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  1. Never underestimate Blake's base...they want him to win every season.
  2. It was just good, way too much yelling in spots...all that wasn't needed.
  3. I'm not defending her, I just don't think she was ever pimped or considered to be a threat of finishing at the top.
  4. Disappointed in both GNT performances tonight, but let's not kid ourselves...they are winning this season.
  5. When was Hailey pimped, and when was she ever a possibility for a top 2 spot??? Since day one everyone watching has known that GNT and Wendy are the likely top finalists with GNT claiming the trophy.
  6. They were just mimicking all the screaming he did during his performance.
  7. So, Paris thought it was a good idea to just start screaming through most of the song...
  8. Nope, didn't miss anything...I know that's exactly how Blake has so many undeserved wins under his belt.
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