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  1. the one that immediately comes to mind to me is alicia season 14 terrence cunningham christiana danielle jackie foster johnny bliss kelsea johnson britton buchanan i know this is before the playoffs but this was STACKED. i could make an argument for any of them to go through imo
  2. yeah, i can't guarantee that. i don't know if i've listened to selkii's Cross Battle performance, but I prefer Cecily over Selkii anyway, so even if she flopped like Selkii, I'd probably still have preferred Cecily's Cross Battle.
  3. love to see that she's a snowflake of yours! her BA is incredible and it's a shame that her KO wasn't as good (though i heard that a source thought she was as good as abby, which im not sure whether to trust) i'll do my all time favorite for now: addison agen - humble and kind, tennessee rain (but i like all of them pretty much)
  4. Christina Aguilera (S1-S3, S5, S8, S10) CeeLo Green (S1-S3, S5) Shakira (S4, S6) Usher (S4, S6) Pharrell Williams (S7-S10) Miley Cyrus (S11, S13) Nick Jonas (S18, S20) (strikethroughed are those who i have not watched more than a season of) alicia keys = gwen stefani = kelly clarkson jennifer hudson = blake shelton john legend adam levine i actually really love the three ladies at the top for differente reasons. kelly, because she's so happy and has this super cool happy energy; alicia because she's super calm and se
  5. yes!!! oliv blu was very good imo. also, cecily's BA was deserving of way more than 1 turn imo, and she should NOT have gotten out in the battles, against selkii of all people
  6. i loved megan's BA as well!! that performance was, in my mind, really underrated. and yeah, katie is someone i was missing. i liked it, but i do want someone to sing it more in the female pop powerhouse lane, like brynn did with skyfall.
  7. Yeah, I really liked Latch, but she was really quiet at the beginning, so that kind of took away from her performance. I also really loved her BA. She's got this super cool energy that was so great to watch! And yeah, but I am kind of curious to see if I can break the record of 20 (??) but I doubt that'll happen cause Mari is relatively liked on here lmao
  8. ahhhh i really want someone to do well with adele this season. something like "hello," "rolling in the deep," "water under the bridge," "skyfall" would be incredible. the last time i can remember someone doing one of those really well was brynn with "skyfall" (she sounded like a mini adele here!). i might be missing someone, but either way, i'd love for a female pop singer/powerhouse to sing one of these!
  9. (I wonder if this will set a record for the number of confused reactions) If Mari had been given better song choices and performed consistently with them, I would have preferred her to win over Maelyn. I LOVE Maelyn, and her tone is angelic, but I found Mari more interesting, particularly her performance of Latch.
  10. same. her live version wasn't too bad imo (but weaker than usual), and her studio version was pretty good!
  11. i loved her blind audition! for me, it would depend on how many seasons are left. if we stop soon, that makes sense. but, i think that the producers will try and put in a country female who goes far in the next ~5 seasons, perhaps. i don't know if they would win, but if they push hard enough and manipulate stuff like they do, i think it's possible. that is a bold statement, for sure, but i wouldn't be surprised if it were true now that you said it your predictions are often spot on
  12. yes! yes! yes! i just brought this up in one of the other threads, but this performance was absolutely incredible!
  13. Echoap doesn't seem to me to be judging or mocking Nick's coaching ability in this post. Objectively speaking, Thunderstorm was a very good contestant, consistent, and pimped by the producers. Yet, that wasn't enough to even get him runner up. I think that Echoap is just referring to the empirics, rather than mocking Nick's coaching abilities. I think you're reading too far into it.
  14. and only cause they had nick in it.... let's instead focus our attention on the REAL first placer from that season in terms of BA views: allegra (i think)!
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