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  1. Sorry but this is rude and unnecessary. Say that she's not cup of tea, but to say this? you're discrediting her capabilities as a vocalist lol
  2. The hate for Raq on this thread ever since-
  3. Wendy freakin' Moten, that's it. She ATE. Gonna be replaying that KO for weeks, me thinks
  4. Loving all of these positivity!! This is what really fan threads are for Raq for sure would appreciate this if she's reading this
  5. Raq SLAYEDD tonight (I wasn't ready for those tasty and gorgeous runs!!). I'm honestly sad by the comments. I've gotten to know her, and she's one of the purest and most supportive humans ever (my favorite from this cast, I swear. the. kindest.), she deserves nothing but love. I thought she won fair and square. Her best vocal performance so far. She has shown more of her range tonight, she's definitely on the right track. I have no doubt that she'll kill it live. She has grown so much ever since Idol and I'm SO rooting for her!! So so proud of my girl!!
  6. Honestly, any of the pairings tomorrow's good for me. They include my favorites after all winner night for me! HAHA
  7. This! Out of the blue but did I hear John saying something about best performance on the end of the sneak peek for tomorrow?
  8. He posted a story yesterday with him drinking a tea (or something else) with a hotel room background on his back No need to panic y'all, trust me
  9. This is such a magical performance. Libianca's voice is so enchanting
  10. and he told he's on vocal rest (for something) during one of his Instagram lives
  11. He is, he just posted a story yesterday drinking a tea, I think?
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