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  1. NHIE seems to be enjoying some good traction and that is SO nice to see Have marked the 11th on the calendar
  2. For THROWBACK THURSDAY here is a rather special treat for 3 years ago... ENJOY AND LEAVE/ADD A REPLY YOU can support the band by joining The Warning Army and becoming a Patron of The Warning, HERE
  3. The power of song & music is so impactful.
  4. That article is terrific. One of the better ones seen occasionally.
  5. This is a big deal AND it is open to the public; not exclusive to Patrons of The Warning The Warning is playing 3 songs live Friday morning. Click on the image below to go to Sign-up YOU can support the band by joining The Warning Army and becoming a Patron of The Warning, HERE
  6. OMG WOW am I ever enjoying Maddie's vids Justin is, still, with Danielle. I, too, am glad, like it that she includes songs from the 1st album. The audio in these is bloody excellent Band is really kicking it, too Some of them are full screens which is certainly nice. Oh her arrangement on "Red Wine..." is wonderful And there's the keyboards we've always wanted
  7. Cool to see I'm not the only one with that thought. Also, a lot of 'depth'... Keys, steel, bking vocals, fiddle, banjo, several instruments available... the overall result & potential is more dynamic. Keyboard player played guitar for House That Built Me. Kudos to the engineer, too There are few things like GOOD Country pickers. Some Bluegrass pickers can make some rock guitarists look rather silly There were some particularly fun facial expressions, gestures or little dance moves and one specific time Chevel smiled at something that was priceless. Anybody else catch it in Snakes when the drummer hit the kick whilst hitting himself on the head with his drumstick? Chevel sure does not come across as being new to any of this music/performance thing, at all. Still, can't get over the huge, monstrous voice that comes out of her Anyway, it was great, both times
  8. Really shouldn't surprise. She's the sort who has music in themselves, a natural & can pick up instruments in a snap. But, yes, it is impressive when seeing someone like that/do that... and Chevel sure is one hell of an example
  9. ABSOLUTELY And, YES, indeed It's great to see, too.
  10. Found this cool backing track and put a little Rock Ballard improv together! Enjoy Legends! And I can't wait to share my new single with you all! Taj
  11. Sure. As I said, don't why it didn't imbed as expected. And, that is why it, also, said, "Click 🖱THIS" Which is almost better than the imbedded tweet. And the link above it can , also, be seen.
  12. Chevel - Night in Nashville https://twitter.com/officialchevel/status/1289673315771006976?s=20 Not imbedding as expected Click 🖱 THIS
  13. I, too, would say there is no question something is brewing. And, Chevel sure as hell is being accurately noticed (appreciated) by important people.
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