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  1. Post-Playoffs Rachel, Dana, Jose Kenzie, Corey, Gihanna Victor, Ryleigh, Pia Cam, Jordan, Pete, Anna (WC winner) Top 13 Instant Save: Anna, Jose, Pia Top 11: Rachel, Dana Kenzie, Corey, Gihanna Victor, Ryleigh Cam, Jordan, Pete, Anna Top 11 Instant Save: Dana, Anna Top 10: Rachel, Dana Kenzie, Corey, Gihanna Victor, Ryleigh Cam, Jordan, Pete Top 10 Instant Save: Gihanna, Pete, Ryleigh Top 8/Semifinals: Rachel, Dana Kenzie, Corey, Gihanna Victor Cam, J
  2. Added both, working on the rest right now. "Die From a Broken Heart" is slower and pretty emotional (since it's about the fallout of the end of a relationship) so I think it could work.
  3. Lovely is the only other one I could see not being an absolute disaster, but it doesn't mean it'd be a good fit for him.
  4. Songs I've suggested for Corey so far: Sober - Pink Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls Train Wreck - James Arthur Delicate - Damien Rice The Only Exception - Paramore Skyscraper - Demi Lovato Fix You - Coldplay Die From a Broken Heart - Maddie & Tae Keep sending suggestions, y'all.
  5. I didn't see a whole lot of hate for Kenzie himself, just some general grumping about country getting a free pass (which isn't Kenzie specific) or the mullet (which while I'm not a fan of, it makes Kenzie happy so who gives a f***). Unlike Jordan, Kenzie does have more than a small bit of positivity. I only saw a few positive comments for Jordan and several of those were tied to wishing it were Anna or Pete instead. At least Jordan is very much the "water off a duck's back" type so I doubt he cares.
  6. While she was pretty good on Dynamite, she also has to beat four people next week in the Instant Save - if she has a strong song choice before she goes into the instant save, she'll maybe have a bit more momentum which should help (see: Corey being third on Facebook interactions-wise by a decent margin and getting the Save, while Ryleigh was closer to the middle of the pack and lost despite having the pimp spot last night). Listen would be good for the momentum, but if she struggles with it that may hurt her somewhat.
  7. I believe it, she just hasn't showcased it on the show, and I'm not sure that the semifinals are the time to show off that side - it's risky and while it could pay off, it could also backfire.
  8. Devan also had a guitar for part of the video (same with Andrew), but they ditched them at the end.
  9. Gihanna's not super crazy runs heavy though, which Listen can be - so I'm not sure it's the best match vocally from Beyoncé's catalog (even if votes wise it makes more sense than a lot of Beyoncé songs).
  10. Female Both (I tend to gravitate to female vocalists off show but male vocalists on the show for whatever reason)
  11. Considering the person who literally won the WC over her wasn't expecting it, I just home Ryleigh's processing everything okay all things considered.
  12. Jose was decent all things considered, and considering I was expecting the spot to go to Andrew or Devan (since Jose's KO was montaged, which generally hasn't been the best sign for artists on the show) I was surprised he made it into the Wildcard. Stevie is tricky at best (Superstition especially so), so making it through in one piece is commendable.
  13. Rewatched the results from the Wildcard last night and Corey's reaction to winning it was "What the--" and looking to his left (clearly he, like a lot of people on social media + several IDF users, expected it to go to Ryleigh). And after lurking in the IG comments sections on the top 9 announcement posts, here's what I noticed: The most negative "move on" reactions generally went to Jordan, since he beat out Anna, while most of the others had at least mixed-but-overall-positive comments instead of being divided. Pia's comments were also sort of mixed (again, due to Ryl
  14. Platform boots with heels could easily add ~5 inches of height, if not more (I'm assuming the guys are all 5'7"-5'9"). Even so, that's still a pretty noticeable height change on Ryleigh's end.
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