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  1. Yeah Cutthroat was one of my favorite seasons for sure.
  2. Just sent it to you on twitter since it said you couldn't receive messages on here.
  3. FF8 is in my top Final Fantasy games. My top 3 would be 6, 8, 10. I think FF8 is definitely the most underrated of the Final Fantasy games. My preferred party is the same as Sola's but I also liked Selphie unlike him. Her limit break was capable of killing any boss in 1 hit so it was pretty op the only problem is it relied on rng. Quistis was the only main character that I didn't care for.
  4. Lyn & Karlyn They were surprisingly competent on season 10 of the amazing race. They got in an alliance and used that alliance to make it to the final 3. Unlike other members of their alliance they didn't actually sacrifice their game for their alliance members which is definitely the better way to go. During the last leg they chose to get on a different flight then the others did and it ended up costing them the race and they finished in third place. Very respectable place and this is a great spot for them in this rankdown as well. Saving Shelby Stockton
  5. Lol my winner pick flopped hard.
  6. My draft is a huge mess they are all targetting each other
  7. Lol why Parv and not Rob?!? Doesnt making him the target instead make a lot more sense?
  8. CSI CSI is similar to Criminal minds but it did come before this one I don't think my mom liked as much as Criminal Minds so I don't think she would be upset over this cut . But anyways CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigation and the show revolves around going to a crime scene and using science and technology to solve crimes usually murders I would imagine. It lasted 15 years so it had a good run and was one of the more popular shows on tv for quite awhile. But like Criminal Minds you seen one episode you seen them all they are basically the same episode week after week just with a different crime so I don't really get how someone could watch this for 15 years but to each their own I guess. Sorry to any fans the show might have but as said before I don't care for these type of shows so out it goes from the rankdown.
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