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  1. ones in bold made me mad s21 - Jack Rogan s20 - Lindsay Joan (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) s19 - Liam St. John (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) s18 - Kailey Abel s17 - Mendeleyev, Steve Knill s16 - Alena D'Amico, Mikaela Astel, Cecily Hannigan, LiLi Joy s15 - Erika Zade (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Natalie Brady, Kayley Hill s14 - Stephanie Skipper, Genesis Diaz
  2. from the spotify playlist of Angeles herself, may i present... (another) hotel party - matty reynolds (so random, but it's a good song for raspy males. not the most sentimental and it's upbeat but could be a nice performance) let's go home together - ella henderson, tom grennan (if you haven't listened to this song, i recommend. it would be such a great battle round) chasing stars - alesso (this song is so beautiful and it would make a stunning performance) malibu nights - LANY (this song screams David Vogel) till forever falls apart - ashe, finneas (this song as a battle song?? yes please) if ever however whenever forever - picture this (super underrated song, i recommend. i envision people similar to Corey Ward slaying this song) going somewhere - acoustic mix - seth power (such a good song, it could be a moment) apple pie - lizzie mcalpine (such a beautiful song. i could see Cami or Zan sounding magical on this song) if you love her - forest blakk (my favorite song, it has this eerie sad vibe that could be a moment if executed right) not about angels - birdy (enough said) uninvited - alanis morissette (alanis from american idol covered this and it sounded magical)
  3. one of my favorite battles from s18, overall.
  4. happy birthday king , welcome to adulthood!
  5. a take that no one asked for: imo, emotional/captivating singers > technical/pitch perfect singers. BUT that being said, all singers have those things that they are good at and some that just needs a little improvement. both of those above things are challenging and singers should be getting praise for their strengths, not getting brought down due to their "weaknesses". the argument doesn't make sense solely for the fact that music is so subjective and everyone looks for different things in music, just don't use your personal opinion to discredit talented musicians that are so good at the area that they choose to focus on (for some, emotions and for others, range and pitch).
  6. not sure if this is considered "unpopular", but David Vogel had the BEST knockout of this season and one of the best performances of this season. the emotion, his tone and his stage presence is unmatched, and out of all the performances this season, his performance left the biggest impact on me.
  7. exposing my younger brother - his favorite contestants: Levi (s18) Tate (s18), but i think he enjoyed the dog more Carter (s19) my cousin loves TVUS and i'm not sure about too much, but some of her faves: her all-time favorite is Allegra (s18) Kelsie (s19) Anna Grace (s20) Ryleigh (s20) Gihanna (s20) Hailey (s21)
  8. also, https://www.youtube.com/c/lindsayliebro [Lindsay Liebro]
  9. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzEBoJUr2B7BmSskcQDr_qA [Ally Salort] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChQk3KiLjculCRsfcXlpOoQ/videos [Grace Milton] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChrHU-xFU4MfWxhqfcqwYaA [Martina Lynn] https://www.youtube.com/c/RyanMackMusic/featured [Ryan Mack] https://www.youtube.com/c/AveryAnna [Avery Anna]
  10. the female talent is so strong, i just need to find some good male singers.
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