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  1. yes! yes! yes! i just brought this up in one of the other threads, but this performance was absolutely incredible!
  2. Echoap doesn't seem to me to be judging or mocking Nick's coaching ability in this post. Objectively speaking, Thunderstorm was a very good contestant, consistent, and pimped by the producers. Yet, that wasn't enough to even get him runner up. I think that Echoap is just referring to the empirics, rather than mocking Nick's coaching abilities. I think you're reading too far into it.
  3. and only cause they had nick in it.... let's instead focus our attention on the REAL first placer from that season in terms of BA views: allegra (i think)!
  4. omg wait i've changed my mind, it got really good close to the end lmao
  5. Thank you for sharing! He's good, not really my type, but he's definitely a great singer
  6. yes! they're both so good in their own way!
  7. Yeah! I can't believe she didn't move on after that!
  8. i haven't been keeping up. would any of y'all be willing to quote me with some of the better / your favorite performances so far?
  9. im listening to brennley's performances again, and her performance of "fly" is nothing short of angelic, imo. I'm honestly shocked lmao
  10. This one's definitely going to ruffle some feathers: I liked Presley and Kendra's PO at least as much as Maelyn's PO. Presley doesn't get talked about much around here, and I guess that might be because some people might find her shouty. I am a huge Maelyn fan, but her PO was not as good as most of her others (only because of song choice; it was an upbeat song). Maelyn still had one of the strongest performances of the night. Sidenote: I've listened to the compilation of Maelyn's performances wayyyy too many times, so that might have something to do with this lmao
  11. Pretty much the title. This is my addition: Also, a lot of Brennley Brown's stuff and Bailey Rae's!
  12. brennley brown is incredible! wow, i can't believe she doesn't get talked about that much on here. also, i like suds in the bucket, even if it wasn't one of her better performances b/c of the song choice. also, bailey rae was really amazing! i would have loved for her to make the finale.
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