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  1. i don't think COVID restrictions for the contestants still require isolation? I think you're good to go with the vaccine and a COVID test but correct me if I'm wrong
  2. I stg if Vaughn comes back and alters what's supposed to be Ari's holy trinity (Bella, Ryleigh, Holly) imma be pissed (nothing personal to Vaughn tho lol)
  3. Wait hold awn crazy theory What if we're not getting the wildcard thing and instead, we get to vote for a battles/knockout eliminee to join the top 12? Kind of like the comeback stage. It would make sense as they wouldn't need to fly out all the candidates (which doesnt seem to be the case atm) and they could just fly out whoever wins after the voting, unless that's not how it works lol
  4. We're probably just voting for the "fan favorite" out of the ones already eliminated idk lol
  5. Ryleigh David Samuel Hailey BrittanyBree Cunningham Sisters
  6. Katherine, Hailey, Samara, KJ about to come back and slay the lives
  7. I mean it’s not like they showed Peedy in rehearsals or extensively. It was literally a less than half a second shot of him. Is it a better indicator of being shown full than not being shown at all in the promo? Probably. I wouldn’t take it as confirmation tho, and no this is not denial speaking, just tryin* to be realistic considering this is exactly was happened with Skylar vs Tanner in s19 and many thought it’d be shown full just because of their slight appearance in the promo
  8. Half a second preview of Peedy tho. Not a major indicator IMO since we’ve had these type of snippets before (Skylar vs Tanner comes to mind)
  9. I’d go with Ryleigh here, mainly because out of David’s performances this one isn’t exactly my favorite/the most exciting, but it’s vv close for me
  10. Yeah she was good. Don’t feel like she showed anything new or anything we haven’t seen from her in previous performances tho. Still 13 years old and singing like that?? Get it lady
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