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  1. SS3 - Amanda Brown SS4 - Amber Carrington SS5 - Jacquie Lee SS6 - Christina Grimmie SS7 - Chris Jamison SS8 - Kimberly Nichole SS9 - Jeffery Austin SS10 - Alisan Porter SS11 - Ali Caldwell SS12 - Brennley Brown / Hunter Plake SS13 - Noah Mac / Addison Agen / Chole Kohanski SS14 - Britton Buchanan / Brynn Catelli SS15 - Kennedy Holmes / MaKenzie Thomas SS16 - Maelyn Jarmon SS17 - Max Boyle / Rose Short / Ricky Duran
  2. It’s a good season with predictable results. Rose and Katie are the legends already. Ricky with 2nd place is kinda surprised but I love it. don’t care for winner anyway.
  3. Jake Rose Katie Ricky Kat Hello Sunday IS: i really love ricky but if this case happen, it would be HS who win IS. Marybeth Will
  4. i really love alisan’s version of desperado ( i still listen to it these days) so i don’t think i could love Hoot’s. and also “before he cheats” ughhh why john whyyy he chose best song for mealyn in semi last year but for this year, i don’t like all 3 songs from his team. trainwreck for sure. and please top 4 should be rose ricky katie and whoever does best (desperately want mb in final :'( )
  5. Rose - How Great Thou Art Marybeth - All Too Well Ricky - Seven Nation Army Katie - Purple Rain
  6. Marybeth - see you again (carrie's) Katie - purple Rain Rose - nothing's real but love / lose to win
  7. Blake PV: Ricky D / Kat CS: Grace WC: Cali Gwen PV: Rose / Joana CS: Kyndal WC: Jake H (although i really love myracle :'( ) John PV: Katie / Marybeth CS: Will WC: Alex (winner) Kelly PV: Max / Jake Hoot CS: Shane Q WC: Hello Sunday (idk)
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