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  1. A whole week has gone by & again, it is THROWBACK THURSDAY We don't hear this great early song often enough And with all the Canadian connects TW has this fits right in nicely And top it all off with an outdoor concert from way back "when we were young" (Thanks Adele ☺) #TheWarningLavaRecords #ChrisSmithManagement #TW3 #DavidBendeth #Spector #RickTooneSpearfish #Sabian #Orange YOU can support the band by joining The Warning Army and becoming a Patron of The Warning, HERE
  2. I do & I'll 2nd what 'S1' has said... yes, remember to vote. And, don't worry, there is no voter fraud in CMT, either. Danielle is singing in my headphones A Spotify Mix & she came on as I'm writing this Her cover of Psycho.
  3. Cool you put this in here. I had meant to watch it yesterday, so good reminder... watching it, now ☺ That has to be one of the best Sways I have ever heard from Danielle. You really wouldn't think that after 7 years I'd, still, keep repeating, "What a gorgeous voice" So nice, just she & a guitar.
  4. CONGRATS, although, no surprise. Wonder if it will take them 5 years to get married, too...
  5. One from tonight - Olivia (1 is better than none, one can always say) Think I had none from Blinds #3 Certainly know the attitude towards Tanner. But, personally, really not interested in MORE bro-country; too over-saturated, already.
  6. None from this night excited me. It's a short list for me, so far, after 3 nights.
  7. Fine choices to have included and (more) fine exposure
  8. The question is not to be asked in the first place. And, his second concern takes things from bad to worse.
  9. I agree. (And) "This, too, shall pass", Persian adage. And to repeat what I, also, felt... may the next release be an original.
  10. Bit like Danielle & her thread... both have been super-active for 7 years, ever since Season 4.
  11. , THROWBACK THURSDAY this time is something HUGE #TheWarningLavaRecords #ChrisSmithManagement#DavidBendeth #Spector #RickTooneSpearfish #Sabian #Orange YOU can support the band by joining The Warning Army and becoming a Patron of The Warning, HERE
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