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  1. This should work? Sean Lineker (War of the Worlds 2) Dee Nguyen ( War of the Worlds 2) Hunter Barfield (Invasion of the Champions) Nicole Zanatta (Invasion of the Champions) Eric "Big Easy" Banks (Fresh Meat) Linette Gallo (Fresh Meat) Shane Landrum (Invasion of the Champions) Ashley Mitchell (Invasion of the Champions) Chris "Ammo" Ammon Hall (XXX: Dirty 30) Amanda Garcia (XXX: Dirty 30) Nathan Blackburn ( Real World vs Road Rules ) Montana McGlynn ( Real World vs Road Rules ) David Burns ( Challenge 2000) Holly Shand ( Challenge 2000) Jisela Delgado ( Battle of the Seasons) Josh Florence ( Battle of the Seasons )
  2. So I am nominating 8 pairs of male / female pairings? So a total of 16 people.
  3. Hmm this thread seems to have died. But this week was certainly not nearly as interesting as last weeks episode. It was pretty obvious who was going in and the results weren't too shocking. I feel like there is too many people left so either they are going to have some type of purge soon if they will keep doing eliminations. My money is on a purge though that seems like the most likely outcome.
  4. I loved both Mila and Natalie in the movie and I really like the movie in general. But it do like other movies more.
  5. Basically all the people pretending to be leaving now are just trolling then since it sounds like they are a ways off from starting the show.
  6. Obviously Canada and Us are a lot different but BBCan got cancelled after it already started. And the situation in Cali seems worse now then it was then in Canada. So Maybe they should just move the house to Alaska or something.
  7. Susie was annoying so I get it but that final 3 was really oof.
  8. Stay safe Vicky! Although where I live is equally as bad as well so that's not good either!
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