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  1. I just realized that I didn't talk about the last auditions I thought they were all good, though I wouldn't place any of them on my final team My Final Team- 1. Stellar Perry 2. Johnny Manuel 3. Elyse Sene 4. Caleb Jago-Ward 5. Janie Gordon 6. Jesse Teinaki 7. Despina Savva 8. Xy Latu 9. Masha Mnjoyan 10. Roxanne Lebrasse 12. Jonathon Welch 12. Jimi the Kween And boy are these battle pairings weird! I kept expecting one pairing and another one would happen. Like Xy vs Natalie vs Wolf? What is that? I expected Wolf to face Josh and Adam, Natalie to take on Stephanie, and Xy to take on Elyse
  2. What do you guys think of the teams so far? My team breakdown Kelly- Fourth Weakest by miles, there's very few standouts. Alex is a double block, but simple, Masha is great vocally, not very personalble and is getting lots of flack for already winning in Armenia, Chris has a standout because of his story as Guy's brother, but I thought he was meh, and Mark just didn't do it for me Ranking: Masha/Alex > Mark > Chris > Bo'Ness/Lyric > Ella/Emma >>>>>> Suma George- Second His team is pretty good actually. He has a number of unique and interesting contestants, but none of them scream winner at me. I fear Caleb will have his personality (that I actually like) bite him in the rear, Angela is a little on the older side, but pretty good, Roxanne is good, plus inspiring story always helps Ranking: Caleb > Clarissa > Anglea/Roxanne > Despina > Siala/Jonathon/Nathan >> Virginia/Sebastian/Ricky >> Andy D. Delta- Third Her team is strange to me. Really good beginning, but then the second half is all fodder. Stellar, Janie, and Jesse are all contenders with Matt G is a dark horse, so she's not out but so much her team has been seen a million different times Ranking: Stellar >> Janie/Jesse > Matt G/Claudia > Matt E/Graeme > Maddy/Emmagen/Elisha/Callum Guy- First Is this a surprise? He just keeps getting the best contestants like Johnny, Adam, Xy, Elyse or even the standout stories even if they're weaker singers like Buhku/Natalie. Even the 'fodder' on Team Guy is stronger than most of the fodder on the others teams Ranking: Xy/Adam/Johnny/Elyse > Timothy > Luke/Stephanie/Jimi > Bukhu > Josh/Kirby/Natalie
  3. 1. Elyse Sene (A-): Damn this was goooood. Plus the way she broke down, but was so excited. Easily a favorite 2. Clarissa Spata (B+): Really good too! I'm personally not an opera fan so sometimes it can seem a bit long, but she is sooo good 3. Graeme Isaako (B): Rock solid, I thought he sounded a little too much like MJ, so it came across as more of an impersonation then genuine, but I'm excited for him 4. Nathan Issac (C+): Not bad by any means, it's just not a huge vocal showcase song so it was fine but not great My team 1. Stellar Perry 2. Johnny Manuel 3. Elyse Sene 4. Caleb Jago-Ward 5. Janie Gordon 6. Xy Latu 7. Despina Savva 8. Jesse Teinaki 9. Masha Mnjoyan 10. Roxanne Lebrasse 11. Jonathon Welch Standby For Last Spot - Jimi the Kween - Luke Biscan - Angela Fabian - Clarissa Spata
  4. Yeah just to add on to this bit, not only does the Voice Australia page hate him, but it seems that he’s hated period. On his personal Instagram most posts have comments turned off and the ones that do have only positive comments and then there it’s locked from more comments
  5. I thought last night was really good! I would rank the new auditions as: 1. Johnny Manuel (A) He and Stellar are favorite by MILES 2. Claudia Harrison (B) I thought her voice was really pretty, but a little lacking in horsepower. I think she might be paired up with Janie, and I think Janie would eat her whole 3. Lyric McFarland (B-) She kinda reminded me of Toneshia from this last season of the Voice US, really good voice, kinda bland 4. Bo'Ness (C+) Fairly good, I don't know the original but I didn't like it all that much 5. Emma Mylott (C-) This song is fun, sexy, and sassy and I felt she sucked all of those things out of the song. Her voice wasn't bad, it just made a really exciting song, rather lackluster 6. Andy Dexterity (C-) There just wasn’t enough singing My Team 1. Stellar Perry (Delta) 2. Johnny Manuel (Guy) 3. Caleb Jago Ward (George) 4. Janie Gordon (Delta) 5. Despina Savva (George) 6. Xy Latu (Guy) 7. Roxanne LeBrasse (George) 8. Jesse Teinaki (Delta) 9. Masha Mnjoyan (Kelly) 10. Jimi the Kween (Guy) Fighting For Last Spots in No Order - Lyric McFarland - Adam Ludewig - Luke Biscan - Matt Gresham - Matt Evans - Alex Weybury - Angela Fabian
  6. 1. Masha Mnjoyan (A-) I really liked her, though it is a crazy overdone song. Especially after especially after Jake Zyrus’s version I don’t think anyone can compete (it’s not even auto tuned!!) 2. Matt Gresham (B) Really solid, though I feel we’ve heard his exact voice a lot of times 3. Matt Evans (B) Inconsistent but really interesting. I really look forward to his upcoming performances 4. Kirby Burgess (B-) I agreed with Guy and Boy’s notes at the end about how theatrical it was, but she has a great voice 5. Siala Robson (C-) Ik I am in the minority and kudos to her for doing an original, but thought that song was stupid. I felt I could hear that song on every wannabe SoundCloud rapper’s account 6. Emmagen Rain (D) I personally have trouble with young kid singers because they’re so green. Then she picked a song all about being angry and she has nothing to connect it too. Worst performance of the auditions so far
