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  1. Shadale and Janora are singing One Last Time of Ari! I think this is a good sign that their battle won't be montaged? (but then again, Tommy and Libianca was montaged lol), hopefully!
  2. Another Ariana Grande song, Shadale and Janora's singing One Last Time-
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CVF7L4zr-Iy/?utm_medium=copy_link forgot to post this yesterday but samuel and asher >>>> everything else jk, but for real though, these photos of Asher and Samuel are the cutest!! Asher's the cutest too
  4. There's a separate forum for these questions regarding the accounts, look at the "Questions, Comments, and Problems" section. But, here's the specific thread for that!
  5. I- I'm a HUGE stan of Lana and a fan of Bella on show, so that would be a dream come true if that happens omg I can see it working so well. It's obvious that Bella can also give justice to much more mellow songs and all
  6. Speaking of instruments, I am HOPING that David will be given the chance to play some keyboard for the lives. His piano skills + his gorgeous voice's a perfect match
  7. It was said that he did a stripped down guitar version of it, so I'm expecting an acoustic guitar, perhaps?
  8. I- yes!! Janelle Arthur right? I have a bad memory lmao. I love her ITYS performance Yup! It seems like Zealyn's good friends with Jeremy too, David's brother
  9. Also, Bella's on 29.8k followers on Instagram now! She gained 25k+ followers ever since her blinds which was just weeks ago 25k+ follower gain in less than a month, to sum it up
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