consoer vs Eli Zamora 6. Jusjon vs Payton Lamar
  8. 1. Cami Clune 2. Sid Kingsley 3. Kelsie Watts 4. Payge Turner 5. Tamara Jade 6. Jim Ranger 7. Ryan Gallahager 8. Lain Roy 9. John Holiday 10. Julia Cooper I love them all!
  9. Great 1. Lain Roy (A-) 2. Julia Cooper (B+) Really Good 3. James Pyle (B+) Good if Not Quite My Thing 4. Worth the Wait (B) 5. Emmalee (B-) Not Feeling Them 6. John Sullivan (C) 7. Tori Miller (C) 8. Bailey Rae (C) Not Chair Worthy 9. Skylar Mayton (C-)
  10. I like Ian! He reminds me a lot of Rod from S16 and he was by miles my favorite country guy that season. Also hope you're doing well!
  11. 1. Tamara Jade (A-) 2. Payge Turner (B+, Not the best vocal, yet my fave of the night) 3. Jim Ranger (B+, one of the better country males we've had in eons) 4. John Holiday (B+, Vocally Insane but his tone was shrill and really hard to listen to at times) 5. Joseph Soul (B, good, nothing amazing but nothing bad either) 6. Marisa Corvo (B, I found Marisa to be a weird case where in the beginning I wasn't sold at all but by the end she was great, so she balances out at all) 7. Ian Flannigan (C+, clearly talented just not quite my thing) 8. Lauren Frihauf (C, I
  12. I'm not even sure you have to sing well as long as it's in Spanish! 10 words in and Kelly turned, so as long as the first 10 words don't suck, you're all good!
  13. Jorge Eduardo Season 14 Team Kelly (Kelly Turned in like 3 seconds lmao)
  14. I was gonna say Loren but I was beat to it! Loren really has thrived because of her exposure on the Voice. While Loren may never be an A List musical star, what she is now is a singer who makes a more than comfortable living. She tours with famous musician David Foster, (Fun Fact: married to Kathrine McPhee from American Idol too!), and is featured several times on his most recent album and sings at event after event for large organizations. And her Knockout was credited as a large reason why she was picked for her getting to sing Never Enough. I also would like nominate Kathrine Ho kinda? She
  15. ooooooooo I love the idea of this! Upward Trajectory- Rod Stokes (I liked GYTH of all people more than him going into the battles, but after he was served at the alter by Adam to Maelyn, yet still killed it he quickly became my favorite country guy of S16, come Semi Finals I wanted a Rod/Maelyn Final 2) Andrew Sevner (Least favorite contestant on Team Blake going into battles, but week after week proved to be one of the much better country guys of the season!) Franc West (I thought he was a waste of a chair based on his blind, but he really did show up each round
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