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  1. I stand by Robegate being must watch tv. What has lost my interest the last couple seasons has just been the talent. The coaches can do whatever they want but if you got singers that I'm invested in then cool I'll watch if not then I'll pass.
  2. Lauren did well to make the top 7 with 2 notable haters in this rankdown so congrats to her on that!
  3. I haven't watched this episode or Sundays episode but I also have little desire to so I dunno.
  4. Well at least one of these shows is finally gonna get cut.
  5. You never know maybe 3 people tanked Cass lol.
  6. I think my luck is about to run out so probably Lauren or Jacquie.
  7. I say we just randomize it and move onto the next round!
  8. I'm pretty sure deals were made with like every ranker for him.
  9. Jacquie and Lauren making the top 8. I didn't expect this to happen so I hope it keeps up although it probably won't for very much longer.
  10. I love my top 5 but yeah after that if falls off for me. Not to say the others are bad because they aren't well most of them aren't bad anyways but they just aren't my thing.
  11. Lily put in a lot of work for that apparently so congrats to her on that!
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