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  1. i thought that too. the fact that the sources enjoyed it, despite the unique song choice makes me think that she is such an amazing singer and can sing anything!
  2. thoughts on the performance: it's beautiful, imo. he embraced the song and emotion that it holds in an amazing manner. i might be alone in this, but i love Ed Sheeran and that's one of my favorite songs. he did an incredible job and deserved those 3 chairs. i thought he should've chosen KC, but his decision does make a lot of sense. also, salute to him for being a nurse throughout the challenging times. that deserves more recognition and i respect him so much! good job, Vaughn.
  3. Bella 100% and she's gonna be the last audition to air in episode 1.
  4. guesses (chair order, except for the last 2): K: Holly J: Samara A: David B: Hailey K: The Cunningham Sisters J: Paris A: Vaughn B: Lana A: KCK3 A: Bella
  5. a random guess here, but TPTB doesn't care about the contestants when montaging. that said, Tommy and LiBianca's battles are most prob. gonna be montaged because they would get so much crap if they didn't sing it half as good as the Queen did (and according to sources, it was meh. not saying that this is accurate, but just based off of what information we have so far)
  6. i'm guessing Bella. strong contender for her team, 3CT, and she sang a super popular song. something tells me her blind audition had a lot of great (coach) moments, too.
  7. oh 100%. he seemed so genuine in his coaching and he had 2 of my all-time favorite contestants and didn’t screw up.
  8. the title has a negative connotation, but i had no clue how to word it (please lemme know if you come up with something better so i can change it). not sure if there's a thread for this, but what are some performance that are considered "bad" (in quotes, because that's subjective) that you keep coming back to for some reason. example: Reagan Strange: Top 8 IS - that performance is off-tune and pitchy, but i just can't stop myself from re-watching it all the time.
  9. not sure where to put this, but in TVAUS, i thought Joe didn't even give Homegrown a fighting chance against Sally. he wanted them to show off their harmonies more, but then gave them a song where they couldn't. i love Sally and she's one of my favorites, along with Aydan, but that battle felt so unfair.
  10. i preferred The Bundys in their battle, but at least give Mikaela a fair shot. pairing a 14 year against a trio, with the trio's favorite song is just wrong.
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