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  1. Victoria's number 1 and 2 tieing for 9th.
  2. This would be my preferred choice as well.
  3. Wally really doing the most with his write ups!
  4. who has a say Team Minivan? That's even worse they will save all the guys again.
  5. Cubs win the NL Central!
  6. Yes since you saved Shane you have to do Theresa Gonzalez write up.
  7. Such an incredible performance by Amber congrats to her on her IDF win!
  8. Wow Wally's choices really flopped huh.
  9. Sorry just seeing this now! Advancing Since U Been Gone.
  10. Isaac Stout Will add a pic later Doing this write up on my phone because uh who cares about this guy anyways. From what I remember Isaac was a really weird dude. He didn't really have much success on the couple challenges that he was on. He was also randomly on Big Brother UK for some reason. He did seem like a nice and harmless guy from what little I do remember of him so at least he has that going for him. He lasted awhile in this rankdown so good for him on that I guess but the people want Ellen to stay and him to go so his time is up in this rankdown now!
  11. Dee deserves his fate in this rankdown.
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