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  1. Basically me and my partner's dynamic but make it a married religious couple in their early 40s with a small army of children
  2. In order of earliest to latest audition in the show for all the winners (if it was the same order, I went by whichever season had fewer auditions in the season, then earliest season to latest if the episodes had the same number of auditions in it): Todd Tilghman (Episode 1, Audition #1 of 11) Brynn Cartelli (Episode 1, Audition #2 of 11) Maelyn Jarmon (Episode 1, Audition #2 of 12) Sundance Head (Episode 1, Audition #4 of 11) Danielle Bradberry (Episode 1, Audition #5 of 14) Jordan Smith (Episode 1, Audition #6 of 11) Sawyer Fredericks (Episode 1, Audition #11 of 11) Alisan Porter (Episode 1, Audition #11 of 11) Javier Colon (Episode 1, Audition #14 of 15) Tessanne Chin (Episode 2, Audition #14 of 14) Jermaine Paul (Episode 2, Audition #14 of 15) Jake Hoot (Episode 3, Audition #2 of 11) Chevel Shepherd (Episode 3, Audition #6 of 12) Craig Wayne Boyd (Episode 4, Audition #7 of 17) Chloe Kohanski (Episode 5, Audition #1 of 14) Josh Kaufman (Episode 5, Audition #18 of 18) Cassadee Pope (Episode 7, Audition #6 of 6) Chris Blue (Episode 7, Audition #9 of 9) A disproportionate number of the winners sang in the premiere of the BAs - exactly half of the eighteen artists, in fact. I wonder how much of a leg up that gives to building a fanbase? Clearly, it wasn't an issue for some of the later auditioning acts (Josh, for example, especially given he beat out several expected favorites), but when nearly two-thirds of the winners come from the first week of the show's episodes...
  3. Damn it, now I don't have an excuse to stay off TikTok any longer.
  4. Favorite Songs from Each Coach: Adam: Basically all of the Songs About Jane album, though there's a couple of newer songs that aren't too bad either CeeLo: Forget You and Crazy are both excellent Blake: Mine Would Be You is surprisingly good despite not being a massive country fan Xtina: What a Girl Wants and the Lady Marmalade cover are straight but Beautiful is #1 here Shakira: Hips Don't Lie still shows up in my Spotify rotation regularly Usher: Yeah! defined my childhood so it wins by default lmao Pharrell: N.E.R.D. is stuff I'm not that familiar with, and I wouldn't mind Happy if not for the strong association with minions (I worked in a daycare where one of three DVDs we had was Despicable Me 2, so that's enough of a reason to be burnt out on the damn song) Gwen: Sweet Esacpe, Don't Speak, Cool, Hollaback Girl... don't make me pick Alicia: Fallin', Superwoman, and No One are all incredible Miley: I grew up on Hannah Montana but she's got some good stuff (The Climb, 7 Things, Party in the USA, We Can't Stop, See You Again are all bops in equal parts) Jennifer: The only thing I remember is anything from Dreamgirls but I Am Changing is a bop Kelly: All of the everything, Stronger slaps the hardest though John: All of Me and Preach are my personal favorites Nick: Sucker is probably my favorite JoBros song, of his solo work Who I Am is one that I know I listen to a decent amount
  5. Just that the choice itself is predictable and the lyrics are a little cheesy, but the song's right in his vocal wheelhouse so it's a good fit.
  6. Somehow I'm 0% surprised that's the IS song they had on hold for him.
  7. Toneisha's had a great message, solid lyrics, and showed off the lower end of her range well. Todd's was a good blend of melody and lyrics, but it wasn't my favorite of the night. Thunderstorm's was a tad sleepy at times but of all the songs it felt the most like something I could hear the artist producing pre-show. Micah's was catchy and radio-friendly, but underwhelming in comparison to other songs. CammWess's was catchy lyrically but there were parts that sounded a little flat to my untrained ear.
  8. I'm gonna leave this here - while it's still not a win, coming in second (in a season where TPTB had a clear TCO in T-storm) is nothing to sneeze at.
  9. Consistency (save for Stronger, which was still not bad at all, just underwhelming given it was the song immediately following her KO), choosing Team Blake, her backstory, and knowing how to make her voice work for her while adding the emotional punches at all the right moments. Mostly those last three given other "diva" types (Kyla, Kymberli, Rose, etc.) were also very consistent.
  10. okay, but the Natalie Maines choice is actually low-key genius, I'll get behind it (and I feel 100% called out by your Brendon Urie description )
  11. If they were fermented grapes, they could be wine - and if I drank it I still wouldn't be drunk enough to understand the rant/tantrum being thrown. Imagine getting so wrapped around the axel about a televised singing competition that you can't comprehend anyone you don't like winning the show. Yikes.
  12. The Voice's Twitter officially confirmed it - Toneisha made it to second, thus beating Kyla for the furthest an African-American woman has made it on the show.
  13. Now that we know for sure Toneisha finished top 2, I'm not editing my list other than switching T-storm out for Toneisha.
  14. Swap John out for Usher or Alicia Keys (if only using former coaches). If any artists are on the list: Charlie Puth (has done part-time advising for the show before, got big on YouTube before he got signed, younger and can do pop/R&B-ish stuff) Chris Stapleton (big name in country and not as polarizing as, say, one of the Flordia-Georgia line guys or Kane Brown, and has plenty of songwriting experience) Brendon Urie (hello, giant frickin' range and pop-rock/alt-rock's popularity on the show is increasing again after declining for a number of seasons) Rihanna (similar lane to Charlie Puth but has had more staying power in the industry, plus she's worked with the show before)
  15. Tbf southern Indiana and Ohio both like to pretend they're the Bible Belt, so it's not that much of a stretch (I'm from that part of the country so I can and will call it out). Other examples I can think of where contestants on TV/AI got that big backing: Addison Agen (locally, she got a decent amount of coverage, but statewide...eh.) Chris Kroeze (Wisconsin got excited and boosted him over the expected winner/runner up in Kirk Jay, which was unexpected given the latter was a four-chair turn and more clearly country) Kris Allen on AI Season 8 (wasn't there some big controversy about Arkansas rigging the finale or whatever? I only watched AI in S9-S12, so I don't remember exact details) I'm sure there's others - my part of the country gets people in competitions like this fairly often but they rarely make it far, Addison being the most recent example within a four-hour drive of my hometown that didn't get voted off within a week or two of the playoffs. (Examples of local-to-me live show people: The Bundys and their Live Cross-Battle flop in S16, Michael Williams this past season, Max Boyle in S17, Abby Cates and Franc West from S15, D.R. King and Christiana Danielle in S14...)
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