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  1. Team Blake this season. Anna and Jordan had their best performance yet. Pete and Cam were great too
  2. Corey Ward - Bruises - 21 Dana Monique - Free Your Mind - 18 Cam Anthony - Take Me To Church - 45
  3. I like wywg as a song and as a song choice for Casey, it's one of few Billie's beltier songs. I'm just not sure if I want her to sing it to this audience
  4. Corey Ward - Bruises - 19 Dana Monique - Free Your Mind -20 Rachel Mac - Rainbow - 5 Cam Anthony - Take Me To Church - 40
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if Kelly gave him Sorry. She covered it on her own show a while ago and apparently really likes the song. She took a very belt-heavy route but Kenzie will probably stick closer to the original
  6. I really hope there's an update on Casey's song choice
  7. Corey Ward - Bruises - 17 Gihanna Zoe - Always Remember Us This Way - 6 Ryleigh Modig - Driver's License - 1 Dana Monique - Free Your Mind - 11 Rachel Mac - Rainbow - 11 Anna Grace - Let Her Go - 13 Cam Anthony - Take Me To Church - 25
  8. I think I mentioned it somewhere but it still seemed off because Savanna really brought in the pimp spot.
  9. Corey Ward - Bruises - 18 Gihanna Zoe - Always Remember Us This Way - 8 Ryleigh Modig - Driver's License - 3 Dana Monique - Free Your Mind - 5 Rachel Mac - Rainbow - 11 Anna Grace - Let Her Go - 12 Cam Anthony - Take Me To Church - 21
  10. Jordan and Corey would be 3rd/4th in votes. I believe Corey got more votes this week but with no team quotas, Blakers would be working overtime to get 2 PVs for the finale. Cam/Kenzie/Jordan for the PV Corey/Rachel/Victor M3 In this scenario, Corey would be hit with a bus just like Pete to ensure Nick makes the finale
  11. Cam having to duet with Blake instead of John (or even Kelly) is tragic. Kenzie will probably do better with Kelly than he would with Blake. Rachel and Nick might be nice but any of the other three would probably be better for her. I don't think she will make the finale but if she does Dana singing with Nick would be funny. Her and Kelly would've been epic
  12. So many white people defending him in comments because ''everyone makes mistakes and people get easily offended nowadays'' but they'd all get offended and literally lose sleep if a man were to put on a skirt lol
  13. If I Could passed 1 million streams and Long Way Home is close. IIC steadily gains around 100k streams each day and her monthly listeners go up for around 20-30k. This is pretty good. Let's see how she does after an appearance on Kelly's show.
  14. I think they'll let Rachel close next week, Cam and Kenzie don't need it. It would be the last chance to push her to frontrunner status but she needs the perfect song and deliver big time
  15. Nick and John switched. Nick's best advanced while John's 'worst' did. (Zania deserved to go home but prelives she was in his Top 2 for sure)
  16. I'm afraid for him next week, he might get bussed in IS to clear the path for Cam. Hopefully that doesn't happen
  17. Kelly wouldn't able to resist herself by not swinging with Kenzie at Blake. If he sent Ethan thinking he was fodder anyway that could've backfired for Kelly tbh
  18. Rachel - anything by Joni Mitchell or Bonnie Rait Dana - I Know You Won't (Kelly's version) Corey - I Lost a Friend Kenzie - He Stopped Loving Her Today Gihanna - Set Fire to the Rain Pia - Another Sad Love Song Victor - anything gospel tbh Cam - When I Was Your Man Jordan - Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
  19. Pete Mroz - Speechless 3 Jose Figueroa Jr - Superstition 5 Corey Ward - Lose You To Love Me 7 Ryleigh Modig - It Will Rain 7
  20. Ryleigh. For Anna, I wouldn't say it's a crime that Pete got to sing instead of her, she was better yesterday but not light years away. It makes me sad because I was just starting to like her and she really delivered yesterday but wouldn't call her robbed.
  21. While I agree that Ryleigh is the second coming. She was better than anyone who got the PV, CS or WC over her. So, you know, I'd be pissed
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