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  1. Very difficult and scary tbh . But if she made IPASOY work, there's a good chance she can slay "The Joke" as well
  2. No idea tbh. I just hope they don't pigeonhole her too hard. A very emotional song would be great, I think.
  3. Amazing taste! And perfect for singing competition shows as well! . No wonder she's killing it performance after performance
  4. Queen Cami keeping us entertained until Monday night
  5. Cami mentioned again that her Playoff song will be similar to IPASOY but "up a notch" She also said that "The Joke", "Creep" and "when the party's over" were in her list of potential knockout songs.
  6. Any combination of John H and Tamara works. I'm leaning more towards Tamara getting the PV though.
  7. No idea about this team. I guess It'll depend on their respective performances next Monday.
  8. The rise of Ryan really messed this up. He's the obvious favorite rn. I'm gona cheat on this one and wait for the song choices.
  9. This is the easy one PV: Carter CS: Payge
  10. Here the IG post Kelly didn't mention "win" or "Finale", but she called Cami a "Dark Horse". I'll take it .
  11. Oh yeah, absolutely. That was just me being cynical about the show . Cami's getting fair treatment so far so@anonymouskid_35 should definitely give it a try.
  12. I hope so tbh. At least Carter winning would provide Gwen a very much desperately needed win. TPTB most likely know who's winning at this point, so There's a chance they are using Ryan as a fake frontrunner in order to hide the actual threat.
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