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  1. Where did you find that info? Experts say that singing can spread droplets even further than 6 feet. Also I agree that the battles rounds have some good battles but are overshadowed by bad and mediocre ones. They also don't let people shine as much as a solo performance would.
  2. Hey everyone, know its been awhile but here is an interesting thought. We know that The Voice will be tightening their safety protocals due to the ongoing pandemic. We also know this virus can be spread through our droplets. So my question is, will the Battle Rounds still be a thing? They usually consist of two or more people in a small ring within close proximity. Singing closely together will also increase the risk of infection. I know they will be disinfecting mics but I can't see how they can make it safe for this round in particular. Do you guys think they will cut this round altogether or replace it?
  3. I was going to say Lana Del Rey but she got cancelled too.
  4. Never thought I'd be saying this..... but I'm installing TikTok.
  5. Well if Todd wasn't on this season she would have been the first AA woman to win. TPTB clearly wanted Tstorm but Todd and Toneisha got more votes than him.
  6. Tstorm and Nick's stans flopped!
  7. Yesss get it Joanna!
  8. Welp, looks like Thunderstorm got the Kennedy treatment after all.
  9. Probably Team Minivan views bc they didn't upload to Facebook until later.
  10. Yeah noticed that as well, what happened to Thunderstorm, he didn't seem nearly as polarizing as Katie.
  11. James Arthur??? You mean James Taylor right?
  12. So it's been confirmed that Toneisha got 2nd place so she's the first AA woman to do so. Interestingly enough, according to a poll Toneisha is also the least favorite diva on IDF. I think the others are way better than Toneisha imo but she happened to place higher? What did Toneisha do right that the others didn't?
  13. Sadly we have the same amount of robberies.
  14. Is the age for how old we are or how old we like the contestants?
  15. Yes he was quite boring imo at least Adam was entertaining. So is your main argument here that since Todd is a Pentecostal, he won't thrive in the music industry because a vast majority of it is centered around pop culture?
  16. Do you think they brought in Nick as a coach originally to bring in younger viewers to the show?
  17. I didn't mind him at all season 16 but then it went way downhill from there.
  18. Worst: John....do I really need to explain just look at this season.
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