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  1. Meh, I didn't even make it to the first minute. Gihanna's mini cover on TikTok >>> This.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFNwME8Dw7a/?igshid=o6he5zgxxmgm The ultimate Queen, so gorgeous . She's also delivering some beautiful lewks on her IG stories rn
  3. Her song choice caught me off guard . It was a fine song choice though. Everything is looking well so far so it all will depend on how hard she slayed the Voice stage
  4. Still as one-sided as I remember
  5. And if Kenzie doesn't win I'll be there to say "I knew it all along"
  6. It's a possibility. Kenzie is the favorite so far but I'm not gonna consider him a lock until he's actually a lock to win the season.
  7. I'm particularly enjoying how everybody is destroying Nick Jonas decision making
  8. If you haven't figured out yet, Cam is gonna the TCO of the season, which is fine because otherwise Kenzie would face basically no competition, kinda like Jake Hoot. Gihanna's song choices were ok so far but hardly frontrunner material, so here's hoping she slays and earns frontrunner status somehow.
  9. For some reason I thought he was on Team Blake . There's no way that guy is beating Kenzie
  10. Zae sounded as good as Jej Vinson in his blind so there's that.
  11. That may be his ticket to the live shows and eventually the Finale.
  12. Yeah, this season has huge potential to be a season 17 repeat. I just hope the Semifinalists are better this time
  13. Yeah, but the battles had huge upsets like Taryn and Sid losing their battles. Plus Ryan emerging as a frontrunner.
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