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  1. We need to face facts...this show has been on the downward spiral for many seasons, and now it's crashing into rock bottom. They need to just cancel it and save everyone the embarrassment.
  2. This show is just pathetic...they all want a country singer so bad, it doesn't even matter if they stink, as many of them do.
  3. Oh, big surprise...if they don't pick Blake, they pick Kelly. And he didn't have the opportunity to pick Blake, so where else was he going to go.
  4. You're right...but, Kelly turned, and she's just as dangerous with bland, mediocre country singers, so it could be bad if he picks her.
  5. Thankfully, it's only an hour tonight...I couldn't take any longer of these mediocre messes.
  6. Here we go, cowboy hat and tears...dump him on Blake's team and call it a day. He doesn't even need to audition at this point.
  7. Doubtful that will happen this season...even the 4chair turns have been lackluster so far.
  8. Wow, tonight's episode is bad so far...this season has been a big disappointment for the blind auditions.
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