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  1. Don’t worry John Holiday fans, there won’t be a Ryan in the competition to “rob” him.
  2. DeSz is not what I’m worried about. If he makes it through, he’s going to make it even harder for Cami to make Top 9 and beyond.
  3. I think you’re missing Chloé.
  4. Ah, so he hasn’t changed since American Idol!
  5. Thank you for bringing this up! I thought this was common knowledge to everyone, but I guess not...
  6. Yeah, I’m so excited to see what she does after the show!
  7. Yet Tanner is your favorite. Ok, so you’re a hypocrite, great.
  8. All of them should advance to be honest!
  9. Ninjask Like I said before, @.Rei helped me decide who to cut for this group. However, I probably would have ended up cutting Ninjask anyway. I mean, this design has NO defining qualities. It is simply just a flying cicada. I kind of wish they pulled more from the ninja aspect of this name to make it more interesting, but alas, they didn’t, so buzz off Ninjask! Save: Ribombee
  10. You’re making an ASSUMPTION, which you just criticized me for doing.
  11. Vibrava I really had no idea who to cut for this round, so thank you to @.Rei for providing two perfect candidates. I’m sorry but what in the world is this?! I forgot that this thing even evolved into Flygon. It’s name sounds like a bug, it looks like a bug, yet it is somehow a GROUND, and get this DRAGON type. I mean come on, all it is is a weird transition to the overrated Flygon. If there’s one positive, this thing is kind of cute. Save: Blitzle
  12. No, alarmed that all the people of color are at the bottom. Whether it means something or not, I have a right to be alarmed by it.
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