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  1. Impossible to choose between Wendy and Sissuandra. I've listened to both performances back to back more than once and I still can't decide.
  2. Davon Fleming singing " I am changing" and Kyla Jade's version of one night only are the two performances I've listened to the most.
  3. No because season 17's performances seem to have the lowest view count out of all the seasons that are still up. And season 18 performances beats all the others by millions. I've listened to a lot of season 19 performances repeatedly since that season started until now, the view count increases at a very slow pace
  4. So out of curiosity I sorted the voice videos by most popular, and the majority of the most popular videos are the season 18 pre live performances Why do you guys think that is? Did Nick Jonas really get a lot more people watching? Lol. Or is it Covid? But then you'd think Season 19 would be more popular. Maybe the talent was just better in season 18 so more people tuned in? Eh, idk about that..
  5. Weird, I feel the opposite. Of all the groups, the Cunningham Sisters are the strongest individual vocalists imo. I think GMT benefit the most from being a group. I'm not really sure which one of our opinions is the unpopular one tho lol.
  6. 1. Katie Rae vs Bella Denapoli 2. Brittany Bree vs Samara Brown 3. Jershika Maple vs Jeremy Rosado HM: Jonathan Mouton vs Paris Winningham Wendy Moten vs Manny Keith Jack Rogan vs Sabrina Dias
  7. Who had the best battle of S21? And who had the best individual performance during the battle rounds? If who your voting for isn't on the poll, don't vote and name your contestant so I can count their votes on this post.
  8. I liked Joshua and Keilah's battle.. Sure it was messy at some parts. But I thought there was some genuinely impressive vocal moments between the two of them. At least it wasn't boring or underwhelming like some other battles.
  9. I actually really like the song choices for Wendy Moten so far. It's not what a lot of people expected if you watched her pre show covers. But she's still excelling.
  10. Bit surprised Samara is winning the poll. I think Brittany's tone is far more distinct. I guess it's not for everyone? Or they just prefer Samara's range? Which she didn't really showcase as much in this battle. Not surprised the other 2 are close though. Very even battles.
  11. In the battle discussion thread seemed like most people preffered David to Chavron. But it was hard for me to distinguish them except for when Chavron went into his lower register, I also thought he had a bit more power. Otherwise, they both had the same range, similar tones, and brought the same energy. Chavron>David
  12. 1. Katie and Bella (winner) Both of them showed more vocally than they did during their blinds, especially Katie. Close, I love both their tones. But I prefer Bella. Her high notes were awesome. 2. Jeremy and Jershika (winner) Another close battle. Jeremy's high notes are impressive, but I prefer Jershika. She more dynamic vocals. She hit notes just as high, while giving us those beautiful low notes and providing runs that were intricate and blended with the song. 3. GNT (winner) and Kinsey Individually, Kinsey was the best singer here. But GNT have something special with how good they're harmonizing is. Probably the best I've heard since I've watched this show. They won imo. 4. Chavron(winner) and David They both sounded decent, Chavron was much better here. But it was hard to distinguish their voices except for when Chavron went into his lower register, and for that I pick him. 5. Samuel (winner) and KJ Samuel was the clear winner for me. Just like John said, his voice has more character and uniqueness. KJ is very good, but there's nothing that stands out about her voice, and I feel like her runs, while very impressive, felt out of place for me. 6. Peedy (winner) and Joy Reunion Neither was that impressive. One of the singers in the trio was probably the best of the lot, but the other 2 didn't do anything for me. Peedy's high note missed. But the rest of his performance was ok.. so him I guess?
  13. Oh, not available where I am I guess.
  14. Sorry I keep missing people.. 6. Also, her audition is not on the youtube channel?
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