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  1. This is not as good as I was expecting, but Corey is doing better.
  2. Totally understandable...they all blur together after awhile.
  3. Who is the mediocre country singer??? Corey is not country.
  4. Both sound good in the rehearsal, but Corey sounds better.
  5. He doesn't make great decisions, but I kind of feel like she just happened to have a good performance there and it probably wouldn't be repeated. Zae is a strong singer and was really good through out that battle.
  6. Nope, but he has won way more times with artists who were not the best, and if he doesn't have the winner he usually has the runner-up.
  7. She has a good chance of winning, (she has won three times with weak singers), but I never underestimate the power of the Blake voters who usually control the outcome.
  8. All I will say is...Blake Doesn't matter what is on his team, he always manages to pull off a win (usually undeserved.)
  9. Um, sorry Nick, but I don't really think Team Nick has a shot this year.
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