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Which blind audition on team Nick this season was your favorite?

Sachin Jain

Which was your favorite?  

48 members have voted

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    • Dana Monique- Freeway of love
    • Devan Blake Jones- Hard place
    • Raine Stern- Eletric feel
    • Zae Romeo- Falling
    • Andrew Marshal- Gravity
    • Jose Figueroa Jr.- At this moment
    • Bradley Sinclair- Say you won’t let go
    • Rachel Mac- Let him fly
    • Lindsay Joan- Nightmare
    • Awari- Week

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Team Nick was so good this season!! I can't rank them, but I'll put them in tiers.


S Tier:

  • Raine Stern
  • Jose Figueroa Jr.
  • Dana Monique
  • Lindsay Joan


A Tier:

  • Zae Romeo
  • Andrew Marshall (underrated audition!)
  • Awari (also underrated)

B Tier:

  • Bradley Sinclair
  • Devan Blake Jones

C Tier:

  • Rachel Mac


I ended up throwing a vote to Jose just because his audition is probably the one I've listened to the most. 

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