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  1. In an alternate reality, Kimberly Nichole doesn't get eliminated at the Top 6 and delivers this at some point in the subsequent weeks, and I would like to live in that timeline:
  2. It falls apart between Sandy and Corey though.
  3. I did a grid set up for 16 people and only when I had 15 photos already placed did I remember that we were doing a Top 15, so I just centered the bottom row rather than redoing the entire thing.
  4. I like how you're not even pretending like Amanda could win S3 in here.
  5. OUR WINNERS CIRCLE that's technically a square: Dia Frampton | Juliet Simms | TBA even if it's obvious | TBA Jacquie Lee | Kat Perkins | Luke Wade | TBA Barrett Baber | Hannah Huston | Billy Gilman | Lauren Duski Chloe Kohanski | Dylan Hartigan | SandyRedd | Presley Tennant MaryBeth Byrd | Todd Tilghman | Cami Clune | Corey Ward Special shout-out to Chloe for currently being the only real-life winner to reclaim her title in the rankdown.
  6. Carrie's Alone was such a great performance. I'm so glad it won season four.
  7. Me using my one day off in a 13 day time span to do a write-up on Juliet Simms instead of any of my other responsibilities:
  8. JULIET SIMMS - PART II Juliet's musical career first started a good 15 years ago when she formed Automatic Loveletter with her brother, Tommy Simms, and several others. The first EP that was released was Recover in 2007, which largely consisted of demos and acoustic recordings. However, you could tell that the potential for some great music was there, and the it even received a limited run in Hot Topic stores in 2008 with two additional tracks. 2009 saw the three-track Automatic Loveletter EP release that consisted of three demo tracks for later albums. If you were wondering what the albums in question were, let's get to 2010's Truth or Dare, which is still among my all-time favourite albums from a singing show alum. (Even if it was released before she went on The Voice, but still.) Every track on this album is a bop and I still blare it in the afternoons and pretend I'm a senior back in high school ranting on MySpace. ALBUM: ugh, I genuinely love this album so much that it's hard to pick what my favourites are. But if I had to pick, I would go with Heart Song, Fade Away, Hush, Story of My Life, Let It Ride, Eyes on You, My Goodbye and Butterflies as the highlights. Music videos were made for several songs from this album: (Hush is technically the 2007 Recover EP version, but oh well.) Truth or Dare saw a release in Japan courtesy of Sony BMG Japan, but a US release never happened. and Juliet has talked about how devastated she was when the album was pretty much treated like it never happened, and she was dropped from Sony not too long after that. I would also be incredibly pissed if I turned in such a masterpiece of an album only for it to not get the respect it deserved! During this time, Juliet also contributed guest vocals to several pop punk and emo bands of that time span, with my personal favourite being her appearance on Secondhand Serenade's Fix You cover. This was actually the first time I'd ever heard Juliet's voice in my life, and it's where my love for her started because I just loved her TONE so much. She also did appearances for LoveHateHero, Cartel, All Time Low, a second for Secondhand Serenade, and Win Win Winter during these years as well. Shortly before she went on The Voice in 2011, Automatic Loveletter was pretty much down to just Juliet and her brother by now, so the two of them put together an acoustic album entitled The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On. Unfortunately, I wasn't super huge on this album (though I appreciated it for what it was), but it did have some highlights such as the re-arranged My Goodbye that was now called Black Ink Revenge. FULL ALBUM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDO4hhfYqH4 Sometime between the first and second ALL albums, she also recorded an entire album when was signed to Epic Records. It ended up being scrapped due to creative differences between Juliet Simms and Epic Records (Fefe Dobson realness), but she did offer the album as a perk for subsequent album fundraising efforts. And I just realized I no longer have my copy of it saved, I need a moment Following her incredible run on The Voice, Juliet was signed to Republic Records and at the time, we expected good things. However, when her first single was Wild Child - a song that did not fit her in the slightest - we all became worried. Though the song got an appearance in We're the Millers and she later did a far superior acoustic rendition, she found herself dropped from Republic Records. During the summer of 2013, Juliet also made her return to Warped Tour for the first time in a few years, so I was obviously making plans to go. She had her own half hour set, where she did performances of a few ALL songs and a few of the songs she did on The Voice as well. One notable moment was when she talked about being on The Voice and as soon as she said she came in second, everyone started booing and chanting that she was our #1, which made her cry. She also did a meet and greet afterwards, where I was able to meet her and flail about my love for her all those years. She was also surprised when I had a copy of her Truth or Dare album because it was a rare thing for her to see physical copies of: After her becoming an independent artist once more, Juliet turned to crowdfunding services and began a campaign for her All or Nothing EP. There were various perks included, and Juliet actually