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  1. I was about to stress that it’s a partner cut next because I ~shockingly~ hate working with people but then I realized I’m with Chris so I have no say anyway
  2. I’m gonna need for them to hold off on the All Winners season until after Peppermint wins AS7 so we can get the S9 final four battling it again Rolaskatox style.
  3. Bianca has said many times she won’t do an all winners season because she isn’t a good lip syncer and always wears the same look.
  4. There’s tea at the spoiler Reddit that several winners from the US show, Priyanka and Vivienne have been contacted about an international all-winners All Stars season.
  5. Kim Chi becomes the first queen to be on every single ballot this cycle! in case anyone’s keeping on eye on threats
  6. LILY'S JURY VOTE ANDREW 2pt - Kim Chi 1pt - Detox ANDY 2pt - Phi Phi 1pt - Kim Chi CHRIS 2pt - Kim Chi 1pt - Detox DEE 2pt - Kim Chi 1pt - Detox DEREK 2pt - Kim Chi 1pt - Detox JC 2pt - Kim Chi 1pt - Phi Phi SOLARIS 2pt - Milk 1pt - Kim Chi TOM 2pt - Kim Chi 1pt - Detox WALLY 2pt - Kim Chi 1pt - Detox TOTAL 16pts - Kim Chi 6pts - Detox 3pts - Phi Phi 2pts - Milk @*Lily is responsible for Phi Phi and Milk's write-ups! @Deeee is up next to close out the cycle!
  7. This How I Met Your Mother erasure under her TV roles. Even if it was uncredited. And a voice role.
  8. Cut Ribbons and Bows as I’ve never heard it for obvious reasons and am told Chris likes the other song more.
  9. Any preference on which Christmas song I cut?
  10. Kevin’s contradicting Da’Vonne and saying that he would’ve voted for Cody if he brought Nicole, and he thinks it would’ve been a landslide for Cody regardless. I guess we’ll never know now.
  11. @*Wallace This post is a personal attack.
  12. We finally have time to continue S4 since BB22 is over and we start back up just in time to see David aka the only hot guy of the season not even make the jury???? Homophobia at its very core.
  13. And another round where Dee's ballot won't change anything, so here we go! ANDY'S JURY VOTE ANDREW 2pt - Shea 1pt - Peppermint CHRIS 2pt - Shea 1pt - Peppermint DEREK 2pt - Shea 1pt - Peppermint JC 2pt - Peppermint 1pt - Ginger LILY 2pt - Peppermint 1pt - Shea SOLARIS 2pt - Ginger 1pt - Shea TOM 2pt - Shea 1pt - Peppermint WALLY 2pt - Shea 1pt - Ginger TOTALS 12pts - Shea 8pts - Peppermint 4pts - Ginger 0pts - Aja Peppermint and Shea have survived, which me
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