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  1. Khalea Lynee - Love Like This DeAndre - Cry For You and That's What I Like
  2. Her voice is so dang good. Her vocals are top notch and yet they seem so effortless. I think she has the ability to be one of the top 5 best vocalists that this show has ever seen.
  3. I hope Wendy and Holly are the top two in real competition as well.
  4. Jotdan by a freaking mile over this group.
  5. None are my favorites but voted for David Vogel because he seems the most interesting one. I think I might like him on the show.
  6. Not exactly sure but I think she had close to 5.5M
  7. Thunderstorm by a country mile Sid(HM to DeSz) Zae(HM to Victor)
  8. 1. Cam 2. Corey 3. Gihanna 4. Savanna 5. Zae 6. Kenzie
  9. Chloe's ko is one of the most iconic performances ever. imo
  10. Todd Tilghman and I'm not even that much of a fan.
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