  7. Thank You! While on the topic of old seasons, what is your ranking for the Voice AU winners? Mine is- Anja Nissen (I think the Anja is the perfect big voiced pop singer. She did big diva ballads to show off her voice, then slip in some modern uptempo songs to prove she was modern and her songs were unexpected. Like I never in a million years would have expected to do "His Eye is On the Sparrow" but she killed it) Karise Eden (From her first performance she had me hooked) Diana Rouvas (The best singer of the bunch, but for me there was a lack of shock factor. Like every single song she did was super obvious and I could predict everything she was going to do, but damn did she nail it anyways) Harrison Craig (My grandma loves crooners, so he had a nostalgia factor to me, but I also really liked his growth arc and voice nostalgia aside) Sam Perry (Weakest SINGER of the bunch, but he was really unique) Alfie Arcuri (Solid, soothing tone, if a little bland) Judah Kelly (His singing was fine, but every time he talked I wanted to jump out a window) Ellie Drenan (I just didn't enjoy the tone of her voice at all)
  8. Thank you! I liked his vibe and Delta dropping the expletive was really funny. C+ for me thevoiceswimmer team standings 1. Stellar Perry 2. Roxanne Lebrasse 3. Jannie Gordon 4. Jesse Teinaki 5. Despina Savva (unpopular but I like her a lot)
  9. Episode 3 Rankings- 1. Jesse Teinaki (B+) 2. Luke Biscan (B+) 3. Ella Monery (B) 5. Bakhu (C+) I actually can't find a full video of Sebastian's of audition, where can I watch it?
  10. 1. Janie Gordon (A-): Such a pretty tone and I agree she was a little green, but if this was her now, imagine how much she can grow. 2. Jimi the Kween (B+): I thought this was a really cool performance. I agree with the Sheldon comparison, so I'm worried he'll be dismissed as an inferior version 3. Timothy Bowen (B): I really liked his voice, I just felt that his performance was bit same-samey. Like he just kept doing the same sequence of notes over and over again. 4. Chris Sebastian (B-): I feel there's a lot of potential there, but to me the end of each phrase fell off 5. Stephanie Cole (C+): Her voice was big, but it felt like there was more power than control there, a lack of finesse in it. Seems like a knockout elimination to me 6. Charlie McFarlane (C): Bleh, Josh >> Charlie any day of the week
  11. Rankings of the Blinds- 1. Stellar Perry (A): The best by far, sooooooo good 2. Roxanne Lebrasse (A-): I love this song, it got a little one note at the end since she just keep belting, but technically really well done 3. Despina Savva (B+): Unpopular but I really liked Despina. It's probably because I prefer powerful cover of Billie rather than more subtle ones, so I liked the growl, runs, etc.. 4. Josh Pywell (B): Really good, just kind of bland. Plus I love this song 5. Adam Ludewig (B-): It was fine, but I thought it was bit underwhelming considering all the pimping. Also please fix that hair. 6. Virginia Lilye (C): I found her voice to be weak and shouty? I see potential and she picked a song with a high degree of difficulty, but meh Question: Do they show the blinds in the exact order that they come? Because I thought Virginia was a weak lead and the TVAUS usually has lots of 4 chair turns in the beginning and almost none at the end
  12. With the season now wrapped up, let's share our top 10 moments of the season 1. Thunderstorm Artis "Blackbird" 2. Zan Fiskum "Blowin in the Wind" 3. Anaya Cheyenne "I'll Never Love Again" 4. Arei Moon "You Don't Know My Name" 5. Todd Tilghman "Love, Me" 6. Thunderstorm Artis "What a Wonderful World" 7. Toneshia Harris "Diamonds" 8. Thunderstorm Artis "Summertime" 9. Kailey Abel "Forever Young" 10. Megan Danielle "Piece By Piece"
  13. Hi guys, throughout this season I have had one issue with Toneshia. I personally find her super boring. Don't get me wrong, she's very talented, but she seems bland to me. I have found almost every adult diva (this excludes teens such as We, Shalyah, and Kennedy) in the Live Rounds to be more interesting. Like I think Rose, Kymberli, Kyla, Keisha, Janice, Vanessa, Sa'Rayah, Ali, Regina, Sasha, Sisaundra, Kimberly, India, Sharane, Dana , Amanda, Tessanne, DaNica >>> Toneshia The only one I feel she tops is Courtney Harrell, but only after her live show flop. Does anyone else feel this way? Feel free to rank, discuss shortcomings, robberies on this forum. Stay healthy!!
  14. Oh awesome! Another Brennley fan finally, she was the best!
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