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  1. Picking my top 3 favorites of each season S20 1. Cam Anthony - Stand Up 2. Raine Stern - Electric Feel 3. Victor Solomon - Freedom HM Dana Monique - Free your mind Corey Ward - Already gone Ryleigh/Gean - POV S19 1. John Holiday - Misty 2. Julia Cooper - Alaska 3. Desz - Don't let go HM Kelsie watts - Dare you Chloe Hogan - Weak Carter Rubin - You say S18 1. Toneisha Harris - Diamonds 2. CammWess - Say something 3. Thunderstorm Artis - Blackbird HM Allegra Miles - Chandelier Zan Fiskum - Blowin in the wind Todd Michael Hall/ Joei Fulco - The best S17 1. Mendeleyev - Girl from North country 2. Katie Kadan - Baby I love you 3. Rose Short - Border Song HM Khalea Lynea- Best Part Royce Lovett - 911 Jake Hoot - Cover me up S16 1. Jej Vinson/Beth Griffith Manley - Jealous 2. Maelyn Jarmon - Fields Of gold 3. Matthew Johnson - Ordinary people HM Rizzi Myers - Breathin Domenic Haynes - Love is a losing game Shawn sounds - a song for you S15 1. Kymberli Joye - Break Every Chain 2. Zaxai - Cruisin 3. Patrique Fortson - Get Here HM SandyRedd - No more drama Mackenzie Thomas - How deep is your love Chevel Sheperd - Travelin Soldier S14 1. Kyla Jade - One Night Only 2. Kyla Jade - Let it be 3. Terrence Cunningham - My girl HM WILKES - The Climb Kyla Jade - You don't own me Christiana Danielle - Hotline Bling S13 1. Davon Fleming - I am changing 2. Chloe MK - Landslide 3. Chris Weaver - I Put A Spell On You HM Janice Freeman - I'm going down Ignatious Carmouche - Latch Keisha Renee - All By Myself S12 1. Chris Blue - Tracks Of My Tears 2. Hunter Plake - All I Want 3. Vanessa Ferguson - If I were your woman S11 1. Ali Caldwell - No Ordinary Love 2. We Mcdonald- Feeling Good 3. Courtney Harell - River Deep, mountain high
  2. On the topic of season 17 I prefer Rose Short's blind audition, knockout and finale performance to IWTKWLI and God's country. But they are all on similar level of quality. Shane Q's best performance was his battle.
  3. Wendy Moten is my favourite, Katherine is 2nd, then everyone else I'm indifferent towards so far, but that may change.
  4. I wouldn't classify that as hate. More like an observation, now whether it's a correct one is up for debate.
  5. Chris Terrence Brooke The first 2 are probably in my top 10 favourite auditions of all time.
  6. Thunderstorm John Victor HM to Zae and Desz
  7. This was easy for me. Sandy Jej Khalea I do love Kymberli's audition though. Part of me wishes she tackled more songs like that in the show.
  8. Yeah I'm still a big fan of Jason's voice, despite the four drama.
  9. Assuming those 2 are your favourite, who would you have voted for if they were on the list? I can discount your vote for Amy and add your vote in the original post to whoever you prefer between the 2. Seems like I left a frontrunner for the poll out (ellie)
  10. Contestants not on poll with votes Ellie Lawrence - 4 votes Korin Bukowski - 2 vote Morgan Frazier - I expect this to be lopsided like season 10. But man, so many 4 chair turns here. Only the last 2 weren't. As usual, if your favourite isn't on the poll, don't vote for anyone else and mention who it is and I'll count the votes of that contestant. I suspect there will be a few.. Here are the blind auditions on this poll. Lindsey Elm Blind Joe James Dupre Andi and Alex Dustin Christensen Barret baber Shelby Brown Viktor Kiraly Amy Vachal Madi Davis Mark Hood Chris Crump Krista Hughes Evan Mckeel
  11. That reminds me, I like James Wolperts case of you just as much as I like Madi's.
  12. The last performance in which she really showcased what seemed to be the peak of her higher register was her performance of come in and out of the rain 5 years ago that was shared around here, specifically the part near the end of the song. ( unless there's a performance I missed) Not that she needs to belt that high in order to go far in the competition, but I am curious to see if she can still do it like she did in that 2016 performance. I guess we'll find out.
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