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  1. Between him, Adele’s album news, Carter’s new single, and hopefully the KO round leak tomorrow, I have been genuinely spoiled with good music this past week.
  2. Is there anything he can’t make sound better with his voice?
  3. I’ve heard “Golden” a fair bit (it’s decent, but I preferred other songs off the album) but it doesn’t get the same amount of attention as “Watermelon Sugar” or “Falling” or even “Adore You” does. As for Samara, I’m expecting “River Deep Mountain High” since it’s right up her alley in terms of sound and power + it hasn’t been done in a while, so it’s about time for it to reappear on the show. Although if she pulled off “Proud Mary” and crushed it…I think I know what my favorite KO of the season would be
  4. Ryleigh cited both Kelly and Ariana as influences in her blinds package, so one of their songs could work for her, maybe? Haven’t figured out which ones would be good fits for her voice, though.
  5. While I wasn’t a fan of the song choice, Katherine and Vaughn both did their best with it and I’m glad it worked out for KK at the end of the day. Hopefully her KO goes well for her
  6. It might be vocally pretty even, but that doesn’t mean it’s not cruel to make audiences suffer because they both (presumably) deserved to stay and just filmed too late for that to be a possibility.
  7. Good for her (and today I learned Vicci was on OITNB, but I haven’t watched much past the first couple seasons so that’s probably why I missed that lol)
  8. I know, but with how many of S20’s KOs I scored at least a 9/10 I’m not sure if that’s gonna be able to be topped just yet.
  9. I’m not usually the person that cries at movies or TV shows but I don’t think I’m emotionally prepared to see the S21 cast go home yet (oops). Honestly I have no idea who she’s going to choose, mostly because she seems to genuinely care about everyone on her team and because she’s the newbie with no pattern guess on the type of artist she likes to work with. She can’t go wrong though, everyone on that team is solid as hell.
  10. I hate to call two people older than me “adorable” but I got bored and dug through his IG and honestly Jeremy and Holly’s friendship is adorably wholesome
  11. I might be as much of an emotional mess as Ariana on playoffs elimination night and that’s saying something Mostly just looking to KOs now and prepping myself for seven of the matchups where I’m excited for both performances + a few individual performances I want to see. Hopefully, they’re at least half as good as last season’s (I’d say as good but S20 set the bar hella high and I don’t think it’s going to get matched again for a while).
  12. With his duo’s advancement to the Knockouts, Sasha Allen of S21 is the first trans contestant to make it past the battle rounds of the show.
  13. They’re #4 on my list but it was super hard to narrow it down to just three for a top 3, any other season and they easily would’ve had the top spot.
  14. Pretty much my thoughts, so I looked at the two who dominated and who I thought did more of the dominant vocals - Ryleigh at times at least didn’t completely outshine the trio she got paired with, while Peedy pretty much did from the word “go” so that’s how I ended up picking him.
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