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  1. Jermaine and Craig will always be the worst winners...but, they have some competition from Jake Hoot and a few others over the years. Carter is one of the more deserving winners in past seasons.
  2. And yet he was consistent every week, getting better and better when the rest of them had stumbles...
  3. I'm so over seeing Blake have someone in the top two...I really hope Gwen gets the win with Carter. The kid is really talented and it would be nice to see Gwen finally get a win.
  4. Here's the updated order for tomorrow: 1st Carter 2nd Jim 3rd Ian 4th Desz 5th John H
  5. That's only because the coaches needed to stand up and stretch, nothing more.
  6. Carter's original isn't anything special, but he pretty much has this win.
  7. Eww this is not good...John H is locking down that 5th place. Welcome to 4th Desz.
  8. It would take a miracle for her to get third place over one of Blake's boys.
  9. She could place higher than John H, but beating a Blake boy is almost impossible, especially with what she has done tonight.
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