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  1. Is it confirmed that's when we're getting spoilers? I'd be surprised if we got them before mid-next-week, tbh.
  2. I hope so, a Trisha song seems like it'd be a solid choice for her vocally.
  3. Y'all I swear if I had a dollar for every time Chris vs. Lauren came up on IDF, I'd be making enough to rival the coach salaries on this show. In all seriousness and bringing it back on topic, I'm curious to see how these KOs will go - will anyone have a breakout moment, will anyone have a major flop, will any non-Kelly coaches make surprising decisions about who to move on?
  4. That post said they were excluding the winners, so Craig's left out because he won (same with Danielle in S4 and Chevel in S15).
  5. Ones that I look at like “what could have been”: Matthew Schuler with Adam - though Matthew did do fairly well on Christina’s team (outlasting everyone on it except for Jacquie), I wonder what could have happened if someone had kept him more in the lane of his blind audition that seemed like Adam bait to me. Then again, given how stupidly stacked Team Adam was in Season 5, he would’ve been gone before the lives unless someone stole him - and keeping him in the pop-rock/alt-rock lane means we never would’ve gotten that Hallelujah performance, so... Sawyer Fredericks with Blake - yeah, I know Sawyer won the season with Pharrell and obviously think those song choices worked out fine, but given folk is a close cousin of country music Blake made more sense on paper. Kyla Jade with Kelly - though strategy-wise picking a coach with more experience makes sense, Kelly seems like a better genre matchup on paper than Blake. And given Kelly did go onto win her first season on the show, would Kyla have gotten as bussed as hard as she was if she’d been team KC? We’ll never know. Domenic Haynes with John - Adam’s block worked out for him since he ended up getting Domenic, but Domenic with John would’ve been an absolute dream team (not to mention there’s a chance he would’ve made it longer). Jej Vinson with Blake - Blake has won with R&B, he turned first by a long shot (which has been known to sway artists in the past), and Blake is good at getting artist/genre combos that don’t normally do well into the finale - eg, Chloe winning as a female rocker when the last female rocker to make it to the finale was Juliet Simms (who lost to Team Blake’s R&B winner, funnily enough). Marybeth Byrd with Kelly - I know someone upthread mentioned Marybeth with Blake, but considering Marybeth loves country but wanted to dabble in pop, Kelly would’ve been a good choice as well since while she would’ve pushed Marybeth towards the gentler-storyteller-esque country, there also would’ve been a bit of wiggle room to allow Marybeth to go for some pop stuff too.
  6. As irritating as Minivan’s Blake-love-fest can be at times, he does have a pretty good ear for what the audience will connect with beyond just country (as evidenced by the fact that he’s turned for all but two of the winners even if they didn’t join his team) and the fact that he does seem to genuinely care about his artists beyond the show is a big plus in his favor. At this point, if Blake or Carson leave they might as well just cancel production - it wouldn’t feel the same without him. If we keep Blake as the stable force on the panel, he needs an extrovert who can play off his dryer sense of humor to make for good jokes/skits/shenanigans; enter Kelly, who’s a natural chatterbox but who is better-versed than Blake at the technical aspects of singing (given her classical training background) and has dabbled in different genres which can appeal to artists that are primarily pop/country/soul but don’t define themselves one way exclusively. It’s also a way for her to “give back” to other artists looking to boost their music careers. With the two extroverts on the panel (Kelly, obviously, and Blake is an extrovert in the sense he feeds off the energy of being around other people but he isn’t as loud as people presume extroverts will be), someone who’s more “zen” and introspective with a lot of technical knowledge about singing who also isn’t country-adjacent brings some balance to the panel. Examples of judges that have filled this role are Usher (to some extent, though he’s more of an extrovert than the others in this list), Pharrell, Alicia, and most recently John. Lastly, someone who’s less strictly in a country/R&B lane that can lean either introverted or extroverted as needed and understands the showmanship aspect of being an artist rounds out the panel. As much as people rag on Gwen for being image-focused, the fact she’s known as a fashion icon and has maintained a career spanning 30+ years means she’s a good filler for this role; last season, Nick was the closest of the four this role since he made a successful transition from Disney-wholesomeness-teenybopper to 20-something who’s stuff is still fairly clean but feels more mature. Other examples in this role: Shakira, Adam (in his last three seasons), and Miley. Not every judge we fit is going to fit in the non-Blake roles, but if we have a panel that has those sorts of balances then the chemistry tends to be decent and there tends to be a coach’s team fits different viewers’ interests.
  7. Totally plausible - though since John was allegedly supposed to sign on for S14 but didn't because of his wife's second pregnancy, I could see him skipping out on S20 since Chrissy's pregnant again.
  8. I have no idea if it's Sid or not, but I'll roll with other people saying it's him since I can't prove it one way or the other.
  9. S13: Karli vs. Addison, Janice vs. Katrina, Keisha vs. Noah S14: Jackie vs. D.R., Reid vs. Davison (super-underrated, tbh), Britton vs. Jaclyn S15: Cody Ray vs. SandyRedd, Patrique vs. Colton, Kymberli vs. OneUp S16: Maelyn vs. Savannah, Jej vs. Beth, Kim vs. Kendra S17: Kyndal vs. James, Katie vs. Destiny, Marybeth vs. Dane & Stephanie S18: Joei vs. TMH, Joanna vs. Roderick, Todd vs. Jon Seasons 13, 16, and 18 all had a number of really good battles tbh - I just narrowed it down to my top 3 for each season.
  10. Andrew Jannakos (Team Adam, country singer in S16 who lost to Dexter Roberts in the Cross Battles) has blown up on TikTok and just released a new single today (September 15, 2020) - and it's #1 on iTunes as of about noon Eastern Time.
  11. VintageVoice

    4 KOs

    And unlike previous artists that've attempted it on the show, his range is ridiculous enough he can pull it off - not surprising he nailed it on IG. Now I'm kinda mad we didn't get to see that on TV.
  12. That plus the first few seasons are the point where the show hadn't transitioned fully to a predominantly country-loving audience - Javier and Jermaine were both more R&B/soul artists, and with others like Melanie that season and Dia from S1 doing so well, the audience was more open to eclectic/distinctive tones at that point. That said, Loren's gone on to be more successful than most other Voice alumni, so it worked out well for her.
  13. I didn't even notice it at the time, whoops Another fun fact: Despite being an original panel member, Cee-Lo didn't get any four-chair turns until season 3, when Avery Wilson joined his team. Because he didn't get any four-chairs upon his return in season 5, Avery remains the only four-chair turn to be part of Team Cee-Lo at any point in the competition. This also makes Cee-Lo the coach with the fewest four-chair turns in his time on the show (Nick is the other coach to only land one four-chair in the blinds, but since he stole Thunderstorm later on and he has only done one season, I'm not counting him).
  14. A concept: Queen Maelyn covering Lady Gaga's Million Reasons at some point. Discuss (or pick another song).
  15. VintageVoice

    4 KOs

    Probably Taryn since if they go in chair order like last time she's gonna go first anyway, might as well throw her under the bus extra hard since Blake won last season.
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