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  1. Pete Mroz - Caribbean Queen (The Voice Performance)
  2. Sounds like a great plan. I haven't been following the season that closely so I hope you are right
  3. Ok, I'm expecting Cam to get the PV and materialize frontrunner status so I can fully laugh (in a friendly way lol) at IDF predicting basically everybody but Cam on Blake's team as the frontrunner. Now, the biggest problem with my master plan is that Blake Shelton seems more genuinely invested in Kenzie winning than in Cam so I hope that changes quite a bit tonight and he finally sends the bat signal for his own people.
  4. Kelly. All of them got songs right up their alley.
  5. Reminder that the live performances almost always sound different than the studio versions. It may be for better or for worse but they are rarely an accurate indicator about the actual performance
  6. The impression was different in my universe. Everybody thought that Ryan was going to get the PV and Desz was the second best option. Cami was a lock for the WC back then (or an unexpected CS at best). Only After watching the performances and Ryan's elimination, everybody agreed that Cami was most likely getting the PV.
  7. Pete Mroz - Despacito (The Voice Performance) confirmed?
  8. PV: Victor by default. CS: Ryleigh, because the show has been pushing for her as the alternative act of the season since day one. WC: Zania?
  9. PV: Kenzie duh! CS: This is hard. This will be Gihanna's only shot at making semis, I suspect she's not getting much support. WC: Corey
  10. PV: Cam CS: Pete (he's coming for your faves!) WC: Anna Grace.
  11. - Gihanna still have some problems delivering the meaning of the song but, hopefully, she's gonna do a great job live. - I might start Stanning Savanna if she gets to sing that really good version of Barracuda tonight
  12. Ok, some impressions: - Great song choice for Cam, he's gonna deliver it live for sure - Ok song for Kenzie I guess - LMFAO at Pete getting Pat Benatar - Dana and Zania got really bad songs for this round. - Congrats to Rachel on getting the PV and becoming Nick's frontrunner from now on.
  13. Two mods have been notified already but for some reason they haven't done anything yet . Guess we're gonna need to wait for Istersay to clean this mess Edit: the troll is gone now! Thanks mods!
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