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  1. Good luck with the test, psych can be rough. As for the leak, I'm leaning Gihanna but I'm probably wrong lmao
  2. Does it have anything to do with song selection?
  3. And it's also why Gwen can be surprisingly good at pitches too - she's got a knack for connecting with people on that level. Nick's pitch for Zae was probably his strongest - the Dana pitch wasn't bad but he kind of got steamrolled by the bookends.
  4. It's the closest we've gotten to a Hunter Plake/Noah Mac type male voice in several seasons, and both of them are well-liked here (hopefully Corey doesn't get screwed in later rounds like they did though).
  5. If I'm apparently a psychic and I can mind-meld with y'all across my keyboard, when do I pick up the telekinesis skills?
  6. To be fair, Sam Smith dances the line between pop, R&B, and soul, so it's an easy assumption to make.
  7. It's the Midwestern surface-nice-but-actually-is-a-subtle-clapback skills for me (they teach it as part of Ohioan kindergarten curriculum and they evolve the longer you stay)
  8. As much as I love Noah's general artistry, this one goes to Aaron.
  9. Considering Melanie doesn't really talk about her time on the show, she may end up getting skipped over. Also of note that both non-winners featured finished in third place (or around there, since technically S1 didn't specify if Vicci or Beverly got third vs. fourth) - do any other third placers qualify as notable alumni?
  10. Then Blake becomes the zen one of the panel which would be entertaining (and that'd honestly be a killer coach performance)
  11. Hunter - gorgeous and slowed down makes for an interesting take (it's not my favorite Hunter performance but he still killed it) Korin - underrated and one of my favorite pre-taped performances from that season Gean - really pretty and haunting sound Deanna - tonally interesting and gets points for being the first stateside version, I just like the others more Micah - good but not my favorite from him. Caroline - props to her for going after it in a live round, but it was rough. Granted, Stevie McCrorie's version destroys all of these but since that's not a po
  12. I don't think NBC wants pay for Blake's therapy bill after a full season with Miley and Kelly's chaos together
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