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  1. "Rivers and Roads" mini cover. This song fits her like a glove
  2. I like indie-Alt stuff so this IG clip made me a stan since day one . Even better, then I found her YouTube channel and I loved her even more, because I'm a sucker for singer-songwriters. I also remember being a bit worried about Minivan and Maelyn’s path on the show, but thankfully, Queen chose the appropriate one.
  3. I feel kinda bad for her, she looked a bit disappointed about this virtual prom.
  4. Re-read my post. It covers everything you've mentioned.
  5. Trolls obviously don't exist on IDF (hi mods ), but if you ever find one in your life, you're better off ignoring them. Attention is exactly what they are looking for.
  6. Yep, we all love to compare The Voice to American Idol, but other than the singing aspect, they are very different shows.
  7. - Team Blake - Solid backstory - You better sing You better NOT oversing...
  8. She was probably winning tbh. TPTB clearly didn't want another female win. JK . Blake having three finalists isn't out of the question at all.
  9. Maybe polarizing isn't the most accurate term. More interesting/talented teens is a bit more descriptive. I don't think they wanted teens in the finale these past three seasons. In said seasons, all the teens were mostly middle pack contestants at best, imo. My guess is that this is kind of a cycle, and they are just shuffling the finalists, so their 'themes' don't get too predictable, and therefore, boring.
  10. Hey, I never implied that Britton deserved the Finale. Probably country females for Blake and non-polarizing teens for Kelly.
  11. This also confirms that Nick Jonas is a total flop, as a coach. He's around Miley's level tbh. Kelly's power is definitely overrated. Over a span of five seasons, she's got only three top 4 Finalists. Alicia did the same with three seasons in the show.
  12. Joanna has a song for you. You might love the lyrics
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