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  1. It's good it's not the Amanda Marshall one Com'on laugh, that's ⬆ funny Anyway, having heard Kacey do it, I am very much excitedly looking forward to hearing Chevel's rendition
  2. Lots can be said about being OFF-TOPIC. But, here something positive, just plain nice, that can be said (about it). In talking about Danielle something led Dan to mention The Warning. Now, from that I have discovered The Warning. That is a VERY GOOD thing (everyone should) Beyond that it's rather neat, also, discovering Dan & I share, certain other music interests (genres be damned) AND motorcycles. Point being it is often uncanny how 1 thing leads to another. How conversation is not always linear. And how through a thread on computers there can be a sense of community & not only things, but, people can be discovered. Anyway, I appreciate what can grow from people sharing common interests. Think that covers it, before anything seems OFF-TOPIC.
  3. Many, too, will hear it for the first time from & by Chevel...never to be thinking of or even aware of anything else. The only connection most will make is to Chevel.
  4. Yes, even, when you find the listed tracks for that album, it's not there If it is 'public domain' & up for grabs.. If so, that means it will be release as a Chevel song & will be known as a Chevel song... although, here's why I was uncertain, at 1st. There is another song with the same title, but, it's not this one, it's the Kacey song. I cannot find much about Kacey's song, as far as listed anywhere, but, here are the lyrics
  5. Independent can work, too. Especially, if you want your complete artistic freedom & that's why she said "No". The Warning is 100% independent for the very same reason & have turned down offers for the same reason. Chevel said she'd stay true to what she wanted & it's very cool she is, glad to see she is sticking to her beliefs.
  6. Ok, I wasn't, absolutely, certain it was this same song that Chevel was releasing, if so, she will nail it. It's sort of ironic since someone had just suggested Chevel sounded a bit Kacey-esque or should that be Kacey-ish The one I had found was from 8 years ago. That's before she was a household name. When I found it I, also, noticed she did some songs with John Prine... I hadn't realised he became so fat as he aged. They do Illegal Smile together, for one. And not recent, at all.
  7. Anybody know what label Chevel is using, now, if any?
  8. I just found this one. The bottom end is so pronounced in it you can actually feel Ale's bass for a change. Kick, a bit better than sometimes, too. Let it run on into more at this same gig. Oh yes & the 3rd album & NM Tour Kickstarter goal has been not only met but, PASSED. Goal was $40+k CDN. Pledges are nearly $240k CDN
  9. "Mama..." isn't problem. I had listen to it long ago. But, not having such good luck with "Everybody's..." Is it a cover of this?...
  10. What absolutely wonderful news
  11. Yes, point taken... certainly, it may well be a very smart/clever move.
  12. There are a lot of people recovering from the shock & surprise of her picking Blake. He sure struck it rich
  13. Agree with those 2 at the top. Levi may not last long on the show, but, fairly impressive for so young. Yes, have to respect ability & talent which, can be challenging when a type or genre may not be ones cup of tea. Some nights can be more bland that others. Certainly not every performance will be epic. There will be some really good ones along the way
  14. Had it recorded & just finished watching it. There were some ok ones this night. The 14 yr old, Levi, was impressive. Arei sounded good & has heaps of 'style'. But, the shocker was Toneisha picking Blake In a million years, never expected that or didn't see it coming, not even a bit. You just never know with The Voice... can, really, have some surprises sometimes.
  15. Oh my, what a very solid article & so cool to see Chevel so involved. It, sure is a situation that needs t/must change, SOON, indeed. “I‘m proud to be a female country singer and am proud of the music the women in this format continue to create,” says Shepherd, who turned down the record deal that accompanied her Voice win so she could make a traditional country album more true to her vision.
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