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  1. True. His favorites need to sound decent enough to make the Finale though. Kat Hammock was arguably Blake’s choice as his frontrunner in season 17 but Minivan didn't care and switched to Ricky Duran around the semifinals.
  2. Meh, TPTB will edit out all positive comments about James and give Cami the pimping she deserves
  3. echoap

    Voice Madness

    I'm glad Her Majesty The Queen made it to the final round in this game, despite being treated like a villian by some. Now "Mad World", "The Scientist" and "Hallelujah" are all equally amazing for me, but if I had to pick one, I would probably say "Hallelujah". Since that one has the better staging .
  4. Don't hold your breath! I think they are going for the trilogy!
  5. Jaclyn just released a Lyric video for her original song "All In", one of my favorites Don't tell anyone but this lyric video is better than all of chloe mk's music videos tbh --------------------------- Jaclyn playing a fun game and roasting the entire music industry in the process. --------------------------- Jaclyn posted a cover of "Heather", which is a widely popular song rn, and it's on its way to becoming a must-sing signature tune among all indie singers across the world, just like "All I Want" and "Riptide" . Joking aside, this is a beautiful song and Jaclyn did a great job here
  6. echoap

    4 KOs

    Yeah, Loring peaked in her blind, went downhill after that. Rumor has it her fan thread was very entertaining though
  7. echoap

    4 KOs

    I was like "who the heck is Loring Starr?" Now I get it .
  8. She slayed me for sure ! But yeah, these days Loren would be considered #TooHotForMinivan.
  9. Istersay posted some brand new season 19 signatures! Go get that Jim Ranger siggy before it runs out!
  10. I would like to hear some Alt-rock from our almighty Queen. Highly doubtful this is gonna happen though. Since Queen is going full Alt-pop these days.
  11. echoap

    4 KOs

    I'm not necessarily mocking Songland songs. It was a meme based on Todd Michael Hall's song choice last season: One Republic's "Somebody to Love". Everybody thought that his song was the well-known Queen song, but it ended up being a Songland track that, to make things worse, didn't fit Todd's style at all. One of the most blatantly obvious and successful bussing attempts that I can think of.
  12. echoap

    4 KOs

    Now for a more serious analysis: Last season we all unanimously thought that Michael Williams was toast but, shockingly enough, he was given the better song choice and won the 4-way KO quite handily. So I guess this time isn't going to be that much different. That said here's my power ranking:
  13. echoap

    4 KOs

    What I'd like to hear: "Hero" (Mariah Carey) "Alone" (Heart) "Numb" (Marina) "Fool's Gold" (Fitz & The Tantrums) What we're gonna get: etc.
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