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  1. So reveal day for the contestants is probably this week right?
  2. Here’s something I’ve been thinking about, do you guys think that for Tori/Madeline they will show Gwen/Kelly blocking Blake and being unsuccessful or is it more likely that they’ll edit it out to be seen like a regular one chair turn? I guess it truly depends on whether or not Blake or Gwen/Kelly say anything about it afterwards and whether it’s easy to edit out but there must have been an audition in the past where a coach used their block and the coach they blocked didn’t turn...I’m just not sure if they’ll show it this time or not tbh.
  3. Honestly I think that if they air a 1 chair turn in the premiere it would be someone who made it to the lives, so probably Madeline, Larriah, or Chloe IMO (even though I could totally see them airing Skylar in the premiere) I just remember them airing Megan in the premiere last season so it leads me to believe that. edit: just checked and season 16 had two 1 chair turns in the premiere (Lisa Ramey and LiLi Joy) one who was a battle elim so I could be completely wrong lol
  4. Just realized Casmé was actually on The Kelly Clarkson Show. I’d be surprised if Kelly didn’t recognize her in the blinds after not being able to turn.
  5. I think that happened once in season 15 where they leaked Sarah Grace and Kennedy’s auditions (I don’t remember which one was leaked first) but it hasn’t happened in any recent seasons so I wouldn’t use that as a reference. It could be possible but it would be surprising for them to leak 2 blinds, especially since it’s a top40 and not a top 48.
  6. Remember when they leaked half of Mandi Castillo’s audition in a promo (probably just to promote diversity lol) and we didn’t even see her audition until the last episode? That could also be the case with Tamara (I hope not since I’m dying to see her audition lol)
  7. Payge was in the clip too! I couldn’t really identify the two guys tho I probably haven’t looked them up yet
  8. So since y’all are doing it I wanted to share mineee thesebare my predictions for the playoffs (assuming it’s the same format as S18) Team Kelly: (This is the hardest one for me tbh because I can see it go either way) PV: Desz CS: Tanner Wildcard: Cami Team Gwen: PV: Carter CS: Payge Wildcard: Ben Team John: PV: john CS: Tamara Wildcard: Chloe/Bailey (idk, it mainly depends on how Chloé is received but I can see either of them getting the spot at the instant save) Team Blake (assuming Taryn won the 4 way knockout lol) PV: Jim CS: WTW Wildcard: Taryn I think between Cami, Ben, Chloe/Bailey, and Taryn, Cami would take the last spot in the top 9 Tbh I think most are hard to predict, the only one I see being 100% as I stated is Team Gwen, but Team Blake could also have Blake choosing Taryn or even Sid getting that wildcard spot.
  9. With these spoilers (Thanks btw!) I think the battle montages will be AT LEAST one per team, and following last season’s logic (knockout losers w no steal getting montaged) I think that these will be the montaged battles. Van vs Tori JusJon vs Payton Casme vs Rio Souma Kelsie Watts vs Emmalee Edit: Ryan vs Liam could also be an option but I don’t remember the critiques of the battle so I’d go with whoever got worse critiques
  10. I mean there are previous comments saying Taryn killed her song and Julia’s song choice was really good...I think taping 2 is ending and Larriah and Ryan are the only ones left to perform (if anyone has info on this correct me tho lol it’s just my speculation)
  11. Did the second taping already end? I’m kinda lost with when it started to just to know lol
  12. Don’t they stay one more day for photoshoots/interviews? I remember last season the contestant that moved on from the knockouts stayed one more day or so (I think) for interviews? Correct me if I’m wrong tho
  13. Do all the contestants return tomorrow? I saw Madeline post a story saying that she’s back in Nashville tomorrow so idk if it means she got eliminated or everyone returns tomorrow to their respective hometowns
  14. SAME LMAO I’ve tried to get tickets for all of the rounds but I wasn’t able to lol my inbox is open too
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