made it an active campaign by offering 'from the vault' recordings every time certain monetary amounts were raised, which was awesome. I also realized I no longer have my copies of these songs, fml. One awesome aspect of the album was that anyone who contributed to the campaign could send in their photos with Juliet, and they would be included in the packaging, so the above five photos are all represented in the physical release of the EP. As much as I loved Juliet during this time of my life, the next few years did see my love for her sadly going away over time. I wasn't really a fan of the follow-up album, From the Grave, or the singles that were attached to it. However, she DID release an absolutely stunning version of Hallelujah that I love. She also appeared as a guest vocalist for a Simple Plan song in 2016 as well. A few singles followed in the years since, but most of the news that centred on Juliet around this time had more to do with her personal life, such as her marrying Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides or their subsequent removal from a flight. For a while, things were quiet on the music front until Juliet announced that was rebranding herself as Lillth Czar in early 2021 and released a new single entitled King. To be completely honest, I was definitely not a fan of the single when I first heard it and thought the rebranding thing was stupid (I've said my peace on rebrandings over the years)... however, when the album finally came out, I completely changed my tune because it truly sounded like a return to the sound I loved from all those years ago. ALBUM: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7t40Igh0XQ4myfj_-oIhlQJ97G8bn-sF Of all the cuts in this rankdown, Juliet's was the one that hurt the most because I genuinely did not see it coming and expected her to do very well in the final vote. But I can't fault Lily for it since I imagine Juliet isn't really a contestant that she got the hype behind. Though I will confess that had I waited to do my cut until after Juliet was cut, I totally would've unceremoniously cut Amanda as revenge because I'm petty. In conclusion, I've been a massive fan of Juliet Simms for over a decade now. It's been a journey full of high highs (her Voice run ; meeting her ; contributing to her music releases ) and some low lows (her losing the Voice; ~2017-2020), but I also can't say it hasn't been an absolute blast the entire time. Her run on The Voice was nine yers ago, and I still to this day will go back and watch nearly all of her performances again. Hell, Truth or Dare is old enough to be nearly be a teenager, and I still drive around Kingston with the windows down blaring it while singing along. The months of fundraising for her All or Nothing EP and the subsequent goodies that came with it where among the peak of my Juliet fandom, and I still have amazing memories of interacting with other obsessed stans during the late night 'from the vault' music releases. I also have long maintained that The Voice wouldn't have become what it was during its heyday without Juliet's presence in season two (hell, the iTunes multiplier alone is proof since that since Juliet absolutely destroyed iTunes without there even being an incentive other than it counting as a single vote). Thanks for everything, Juliet.
  9. also we're excluding Daniel Seavey from this narrative when we get to S14
  10. Her husband is also super hot, I was like GET IT GURL when she started posting photos of them.
  11. Second part of my write-up is obviously coming, but I will never understand why Republic Records saw Juliet on The Voice and thought THIS was a good fit for her musically:
  12. Or for us homosexuals, it was Miz Cracker wearing a corset going against Shea Coulée to a Janelle Monaé lip sync.
  13. Katharine could've at least done something to try and win in that finale.
  14. JULIET SIMMS - PART I Juliet Simms was a contestant from the second season of The Voice, where she made it all the way to the finale and was absolutely robbed of the title with less than one percent of a point. Though her run on season two only consisted of a few performances owing to the format utilized that year, she absolutely slayed the competition, left us all #shook week after week and easily put together one of THE most iconic Voice runs among its twenty seasons. Some of y'all try and clown like she didn't set the bar impossibly high all those years ago because you didn't start watching until recently, so let me educate the class. Her audition was to Oh! Darling, where she got three of the four coaches to turn their chairs. Blake was naturally the lone hold-out, which cemented my belief in 2012 that Blake Shelton ain't sh*t. She chose to be on Cee Lo's team, which weirdly worked? I wasn't really a Cee Lo fan, but Adam probably would've made her do pop music like Republic Records did, Blake would've just turned her country and America clearly would've robbed her even earlier as a female rocker on Christina's team *glares at S8* so it is what it is. In the battles, she went up against someone named Sarah Gordon (again, WHOMST?) and rightfully destroyed her opponent to Stay With Me. (Though side note: The absolute SHADE of them putting an off-key country singer against Juliet Simms to a classic rock song... I miss when The Voice actually put fodder into the battles for cuts instead of pairing all their front runners.) Juliet came into the Top 24 as the CLEAR front runner for the title, and it wasn't even close. Her audition and Battle Rounds had already gone viral, and this was back before The