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  1. We're not worthy, but Queen just blessed us with her beautiful vocals
  2. Fun fact: With half her voice Chloe landed her second #1 on iTunes with that so-so song choice. Still the best version to me.
  3. Great news! I was expecting "Around The World" but I'm good with whatever song they are planning to release.
  4. Average Diva with a likeable personality. Not my cup of tea but she'll make semis regardless. Forget about Blake picking Joanna over Toneisha though lol.
  5. The TV line guy writes with sense from time to time . That quote is spot on.
  6. Great vocals as expected, everything else was... Interesting . That was a mix of Amy Winehouse and Joanna's version of All My Loving. I liked it. I didn't like the editing; or maybe she was just very nervous. If she's gonna win, we're gonna see a notorious growth arc here.
  7. Megan Danielle has a suitable voice to sing "Dance Monkey" by Tones & I.
  8. Hoping to see Joanna's audition tonight. The earlier, the better .
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