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  1. Little bit of a weird answer, but my favorite induvial performance in the battles was by DeSz in her battle but Joseph wasn't as good but the best battle overall I would give to Lauren v Payge or Larriah v Carter
  2. How about all of them! Looking back at my snowflakes over the season, trope doesn't matter to me, I just want the best vocalist to win, so if they're an amazing rock vocalist versus an amazing country vocalist, both are equally good, they're just different (But to not be that person who's like "why can't we all get along :)" I'm rooting for a country female the most, it's been a long time coming)
  3. ooooooooo very very Brennley Brown, I saw someone compare them and it's been stuck in my head and now it's really connected! Thank you
  4. I figured this would be true too, it's a long time between lives and KO's, but it's still fun to hear the conspiracies
  5. Obviously we have had a very successful season of song choices and I thank you all, but here's a list of all contestants that we have no information on! Kelly Kenzie Wheeler Gean Garcia Savanna Woods (Instant Save since we know she's sing Barracuda) Nick Dana Monique (Though she said she's never reveal ) Rachel Mac John Christine Cain Victor Solomon Pia Renee (She gave artists but never specific songs) Ciana Pelekai Rio Doyle Zania Alake Blake Ethan Lively Avery Roberson Connor Christian and that's all!!
  6. Everything you said, thank you @Harmat!
  7. Just to zig a little from everyone else Top 10 Contestant of All For Me 1. Jordan Smith 2. Tessanne Chin 3. Maelyn Jarmon Basically Top 10 4. Cam Anthony (he's literally number 11 lmao) Love Them 5. Alisan Porter 6. Chris Blue 7. Chloe Kohanski Like Them a Lot 8. Cassadee 9. Sawyer 10. Sundance (Unpopular but Sundance is the country singer I want, he actually took risks by doing Etta, Alicia, Miley and he won without the slightest pimping, hats off to you sir) Like Them, Don't Love Them 11. Todd Tilghman (Great vocalist if not my genre) 12. Brynn Cartelli (Her tone is actually weirdly one of my favorites of the whole group, but she had some pretty off weeks) 13. Jake Hoot (See Todd Tilghman, Desperado actually is stunning but overall fine with him) Never Got Into Them 14. Danielle Bradbery (Love her post show though!!) 15. Chevel Shepherd 16. Craig Wayne Boyd 17. Carter Rubin Really Talented (I Know He Is) But Can't Stand His Tone 18. Josh Kaufman No Thank You 19. Javier Colon 20. Jermaine Paul
  8. BRUH, this is like my top 10 songs ever and I was always a Jose fan (so sad he flopped :/) but I'm still mad I didn't get to see this and thank you @Bk1234@David68 for the Corey ones!!
  9. Thank you, thank you. I'm not so sure about Defying Gravity but Almost is Never Enough was the song I recommended in every thread so I'm sad to see her not get it
  10. Oh wow those are..... well they're songs! Thank you for your research
  11. Madeline Consoer, I was the most excited about her song choice last season but that was what we call a #trainwreck
  12. WOW, that's a lot to wake up too! Updating now, thank you guys! Side note with Deion chiming in, the only person we need from battle elims is Christine!
  13. Blake Cam Anthony "Ready For Love" India.Arie/"Hollow" Tori Kelly (One of the hardest songs EVER and I think he's one of very few that can be up to the task" Jordan Matthew Young "The Stone" Dave Matthews Band/"Come Together" Aerosmith version (I think the only way for Jordan to win is to show what a musician he is and if he can shred the guitar on this on the most popular band ever it might help him) Nick Dana Monique "Remember Me" Jennifer Hudson/ "Didn't We Almost Have It All" Whitney Houston/ "Steal Away" Etta James Rachel Mac "White Horse" Taylor Swift/"Girl Crush" Little Big Town John Pia Renee "Love" Keyshia Cole/"Do Right Woman, Do Right Man" Aretha Franklin (Weird I know but I've seen reggae twists on it and I think shocking us is the ONLY chance Pia has) Victor Solomon "Nobody Knows" The Tony Rich Project/"I Believe" Fantasia (Struggled with Victor lol) Kelly Corey Ward "Lets Hurt Tonight" OneRepublic/We All Fall in Love Sometimes" Elton John Gihanna Zoe "The Voice Within" Christina Aguilera/"Take a Bow" Rihanna/"One Step at a Time" Jordin Sparks Kenzie Wheeler "He Stopped Loving Her Today" George Jones/"One Mississippi" Brett Eldredge
  14. Wait hold up, I've been avoiding the spoiler thread all season but do any of the sources back this up?? This user also claimed that Kelly said to Raine "I wish I hadn't stolen Zae" and to Jose "Sorry but you're nothing special". I can't find this supposed IGTV so I'm just wondering if this was noted by sources
  15. Blake: 1. Jordan Matthew Young: "She Talks to Angels"/Knockouts 2. Pete Mroz "Before You Go"/Knockouts 3. Cam Anthony "Lay Me Down"/Blind Audition (Don't get me wrong I love ALL of his performances, but just the shock of me hearing him for the first time in unmatched) 4. Anna Grace "If I Die Young"/Knockouts 5. Emma Caroline "10,000 Hours"/Battles Nick: 1. Dana Monique "Freeway of Love"/Blind Audition (See Cam) 2. Jose Figueroa Jr "At This Moment"/Blind Audition 3. Rachel Mac "Foolish Games" Jewel 4. Andrew Marshall "I Won't Give Up"/Knockouts 5. Devan Blake "Stuck With U"/Battles John: 1. Pia Renee "What the World Needs Now (Is Love)"/Knockouts 2. Victor Solomon "Glory"/Blind Audition 3. Zania Alake "If I Were Your Woman"/Knockout 4. Ryleigh Modig "idontwanttobeyouanymore"/Blind Audition 5. Carolina Rial "Stay With Me"/Blind Audition Kelly 1. Corey Ward "Already Gone"/Knockouts 2. Gihanna Zoe "Glitter in the Air"/Knockouts 3. Kenzie Wheeler "Beer Never Broke My Heart"/Knockout 4. Zae Romeo "Electric Love"/Knockout 5. Savanna Woods "Dreams"/Battle
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