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  1. Zan vs Brittney was amazing, they’re the first that came to mind when reading the topic! Others (probably forgetting some) Christiana vs Shana (S14) Terrence vs Livia (S14) Reagan vs Emily (S15) Cecily vs Selkirk (S16) LB vs Ciera (S16) Zach vs Cory (S17) Marybeth vs Dane and Stephanie (S17) Arei vs Samuel (S18) Micah vs Gigi (S18) Casme vs Rio (S19) Madeline vs Eli (S19)
  2. It’s not as much as loving a whole season but loving the frontrunners and the overall results. If that’s the case, I agree, Maelyn was the best BY FAR (I have a hard time even thinking of the second best lmao) and she saved her season, but I hated season 16 overall lol
  3. Someone said it was “Warrior”, however, I think the contestants prepare one instant save song and later if they have to sing it they prepare another one if they’re up in the instant save again, which we could see happening in season 18, especially with Joanna. That said, I’m pretty sure she would’ve sung Wherever You Will Go. That is unless Warrior was her first choice and she was told to do her second choice for the semi finals instant save, which I doubt.
  4. Yes I loved Claire! S15 was the first season I watched as the episodes came out (and followed with spoilers lol) and she caught my attention instantly! Her audition was incredible and I was very intrigued for her battle!
  5. Doing my most serious snowflakes only lol Emily Luther - Glitter in the Air Claire DeJean - Hurt Somebody Gracee Shriver - Rainbow Rose Short - God’s Country Samantha Howell - Top of the World Zan Fiskum - The Story/Blowing in the Wind Thunderstorm Artis - Stay Allegra Miles - How Will I Know Desz - Can We Talk Cami Clune - Skinny Love Payge Turner - Creep Chloe Hogan - Weak Sid Kingsley - Make it Rain Taryn Papa - Little White Church Lauren Frihauf - If The World was Ending
  6. My favorite look from Addison was probably her “A Case of You” performance look. She looked soooo gorgeous
  7. Idk if this is unpopular (the intense Jordan Smith die hard fan account reminded me of it) But the season 18 top 9 is probably my favorite in recent seasons (ever since season 15 I think?) It probably has to do with most of my top 17 favorites making it (while most of my top 17 from season 19 DID NOT make it to the top 9 lol) so I enjoyed the top 9 tbh. I thought Thunderstorm, Micah, Toneisha, Zan and Allegra (and Joanna/Cam to a lesser extent) were really interesting artists and had really strong performances throughout the season. Then again Zan/Allegra were my favorites that seas
  8. I wouldn’t have been surprised if you were lol
  9. She brought it every week! I remember being completely shook with her playoffs outfit. Even though it wasn’t her strongest performance, (still being pretty much the strongest of the night though LMAO) she still looked like a goddess up there with that jumpsuit
  10. Still applies, Toneisha won over all teen females in the semi finals instant save. edit: Ur totally right tho, in a way it doesn’t apply as much since she was on Team Blake. It’s still pretty debatable
  11. Two of them made it through the coach save. Joanna I guess applies more to the topic since she did win the wildcard over a male in her age range (Michael) but I wouldn’t consider the three of them a solid argument for the teen female advantage over teen males, if there even is one.
  12. Also Emily Luther! She was one of the best vocalists in S13 I’m surprised she hasn’t been mentioned yet. I think she had huge potential and could’ve gone VERY far had Adam kept her.
  13. Adding in literally all of Gwen’s S17 and S19 looks wow
  14. Do we know if there were any steals left? I agree with you 100% on this, but I don’t really remember the pre taped spoilers we got that season and honestly, had there been no steals left she still should’ve gotten that comeback stage spot either way.
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