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  1. Haven't really been keeping up with the season but just watched Sam's battle and she's great. I'll probably just stick to watching the YouTube videos this season.
  2. Dustin & Kandice are probably like my 5 or 6 favorite team so yeah they are a very likable team.
  3. I think Tar is Hulu not cbs all access last time I watched it at least. You can probably find Tar online some where though.
  4. Janelle and Britney is probably the top 2 in what order Idk.
  5. I think one of the big brother blondes is probably going to win. But wouldn't be shocked if Angelina got third place again at this rate.
  6. She probably should have outlasted Angelina but oh well it's certainly not a bad spot for her at all.
  7. Did not expect Sola to tank Colin & Christie so that's surprising. Also didn't expect to see them before Brook & Claire but I do like Brook & Claire a little more so congrats to them on being the last amazing race team standing.
  8. This. Obviously I prefer females to males but Colin is definitely the exception to that rule he's just absolutely fantastic in season 5.
  9. I did enjoy Blakes schemes he was a fun character.
  10. The funny part about all these blondes is I had very little to do with them making the top 20. I *might* have saved Andrea once I can't remember but besides that.
  11. I prefer Colin to Christie as well but I do like both of them. Obviously Hayley was the star of the Hayley and Blair duo. With Blake & Paige I feel that ones pretty balanced but I do like Paige more.
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