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  1. Didn’t Amanda work on an ABC show? They’re gonna do whatever they can to keep her from being in the bottom.
  2. You have a Donny Osmond signature and you’re complaining about Cody overstaying his welcome?
  3. Y’all act like they didn’t do the same to the two most recent winners.
  4. The Miz in the bottom three of the leaderboard? Homophobia tbh
  5. The audacity to do a Saw-inspired routine and not even dance to Hello Zepp.
  6. It is a television show and I want to be ENTERTAINED.
  7. The Vampire Diaries star? I’m sorry, don’t they mean Degrassi?
  8. Ed Sheeran? okay, I’m fine if Suni gets eliminated
  9. If Witney choreographed it, this place would lose their minds.
  10. Not my fault they’re more entertaining than half of the remaining cast.
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