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  1. BEST 1. Girl named Tom 2. Wendy 3. Hailey 4. Holly 5. Paris 6. Joshua 7. Jershika (shocked sheโ€™s this low) 8. Jeremy 9. Jim and Sasha 10. Lana FAVORITE 1. Girl named Tom 2. Jim and Sasha (donโ€™t hate me) 3. Joshua 4. Wendy 5. Paris 6. Hailey 7. Holly 8. Jeremy 9. Jershika 3,000,000. Lana
  2. They were just announced KELLY Hailey: Elastic heart Gymani: Diamonds Jeremy: Reckless love Girl named Tom: More hearts than mine JOHN Jershika: How can I ease the pain Joshua: The show must go on ARIANA Holly: Alone Jim and Sasha Allen: Have you ever seen the rain BLAKE Lana: I hope Paris: Use me Wendy: Freeway of love
  3. Watch someone say Girl named Tom and Wendy lol
  4. Guys you need to stop being mean about the Peedy/Elvis thing and how itโ€™s getting old. By this logic Wendy sounds just like Whitney every time and Wendy is a frickin superstar
  5. Team Ariana PV 1- Holly PV 2- Raquel CS- Bella WC- Jim and Sasha Team Kelly PV 1- Girl named Tom PV 2- Hailey CS- Gymani WC- Jeremy Team John PV 1- Jershika PV 2- David CS- Shadale WC- Samuel Team Blake PV 1- Wendy PV 2- Peedy CS- Paris WC- LiBianca WC winner- Samuel
  6. Ariana OPENS Bella OPENS Raquel Ryleigh Jim and Sasha Holly CLOSES John NEXT Jershika OPENS David Joshua Shadale Samuel Kelly NEXT Girl named Tom OPENS Hailey Jeremy Katie Gymani CLOSES Blake CLOSES Peedy OPENS Paris LiBianca Lana Wendy CLOSES
  7. Wendy: Ainโ€™t no way Raquel: I wish Katie: Hold on to me Gymani: pov Joshua: Falling LiBianca: Everything I wanted GNT: 7 bridges road Holly: Rocket man Samuel: Bruises Hailey: You broke me first Ryleigh: Midnight sky David: Lose you to love me Shadale: Impossible Lana: Wildest dreams Bella: Chandelier Jeremy: Run to you Peedy: Heartbreak hotel (could have been Unchain my heart if he wasnโ€™t montaged) Jim and Sasha: Leaving on a jet plane Jershika: Inseparable Paris: Tennessee whiskey Hailey: Home Vaughn: The A team Samara: The best Aaron: Heartbreak anniversary
  8. Itโ€™s official. The voice showed Peedy in next weeks preview meaning itโ€™s Carson and Lana
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