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  1. Whoops.. just for that ig I have to put him last. Nah, would probably put him ahead of Pia. Country isn't my thing but no denying that voice.
  2. Based on all their performances so far. 1. Dana 2. Cam None of them have had bad or even mediocre performances yet imo. At worst they've been very good. Dana is number 1 just because I've found myself replaying her performances more than Cam's. 3. Corey Love his voice, favorite knockout performance this season, and everything else has been really good with the exception of his instant save. But those are rarely that good in the first place. 4. Victor His only meh performance was his knockout, had one of my favo
  3. Thought Anna had the 2nd best performance last night, but everyone on Blake's team killed it. So I wouldn't say she was robbed. But I thought after Ryleigh and Victor, there was a noticeable drop in quality with Team legend's performances. So Ryleigh ig.
  4. The only disagreement I have is with Cam. I wasn't in awe of him as much as you were, I thought this was clearly his weakest performance. Otherwise, agree with everything you said, even if some of my grading and rankings would differ.
  5. 1. Ryleigh The best audible vocal performance in the group. Although it was slightly sleepy for me. 2. Victor Sounded great when you could hear him, would probably be 1 if not for bandzilla. 3. Pia I thought most of the performance was just alright, ended on a good note though. 4. Zania
  6. 1. Dana Best of the night for me. Flawless vocal. Her distorted/gritty vocals are killer. Reminds me just a bit of kimberly nichole. 2. Rachel A few off moments vocally. But really well done. 3. Jose He had some good vocal moments. 4. Andrew 5. Devan
  7. Yeah I'm also not sure who I preffered between Ghianna and Corey. Both excellent performances. Earlier I had Corey at number 1 but atm Ghianna has that spot. 3. Kenzie Great voice, I did find the song a bit boring, but I'm not the biggest country fan to begin with. 4. Zae Sucks to put him 4th, he's one of my favorite contestants this season.
  8. I think all of them diregistering. And all 4 delivered one of the better performances of the night, rarely any shaky, off pitch or weird vocal moments. 1. Anna Beautiful, not much else to say. 2. Jordan His best performance yet imo, and also my favorite song choice of the 4. 3. Cam His weakest performance, yet still one of the better performances of the night. 4. Pete The song choice is just not my preference. But I really like his voice. Honestly though the rankings could change anytime. The first time I li
  9. Out of the studio versions I've seen, most excited for Zae, but most of them sound good. Hopefully everyone does well though. Rooting for Savanna to win the KO. But I wouldn't mind if Carolina won.
  10. 1. Willie Spence 2. Casey Bishop 3. Grace kinstler 4. Hunter Matt's 5. Arthur Gunn 6. Chance Beckham 7. Caleb Kennedy Willie and Casey switch rankings frequently for me depending on their most recent performance. I'd be more than happy if either of them won. Grace is right below them. She's just more inconsistent. Even in her good performances there's typically a few off notes here and there. Everyone else is interchangeable to me.
  11. Almost all my favorites have been mentioned, but I didn't see anyone mention these performances yet. Right up there with the best imo, or slightly below in my HM. Chris Weaver - I put a spell on you Davon Fleming - I can only imagine And not my favorites, but a bit underappreciated Tish Haynes - lady marmalade Jason Warrior - I want you
  12. Jordan Smith for me, dude rarely sang an off note. But it was close between him and Corey Ward, he probably has my favorite performance out of the options. Also, I don't think Thunderstorm ever sang river, if he did, it's not on youtube.
  13. Cami clunes only great performances were her blind audition and battle. The rest of her run was mediocre for me
  14. Jordan Desz Christina Corey Corey would be replaced by thunderstorm, or may move up a few spots depending on how he does going forward.
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