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  1. I'm glad we don't. Netflix Canada is far superior to Netflix US because of the content. There are a few shows I wish we had, but they're apparently on Amazon Prime Video up here too.
  2. "Sing to me, Paolo" was a top-tier moment in gay plot twist cinema.
  3. I wonder if they're aware that Avengers: Endgame has a decapitation in the first five minutes. And that Hulu is only in the US. Disney+ sucked after the first month. We cancelled our subscription once we watched what we wanted to watch on it.
  4. My conspiracy theory is that he treated her so dirty because she was constantly calling out his political views. Felicity's PR team after this is all done and she still looks good to the public:
  5. Did y'all see that apparently the reason that Disney+ put the Lizzie McGuire on hiatus for not being "family friendly" enough is because Lizzie's best friends in the show were a gay couple? Now queen Hillary Duff is calling out Disney on social media and it's glorious.
  6. ugh, Nicolette Sheridan was done so dirty on the show. Though Felicity was the one who was taking responsibility for the bribery and took the plea bargain (RIP Lori Laughlin's reputation), so she's coming out of this ordeal looking good to the public.
  7. I just realized Rob and Parvati, the two biggest targets on their tribe, now have more fire tokens than everyone else on their tribe (except Denise), and also have their two closest allies respectively (Amber, Ethan) on EoE to win advantages to sell them. Yes for the purposes of this argument we're pretending Amber is actually doing anything on EoE
  8. I did momentarily consider cutting SYTYCD so I could drag Nigel Lythgoe but I'll hold off on it for now.
  9. Yeah, my cut wasn't because I disliked it or anything. I actually really liked it back in the day even if I kind of stopped watching mid-way through. But there were only a few shows I was familiar with so just decided to cut one I could do a quick write-up on.
  10. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES I remember really liking the first season of Desperate Housewives back when it aired like 15 years ago. I kind of stayed up with the show following that, but I think I stopped watching officially when they did that five-year time jump or whatever it was. idk. The show stars Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Nicolette Sheridan, Marcia Cross and Brenda Strong (not Song) as the narrator. In later seasons, additional cast members joined for one season (such as icon Alfie Woodard) or to stick around for the end of the show. The show primarily takes place on Wisteria Lane, a street where weird things frequently occur. Looking at the plot summary and character list, I'm pretty sure Andrew Van Camp was my favourite character because he was the petty gay teenager so naturally I gravitated towards him. It lasted for eight seasons and had 180 episodes, officially breaking Charm's record of 178 episodes as the longest-running hour-long drama series featuring all-female leads. Work bitch. Oh, right. Felicity Huffman was also a lead on this show, so do with that what you will. SAVE: RuPaul's Drag Race
  11. refresh cuz I fell asleep
  12. Save Drag Race Cut Desperate Housewives
  13. Paul????????????????????
  14. Cut Grey’s Save RuPaul’s Drag Race
  15. Save RuPaul's Drag Race Cut Riverdale
  16. RASHAD JENNINGS Rashad Jennings. NFL football player. Partner of Emma Slater. Somehow her only winning partner since the judges wanted to rob James in favour of A***. Current DWTS It Boy. Apart of season 24, aka the season that gave us the great female talents of Normani Kordei, Simone Biles, Heather Morris and Nancy Kerrigan, and hottie Nick Viall, Rashad was one of the few good male contestants that season. So it seemed like a foregone conclusion that he was going to do well in the votes, and he was a solid contestant. His highest rated routines were his Waltz and Freestyle, which both scored a perfect 40, and his lowest scoring was his Samba, which scored a 28. How did Normani place third when she had double the amount of perfect scores as David and Rashad combined!? I probably would care more if I wasn't in my feelings about Flop Harmony during the season. But I digress. Rashad was a fine contestant but his win was kind of whatever to me and I don't think he's nearly as good as the show made him out to be. Oh, and I'm still pressed like a panini over that time Alex got his freestyle to win over Lindsey Stirling's in Lily's awards game, so this is justice for that again, I guess. SAVE: James Hinchcliffe
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