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  1. OK, now you all know why she went home. It was a nice karaoke performance from Samuel. Expecting Samuel to win by a couple of ticks lol.
  2. This is the first time we have a group that is actually good so we'll see. They were mediocre at best even during the autotuned rounds lol.
  3. After last night it's obvious that they're the overall TCO (which also means they are gonna get good song choices), and they are doing well in all metrics so I'd say they have the season in the bag already. Btw, now is when the show starts to pretend that Wendy and maybe Holly are leading but it's up to everyone to believe in TPTB's BS
  4. - GNT have the most Minivan friendly song + it's a well known song for the group. Perfect song choice. - Samuel got a decent song but I'm not sure if it completely fits his style. The chorus should sound great though. - All the others have good song choices but, for various reasons, we all know that Minivan won't be impressed.
  5. I mean, they vote for the same country dude every season. I think it's clear that they love sleepiness
  6. - RIP Holly hype, that song choice - Wendy is doing more of the same. By the time she switches to country it will be way too late - Hoping the new arrangement worked well for Ryleigh.
  7. With Kelly Clarkson as a coach, a lot of things could go wrong lol. Seriously though, Kelly has this dumb rule that two similar acts can't go to the lives and it's clear that GNT are their favorites this season. Luckily for her and with Holly losing steam, this decision may pay off because it seems like the stars are aligned for GNT this season.
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