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  1. This is from yesterday. It is a big thing for The Warning to open for this show. And, Ale sings lead on Hunter. Enjoy
  2. The s were shining at noon including Danielle...
  3. Ah , you put it here I was busy earlier & just now looking to see if it was done so, perfect . I saw/heard Jimi do this @ Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto a few years ago This SRV version done by Taj is galaxies beyond brilliant. Taj is, truly, a living wonder
  4. People grow accustom to the familiar, or may visit without looking around at much besides their usual stomping grounds. Ergo, they miss, not notice a new thread and that thread may be of interest to them. With the above in mind, there should be a "What's New" (or better name) section. Would be very cool to bring people's attention to exciting additions to our Forum. They might participate in a recently introduced thread sooner if they were aware of it sooner because any with listed together. It would be very cool & add a neat dynamic to the Forum letting Folks know about developments as they happen... instead of sometime, maybe. Or go with the obvious and call it, the section, "New Threads" Anyway, there, that's my (good) suggestion. Nothing wrong with making the place even better than it already is, eh? Understand, it is not new, actual, threads all grouped together. It is a list, a mention of them or any; a person, still, goes to the, actual, fitting, location. That doesn't change, of course. Sure wouldn't be the 1st site with a What's New section... Hey, I never said it was a novel idea or even an original one Cheers, Drew
  5. I recall Daniela saying & laughing at the fact that they made mistakes playing their own song on Rock Band
  6. You're not the only one shocked at how they voted for Angelina. By rights she should have been, at least, in the Top 5. I don't think they were able to cope with Fine Arts & circus acts being on the same slate. Ergo, they messed up the whole thing.
  7. Both of these ^ items are terrific news & point at very good progress, in general.
  8. Chloe did it. Although, I am not certain, right now, if she when independent or has another label. Don't recall which for sure right now.
  9. I, too, like/liked the song, a lot! I agree & have long had the same concern regarding popularity of (true) "Classic Country", these days. Ergo, going more the direction of what we are hearing is all good & she does it so VERY well. It's not Country, but, if you want check out high quality youth, The Warning fills the bill. The band has a thread here, too. (Only mention it to explain my photo )
  10. This obviously is a sound check. I'm going to suggest this is a 'Chevel song'. Damn, she sounds SO good, SO strong. She has the stage presence thing down, now, too. Look how long her hair is She sure is one very special bundle of talent
  11. This ^ link did not work (for me), unfortunately. But, I found this along the way...
  12. No question she will be successful, especially by so often being involved in a variety of cool projects. She seems to have a very good grip on the rudder and smooth sailing ahead under a good wind.
  13. At least 2nd? Well, 1st is, at least, that, eh? ************************************************** Whoever they have voting are no good at the job; as in, incapable) I knew Angelina Jordan did not win (as she should have), but, to not, even be voted into the top 5. Can have no respect for that. That is absolute incompetence. And to repeat - it is silly & does not work or make sense put circus acts & fine arts on the same slate.
  14. Look back on Page 1... he did not win. All he won was some people's hearts.
  15. WOW, get a load of the difference last year (1 Post back) & now. This is brand new & THIS is how it's done. Everybody else, take notes. Sit down, buckle up & cinch the straps down nice & tight. On a 1 to 10, this is, at least, a 12...
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