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  1. I voted again! Good luck to everyone’s favorites! I’m really looking forward to results today! (Let’s hope IDF and the judges get it right... )
  2. I just voted! I have to admit that I wasn't thrilled with any of the performances... Yes, some were good, but they all had noticeable issues in them... Hopefully, the majority supports the right group... I might vote with my emails later.
  3. Just as a follow-up this article says that you can audition for S19 as long as you didn’t make Top 10 in any previous season.
  4. I just discovered this thread and I absolutely love it! The idea is cool and the execution is flawless! *followed* Edit: Ignore the question I posted here, I was dumb and didn’t read the schedule carefully!
  5. Good job to @miss denise for getting the clues right two sets in a row! My Opinions: Amber Holcomb- I was pleasantly surprised to see that this clue didn’t refer to Janelle Arthur. To me, Amber was never consistent enough with her performances to ever reach the league of Candice, Kree, and Angie. I was also really annoyed by Nicki’s constant championing... This was especially present when Janelle Arthur was singing for the save... To me it seemed like Janelle was a great choice for the save. However, the vote wasn’t unanimous, and I think we learned later that Mariah and Keith voted to save her. I personally think that Nicki didn’t vote to save Janelle because she didn’t want her to outlast Amber. (Also, can we acknowledge that Amber deserved to be in the bottom 2 AGAIN that week, and not Kree... ) I liked Amber, however, I agree in the sense that she is my least favorite S12 girl. Anwar Robinson- No comment. Siobhan Magnus- Didn’t really mind her until she got too crazy... She was never a favorite of mine though, so I didn’t care... Matt Giraud- Aah, so this is the season where the save was introduced... Phil Stacey- No comment.
  6. Add me! Also, happy 18th birthday Makayla!
  7. Going back to Jessica Sanchez (uh oh, I just caused a volcano to erupt... ), I think what really made me gravitate more to Hollie (though I liked both ) was the fact that the show shoved Jessica down our throats. The judges’ plea to voters to vote and Jimmy Iovine’s constant comparison between Jessica and Hollie (where he sided with Jessica) came across as annoying. I also personally preferred Hollie’s stylistic choices in terms of her voice. I felt that Jessica would overuse her vibrato at times, but that’s probably just me...
  8. That’s fine, I think I have an idea as to who some of the clues might point to...
  9. Oh yay, I’m so excited to listen to it. His voice is really great because it can deliver many emotions! Also, 4 more days till Louis’ birthday!
  10. Good job @miss denise for getting all the clues right! My Opinions: No issues with this set! RJ Helton- No comment. Joey Cook- She seemed very fun. However, the only things I really remember are her playing the accordion and Quentin’s outcry about her being in the bottom 2 (or something like that ). Rickey Smith- No comment. Rayvon Owen- Aah, the king has finally been ranked! I agree with pretty much everything you said. The Twitter saves (and the saves in general) were stupid... Uché- Uché is a contestant who I didn’t hate, but didn’t love either. I personally think he screwed himself over during Disney Night. He sang an irrelevant song (which for Disney Night could hurt), and it wasn’t a “wow” performance either. Being an ABC wildcard pick didn’t help the situation either...
  11. I just discovered this thread and thank goodness I did! This thread seems like an amazing place! What are your favorite of Archie’s songs? Mine are “Winter In The Air,” “Postcards in the Sky,” “Seasons,” “Ok, All Right,” and “Just Breathe.”
  12. My Opinions: -She’ll be your everything if you make her a star. Alexis Grace. No comment. -One of the contestants with the same first name of the season falls. David Hernandez. He was probably my least favorite S7 finalist, besides maybe Amanda... To me, he came across as someone who thought he was better than everyone else (when he clearly wasn’t...) I would have ranked him WAY lower, but I’ll accept your opinion. -Wasn’t present at elimination- Christina Christian. No comment. -The forgotten diva- Stephanie Edwards. No comment. -Gray Charles. Taylor Hicks. All I can say is somewhere over the rainbow, Katharine McPhee won Season 5. I wasn’t a big fan of Taylor. Like you said, he looked like a drunk uncle dancing around the stage (like Paul from S10)! However, I understand why he won. He was very fun and appealed to the fans! Definitely not my favorite winner, but I guess he did ok.
  13. I obviously want it up tonight, but do whatever works for you!
  14. My Opinions: -“One gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight”- Kristy Lee Cook. “Eight Days A Week” was pretty bad, but I personally didn’t think it was as bad as it was made out to be... In “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away,” she appeared very stiff and didn’t have any endearing vocals to keep me from noticing it. Season 7 is one of the best (imo), but I have to say I liked her personality way more than her performances on the show! -This finalist’s run went into the grave not too long after being born- Sonika Vaid. Like you mentioned, “Bring Me To Life” was the highlight of her run on Idol. I also wish she showed more of her “Bring Me To Life” side, but I guess that was too much of a drastic change for her! While not my favorite from the season, she definitely had some (probably only one ) great performances! -No plane tickets needed to be booked for at least a week- Melissa McGhee. No comment. -The other country blonde- Jessica Sierra. No comment. -Buff Love, Doug E. Fresh- Blake Lewis. Not the biggest fan of his, so all I have to say is “ABC producers, Alejandro was not as groundbreaking and revolutionary as you made him out to be! Others did what he did (and in my opinion they did it better) in the seasons you ignore, but bring contestants back to perform from!”
  15. Is it bad that when Jimmy Iovine compared Jessica and Hollie, I always thought to myself “Hollie is better”?
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