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  1. After rewatching the battles so far, I've really really been loving them compared to the previous seasons. How would you rank the last few seasons' battles? Bonus points for listing out your most memorable performances. 1. S21- Standout battles: KATIE VS. BELLA, GNT vs. Kinsey, David vs. Chavon, Hailey vs. Lana, XAVIER VS. CAROLINA(Still FURIOUS this got montaged) 2. S19- Standout battles: Payge vs. Lauren, WTW vs. Taryn, John vs. Julia, Larriah vs. Carter, Casme vs. Rio 3. S20- Standout battles: Ryleigh vs. Gean, Zania vs. Durrell 4. S18- Standout battles: literally none, I guess Allegra vs. Michael was my favorite??
  2. Obviously it's not fair to judge montages, I totally agree. However, I want to at least give the montaged people some attention because they deserve to not be completely overlooked, therefore I decided to include them in my rankings
  3. I liked his whole 15 seconds, while I only liked half of Gymani's performance
  4. No offense, but who ranked the Cunningham Sisters and Parker McKay over Raquel, Jonathan, Katie, and Carolina
  5. Agree. Her performance didn't stand out, but it's not like it was offensively bad or anything and she has a pretty nice tone. Solid 6 or 7 IMO.
  6. Random thought, but how come Kelly pronounced Xavier's name as Javier in the battle preview for Week 1? Also I heard someone say he doesn't speak Spanish? Is he even Latino or did Kelly just manifest him a new identify so she could have a Latin battle?
  7. A little bit late, but here are my rankings for the auditions. Most of the people with a 7.5 I forgot, but just remembered liking them originally. Holly Forbes - Rocket Man: (Legendary.) 10 Girl Named Tom - Helplessly Hoping: (Perfect harmonies) 10 Raquel Trinidad - I Wish: (LOVED her on Idol and love her here. She sounded so great!) 10 Lana Scott - Hole in the Bottle: (OBSESSED with her voice, such a fun performance) 9.5 Samara Brown - Sweet Thing: (Amazing. Would've liked if she stuck to the original song a bit more, but still great) 9.5 BrittanyBree - Call Out My Name: (So powerful, loved this): 9.5 Tommy Edwards - Drops of Jupiter: (Really interesting cover, love his tone): 9 Jershika Maple - Can You Stand the Rain: (I loved all her modulations, so many great moments!) 9 Carolina Alonso - El Triste: (The ending was so great) 9 Samuel Harness - Two Doors Down: (His tone>>>) 9 Aaron Hines - Heartbreak Anniversary: (His voice is so smooth and amazing) 9 Bella DeNapoli - Damaged: (AMAZING) 9 Wendy Moten - We Can Work it Out: (AMAZING) 9 Shadale - That's What I Like: (So powerful and confident!) 8.5 LiBianca - Good Days (Lots of great moments) 8.5 Jeremy Rosado - Here Comes Goodbye: (Was a fave on Idol, but this song is hard since Brynn put it to rest) 8 Carson Peters - Tulsa Time: (Really solid, esp for his age) 8 Hailey Mia - You Broke Me First: (Don't love the song, but she made it work) 8 Katie Rae - Bones: (Love her voice, but the song wasn't the best) 7.5 Jonathan Mouton - Leave the Door Open: (Great song, lots of good moments) 7.5 Jim and Sasha - Leaving on a Jetplane: (Lots of nice moment) 7.5 Paris Winningham - Superstition: (Solid) 7.5 Vaughn Mugol - The A Team: (Solid) 7.5 Keilah Grace - Never Tear Us Apart: (Solid) 7.5 David Vogel - Breathin: (Solid) 7.5 Clint Sherman - Brown Eyed Girl: (Sounded super fun in the clip) 7.5 Gymani - POV: (Didn't love the first half) 7 Wyatt Michael - Mack the Knife: (Not rly my style, but still liked him) 7 Jack Rogan - House of the Rising Sun: (Nice voice, but didn't feel like he brought enough intensity) 6.5 Peedy Chavis - Heartbreak Hotel: (Kinda boring) 6 Sabrina Dias - Garota de Ipanema: (Hard to judge, but she sounded good!) 6 Xavier Cornell - Teenage Dream: (Showed lots of potential!) 6 Ryleiegh Plank - Anyone: (Not perfect, but not bad) 5.5 Katherine Anne Mohler - We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off: (Nobody compares to Ellie) 5 Berritt Haynes - Mercy: (Sounded good in the clip, but I have a feeling the rest of it was rocky) 5 Joshua Vacanti - Into the Unknown: (Thought it was a bit cheesy) 5 Janora Brown - Angel of Mine: (Good song, but felt a bit karaoke. Didn't really stand out) 5 Manny Keith - Break My Heart: (Don't love the song) 5 Hailey Green - Home: (Felt like she was overdoing it a bit) 4.5 The Joy Reunion - Boondocks: (One of my fav songs, but I didn't love their rendition) 4.5 KCK3 - No Tears Left to Cry: (A couple good moments, but overall weak) 4 Kinsey Rose - Cowboy Take Me Away: (Biased bc Destinee Quinn put this song to rest, but her voice was a bit weak) 4 The Cunningham Sisters - Never Alone: (Sounded really immature, didn't love this) 3.5 Chavon Rodgers - Driver's License: (Hate the song especially for him) 3 Parker McKay - Slow Hands: (Thought she was really boring) 3 KJ Jennings - Put Your Records On: (Too many runs that didn't go anywhere, her head voice was a bit rocky as well) 3 Kaitlyn Velez - Please Don't Go: (Thought this was a bit boring, don't love her tone either) 3 Sophia Bromberg - Heather: (Genuinely the only part I liked was the little riff she did before she sang) 1.5
  8. 1. XAVIER VS. CAROLINA 2. LANA vs. Hailey 3. SAMARA vs. BrittanyBree 4. LIBIANCA vs. Tommy 5. KATHERINE vs. Vaughn
  9. That was good, but I'm not sure it was worth 4 standing ovations, at least not over some of the battles we had yesterday.
  10. I much prefer Samara, she's easily one of my favorites that's ever been on the show.
  11. This rehearsal is so boring, could we not have cut 45 seconds of it to hear the rest of Carolina vs. Xavier?
  12. The fact that Vaughn and Katherine prob didn't get montaged bc they're Team Ari and Samuel and KJ couldn't be montaged bc it was a Camila battle feels offensive. Carolina and Xavier deserved better!!!!!!!!!!
  13. So unfair that one battle gets 20 minutes while Xavier and Carolina got 30 seconds. Anyways, Katherine and Vaughn are great! I love Katherine's outfit and I prefer her so far.
  14. Do we think there's only going to be one more battle tonight or maybe a shortclip or another montage, or two more performances?
  15. I like Vaughn way more than Katherine, so I'm rooting for him, although it was hard for me to like Katherine's audition since I couldn't get Ellie's performance out of my mind.
  16. Carolina and Xavier getting montaged ruined my night, I can't even celebrate for Lana anymore Ughhhh they sounded so good and Carolina is so amazing and Xavier didn't deserve to get double montaged since he's also so good. Life isn't fair
  17. So mad Carolina is gone, her audition was one of my favorites. I hate montages so much. I don't think I've been this upset about a montage since Sydney Rhame getting sent home to Madi Davis.
  18. The Voice montaging all the Latin singers this season feels racist
  20. I think it was hard for Lana to stand up against Hailey though, especially on this song. I think she would've shined better if she was paired against a guy.
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