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  1. Wait hold up, I've been avoiding the spoiler thread all season but do any of the sources back this up?? This user also claimed that Kelly said to Raine "I wish I hadn't stolen Zae" and to Jose "Sorry but you're nothing special". I can't find this supposed IGTV so I'm just wondering if this was noted by sources
  2. Blake: 1. Jordan Matthew Young: "She Talks to Angels"/Knockouts 2. Pete Mroz "Before You Go"/Knockouts 3. Cam Anthony "Lay Me Down"/Blind Audition (Don't get me wrong I love ALL of his performances, but just the shock of me hearing him for the first time in unmatched) 4. Anna Grace "If I Die Young"/Knockouts 5. Emma Caroline "10,000 Hours"/Battles Nick: 1. Dana Monique "Freeway of Love"/Blind Audition (See Cam) 2. Jose Figueroa Jr "At This Moment"/Blind Audition 3. Rachel Mac "Foolish Games" Jewel 4. Andrew Marshall "I Won't Give Up"/Kno
  3. We now added two seasons (Season 1 and 13) to the list so thank you guys! Also thank you @Bk1234 I just can't figure how to quote several people on several pages
  4. I mean I think Christiana had an off week, her body of work was stronger then Terrence's, but from someone who is classically trained her playoffs were just horrifically sung (very cool arrangements though! I listen to Hey Ya a lot on Spotify) In the end I was glad she saved Christiana because Say Something was a moment
  5. Flopped Jej Vinson (The only person that was rivaling Maelyn for me and then...... tough) Christiana Danielle (Some weeks were so good!! Say Something was nothing short of brilliant, but her two playoffs on a technical level were atrocities) We McDonald (I wouldn't even say We FLOPPED but it was just never as good as her prelives) Dave Fenley (I actually really liked Dave prelives, but homeboy really did struggle in the lives and Use Me was like drunk karaoke at a wedding) Soared Red Marlow (As boring and plain as he was, I was not a fan as you coul
  6. Woah last to the party, but might as well throw my hat in the ring Brennley Brown - I would have turned Rod Stokes - I would not have turned Jeffery Austin - I would have turned Dave Crosby - I would not have turned Hannah Huston - I would have turned Katie Kadan - I would have turned Morgan Fraizer - I would not have turned Vanessa Ferguson - I would not have turned Pryor Baird - I would not have turned Keisha Renee - I would have turned And I would 100% turn for Miss Addison Agen
  7. Alright guys we have all battle eliminations songs except for 2 (Christine Cain/Deoin Warren) and we could possibly have a possible song choice for everyone this season! Thank you for the help and keep on working my future FBI agents
  8. Perfect song!! Thank you for your help
  9. In case your parents have told you "I love you" today, let me say I LOVE YOU. Thank you guys
  10. 1. Victor Solomon vs Deion Warren (Didn’t expect to love this but I DID) 2. Rio Doyle vs Carolina Rial (I thought they both sang it well it just was 1-800-too much on Carolina’s part and it sounds like Rio is like chewing food while she sings... like just pronounce the word Miss Rio) 3. Raine Stern vs Andrew Marshall (I was bracing for horror when Raine sang based on spoilers and it was more ehh then train wreck) 4. Rachel Mac vs Bradley Sinclair (both clearly have talent, I thought they both over sang it but Rachel is totally growing on me) 5. Pete Mroz vs Savanna Chestnut
  11. Apologies if this has been said (but it’s a very long thread and I’m in class) but was I the only one who didn’t enjoy the Rachel vs Bradley battle? I thought they from a technique and objective point they sang it well, but the song is so beautiful because of how simple it is (“You can tell everybody this is your song, it maybe quite simple....) I just found Rachel’s huge vibrato to be contrived and Bradley going from his deep chest voice, to his falsetto, to his belting rocker voice simply felt way too much. (No comments on their talent, they’re better then I ever could be)
  12. Found 2 oldie but goodies!! Tessanne Chin (the second best winner ever <3) envisioned herself as more of a rock artist then a classic diva contestant and at several point wanted to do rock songs instead of the songs she did in the end. For the Top 8 Week, her original song was "Whattya Want From Me" The Adam Lambert Version Top 5/Semifinals Week, her OG was "Crazy on You" Heart (CAN YOU IMAGINE) In both cases Tessanne picked the song and Adam vetoed her and strong armed her to do the song, however she did say that in the end she enjoyed doing both of his ideas more si
  13. Making my life easy, mwah. Thank you everyone, updating songs now!
  14. Can anyone tell me what page the battle and knockout tapings commentary are? I was gonna try and do this season no spoilers, but YT spoiled a lot so I give up! Let me be weak and see all the tea
  15. Starting the new season strong, I really wish we could have seen Aaron's! Unexpected and new for the show! Thank you for the help
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