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  1. ^I hear Carrie and Kelly as well, all the right people tbh. I like this path a lot, looking forward to the album release
  2. That video looks filmed from the perspective of one of the bulls at the PBR . Jk I like that song a lot! If that's an original song, that's a hit song for me. Country pop-rock? Give me more Chevel!
  3. I think I spoke too soon . The Voice UK just uploaded the last batch of auditions and I FINALLY found a couple of interesting contestants : Claudillea Holloway - opera singer, I'm very intrigued by her. Shauna Byrne - pop singer, very green but could improve.
  4. I see. Mandi Castillo potential first leaked audition then.
  5. Quezesto? Perhaps Mandi Castillos audition?
  6. She killed it! A superfan posted some highlights in one video:
  7. Here's an interesting quote from this article: http://notesfornotes.org/san-francisco/don-fisher-the-fall-season-and-first-performance/ Yep, it's obvious that Isabel is not an average teen; I've noticed maturity in her personality and songwriting as well. She reminds me of an early Marina Diamandis, in the sense that both are very outspoken and empowered persons. I'm putting emphasis on her personality because we can find thousands of talented teens everywhere, but we rarely see interesting personalities. Looking forward to her journey Here a snippet of her last show, singing "Take A Bow" by Rihanna:
  8. Well, it is known that dyeing your hair blonde dramatically increases your chances of going far on the show. It should be ok for normal people. Btw, Is Nick Jonas the new Gwen Stefany? And If so, wtf?
  9. Elsa was found dead in a ditch! The true Snow Queen is here!
  10. One more week for The Voice! Btw, I'm guessing they are gonna leak Allegra's audition, it seemed like a lot of fun.
  11. Did the UK run out of talent? lol. This season sucks, I guess this is retaliation for last season’s female dominance . I'm officially dropping the season .
  12. You see guys, the mere mention of that pic can get you in trouble . Minivan strikes back!
  13. Can you all believe they advanced that creep over Queen Fleur? Tragic coaches Anyways, at this point I think it's clear that Sophie, Kes and Emma are the top 3 contenders. And for a reason beyond me, Ayoub is still in the competition as well. One of these females is gonna win and I'll be happy with any result, but I tend to root for singer-songwriters so Sophia is my favorite here.
  14. Same, the cast seems very talented and I have a couple of favorites left, but not stan-worthy people for me so far (mainly due to genre). Hope to change my mind later .
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