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  1. Idk if there’s a thread for this but I always rank the battles in each team based on how much I enjoyed them/how vocally good I thought they were so I’d love to hear if y’all would like to share yours! These would be mine Team Kelly Ryleigh vs Gean Corey vs Savanna Anna Grace vs Ainae Gihanna vs Halley (They weren’t the best but at least it was more equal than the last one) Kenzie vs JD (this one is last based on how uneven it was, JD was a mess imo even though he seems like a cool dude) Team John Zania vs Durell Victor vs
  2. YUP YUP YUP thanks icon! never a bad time to acknowledge the iconic slayage from queen Chloé
  3. Yeah I agree with you, I just base my opinions based on what I hear on TV considering sources aren't always the most reliable. That said, John and Nick standing kind of makes me think it wasn't that bad of battle. Deion and Raine could definitely have been tuned, but I didn't find them nearly as bad as the sources described them tbh, based n what we saw obvi.
  4. He's not wrong.....but the delivery isn't really it I agree with that lol
  5. Hold awn pleaseeee add me I love this queen
  6. Tanner: Kelly, I love it when you call me your favorite cowboy Literally everyone in the world: it still haunts me to this day gosh I'm sorry y'all
  7. whyyyy why why why did I not know he had a fanpage! please add me! Victor is phenomenallll
  8. honestly, same. but upon rewatching I feel like it wasn't that horrible of a song choice even for them, it's more the arrangement. There were some unnecessary riffs/runs that actually brought the battle down because it made whoever did them fell flat (e.g. Carolina in the 1:22 mark). If they had toned it down and kept it simpler in some parts it would've been soooooo much more amazing, at least for me I will say everything after the 1:55 mark is amazing for me.
  9. Me if I was Devan, Emma, JD in the battles and Keegan, Rio and Connor in the KOs
  10. Me when the only elimination that's gonna hurt is Raine (Rio to a lesser extent) and we probably won't even see it I'm up for a good next couple of weeks c'mon
  11. jk but that outfit is so iconic you'd instantly recognize Chloé pls
  12. I would've but I was relatively new to the whole fan thread thing. She deserved one after owning two nights of performances (I mean the knockouts along with Madeline, Desz, Carter and Sid but still lol)
  13. Same. They all did really well in their battle (the general frontrunners per team of Victor/Cam/Kenzie), but IMO Cam is still on top after slaying both rounds (living up to the sources’ feedback) Victor has also lived up to the feedback for me but looking at it more objectively I can see where they are coming from.
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