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  1. Interesting how much discussion there is over the placements and such. It seems frankly not worth the time seeing as how this season was significantly impacted by external factors combined with an already bad format in the first place. I’m hoping nobody is actually taking Toneisha’s placement as a significant indicator, seeing as how this season was just a very extensive advertising campaign at best.
  2. Toneisha is a very skilled vocalist. She's just a case of way too much restraint. Her vocal ability doesn't manifest in high notes that the majority of people are seeking when they think of vocal prowess (and that is the case because a belted high note is easy to notice and appreciate, as opposed to a clean and appropriately done run or good vibrato). Her knockout shows that she is more than a capable vocalist but her run on this show was just her showing offgood fundamentals underlying karaoke covers. There were no blatantly exciting moments to latch onto with her. While she most certainly could and should have done more, it's not really her fault she didn't live up to others' predisposed standards.
  3. yeah but that doesn't mean I'm anti-addison
  4. Chloe had really good song choices, running on the standard that you don't really hear those songs on the show very often. Addison's Lucky studio is really good but the live performance is by far her weakest of the live shows.
  5. I always liked Addison. But I like provoking Addison stans even more. It takes zero effort to agitate them and it is free entertainment.
  6. If S13 was decided by say, who had the most consistency when it mattered, Addison would have smacked nearly everyone else. Her only live flub was Top 10, with Brooke coming close behind with her snoozefest of T12/T11.
  7. Every finalist but Red Marlow had their own reasons to deserve a win. Chloe just happened to make the biggest impact. That said based off of finale she deserved 4th lol
  8. It's a valid argument, but homegirl held up with some really good studios and rode on her previous good performances anyway. It does stand that if it were just based off the finale, she probably wouldn't deserve the win.
  9. how many enemies can I make by slandering maelyn jarmon?
  10. I said no such thing of this Addison girl you're referring to. Who the heck is that?
  11. wondering where the people fawning over a 16 year old girl on a reality tv show will go in their lives
  12. Brooke, like 1/2 good performances in that round
  13. You can't refer to the underlying factors behind the lesser success of Black Females as blatant racism, but conversely it would be pretty avoidant to assume that at least ignorance, to some degree, doesn't play a role in how the audience responds to different acts. The majority of TV viewers are older and hold more conservative values, both of which majorly clash with the aspects of a Black Female act. Both sides have foundations that make them horribly incompatible. It's only worse when the average viewer isn't searching for the vocal prowess of a church-grown vocalist. That is just a result of environment but if there's anything you can put in a negative light its when you see comments verbalizing that incompatibility, aka the mass of Facebook comments of people giving out the most minute criticisms they can whip up. And there is no doubt that if you don't really align with the main demo's preferences then you'll get a lot of crap. And even if a Black Woman does well on TV (I don't think AI needs to be a part of the discussion), it is no doubt only when a lot of things are in her favor, from being on the right team, being a promo favorite, or just having little real competition. Tessanne Chin and Black Men that made it far onto this show shouldn't be a part of the discussion of race matters either, seeing as how Tessanne goes under the radar as someone who does not LOOK Black, and the latter have a better position in the social hierarchy than Black Women do.
  14. Ali should have been a finalist* Billy and Sundance had better runs going for them objectively.
  15. I wonder if people here actually hold someone's chair turns against them. A 4 chair turn means nothing except that all 4 of the judges happened to like them, lmao.
  16. Basically if they have a few good performances or studios I'll go with them lol. I'll give most black females a piqued interest tho. Ali Caldwell Stephanie Rice, Vanessa Ferguson Addison Agen (Only for her studios. Her performances were not good.) Britton Buchanan, Spensha Baker Reagan Strange (lol) Zero investment into anyone from the past 2 seasons. Maelyn was good but at this point I feel nothing from someone with outstanding vocals. I'll give them multiple listens just bc they've got prowess but I don't feel anything otherwise. Same with Rose this season. In general I feel nothing from these artists anymore lol.
  17. 1. Rose/Jake 3. Kat 4. Ricky 5. Hello Sunday 6. Katie (ACTUALLY boring) 7. Marybeth 8. Will
  18. I never bothered to keep track of Rose's numbers, but I believe they seemed high at times (not on the levels of Katie, obviously) relative to the others. Despite the fact that they're pushing Katie down for Rose this week, I think Katie's numbers are still good enough for her to compete for 2nd at least. Also, I don't think people should be very worried for Rose. Her only obstacle is if both she and one of Ricky, Katie, and Jake don't get the PV. And that's super unlikely; everyone else's odds of snatching that PV are nonexistent.
  19. Are Katie's Facebook numbers telling? Quick skims have always yielded fairly high numbers at face value compared to other contestants.
  20. people struggling to suck it up and admit when Kat had a good performance. literally listen to any of her live performances; this is a major step above them
  21. Kat has been utterly horrible up until now and she chose now to actually do good lmao
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