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  1. same lol but i only caught a glimpse, i spent most of my time listenonrepeating zania's clip
  2. ok but also the name GihAnna is iconic, that's going to be our new and improved version of LindZae
  3. IDF before battles: "One thing's for sure: we're getting 2 montages" IDF after battles:
  4. Zania vs. Rio (J) Pete vs. Andrew (B) - steal Raine vs. Jose (N) Pia vs. Ciana (J) Cam vs. Connor (B) Corey vs. Ryleigh (K) - steal [Leak] Rachel vs. Zae (N) - steal Kenzie vs. Avery (K) Gean vs. Victor (J) Jordan vs. Ethan (B) Dana vs. Keegan (N) Gihanna vs. Anna (K) - steal
  5. Sure. I wasn't telling y'all what to do, I was just saying what I was gonna do lol
  6. I think confidence is great but this ain't it lmao. Also, I'm just now remembering contestants read this thread so I'll stop talking lmao, ignore this section to the contestants inevitably reading this
  7. I loved them both, based on what we saw. High energy, great performance from both, based on what I saw aired.
  8. I mean it was a high energy battle, but I trust Blake's word even if not the sources that it was pitchy. Deion is an amazing singer, but deserved steal or not, what he said was disrespectful and I'm glad we agree on that. Also, to have a short break from the topic, I'd like to appreciate your iconic PFP, Chloe slayed in that sparkling dress LMAO
  9. I would agree based on what we saw, but I wouldn't be surprised if they tuned him. They tuned Raine for sure and the sources + Blake said he was pitchy.
  10. It seems like one comment that was merely implied. I wouldn't say he's going to be a Marisa. I still hope Marisa learned/learns her lesson, but I'm not holding my breath.
  11. I'd like to hear more, but that doesn't sound great. Not too classy.
  12. Based on what I've heard about the song on here, this seems like an accurate assessment. He can do well with it, but it won't propel him to be in position to win like other songs could.
  13. I agree. He can even say he wishes he got a steal/save, but implying he deserved it over others on the team is not a good look.
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