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  1. 1. Brittany Bree vs Samara Brown 2. Katherine Ann Mohler vs Vaughn Mugol 3. Hailey Green vs Lana Scott
  2. Hailey Green vs Lana Scott - GIRL - 5 Katherine Ann Mohler vs Vaughn Mugol - Dilemma - 5 Brittany Bree vs Samara Brown - Giving Him Something He Can Feel - 9
  3. 1. Jeremy vs Jershika(It's basically a tie for me) 2. Katie vs Bella 3. David vs Chavon 4. Samuel vs KJ 5. GNT vs Kinsey 6. Peedy vs TJR
  4. Bella DeNapoli vs Katie Rae - No More Tears - 9 KJ Jennings vs Samuel Harness - I Know What You Did Last Summer - 5 Girl Named Tom vs Kinsey Rose - Seven Bridges Road - 5 The Joy Reunion vs Peedy Chavis - Joy to the World - 5 Chavon Rodgers vs David Vogel - Sugar We're Goin Down - 5 Jeremy Rosado vs Jershika Maple - Hold On - 9.5 Samuel and David disappointed a bit. Was expecting more from them but maybe it was the song choice. Hope they redeem themselves in the KOs.
  5. Now that's interesting. IDF lovdd both Samuel's and Bella's auditions so it will be interesting to see who gets more votes.
  6. Sachin is a very big fan of Tyke(That's what their YouTube comments say). So, I guess that's the reason they made this poll.
  7. Didn't expect Bella to have te same amount of votes as Wendy! Surprised.
  8. Yeah, Myla and Chelsea both were damn equals......at making my ears bleed.
  9. TEAM KELLY: GNT or Kinsey Jeremy or Jershika Gymani or Aaron TCS or Parker Holly or Wyatt BATTLES: TEAM ARIANA: David Vogel or Chavon Jim/Sasha or Sophia Bella DeNapoli or Katie Rae Ryleigh Plank or KCK3 Raquel Trinidad or Hailey Mia Katherine Ann Mohler or Vaughn TEAM LEGEND Samuel Harness or KJ Jennings Joshua Vacanti or Keilah Grace Brittany Bree or Samara Brown Shadale or Janora Paris Winningham or Jonathan Mouton TEAM BLAKE: Wendy Moten or Manny Hailey Green or Lana Scott LiBianca or Tommy Edwards Peedy Chavis or TJR KOs: TEAM KELLY GNT or Holly Forbes Hailey Mia or TCS Gymani or Kinsey TEAM ARIANA: Jim/Sasha or Manny Bella DeNapoli or Katherine Ann Mohler Ryleigh Plank or David Vogel Raquel Trinidad or Katie Rae TEAM LEGEND: Samuel Harness or Brittany bree Jershika Maple or Paris Winningham Shadale or Samara TEAM BLAKE: Wendy Moten or Jonathan LiBianca or Hailey Green Lana Scott or Carson Peters
  10. Yeah, And man his first album was ready within six months.
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