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  1. I’m fine not doing a round reset since Episode IX was cut.
  2. @#jeah She was apparently one of the alternates for S40, so I take that as a good sign
  3. As someone that would also go on Survivor and probably make a problematic fool of themselves, I relate to Jenna. Plus it was nice to see her give zero f*cks about how she came across and just focus on winning the million dollars
  4. Skillet and Flyleaf/Lacey Sturm would like a word.
  5. Rob C is also my #1, so work bitch. Jenna is my #2. She was a bit bratty at times, to be fair, but I always thought she was given an unfair rep all things considered. Her and Chrissy didn't get along, and since Chrissy was the first contestant on the show with a disability, the edit had to hide all of her negatives and point Jenna/Heidi as monsters in the process. It backfired considering Jenna won.
  6. Rob C. actually said Jeff was lying about that. He saw the sheet with everyone's IQs and Heidi's was one of the lowest.
  7. Me editing the films I like out of the category pages for specific genres on Wikipedia to make sure they're not nominated.
  8. This could be the first vote where nobody gets five votes.
  9. According to Wikipedia: 2010s science fiction action films 2010s science fiction horror films American science fiction action films American science fiction horror films American science fiction thriller films Social science fiction films
  10. Yeah, anyone not named Rian Johnson trying to make something as fantastic as TLJ would just flop.
  11. Still not as confusing as the Halloween franchise having three films named Halloween and five separate timelines.
  12. Attack of the Clones is episode two. Clone Wars is the animated movie/TV series/second animated movie (they have the same name).
  13. Well I would assume you're not a part of the hardcore fan forums, so my comment didn't apply to you.
  14. It's hated in the hardcore fan forums because they're all neck-beards who were mad the main characters were all women and minorities.
  15. George Lucas' writing in general was pretty cheesy, but I agree. I was all for a PG-13 Star Wars.
  16. For having Attack of the Clones that high? It was two hours of boredom that made Survivor: Thailand look exciting.
  17. I mean... it is. It's not on the level of Gus Van Zant's Psycho, but its plot and character storylines are lifted right out of ANH's.
  18. Laughing at how a ranking can be so perfect?
  19. Probably because it was a remake of A New Hope.
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