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  1. Blake: You haven't seen how last season ended? Ari: But, that's why I'm here queen
  2. There's also one 3-chair turner who turned Ari, Kelly, and John- and from that promo it looks like they picked Ari
  3. That can definitely add some element of surprise for the coaches (good way to look at it tbh) and yeah him having such distinctive tone will help him stand out
  4. That's definitely one of her strongest points plus I love how Bella puts an emotion + flavor to the songs that she covers through her voice That's one of the things that she probably learned during her theater training days
  5. Glad that @TheVoiceFan2 mentioned it here because I haven't had the chance to listen to Bella's Best Part cover (I always forget to do it! I'm so sorry Bella ) First of all- the control??? she knows how to properly modulate her voice, she knows when to go soft, when to go for it, she knows when to prolong notes, etc. Second, her falsetto is so strong, it's so soothing to listen to. Third, the dynamics, like LITERALLY, this is a flawless cover. AND that run on the near end?? sheesh If she is able to apply these strengths + abilities of her, I have no doubt she'll be moving forward. She may not have the biggest voice (in terms of range), but she certainly has something special in her and her tone's one of a kind
  6. Pretty confident that all that David had done will NOT be all for nothing though (p.s. yes, this is my new fave song from them I think, it just changes day by day )
  7. Just realized that literally almost all of the singles released by JADN have more than a thousand streams on it almost all because 2 For Blue hasn't gone there yet, which is a shame because that's such a good song (the visual of that song was fun to watch) talked about JADN's original yet again because I kept on listening to it this morning lmaoo. I am more anxious for my Team Ariana faves because of the unpredictability
  8. Yeah, that's why I love this song so much, Caleb's voice is pure perfection. Bekah's high note at the near end was unexpected and I was shocked by it on my first listen I have listened to more of their songs though, loving Beauty In The Silence more and more, there's something about it that's so nostalgic and beautiful. Plus Josh's vocals was (as always) on point :))) (pretty sure it's Josh, I can finally distinguish Caleb's and Josh's voice using only an audio yay)
  9. you definitely should!! I don't know why but I'm pretty calm today, kinda confident about them. they won't for sure need a backup plan because they will move to the knockouts AND the coaches won't need to have another world to love them because they are easily lovable as is
  10. For sure, she's got me on and off the show already. Love her determination for going solo and competing in shows like this, it shows how much she loves doing this. Best of luck to you Katherine!! you go get it my girl- rootng for ya
  11. I'm glad we get singers like them on the show, they're like this breathe of fresh air- there's some sense of excitement in them
  12. I'm glad I'm not alone on that one hopefully. I'm still getting a girl partner vibes from him, we'll see. I don't have an idea how Ariana is as a coach, so this is nerve-wracking lmaooo
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CR2OLoMsPmy/?utm_medium=copy_link the way how Bella works it every single time??? and THAT outfit- miss ma'am knows how to style
  14. right? it will be hard to lose this artists but I'm glad I have many artists to follow this season !! (Bella being one of the priorities ) For sure- two angels singing together . There are a lot of songs of Ariana that they can sing together. Like what @Gustavo527 said here, slowed down Break Free can be an amazing one
  15. Ah is it that obvious? HAHA Manifesting that one!! an underdog journey, perhaps? hoping the best results for him
  16. Glad someone made a fan thread for him!! :))) thank you so so much Add me!
  17. One of my life quotes too LOL that's why I had to share it. And yup, he is so original, I hope that makes him stand out on the show
  18. HAHAH I don't know- outside of them though, I literally don't have top 4, 5, 6, and so on lmao. I have too many favorites this season (the ones who I've made an artwork for) EXACTLY- you took the words right out of my mouth right???? Imagine a duet from them? I can now rest peacefully jk
  19. LAST for my fan thread artists this season- David. I intentionally put him up last because as they say, save the best for the last. I've said it already here that David's my top top favorite right now, which is pretty rare because I rarely stan male artists lmaooo (except for Andrew's case last season ) I'm running out of things to say since I have poured it all on my good luck post for you David. BUT yeah, just do your freakin' best!! Again, making Ariana turn for you while singing her song means something, she believes in you. So just believe in your talent and your capabilities as a musician :))) you've got this mate! Something is special about you and your voice, and no one sounds like you on the show- use that to your advantage to stand out! Also, since this is the battles, obviously, you'll need to work well with a person on stage- which I can feel you won't have the hardest time since you've practically been a part of band for a lot of years now, use that also to your advantage. I, your friends, fam, band mates, and the ones who supports JADN, surely believes in you and have your back no matter what There's this John Mayer quote that I have read way back and applied to my life. It can be took in a wrong way, but I had different interpretation with it. - "It's better to say too much, than never to say what you need to say again." IMO, it can be interpreted as do the things that you love just as much as you can- never hold back, because you never know when you will have such opportunity again. Do this thing and show them what you've got but do not forget to ive in the moment, enjoy and have fun :))) and as a closing one- I'd/we'd love it if you made it (reference from The 1975's Love It If You Made It)
  20. AND yet here we go again with another visual for Sam (and for my other top pre-season faves ) I have posted already my good luck post/artwork for Sam, but I cannot resist making one for him again, but this time it's much simpler and this won't be as long as my last post :))) Sam- you've got this! I believe in you, your fans believe in you, you fam, friends, and everyone who looks up to you. They/We all have your back, just do your thing out there and show them what music and this show really means to you- show them what you've got. Asher's extremely proud of his dad right now, for sure, no matter what happen. Use your experience (from singing to different places) to your advantage. I believe in you, and you can freakin' kill this thing!! Life may not be as it was for you during the beginning of your music career- but look where you are now. Just live in the moment and savor every moment, and do not forget to also enjoy!! Ending this with a Bruno Mars quote- "Be in control. Know who you are. And don't try to be different just to be different"
  21. Literally all of this. It's such a joy to see someone as experienced as Kinsey on a show like this. Her touring to different countries to share her talent is extremely admirable, it shows her love for music is THAT big- and I love it, it's so inspiring too. I also love her personality, are you kidding?! she's so kind and hilarious at the same time Kinsey, you've got this girl- I knew I heard someone special when I've heard your Go Rest High On That Mountain cover. Just do your best and I'm sure your family/friends/fans (like us) supports you and have your back no matter what. I'm hoping and praying for you to go far
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