Voice was really going viral. Her studio recordings were also destroying iTunes, and this was also before we had that lame multiplier. (I say as a Cassadee stan ) So for the Top 24, Juliet had her sole non-pimp spot performance of the live rounds with a cover of The Police's Roxanne... and proceeded to leave zero wigs unsnatched in the process. Another performance going viral on social media and another studio recording slaying on iTunes before we even reached the finals proper? Legendary. Queen sh*t. When will your favourites. After that, the Top 16/12 round (I honestly don't know what this is considered because of how the eliminations worked, so we'll just go with it being referred to as both) saw Juliet & Cee Lo's most, er, experimental performance as she took on Aerosmith's Cryin with what I dubbed the angel wings of death. Now while this may objectively be Juliet's worst performance, the fact that this was Juliet at her worst says it all. I've seen like half of this show's winners turn in a worst performance than this as their best performance, but I'm not gonna go single any of them out Brynn Cartelli. As the result of the coach's instant elimination, the remaining three contestants from each team were put up to the vote where only the top vote getter from each coach would directly advance. Juliet ended up landing in the bottom two from Cee Lo's team... which honestly wasn't a terrible result because I did think Jamar's performance was better between the two. HOWEVER WE CAN CHOOSE INSTEAD TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE GOD AWFUL FORMAT OF SEASON 2 FOR MAKING IT SO THAT JAMAR AND JULIET COULDN'T BE THE FINAL TWO. BUT I WILL GET TO THAT LATER. Anyway, left to her own devices, Juliet turned in her most vulnerable moment yet when she delivered a soft rock version of Natalie Imbruglia's Torn. Queen of playing the game to garner the vulnerability edit when she needed it the most. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tqJj2QWJYY (this video can't be embedded because of old YouTube restrictions, so just click the link.) Anyway, Cee Lo was obviously choosing Juliet to advance, and she bounced back with the greatest comeback in the history of television EVER when she once again received the pimp spot and delivered THE greatest performance of The Voice's first seven seasons. Some people will say subsequent performances overtook it, but they're wrong. This performance has over two million views from an upload that occurred after the official channel removed the video. WHEN WILL YOUR FAVES. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNk3BJ8IGbY Adam's comments after this clearly were the start of him deciding to bus his teammates because he knew he was mad he didn't fight hard enough for Juliet. Anyway, the format for the first two seasons had the coaches divvy up points, and Juliet sailed into the finale with 60 points from Cee Lo and 61 points from America, resulting in the robbery of Jamar Rogers. Again I repeat... THIS FORMAT WAS HOT GARBAGE BECAUSE JULIET & JAMAR SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE TOP TWO, THANKS FOR COMING TO MY TED TALK. Coming into the finale, literally everyone and everything was predicting a Juliet victory. It looked like we watching All Stars 5 years before it transpired. For her first song, Juliet was saddled with Gnarls Barkley's Crazy... which we'll ignore because ew. Her second song was a duet to Cee Lo, and the two of them took on Born to be Wild. Considering how little similarities there were in their voices, they did manage to find a song that worked for both of them, though Juliet obviously outperformed Cee Lo. And for not only her final performance of the season, but the final performance of the voting rounds, Juliet took on Lynyrd Skynyrd's classic Free Bird and delivered another incredible performance. Only Juliet Simms could take a 16-minute song and still deliver a flawless 3 minute rendition of it. As before, Juliet's performances dominated iTunes after the finale, with Free Bird charting the highest of all the performances from the Top 4. The finale was marred by some weird group performances and celebrity duets (whomever thought Flo Rida and Juliet Simms would be a good pairing... who hurt you?), and I'm sure most of us were bored just waiting for the final result. And, like we all predicted, Juliet wo-- Oh, that's right. Showing that they clearly can't be counted on to make correct decisions, America decided to crown Jermaine Paul over Juliet Simms, and The Voice should've just been cancelled after that result because it was truly horrifying. Juliet Simms came into the season, delivered incredible performance after incredible performance, only to lose out on the title by a slim margin. America, who hurt you? I blame Blake Shelton. Anyway, now that I've covered Juliet's flawless run on The Voice, we will be looking back at her vast musical output, stemming from the days of Automatic Loveletter to self-released to... whatever it is she's doing nowadays.
  15. All shade aside, I did love her version of The Scientist. I just also didn't see her making the Top 12 since there were like 9 quirky indie girls, and I was invested in most of the other ones, so her elimination never bothered me.
  16. Season 5 was one of the worst seasons not only of American Idol, but of any reality show.
  17. Unpopular opinion but Katelyn's Top 16 performance was in my bottom two of the night so I was fine with her leaving that week, tbh. Lily and Alex were the eliminations I was ranting about.
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