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  1. Not the dollar amounts for the challenge win being different every week.
  2. Me seeing RuPaul have no problem sending home a production favourite in episode two of Australia while always dragging the production favourites kicking & screaming into the finale on the US show:
  3. They’re lip syncing to I’m That Bitch and we didn’t get to hear Widow’s verse again???? @*Lily @FrogLenzen
  4. Me waiting for The X Factor Rankdown Champion Samantha Jade to appear now that Kylie and Danni Minogue have appeared:
  5. Art’s Bindi Irwin characterization is up there with Asia making Beyoncé a child abuser as things that made me go WTF.
  6. Depending on if the originals are all ballads, Casey could be the only one who isn’t doing two ballads.
  7. I meant in general. Though I would rank Stanley at #1 fwiw
  8. Is r Is the public allowed to submit ballots?
  9. Mandisa now has the record for lowest placing contestant in the final vote.
  10. Have no idea what is happening rn but thought this was appropriate.
  11. Ah yes, the performance that lost Mandisa her gay fanbase.
  12. Alex and I seeing the randomizer finally pair us together when it couldn't do so in S4:
  13. Sometimes I'm reminded of how she was one of three people eliminated, was eliminated alongside Colin and Graham, and was eliminated in favour of people like Caleb/Ava/Cassandra/Alyssa... ladies, my blood is boiling
  14. The token rocker female is singing Alanis on Idol this Sunday in case anyone is curious what our S19 performance game winner will be
  15. In my defence, they were waiting on me to actually say those decisions were fine since my messages in the group chat were basically "I really don't care what we do," so I posted that as soon as I woke up because I didn't know if either of them would be awake.
  16. Priscilla, Derek and I have decided: Save Katharine McPhee - "Think" Cut Elliott Yamin - "If Tomorrow Never Comes" Taylor Hicks - "Jailhouse Rock" Paris Bennett - "Be Without You"
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