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  1. OMG that was SO cool, SO much fun, that was SO well done, had a great 'feel' to it, her timing & phasing were spot-on, it all made me smile
  2. Well now, this was certainly outstanding As I said, Blake has some strong ones and this was one hell of an example
  3. Blake, I'll say, has a strong Team, but this woman is one damn strong contender, WOW, what a delivery, that was, WOW
  4. Personally, based specifically on tonight's offerings, none of Team Legend excited me. It's sort of funny in a way... 2 that really stood out for me, particularly impressed me, were the youngest and the oldest... what could be fairer than that
  5. This performance was super-stunning & just excellent. Mind-blowing for quality & ability such as this from a just-turned 14 year old. AND it was definitely THE very best of Team Kelly. So impressive, bloody brilliant
  6. I sent a tweet for her to be the Comeback Kid If I did it right. To @NBCTheVoice, correct? I had the hashtag part done properly.
  7. Geeez, how many are there Though, it did reference the right person, the tweet did. I did actually wonder if this was the right thread
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