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  1. As the show desperately needs female country rep/country rep in general this season, I doubt she’d get montaged anyway but the block and save are both bonuses in this case.
  2. If Gihanna is in the wildcard: We get Gihanna, Ryleigh, Jose, and Pete as WC participants. Pete performs first and (assuming nothing changes about his prep for the WC sing off) struggles with Speechless. Jose goes next, and makes it through Superstition mostly okay but gets Bandzilla’d. Gihanna’s third and slays Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi who? ) Ryleigh wraps up the night with It Will Rain and nails it like the icon she is. Performance wise, it’s probably between Gihanna and Ryleigh. Voting wise, however, I lean Gihanna, given most of Minivan likes Kelly more than John. TL;DR - It’s probably close between the girls but I’d give the slight edge to Gihanna, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ryleigh pull it off either since she did get the pimp spot in the Wildcard.
  3. I’m guessing at least one of Blake‘s and one of Kelly’s that didn’t end in a steal or save, and beyond that I’m not 100% sure. But we probably won’t have better guesses until we see if any winners in non-save/steal battles end up being KO eliminations.
  4. Not to sh** on this, but I feel like “stolen by John” and “making it far” are contradictory at this point which stinks, because I’d be interested to see how that hypothetical situation plays out
  5. Fair enough, that 99.5% was an exaggeration anyway And as for that second point, it’s a poorly kept secret the coaches don’t do much for song selection (if anything) but since the production team makes a big deal of acting like the coaches are more involved than they are, I’ll roll with it since at the end of the day it’s mostly on the contestants not to tank their performances (though some songs make that harder than others).
  6. I put 99.5% of the blame Usher for that one, but tbf if a coach bribed me with Grammys I’d probably pick them too Troy Ramey was the first that came to mind for me - I actually dug his audition, but his battle got montaged (and I haven’t been able to find the full version since the official channel took it down) and he kinda lost me after his KO.
  7. That’s what drew me into Will in Season 17 - you could guess what he’d do but then he’d go a completely different direction and have a blast doing it. (Payge too to a lesser extent, if only her run had been longer ) Hopefully Samuel sticks around for a while yet, he seems like he’s gonna be a fun one.
  8. Of course he looks as good beardless as he does with the beard (that jawline is ) Interested to see what direction he goes in the KOs, since he’s covered alternative, pop, singer-songwriter, R&B, and country on his own (and his battle partner suggests that there may be more genres he can do effectively).
  9. If he’s with Hailey, I’d favor Xavier; if he’s with Jeremy, I’d bet on Kelly picking Jeremy since Jeremy can do a lot of genres fairly well (much like she herself can).
  10. Idk if that’s better or worse than them pretending none of their winners exist
  11. Haven’t been rooting too hard for the trio, but all three of them are solid vocalists in their own right so with the right song choices in the KOs and beyond, they could do surprisingly well.
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