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  1. Disney got banned??? What happened? I think I was inactive during that period.
  2. I think everyone deserves a shout out here. Y'all are so much fun to talk to. Honestly feels like a huge friend group.
  3. I just hope no one sings "Baby, It's Cold Outside".
  4. RIP, we'll never know who was the WORST. Obviously joking lmao.
  5. My guess is that their performance will be prerecorded, as it'll need some fine tuning.
  6. Wasn't Reagan Strange disliked by the cast? None of them retweeted her during the instant save.
  7. Hailey Mia didn't disappoint yesterday, it just goes to show how versatile this girl is. Now onto the Semifinals, she'll be in the finale.
  8. J&S are probably locked for finale then, since they want Ariana representation.
  9. Minivan is probably having a panic attack after this lmao.
  10. The winner and runner up closing? Dang, they're not even trying to be subtle anymore.
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