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  1. If we could have a top 5, I'd have Desz/Sid/Cami/Carter/Jim, but I left Desz/Carter/Jim as my final three since they're the ones I think have the likeliest odds of making it all the way to the finale. My ideal top 5 (if points didn't matter) would be Desz/Sid/Cami/Taryn/Payge, but I don't think this lineup is that realistic.
  2. Likelihood of missing the finale: John - John Holiday's a beast, but his tone is polarizing (especially in the highest parts of his register), Tamara's likable but has control issues and flirts with "screamer" territory, Bailey's not bad but is too inexperienced, and Chloe's got a good underdog arc but is facing an uphill battle as a steal. Kelly - I wanted to put Blake here but he's only missed a finale once, and while Kelly's in that same boat she's also yet to have multiple artists represent her team in the finale (which Blake has done repeatedly). Also, I think her team's post-
  3. It may be random, but it's at least worth a shot.
  4. True, which is why I even though I think he's a bit more likely to train-wreck than the rest of his team I still think that overall Team Gwen is the least likely to have someone that train-wrecks.
  5. Consistency + Creativity + Likability/Charisma + Country/Country-Adjacent = easy and likely front-runner status. Jim has 2.5/4 (he's likable, but not necessarily charismatic the way several past winners have been, and I wouldn't call him all that creative).
  6. Kelly: Gives Tanner "Lips of an Angel" (aka the country equivalent of You Oughta Know). Gwen: I don't see anyone tanking unless Carter has multiple massive voice-cracks mid-performance; if that doesn't happen then at worst Joseph's nerves might get the best of him. John: Gives Bailey "Suds in the Bucket" since he doesn't know what to do with her and genuinely thinks it's a good idea (an accidental bus is still a bus, after all). Blake: WTW, as those harmonies may be messier than we think and solos are a weak point - that said, they're the most likely to surv
  7. Little bit of both - it just so happens that two of the artists I like this season have decent shots at winning.
  8. Marisa, 100% - I know from a logical standpoint Kelly choosing Tanner because he's country was the right call audience -demographics-wise, but that was my least favorite male country vocal so far this season.
  9. I have Desz and Jim for sure in my top 3. I keep flipping between Payge, John, and Carter for my last spot. I love Payge's artistry, but I don't think that's reason enough to keep her. Carter seems like the smartest option of the three, but the fact he's a teenage boy whose voice may start shifting during lives worries me. John's my least favorite, but he's done well by online metrics so far. Decisions, decisions...
  10. Queens + King 1. Desz 2. Sid Kingsley 3. Cami Clune 4. Taryn Papa Like a lot, but not quite favorites 5. Payge Turner 6. Carter Rubin 7. Tamara Jade 8. Julia Cooper 9. Larriah Jackson Can sing, but I prefer others 10. Madeline Consoer 11. John Holiday 12. Chloe Hogan 13. Ryan Gallagher I want to like you, but... 14. Jim Ranger 15. Ian Flanigan 16. Bailey Rae 17. Joseph Soul Do not pass Go, do not collect The Voice S19 win 18. Worth the Wait 19. Ben Al
  11. Desz - Un-Break My Heart Cami Clune - Skinny Love Payge Turner - Creep Marisa Corvo vs. Ryan Gallagher - I Surrender Desz - Can We Talk Sid Kingsley - Make It Rain Sid Kingsley vs. Bailey Rae - Tennessee Whiskey Carter Rubin - You Say Lauren Frihauf vs. Payge Turner - If The World Was Ending Cami Clune vs. James Pyle - Wicked Game HMs (in order of air date on show): Tamara Jade - Cuz I Love You Sid Kingsley - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright Kelsie Watts - I Dare You Julia Cooper - Alaska Taryn Papa and her
  12. Ryan - he nailed that, tbh. Cami - tone + artistry + unique spin on a standard = easy high ranking. Julia - we stan an indie queen here. John - honestly, even though he's not my cup of tea, he did pretty well with this. Larriah - she's so poised and would be a great pick for the 4-way KO win; however, she was a tad off at the start. Marisa - a little wobbly but that second half was good. Taryn - I hate that she's this low, but her voice sounded shot. Still love me some Queen T though. Tanner - too "bro country" for me
  13. Clearly they've had no qualms bussing Kelly's team this year (Kelsie ) so why not do it again?
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