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  1. Sorry family from out of town is here and having been paying much attention here but I'm fine with what Alex proposed.
  2. Corey Brooks Corey might be one of the most boring characters that have ever played Big Brother hence why he got the nickname Borey because he just put everyone to sleep. And when he wasn't putting people to sleep he was telling stupid stories about injurying animals, even if the goat was okay it was still a dumb story and should not have been told and then laughed about for awhile. How ex on the beach thought it was a good idea to bring him on the show and how he almost got cast on other shows after being dreadfully boring I donno maybe he was just brought in to be eye
  3. I now have time to work on this so I will refresh it.
  4. I almost cut Brandon my self so I would be fine with him. Julie would be in my top 2 choices to save not sure who I would give the nod to there.
  5. Yeah that's always the worst part of going back to back.
  6. James Huling Both James and Adam suck horribly as people Adam used his winnings to start a drug empire and James leaked naked photos of Natalie among other things. I have to save one person and chose to save Adam because he won and James sucked at the game so bye James. James didn't care about winning the game he was more there for the cameras and was actively trying to win America's favorite instead of the 500k which is just dumb because that's far less money. Camera wh*res are among my least favorite people and when you combine that with being a major dbag that makes
  7. He's basically the Russell Hantz of Big Brother. He lost twice and the other person he lost to is Josh who is more insufferable than Nicole so yeah safe to say people didn't like Paul.
  8. I might continue with my Frank cut because I highly doubt anyone is gonna pick him
  9. Open to suggestions / deals etc for this as I really don't know how I wanna proceed.
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