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  1. There is a lot of false information that is knowingly and unknowingly past on daily and I do agree that you should not be getting your information from Facebook, Twitter and especially IDF
  2. Is operation blindside Brent still going strong? Or is someone going to spill the beans and ruin all the fun?
  3. Lol Brent was so bad at
  4. Brent's downfall is pretty funny I guess.
  5. So if anyone wants to make deals / talk strategy or whatever with me you got till tomorrow night as that's when I will be handing in my rankings.
  6. I'm gonna start working on my rankings / write ups as I will be out of town for a few days this weekend.
  7. Advancing these songs to the next round. Katie Stevens "Breakaway" Katie Stevens "Put Your Records On" Katie Stevens "Chain Of Fools"
  8. Advancing Didi Benami "Play With Fire" to the next round.
  9. I think I wanna change my signature to include all these wonderful women on it as they deserve the love.
  10. Oh yeah I absolutely agree with all of this and feel horrible for Simone one person should not have to go through all of this and it was totally unfair to her. Another person who got massively screwed over was Mykayla Skinner so I would like to see her get an opportunity to be on Dancing and other similar type shows since USAG continually screwed her over for no good reason.
  11. Wally with a different color W I cant handle all this change.
  12. All the gymnasts in this rankdown deserve to rank high because of what they went through but Simone would be a well deserving rankdown winner for sure.
  13. You can choose JC so you can make all the decisions on your own.
  14. Sansa didn't start off as my favorite but her and Arya were definitely the best parts of the second half of Game of Thrones so they were an easy #1 and #2 for me.
  15. My #1 and #9 are the top 2. Hoping for my #1 to win but expecting my #9 to win.
  16. 1,2,8,9 for me. (Although I do like all the characters so it doesn't really matter.)
  17. my #9 and 8 are still around so they definitely have a shot at winning lol
  18. Jaime was such a great character his character arc was one of the best in the series. Will just ignore those last couple episodes because they were just trash.
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