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  1. She is 20 something (I'm so bad on remembering their ages lol)! Glad for the appreciation
  2. I totally forgot to add their Amazon Music and Deezer links, so I just added them now! another day of battles, so I wish David the best of luck again :))) (if he still hasn't performed, that is)
  3. Gih just posted a detailed plan of her Glitter In The Air performance such an iconic of a performance !! love how detailed this really is
  4. my favorite Ali Caldwell performance tbh (because she was given questionable song choices after this ) the way she SNAPPED and let the mic stand drop fb people hating on her for the knockout decision- she shut them down with this performance. queen people are saying that HOTRS was Kim's breakout moment, but tbh, this is for me her breakout moment. I can recall people on that studio were going crazy after this I know for sure I can think of some more, these are just the ones who came to my mind first
  5. When I first read your list, I was like- what???
  6. Yeah, imo he was better than Eric on that battle he could've given at least a competition to Davon on the Knockouts (knowing he'd likely be paired against him)
  7. Adding to this: Kailey Abel, Mendeleyev, Lain Roy, Brennan Lassiter, Rizzi Myers, Ignatious Carmouche, Mike Schiavo, Lyndsey Elm actually, there are a lot LMAO
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CR4fY4BhzRc/?utm_medium=copy_link first of all, how is she so gorgeous?? what a beauty, she slays it every time! then, I'm so happy that she took her time figuring things out. music industry is cutthroat, so her taking time for deciding on things that'll for surely impact her career is a very smart move. AND yay y'all I cannot wait to post more stuffs here, I was genuinely happy when I saw this post p.s. that peace sign of Gih reminded me of the voice, I miss her on that stage
  9. Definitely, same! it showed a little bit more of her range here + she also casually plays an electric guitar?? queen Yeah, I really love her tone when it goes intimate like that, it's SO beautiful They better jk
  10. Okay this'll be the last (for now) also found some photos of Parker with 2 pretty known artists Parker with Maren Morris (she's on the farther right), they sang The Chain here iirc (based on Parker's post) Parker with John Mayer, weird photo but yeah that is Parker John's one of her biggest musical influences (this sounds very familiar for a certain S20 contestant I loved ) she also has a beautiful cover of John Mayer that I found https://www.instagram.com/p/Bjf8kDOhanr/?utm_medium=copy_link the way how this was captured on a video + Parker's delivery and voice is so beautiful
  11. Also found this one!! https://www.instagram.com/p/Be32zRxl_HQ/?utm_medium=copy_link I'm still figuring out which song it is- but I know Parker killed it. I was shocked at how powerful her voice is here love the range! and how simplistic and gorgeous this is, it's so heartfelt I also love every time she switched to her falsetto, it's so pleasing to hear
  12. also, I found out that her mom just passed away last May she's so brave for joining a competition like this and facing these things. I'm sure her mom's very proud of her right now. Go Parker!!
  13. Just scrolling through Parker's Instagram page and I found this https://www.instagram.com/p/Bp0PnUWhsxX/?utm_medium=copy_link short cover of Maggie Roger's Light On
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